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Dave's Appliance Rebuild - 18 Reviews - 1505 E Pine St Ste 7, Seattle, WA - Used Appliances Reviews - Phone (206) 324-3270

Dave's Appliance Rebuild

1505 E Pine St Ste 7
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 324-3270
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My husband & I bought a rebuilt Refer 1/2/2006 and today, it still works !!! we just bought a brand new refer and dont need the other one, but we are very satisfied with our rebui...


Never again. I called Daves based on reputation, recommendation and reviews. I had a washing machine that was broken. I scheduled a week in advance, explained that I was stay...

Dave's Appliance has been Great for me for 14 years! 1/7/2014

Dave's Appliance has been great to work with for 14 years! Yes, they are busy! Yes, they have made mistakes and fixed them with professionalism! Yes, they are knowledgeable about appliances - the ins and outs! Yes, they have always backed their work, unless if their warranty is expired and even then they will go above and beyond to work it out. For the most part its been a pleasure. They are a small business, they are not up-to-date in the computer world, but that is not their specialty, its rebuilding our appliances. This is a type of business that will be gone, possibly in a few years, because the big box stores are not recycling the appliances to be re-built anymore, instead they are disposing them. Dave's soon may not be around anymore, unless the people insist to recycle, reuse, rebuild! Thanks Dave's for helping Save the Planet, my tenants and owners pocketbook! We appreciate what you do! more

In home appliance repair 2/6/2012

If I could give this company 0 stars I would. I set up an appointment to have an oven repaired with three different guys. I made my booking a week in advance because they said that "was the earliest they could promise". Went all the way through gave the address to the building and everything. So the day before my appointment arrives and I call to make sure everything was in order. Whichever meat answered the phone proceeds to tell me he has no record of my booking and that "the earliest he could promise" was friday. As a landlord who cares about our tenants this company is completely unreliable. I will never do business with these guys again and you should follow suit. Completely unreliable and unprofessional. more

Dave...really? 8/29/2011

Came home from work and a "Daves applicance" van was in my parking spot. I walked around the building and looked for the owner to ask him to move it. Evidently guy was working on something in my apartment building. When I couldnt find him I called the number on the van to ask them to move. Guy on the phone acted like he couldnt understand me. He finally said he would let the driver know. Two minutes later an old guy comes out and I let him know that I am in a hurry. He moved the van..I moved my car. When I got out he started swearing at me and saying I should have my spot marked (I am a tenant, why would I mark my own spot?). He continued to curse and not make any sense. He called me every name under the sun, but in the end came off like a crazy old man. I told him I would call his boss and let my landlord (his client) know about his attitude. He let me know he was "DAVE" and that "The boss" (himself) wouldn't listen to me. I proceed to leave but he blocked me from walking away. I told him (didnt ask) he needs to move. He didnt so I went around him...what do you know the old coot pushed me and wanted to fight. Mind you I am half his age and should have knocked him out for touching me but decided against it because I AM THE BETTER PERSON. Old guy about 5'6' and a buck forty wouldn't have a chance if I got angry. I called the Dave store anyway and tried to talk to the guy who answered the phone. He wouldn't give me his name or accept my complaint. He sounded like a little kid with a mouth full of food. Real professional. Overall this group is a joke and should not be trusted nor hired for work. Judging by the other comments hear, other folks think the same. Old man...was a joke and if he really is DAVE...thats even more of a joke. Old cracked out spassmo...very ugly man with a uglier personality. Think about gollum from the lord of the rings, with a pony tail....thats DAVE! more

Never use again 6/30/2011

Never again. I called Daves based on reputation, recommendation and reviews. I had a washing machine that was broken. I scheduled a week in advance, explained that I was staying home from work in the AM so they said they would make me their first call of the day. This clearly was not the case when the repair guy strolled in at 10:30. The guy who answers the phone sounds like he is completely baked and is rude. Repair guy quoted me $300 for the fix. I gave him my credit card info and left for work (later than I anticipated or had approved with my boss). When I got home there was no receipt or any paperwork saying what he had done or how much it cost. I had to call the store, track the guy down and have them mail me a receipt. When I got the receipt the total was $375. A few days later I go to do laundry. Everything is rinsing in hot water. Again scheduled with them 4-5 days in advance. This time left instructions with my building management to let him in. I get home the night of the repair and nothing had been touched. I called the store and stoned boy tracks down the repairman who says the office was closed so he left. He finally came out the following day and seems to have fixed the water mix up. But, again, no note, receipt or anything. Next time I am calling Sears. more

Horrible 6/4/2011

Bought a fridge from dave's. got it home, it worked for two days. i called, they said it would take 6 days to come out and fix it. i waited, all my food went bad. so then dave came out and "fixed" it. haha, still the same problems with the fridge. i called the next day and he says again, i can come out on monday (again, six days later). its been over two weeks now, i cant keep my food cold. this is a real problem that they dont seem to care about. Dave's is horrible, they sell items that dont work, they do nothing when claiming to "repair" things. more

Refer Appliance 12/21/2010

My husband & I bought a rebuilt Refer 1/2/2006 and today, it still works !!! we just bought a brand new refer and dont need the other one, but we are very satisfied with our rebuilt refer. It got us thru when we couldnt afford a new one and it still works 5-YEARS Later. Thanks Dave !!! more

