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Struebin, Marla, Md - Valley Young Peoples Clinic

1414 N Vercler Rd # 1
Spokane, WA 99216
(509) 928-6383
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I am a stay-at-home father of a two year old and twin 4 month olds. I am extremely happy with VYPC. It is, without a doubt, the best place in town to take your kids. All thre...


After a few bad experiences I finally pulled the plug on this establishment. This is unfortunate because I have another child on the way and I HAVE INSURANCE. Not to speak down ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2013

I have mixed feelings about VYPC I have a few run in with rude staff and nurse as well as a Dr and a Nurse Practitioner. When I first started going things were great then the Dr started to treat me very rudely and like I didn't have a brain and then I switched to the nurse practitioner and again things were great but then she to started to become rude and bossy telling me what I need to do for my son and making me feel awful and in fact in one visit with the nurse practitioner I left in tears and my husband was livid he was so mad when he left that he refused to ever go there again or see this nurse, she also pushed shots on us in that same visit and when we declined the shots she told us flat out that our son was getting his shots because he need them and that we had no medical religious or any other views to cause us not to allow the shot s to happen and that we were being ridiculous as parents to not get him he shot just be cause we didn't want to deal with it . I would recommend VYPC to ppl and have however some of the ppl I sent there had the same problems with the nurse practitioner that we did. However Dr. Tammera Simmerman is one of the best Dr there and so is her husband my son love Dr Tammera. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2013

I love Dr.Tamara Simmerman , she is awesome she treated my son very nicely and with care and love. I have only taken him to see her a handful of times but she always made me feel like my concerns were valid. I have been to see a number of doc at valley young ppl and I only had a problem with two Dr Stormagibbson and Julie T. They both forced shots on me and Julie T made me feel like I was the worst mother in the world and had no problems expressing her distain of me and my husband she is rude and insensitive to people nor does she care about your feelings or what you think is right for your child it's her way or no way. I also had a few times where I flet the front desk staff was rude but then again it could of just been the day any other time I've haven't had any problems and I only had few times where the nurse who have called me back were not much help at all. I would recommend VYPC to anyone . more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

This place is AWFUL!! My daughter was in the NICU after birth. I'm a first time mom who breast feeds. With those two things said, VYPC was rude and unhelpful. My daughter was a very upset newborn. Her gut was a mess and she had a dairy allergy which I ended up figuring out completely on my own. Every time I took her to this place, they tried to push formula on me. One doc essentially FORCED me to give her a bottle of formula before I left the office. Any remotely educated person knows breastfeeding is best--especially for NICU babies. They did nothing to investigate the real problem which was a dairy allergy, supply issues, and the need for probiotics. Breastfeeding was NOT the problem. My now 8 month old daughter is happily still breastfeeding and is a very happy baby. VYPC acted like I was an inconvenience because I insisted on an alternate vaccine schedule rather than the CDC schedule. They refuse to serve people who choose not to vaccinate. If you like terrible and rude service, plan on formula feeding, and being shoved into a cookie-cutter mold, then this place might be for you. Otherwise, run far, far away. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/4/2013

I've always loved taking my kids to Valley Young ppl,all though I have to agree that the staff at the front desk are rude.reacintly however I've been having trouble lately. They keep forgeting to call in perscriptions for my 7year old ADHD son which causes to go through DT's,They take several hrs to call me back,and I never get to talk with the dr without a app. I really don't want to change offices but I'm really getting tierd of fighting them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2012

My son Cliff was born with multiple defects and Marla and Bruce were in the delivery room. They have been awesome and I had never dealt with rude people. I myself was working in a different Peds office so my son was seen there for 6 years, I am now returning to VYPC as they are the best and knows my sons issues. Staff have certainly changed in the last 6 years, so I would be surprised if I found rudeness. I am there for my son and medical help, not a tea party with staff. I KNOW how difficult it is to work in Pediatrics, and sometimes things get hectic and crazy. I will still smile and say hello, and ignore the ""rudeness"". The front staff works very, very hard to accomodate me. Keep up the good work. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2012

