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Rich content improves engagement and boosts your SEO. Completed Profile, Keywords, Owner Message and Link to your website and social media pages

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Custom profile with your message, photos, and video, plus business information like hours of operation, payment methods and phone.

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Judy's Book automatically syncs up your profile in most leading directories. Listings and reviews are sent to all major search engines and partners.

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Gather Facebook,Twitter Fans and User Reviews quickly and easily, right in your business with, Judy's Book Mobile, and QR code window decals.

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Listing Photos Photos Photos and Images attract people to your business. Adding images to your business profile is an easy way to engage customers. Most businesses on the internet lack content, photos are an easy way to stand out. 5 10
Service Areas Service Areas Add zip codes of the metro or nearby cities that your business serves. Your listing will appear in searches for these cities. Example: A user searches for "Electrician" in Decatur GA (5.57 miles from Atlanta) but your address is in Atlanta. Your listing will appear in searches for Decatur too. 5 20
List and Claim Multiple Locations Own a franchise or multiple locations? List up to 5 locations under the same business name. 1 5
Anytime Updates You get unlimited anytime updates for your listing name, address, phone, etc. Unlimited Unlimited
No Ads On Your Profile Page No Ads By upgrading we won't show ads on your profile page. This prevents our ad networks from displaying competitor ads and allows potential customers to focus in on your business information faster and more often.
Syndication To Major Search Engines Your listing information and reviews are sent to Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a weekly basis. Note: It is up to 3rd parties to decied how to use and display this data and we cannot guarantee how listing data is used.
Create An Owner Message Owner message Tailor your communicaton to set your busiess appart from competition and explain your value proposition to customers. An owner message adds additional text and keywords for Search Engines that index your listing.
Reputation Management - Notification of Reviews Each time a user writes a review on your business we will send you an e-mail to view it so you can stay on top of your reputation.
Reputation Management - Respond to Reviews Stay on top of your image. New research in Social Media also shows that how a business responds and handles a bad review can really impact the results. Comment on both good and bad reviews.
Partner Syndication Your Listing Information and Reviews are sent to partner sites on a weekly basis, for additional exposure. Note: It is up to 3rd parties to decied how to use and display this data and we can't Guarentee how listing data is used.
Link to Your Website Website By claiming your profile you give customers a link to your site, we remove the 'No-Follow' tag on your URL and Judy's Book frame allowing an additional inbound link and boosting your SEO.
Social Site Links and Buttons Social buttons Gain leads and followers by adding clicable buttons or links from Judy's Book to your profile pages on Social Sites, Blog, or Daily Deal site. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and more.
Setup Offers And Coupons Offers and coupons You don't always need a daily deal site to get new customers in the door. Publish your own offers and coupons by messeging on your listing without having to pay commissions or fees.
Mobile Website Mobile website Geolocation based mobile listing in Judy's Book with easy map directions, phone access to your number, listing information, and reviews. Optimized to make it easy for users to quickly write reviews.
"Featured" Label in Search results Featured in Search Highlighted listing next to competitors by displaying the Judy's Book Featured label.
Social Media Marketing Judy's Book Twitter Post of listing and link to your Judy's Book Profile Page. Additional SEO boost and exposure to the Judy's Book audience (displayed on home page).
Display A Video On Your Listing Videos Videos grab people's attention far more quickly and effectively than text or photographs and help communicate your value proposition and service. When a business creates a video they put themselves in a whole new light, from the position of their audience. Branding increase and credibility is often times instilled into your service. Y Sometimes just having a human face and voice talk about your value is enough to convert leads to customers.
Tagline Tagline Create a short tagline message that displays at top of your listing to quickly communicate your value to customers and increase your SEO.
Keywords Help get your listing to the top of search by setting up to 10 keywords that set your field, neigborhood, and sub-categories. Example; Attorney, Lawyer, Divorce Attorney, Family Practice, Wills, Sodo, etc...

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