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Ummelina International Spa

1525 Fourth Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-1370
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Ummelina International Spa - Seattle, WA


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My experience at Ummelina was wonderful. I always worry about the stress of parking, but this time I walked into downtown which definitely took the stress away. The mood set in ...


The receptionists were fairly abrupt and whoever helped me pick out my treatment over the phone was very unhelpful. Hello? I'm saying 'help me spend my money at your spa' and you ...

Worst Spa Experience Ever! 7/26/2009

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that as a first time (and last time) client, I was extremely disappointed with my spa experience today at Ummelina. First, the "sanctuary" was anything but. When I arrived there were two very chatty clients yacking away in loud voices at the far end of the room. I asked two separate employees to please ask the ladies to whisper as they were ruining what was supposed to be a relaxing start to my treatment. The employees unfortunately did not take care of this. After a few minutes I had to get up from my own foot soak (which by the way, barely had enough water to cover the bottom of my feet) walk all the way to the other end of the room and ask them to keep it down. Seriously, what kind of spa condones this type of behavior? I would suggest you either implement a whisper only policy for both clients and staff or pass out ear plugs upon check-in or ask clients to bring an Ipod. One of your staff who was not part of my service team was carrying on a full volume conversation right next to me with her client about what she was naming her first baby....Sasha or Liam...who cares lady, I can't believe I'm paying to put up with this? Also, why must you put a beeping microwave in the sanctuary? Nothing like a microwave beeping every couple minutes to put you into a tranquil mood. I would also suggest closing the doors in the front of the spa so that noisy children playing on the escalator's cannot be heard screaming whilst one is trying desperately to relax next to the beeping microwave, chatty pregnant woman and two sisters at the other end of the room bemoaning their old jobs in the software industry. My next disappointment was with the mineral springs soak. Apparently, according to your website there is supposed to be a back scrub included with this but I never received one...too bad cause it might have at least put me in a better mood and it was the specific reason I chose that service ...that was a waste of $50, I could have had a better experience in th more

Mediocre 11/15/2007

I've been to Ummelina's several times over the years, and until this time I loved the experience. But I found this time the staff at the front desk were very disinterested in helping me both during the check-in and the check-out. They made me feel as if I was intruding on them when I arrived, and the pressure to but products after the service was enormous. On the flip side, the gal who runs the changing room (Barbara) is a jewel and the pedicure was good. But I probably won't return based on the front desk attitude. more

A great spa 6/7/2007

Having been to several resort spas and smaller spas I think Ummelina does a great job of offering a relaxing, calming environment. They are a REAL spa, not some salon, shoved in a mini-mall trying to create treatment rooms our of old office spaces like some places I've been. They give you a spa visit from start to finish. The calming music, tea, robes, foot soaks, neutral colors all allow you to leave stress at the door and get ready to enjoy your treatment. I've had massages, scrubs, steams and sauna and ALL were very good. The only thing that wasn't up to the same standard was their pedicure (in my opinion). It was done in a semi private area so people were walking through and someone else was having one done right next to me. It was done in an oversized recliner chair (similar to a lazyboy) and they had to bring everything in there with them. It just wasn't very relaxing and for the price I won't do another pedicure there. Gene Juarez (downtown and Bellevue) beats them in the spa pedicure area hands down!!! more

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As nice as any resort spa I've visited 3/3/2007

My coworkers and I enjoyed a spa afternoon together at Ummelina. While the experience was not flawless, I felt they made every effort to make up for the mistakes we experienced. Our initial appointments were somehow lost and we had to reschedule. To make up for this inconvenience we all received a lovely gift basket and were treated to the tea service when we arrived for our reschedule. The tea service was great and we each enjoyed our individual services. I had a facial and was thrilled to find it included a mini massage and upon request she even did my eyebrows. I can't wait to go back. more

Ummelina's 9/5/2006

I had the pleasure of a visit there last week. I enjoyed a good massage, but the atmosphere and some of the staff were not up to the standard I have experienced elsewhere. more

always happy 8/22/2006

I've been to Ummelina a few times and have been happy every time. I love the tea and the foot soak. The body scrubs are great as well. They offer the aromatic waters (a private hot tub with scented oils mixed to your preference) and it's a nice spa option for someone who doesn't like massage. I've had treatments at Bliss (SF and NY) and Gene Juarez, both of which were more $ and less relaxing than Ummelina. more