My wife called to set up an appointment for a regular check-up for our new born, and she was asked if we would do the immunizations...she said that point they completely refused service not just to the new born but to the other two kids we have...We both have good insurance, and I am not putting anyone down that don't have it...obviously we have nothing good to say and never will...Still trying to figure out how to react to the situation...can someone give us advice...P.S. horrible receptions service...Regardless of anyone status in this world...We are People... more

Bad service and money hungry. 3/28/2012

After a few bad experiences I finally pulled the plug on this establishment. This is unfortunate because I have another child on the way and I HAVE INSURANCE. Not to speak down to those who are on state assistance, but I had a conversation with the Office Manager about a year ago and she said that a majority of the patients were on state assistance and the margins are pretty slim (which is tough on their business). This made sense when I took my daughter in 1 day before her check-up due to a cold. I asked them if we could just do the yearly check-up then, which would be a lot more convenient. They said, ""No, you have to bring her back tomorrow."" I brought her back the following day and was there all of 5 minutes. All they wanted was my $25 co-pay and to bill my insurance again. Also, their front staff is insensitive and zombie-like. The doctors seem very nice and knowledgeable, however the first point of contact is with the front office staff. They need to find a way to be more accomodating and find a way to ""YES"". That is what exemplifies good service from bad. When your child is sick, nothing else matters....My wife called in at 8:00am to see if we could get her in right away after having a 102 temp all night. They said they would call right back. After not hearing back for awhile I drove out to the Valley from the south side and walked into the office. There was only one person in the waiting room. I asked if I could wait and get my daughter in and they said no, but you can go out to our Liberty Lake office in a few hours. That was it for me, called another Dr., got right in and received great care and service. more

Good doctors, but service has gone down 3/21/2012

I have my kids seeing doctors at valley young peoples clinic from 6 years. There are some good doctors who take the time to listen to you where as for other doctors at the same clinic are its more like this this this, thats it.. My pediatrician is very good , my girl has a little disorder , she discovered it in her first check while other doctors werent able to trace it while we are in the sacred heart for 5 days for her birth. When I call the clinic to talk to a nurse before 4 years it was more like ....they listen to your symptoms and say that is fine, keep watching her,dont bring her in right now as there are many virus going around , it might not be a good idea to have come in as she might catch something.But now recently its more like what ever reason you call them , they will be like we need to take a peek at her..When the economy went bad, may be they arent having enough patients or what ever..they want you to come in. Even my pediatrician have changed a lot.I went one day as my daughter felt like she was getting sick, once I went it in after check up they told me she was fine, she had nothing. It was her routine yearly checkup in 3 days.I asked her to do it at that time, they refused telling , I have to come back with another appointment even though she was fine and they werent very busy.I had to go back in 3 days for her routine checkup,I was very upset, flet like they are after money .But again I think they are the best in the area and I FEEL my pediatrician is good at what she does, so I didnt change doctors. They surely have good doctors in the area but its not what it used to be like before... more

RUDE and COLD 1/27/2012

I have been going to vypc for almost 5 yrs. I have a 5yr old and a 11mth old. I always knew them to be very very rude, but the doc was a very good doc so I always struggled with it! When you go there, you will not get a smile a how how is your day? Nothing! They will barely look at you! I don't know how many times I have walked in and stood there waiting for a rep to check me in they look at me with no expression and look right back at their papers! I'm thinking ""u know, a hi maim we will be right with you would be nice! Absolutely the rudest ""customer service reps"" I have ever met! It feels like your name is number 45263 and you don't exist to me! Well, I just checked my mail and I have this collection notice in it! Mind you I have NEVER been late on any bill in my life! I'm am furious, because I have been in numerous times since the date of the service and even paid them right then and there and nothing was said to me! Now I have a ding on my credit for 57 dollar balance that I had no idea about! Well, they can have their 57 dollars and they will never get another dime from me! It's really sad, that it had to be this way! The receptionist are screwing the docs out of patients! more