Don't Trust Dave's At ALL 3/17/2010

Called about my GE Dryer taking too long to heat. He spent 5 minutes looking at it and said that the vent was clogged and I should have Dryer Vent Wizard clean it out. He charged me 84.00 to look and do nothing. I called Vent Wizard and he came out. Bad experience, but he did the job of cleaning out a vent that was not clogged. I paid him 223.00. I turned on my dryer and it still takes hours to dry. I have called another repair company and am sure its the dryer after all. Lets put Dave's out of business. He's a con and a liar. more

horrible rebuilt & service response 9/3/2009

Good: I bought 2 rebuilt appliances and twice they repaired 2 appliances before 2005, and I was satisfied with their workmanship and the machines performances. I bought a clothes dryer early 2009 The sales service was excellent. When the dryer I selected in the store didn't fit my rental's unit doorway, effortlessly they called me at work, and brought another one which did fit.. Bad: 5 mos. later, the dryer sparks and smokes.I call 3 times,talk to 3 different service/salesmen,explaining the situation, they responded,"We give 3 month guarantees." Initially, I asked to speak to the owner, Dave, and each time they said he would be in the next morning.I asked to explain & call me. 2weeks later Dave calls, leaves a message. I call back. He'll be out of town for 5 days. Now, I'm taking the dryer back demanding repair or replacement. I'll keep you posted on Dave's Appliance Rebuild response.. Improvements: I would like a phone call back from the owner, quicker. I would like not to have to explain to three different people the problem, then seemingly they didn't explain urgency/ situation properly. I would like to have a resolution other then, "3 month" guarantee. I would like salesmen integrity. I bought a 4 yr. Kenmore, rebuilt for $275 (new retail $400). When the salesman said they rebuild the motor & put in a new belt, I told him about 12 yr. running Kenmore. He agreed with me, "They're built to last.". Other: Since owning a Kenmore. I thought a rebuilt one would be a better deal then a cheap new one. I could have bought a new Roper for the same cost, $275. However, a unit had a new Roper for only 8 years. Shop around and buy new, if you are thinking Dave's rebuilt appliances are better deals. They are not.. more

Good, cheap appliances. 8/16/2009

Dave's sells good, cheap appliances. If you don't have a lot of money to put into buying a brand new appliance, buy a rebuild appliance from Dave's. I have been buying from them for years and every appliance has worked really well and has been worth the savings. I definitely recommend them. more

Not McGiver 7/16/2009

Don't call Daves. Probably the worst service call ever. My washer/dryer quite working. After making an appointment with Daves I waited several weeks for a repair technician (what a joke) to arrive. The complaint was that the dryer was steaming up the laundry and the belt squeaked. The technician replaced the belt and said that the vent was just loose. Two weeks later the steam returned. When it was reinspected it was discovered that the tech had just wrapped the vent with duct tape rather than replacing it or securing it with screws, a clamp or any other atempt at a quality repair. One month later the machine failed again and I was told by Daves that the main motor had failed due to a pump that had leaking water on to it. The tech stated that it had been leaking for a long time. Gee why didn't they say anything about the pump on any of their previous visits. My suggestion find another service. more

I used to swear by these guys 4/13/2009

I usually fix my own appliances, and back in the day Dave's used to be a really great place to call, get some tips, then go and buy parts from them. But a few years ago, they turned rude. I just called and started "I'm troubleshooting a gas range..." at which point whoever was on the phone interrupted me and said "I guess I'm troubleshooting it now!" then seemed completely baffled as to why I thought that was obnoxious and unprofessional. "Listen mister, if you don't have a sense of humor..." he said. I have a great sense of humor. That just wasn't funny. Another formerly great local business I won't be dealing with anymore, alas. more

good guys...when they get here 1/15/2009

The first time I called these guys to fix our oven I had to take a day off work to wait around because they couldn't give me a time frame...then they didn't show up at all! Not even a phone call. They were very apologetic and set up a new appointment for an afternoon. 4 pm rolls around...5 pm...6 pm and someone finally shows up, later than I would have been home so I could have worked anyway! Now I'm trying to get them back to fix the dryer and they didn't show the first day because they called the wrong number. Now they aren't returning the messages I leave to set up a new appointment. I'd go elsewhere but it's our landlord that is making the decision on who to use. At least they actually fix the appliances well and quickly...when they get here. more

Thanks for costing me money 1/14/2009

ZERO STARS I had set up an appointment 3 weeks ago for Jan 14th. I confirmed the appt. on the 13th - but by close of business and 3 phone calls to them later: no appliance guy and no return call. I got some malarky from Rick in the office, about they had put in the wrong address and thus I was moved down the list for time. That doesn't excuse them from not returning one of 3 calls. A day off work to meet someone that didn't show...Thanks Dave's!!! more

unbelievable 11/21/2008

I've been trying to get these guys out to fix the washer I bought from them for a month. They just never come. No one else will touch it because we bought it from Dave's. I would give it 0 stars if the program let me. more

BAD customer skills 11/11/2008

I have been a customer of this business for 25 years. Today a worker named Davey yelled at me on the phone and hung up on me. He was instructing me to bring a part from my dryer in for them to replace in the shop, since they were booked for house calls for over a week. He was soooo rude to me and hung up a second time and said I had no reason to call them! Nasty person. more

BAD customer skills 11/11/2008

I have been a customer of Dave's Appliance for 25 years. Today I had a very bad interaction on the phone with one of the workers there named,Davie. He was instructing me by phone what part from the back of the dryer to bring in to the shop to be repaired, since they were booked for over a week with house calls. Of course, it was difficult to follow and I patiently was asking questions. He yelled at me that I was wasting his time and hung up on me. He hung up again after I called back..... more

Excellent new and used parts inventory. 7/20/2006

Great place for parts and service! Always the right parts, always in stock. Don't let the older building fool you! more

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Appliance repair 12/16/2005

I have never used this place, but they have been in business for some time, and might do in home repairs. more
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