Great Pedicure, Rude Service 8/18/2006

I recently flew in to Seattle and met two girlfriends at Ummelina for pedicures. One gal flew in from L.A. and another was getting married the following day. We arranged to meet at Ummelina for pedicures. The pedicures were great. I could have done without the people at the reception desk. I have never had to hurry up and wait at a spa before. I explained to the person working in the front that I had not seen these gals in years and would prefer waiting for them. I felt that we were rushed along. I know from working in a spa and also owning my own spa that this was taking time from our service. I explained this and was willing to pay for that time and give up that amount of time for the pedicure. The people were nice during the service and we couldnt have asked for a better pedicure. The gals that provided the pedicures were nice until one of my girlfriends smudged her toenail as we were being rushed out. One of the people up front said that she would try to find someone to fix it and if she was not successful at that, my girlfriend would just have to fix it herself. This was the day before her wedding and her first pedicure. I feel had we not paid and left tips prior to her stubbing her to we would have had better service. One gal did fix her toe but rolled her eyes at my friend and was very rude. I understand that there is schedules and I understand that she had to do 3 minutes of extra work to fix my girlfriends toenail, but, they should count on that happening once in a while. I have since talked to my girlfriends and we agree that the pedicure was great. We felt for the prices the service was horrible and the people greeting at the front desk were rude and snobby. When we left Ummelina we all agreed we could have been treated better at the front desk of a nail chop shop. I am sure that there are other spas in the Seattle area that have great pedicures and offer service to match. I felt embarrased to have taken my girlfriends there when we were treated so horribly. I will not recommend Ummelina to any of my family, friends, or business partners now or in the future. more

Comfort 9/29/2005

I've been to a number of different places looking for the perfect eyebrow wax. The last place I went to prior to Ummelina, Ananda, took skin off my eyelids. How relieved I was to find Amy at Ummelina. She relieved my anxiety over getting my eyebrows waxed again with her soothing voice and delicate technique. I wouldn't dream of going anyplace else. They also have the best manicurist in town, but I'm not revealing her name. It's already difficult to get an appointment with her! more

Umm-azing! 9/27/2005

I received a 1/2 day package as a birthday gift and loved every second. Though the experience was amazing and I would love to go back often, it is a little expensive and probably best saved as a splurge or special treat. The starting foot massage is a nice mellow way to begin. I enjoyed the manicure and facial, and loved the treatment with the multiple shower heads and the jetted tub. Parking is a bit tricky since it's smack in downtown, and I can't remember if they validate for the garage. All in all, I've recommended Ummelina to many people who have all enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next time I can treat myself to a special day of luxury! more

An Oasis In Downtown Seattle 8/30/2005

This is one of my favorite spas in Seattle. The staff is great - super friendly and very knowledgeable. The relaxation room looks out on the treetops below and you can completely forget that you are in downtown Seattle. I have never felt rushed and the services - from massage to facials - are always perfect. You haven't had a pedicure until you have had one at Ummelina! When you are ready for a little pampering - this is the place to go. more

Perfect downtown escape 8/20/2005

Everyone starts their spa experience at Ummelina with a relaxing foot soak in a calm room that totally blocks out the bustle of downtown. Then, enjoy the shower room with shower heads coming out from all angles to fully relax you. If that's not enough, your massage will put you in a full state of bliss. Not to be missed for a special treat. more

What it feels like to be jello 8/16/2005

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....zzzzzzzzzzzz........... I Love Ummelina! I had a facial, a full body massage and a sea salt bath. It was wonderful. There are no magazines in the between services waiting area. If you can't live without mag's, well, your loss. Personally, I really liked that there were no magizines. It added to the "full escape" from reality feeling. If you must read there are books on herbalism. It seems that most people use the time to sit quietly, sip filtered water or herbal tea, and gaze meditatively at the tree tops. It seems that they start everyone with a aroma therapy foot bath while in the between services waiting area which is nice. I started my scheduled services with a shower which was wonderful. There was a large shower head that rained down from above and rows of jets that sprayed from the sides as well as a detatchable shower head that you can move however you'd like. After that I had a sea salt bath that I could have really lived without. Except for the massaging jets and colored lights I could have had a pretty similar experience in my own tub at home for a lot less money. After the tub I had a full body massage with Joy. Joy was very good and I actually became so relaxed that I spent most of my massage in that half asleep half awake place. The aroma therepy did get pretty intense during the massage which caused my nose to get stuffy so I was greatful when my facial started with a lot of steam directed to my face. My facialist was Toni. Toni was my favorite. She did a great job and I will definitely ask for her next time. As part of my facial I also got a hand and foot treatment which involved a hand and foot massage, putting some sort of moisturizer on my hands and feet, wrapping them in warm towels and then putting them inslde thermal heated mittens and booties. I am not proud of this but my feet were in AWFUL condition before this treatment. I mean really really bad. They looked great afterwards! The only thing that I would have passed up was the hot stone treatment part of the facial. It didn't really do much for me. Over all it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back! Afterwards my boyfriend said that I looked as rested and peaceful as he's ever seen me, and we've been together 3 years! more

A Mini Exotic Vacation 8/16/2005

Ummelina does everything imaginable to help you leave the outside world behind. Upon arriving, you are taken to a huge shower room with all kinds of fragrant shampoos, soaps, etc. and water jets that come from all directions. Then, wrapped in a thick robe, you can enjoy a foot massage while sipping a cup of herbal tea. On to the massage, in a generous sized room with natural wood accents, low lighting and more exotic fragrances. The quality of the massage itself varies greatly with the practitioner. In any case, the surroundings will help transport you away and if you close your eyes and let your senses take in the warmth, smells and quiet meditative music you might swear you're in an exotic hidden locale in southeast asia rather than Seattle. more

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Good services, but a weird vibe 7/12/2005