RUDE! 9/29/2011

I went for the first time today... and was extremly dissapointed. I brought in my 2 month old, and wanted to talk to her Dr. about a delayed vaccine schedule. She would not talk to me about, instead she shut me down and treated me like and idiot. I told her I would like to research every vaccine that I give my child and I will not be giving her more than one vaccine at a time. She asked me rudely if she should just pick the deadliest to give to her. She then proceeded to give my 9 week old and extremly rough checkup. My child was screaming like crazy.. and she is not a fussy child. She then requested a pacifier.. when I said my baby doesn't take one.. she snorted at me. SNORTED! Then she left the room and I could HEAR HER TALKING ABOUT ME to the nurses!! She was angry about the delayed schedule. But rather than trying to talk me out of it, she just treated me like and idiot, making me angry!! We are NOT going back. I would like to say however... the nurse that actually gave my child the ONE shot she got today... was very nice and gentle. more

Best Docs in Town 7/11/2011

I am a stay-at-home father of a two year old and twin 4 month olds. I am extremely happy with VYPC. It is, without a doubt, the best place in town to take your kids. All three of my kids spent time in the NICU. In both cases, the doctors there indicated that VYPC was either recommended, or where they took their kids. My Doctor also recommended them. We have run into other medical professionals who have recommended them as well. A lactation consultant we worked with was surprised when we talked about the good advice we were getting from our pediatrician. When we told her who he was, she said ""Dr. Abbotts is my pediatrician. He gets it. I am only sorry that my kids are all grown up now and can't see him anymore."" We have not been disappointed. Dr. Abbotts takes a great deal of time to answer all of our questions. We feel like his most important patients whenever we see him. We have had good experiences with the other doctors and practitioners as well. We have never had a problem getting a same day appointment, even late in the day. We always get a prompt call back from a nurse. What frustrates me about some of the negative reviews is that they seem to fail to appreciate the value of a good Doctor. liblakeresident, for example, says ""Good Doctors, Service Not Good."" And gives one star. Really? Where are your values? I want my kids to get good care and don't mind if I deal with someone who doesn't smile and flirt with me. Honestly, does the politeness of a receptionist matter nearly as much as the health of your child? What has gotten into us as a society when we value getting our a** kissed over a good doctor??? In short, take your kids to this clinic. You may have a rough time with the front office staff at some times. I never have, but then again I don't care about this, so I may not have noticed. Sorry if I seem a little rude and indignant. I hate to see a good clinic marred by bad reviews for bad reasons. more

LOVE Valley Young People's Clinic 3/16/2011

It makes me sad to read about all of these people who have had a bad experience at VYPC. I have 4 children and have been going to VYPC for years. Julie Tveit (Nurse Practitioner) is who we see and we LOVE her. We have seen several of the other doctors there too (probably all of them) and most have been nothing but friendly and helpful. I never have a problem getting a same day appointment and the nurses are always quick to call me back when I need to schedule an appointment or have a question regarding my sick child. I don't mind that they tell me to be there at '1:15 for a 1:30 appointment'. It gives me time to get there on time, check in and fill out any necessary paperwork and they have usually been running on time, but of course, just like at ANY doctors offices, sometimes there is a wait. After all, if I wanted the dr. to take a bit more time with me to answer all of my questions, then I'M the one who will be making him run behind, but I want all my questions answered, and the courtesy to ask questions and take as long as you need should be extended to all patients. Since I am a mother of 4, I always go places prepared with toys, books, snacks, etc to keep my children entertained. I am glad that VYPC is doing their best to keep germs at bay. Toys can harbor some nasty things and with several children handling and mouthing those toys a day, who knows what could be passed around? I see nothing wrong with them taking away the toys, as when they had them, they were gross and dirty anyway and I'm sure it would have been very labor intensive to clean them 10 times a day to make sure nasty germs weren't spread. They do have books, and a movie playing when you go in. The receptionists have always been friendly to me and more than willing to answer my questions and have always been polite. I'm sure there are times when they are having a bad day and have probably been rude to people, but we're all human, ya know?? I have no hesitations recommending VYPC, especially Julie, to my friends. more

Beware this is the worst clinic to take your child to 7/22/2010

I am completely shocked at how rude the front staff is. Especially Jill. I was 7 minutes late because of a car accident on the freeway and when I apologized for being late not only was I asked why I was late and then informed that she would have to ask if the doctor would still see me. At this point I was more confused than anything so I asked her why I wouldn't be able to see the doctor. She responded by saying the appointments are only 30 minutes long. I said oh ok. She handed me some paperwork to fill out and when I turned around to find a seat she quietly said ""he has other patients to see duh!"" VYPC has the rudest staff I have ever encountered and everytime I have been there I've waited at least 25 minutes, after seeing the nurse, to see the doctor and the appointment was at least 1hr. long. I will never ever go back! This wasn't the first incident I've had with VYPC. A few months ago my daughter got a rash from the antibiotics she was taking so I called to so I could get her a different perscription and the nurse I talked to told me that my daughter my just have to tough it out! After explaining more of her symptoms the nurse said she would call me back. She didn't call back until the next day. On the voicemail she left she said the doctor had called in a perscription at the walgreens in the valley. I went to the only two walgreens located in the valley and neither one had any record of a perscription being called in for my daughter. Since it was saturday afternoon I couldn't get a hold of anyone at VYPC and my daughter didn't get her new perscripton until monday. That is bs! At the time I decided to let it go and assume that i wouldn't have any more problems with VYPC. I wish I would have switched to a doctor then instead of blowing off the first incident. Pros: conviently located in the valley Cons: rude staff, long wait, no way to contact the doctor on call more


I have 4 children...due to large insurance co-pays and deductables I only take my kids' in when absolutely necessary. \r It is horrible to get a same day appt, even if you know your child has an ear infection-you can't get in same day. Your child and you are made to suffer another day. Several times I called first thing in the morning and all same day apts were taken, I was forced to go to urgent care/emergency several times because they couldn't schedule me and I wasn't going to wait another 24-48 hrs for an apt. My child even had pnemonia (sp?) at age 1yr and was throwing up and they couldn't get her in to be seen. \r The receptions/nurses who schedule you are totally rude. You can't just call and schedule an apt, you have to wait for the nurse to call you back and schedule. Since I work full time it is difficult for me to always answer my phone and I would end up trading several phone calls in one day JUST to get an apt set-up and then to know that they were all full for the day is a nightmare. I switched several of my chilren after 1-2 years but they are the only drs who vaccinate at birth so you're sortof forced to use them...I switched my youngest at 1yr due to the problems and headaches I faced at their office. They even let a girlfriend bring in my oldest without the concent of me or her dad and she (the girlfriend) requested a chicken pox vaccine and the doctors vaccinated my child...horrible. \r In all honesty I would give them below 1 star if I could. Don't even bother wasting your time going here...they will make you and your children suffer. There are GREAT pediatricans out there that are not assoicated with this clinic/practice. Cons: Rude receptions, no communication, no open same-day appts more

love this office 8/10/2009

i am a first time mom with twin boys and i think the women and men in this office are a God send. they never make me feel incompetent and they have always been wonderful at returning my calls answering my questions and adressing my concerns. I would recommend the clinic to anyone. more