The service providers at Ummelina have always been great and the services have been really nice but it was always a little strange. I've sensed tension between the people working there and the management and have overheard the massage therapists being spoken too sharply which stresses me out. Also, I think they take themselves a bit too seriously with all the zen stuff. At the end of the day, it's a pampering experience, not saving babies. more

Signature Facial Lives Up To Its Name 7/12/2005

When anything starts off with an aromatic, warm foot bath, it’s already got a leg up on the satisfaction index; but it gets better. Upon arriving for the signature Ummelina facial, you’re given a robe to change into and then escorted to a room laden in serenity, with quick transport to a Bali-like ambiance. Relaxation begins with herbal tea. After the foot bath, you’re in for an hour of facial coddling. From deep cleansing to exfoliation to purification, your face is given luxurious rejuvenation in the form of cleansers and masks that are applied with silky brushes. The “extraction” process breaks the mood slightly, but all in the name of vanity—right? While the final mask is doing its thing, your hands and feet are massaged and swaddled in warm garments, giving a cocoon-like feeling for the remainder of the session. To quote M. Diddy, “It’s a good thing.” more

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good place, amazing people 5/13/2005

i've heard a million good *and* bad things about ummelina over the years and finally tried it. for the most part i'm glad i did. you're nicely pampered from the moment you arrive, but some of the pampering is a bit hokey - you don't go into a changing room or dressing room, you go into the 'transition room' to change. and when you are done you ring the 'transition chime' to get a staff to lock up your stuff and bring you to the sanctuary. there you will get water/tea and a lovely foot bath/rub - no complaints there! then on to your treatments. since i use eve in her personal practice (see review for The Healing Room), i booked my massage and tub treatment with her. started with THE most amazing shower...4 jets on each side, an overhead showerhead AND hand-held shower heads. the tub treatment itself was a bust - the tub screeched out warning beeps every few seconds and i had to sit there with my hands covering my ears. and i'm not a fan of hot tubs which is essentially what it is (but there it's a hot tub w/a massage!). so if you like hot tubs, it's probably worth it (but we had to bail due to the malfunctioning tub). then onto the massage which was wonderful, but it literally always is a wonderful massage with eve. i then had another shower and then a facial w/halina. damn if that's not the first time a facial didn't hurt AND i wasn't all red and blotchy afterwards! she was super-nice and did a great job. i also had a pedicure which was fine. then afterwards i got to sit and relax and enjoy some down time and a cold glass of water. my biggest problem with the spa is that it's expensive. if you are just looking for an unbelievable massage, go see eve at her private practice. if you want the whole experience and are willing to pay for it, then ummelina is nice. more

Best Facial I've Had 4/18/2005

If you are loooking for not only a wonderful facial or other day spa service, look no further. Ummelina is truly a vacation from your real life -from the minute you enter, you are able to let the world melt away and focus on yourself for a change. Trust me, as a mom of a 5 month old and 4 year old, this is no easy task! I loved the atmosphere and the people who work there, from the minute you arrive you feel pampered. Their prices are consistent with other quality salons/spas especially downtown. One last thing - they offer parking validation all day on the weekend (yes! they are open Sundays) so a perk is that you can shop or eat downtown before hand and end your day in total relaxation. Definitely something I would do again or get as a gift for someone I love. more

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heavenly and romantic spa experience for couples 4/6/2005

Got an anniversary coming up? Looking for a great gift that you get to enjoy as well? Ummelina oozes relaxation and a feeling that you've been transported to a five star balinese resort. All of their treatments are fabulous and start off with a cozy tunic and pant set, a cup of tea and an aromatherapy foot massage. But, for hands down relaxation and romance, try one of the Journeys for Two. These 2-3 hour adventures thematically mix treatments that you and your partner experience together. My favorite, the Pacific Rim, starts with 45 minutes of the two of you in a room with about 8 shower heads, a japanese style soaking tub and a full range of scrubbing implements (loofa, salt scrub, sponges) and washing products (shampoos, conditioners, facial washes...). Your "guides" discretely let you know when it is time to "cool down" and when you are ready, lead you to a room for side-by-side massages. it is so nice to lift your head from your own massage induced jelly state to see your partner in their own massage bliss. Check out their website for more Journeys and yummy descriptions; more
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  • The Scene
    Nina Ummel has gone to great lengths (and distances) to bring her clients a unique spa experience: hand-carved teak doors from Java; 27 exquisite teas from around the world; and the solarium, a quiet place reminiscent of a luxurious Eastern destination. Wicker chairs, flowing silk drapes and natural light diffused by bamboo blinds provide an exotic beginning to your "journey."

    The Services

    The Equator is a two-hour indulgence: spend 20 minutes relaxing in a waterfall shower before moving into a steam room infused with the scent of essential oils, followed by a salt rub and water massage. Finally, enter a dry sauna where warm oils and muds are rubbed into your skin. The signature Revive facial employs an enzyme peel instead of traditional extractions for a gentler approach to deep pore cleansing.

    The Details
    Whirlpool, soaking tub, steam room, dry sauna, waterfall shower. Massage, body treatments, wet treatments, acupuncture, facials, hair removal, sunless tanning, manicure/pedicure, full-service salon.

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