Good Doctors, Customer Service Not Good 7/8/2009

Will always wait at least 15 minutes -- if your appointment is at 1:15pm, your actual appointment is at 1:30pm. They do not have toys, books or TVs in any of the rooms or the lobby for the children -- too labor intensive for cleaning, germs, be prepared to entertain your children -- bring a book or small toy or play a game. BTW - germs live in the air, floor, carpets, etc., what will they take away next, the chairs??? The receptionists are generally not very friendly but the nurse and doctor working there usually is kind. You must request the same doctor if multiple visits are needed for an issue, otherwise you will be explaining the symptoms over again and again. Seven years ago it was a good doctor's office....unfortunately, not so much today. We are looking into a family practice..... Pros: Two offices -- Valley & Liberty Lake Cons: Ironically a terrible kid's environment more

Bad place for good customer service 6/9/2009

I have to say I really wish there was another place available to take my children. It takes forever to get an appointment. When you get an appointment you can expect anywhere from a 20 minute wait to an hour just to get called back. You never see the same person twice. Another thing that is very disturbing to me is that when the nurses are giving a call back, they are never outright rude, but I always get the feeling that they think you are overreacting, or that they just have better things to be doing than working with a parent that is ""overreacting."" I wonder if maybe a change of profession is in order when nurses and doctors start behaving with a lack of compassion toward their patients. They really should remember, like every other proffession has to, that their patients are paying their bills and while they should never take abuse from anyone, they might try to remember that being compassionate and treating others with respect and dignity is a big part of their job. A part that valley young peoples clinic is failing at. Pros: Close to my home Cons: impersonal more

Great Doctors office 5/6/2009

I have been with the Valley Young Peoples Clinic since my son was born almost 6 years ago. I have never had a problem with them at all. They are very nice and When I need a referal they are more than willing to give me one. My son needed a referall to a pediatric opthalmatrist and my daughter was having chronic ear infections and they gave me a referal to the ENT on a Monday and by the following friday my daughter had already had her tubes put in her ears. I have had no problems with getting refills or any other thing they always call me back in a timely manner. In the past 5 years there has not been a time that I have called and my kids have not been seen on that same day..... Love Love Love them. Pros: Two offices located in the valley open late and on saturdays more

Worst Customer Service 5/6/2009

This clinic holds a monopoly over the Spokane Valley as they do the vaccinations for infants at the Valley Hospital. My son is currently 7 and has been seeing their doctors since birth. I would suggest finding a new pediatrician immediately upon the birth of your child or it will be difficult when they are older. I suppose they would be fine if you are only ever in need of basic check ups and immunizations. If for some reason you are ever in need of medication for your child you will go through hell just to get it. The staff, doctors and nurses do not communicate efficiently and if you need a refill it may take well over a week and over ten phone calls. They will not schedule appointments in advance for patients that have a need to visit on bi-annual basis (or more) and then can not fit you in in a timely manner when they do schedule appointments; so expect to have gaps in your child's regular medications. Do not expect a good referral for specialists either. If you need something downtown they will refer you to someone as far away from your request as possible and give them your phone number so they call you frequently. I have had the privilege of working with other pediatricians in other cities we have lived in and others have been wonderful in comparison. Final note, do NOT go here if you may ever face a custody suit. As a single parent who had to work and attend college I had my parents bring my child in quite a few times for visits and then they decided to give our guardian ad litem in the court case a letter stating what a horrible parent I was because I had my parents bring my son in for appointments when I was unable to. Apparently in their eyes this means you are not around at all. THIS IS A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CLINIC with HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RUDE RECEPTIONISTS as well. Pros: Absolutely None Cons: They can not seem to get anyhting done accurately more

Rude 4/28/2009

I have been going here for a year and I'm changing dr. Offices. The nurses are incredibly rude and impatient. I have have had a hard time getting them to male me an app. When I have a sick child. The actual Dr. Are good enough, but don't get me started about how weird their protical to get your kids vaccinated is. Over all 4 out of 5 visits have been horrible. I think some medical professonals forget they are being paid for their service. We are the customer and they should act like they apreciate our business, not that we owe them, and we are a hassel. more
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