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NuU Med Spa - 39 Reviews - 908 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (888) 281-1417

NuU Med Spa

908 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(888) 281-1417
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NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL
NuU Med Spa - Chicago, IL


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I wanted to wait and finish all 6 laser hair removal treatments so I can see how effective they were all together before writing a review. I'm in shock how laser hair removal real...


Had a terrible experience with a laser treatment and customer service, but received a refund after three months of complaining.

worst 3/8/2011

worst! they have a lot of complaints about them with the state attorney & have a case against them. to be included in the class action suit file a claim with the illinois attorney general. google ""illinois attorney general"" & file a complaint. it's free! they do not believe in giving refunds. they make you pay up front and then take your money and give you the worst customer service ever. this place is a joke. they cancel appointments left and right giving the worst reasons such as how their machine broke, their machine is being transferred to a new location, they ran out of supplies, really? are you THAT incompetent? they also lie to you about ""special"" promotions when in fact if you actually took time to shop around, it's the same exact price with their so called ""discounts"". more

Name changed--Business practices remain the same 2/8/2011

My wife and I went to the Schaumburg office with high hopes that we could receive services that would help boost her weight loss efforts. The salesperson was friendly and seemed quiteknowledgeable on the topic.\r We purchased upfront a $6,300 package. Well a couple of days before, they call and tell us that they are going to reschedule the procedure. Then-- nothing. They never call us. Eventually my wife calls and gets continual promises that they will call back and reschedule her procedure. However again---Nothing Once they got our money we haven't gotten word one out of them. \r We have contacted the BBB and the Attorner General in an attempt to straighten this out.\r Buyer beware. Check out the reviews before putting down any money. We learned a hard lesson on this one.\r \r train111 more

NuUMedspa Burned my Skin! 10/19/2010

I have had the same problem with NuUMedspa. They offered me a few treatments after they bought out the prevoius clinic I went to. Despite having used the SAME laser that the old clinic used, the technician at NuU failed to use the equipement properly. I was burned by the cryogenic cooling agent also. It has been almost a year, and I still have scare on the area treated. For the longest time, they said these were normal. Then they eventually admitted that I had been burned (only after I told them I talked to a doctor and several other clinics). The manager/lead technician (not sure what her title was) even said ""I didn't know you could adjust the cryogen level."" Why are you a working here if you don't know how to use the equipment. I tried to follow up with a rep who helped me obtain hydroquinone cream to lighten the scars. Of course, they prescribed the WRONG medication at first so I had to pay double. I convinced Walgreens to give me a refund on the wrong prescription, and then they charged me for the correct one. No one from NuU has gotten back to me on the reimbursement that I requested for the medication and it has been several weeks. This is the WORST clinic/spa I have ever been to. The people who work here are dumber than a 6th grader, yet they talk to you as if you aren't intelligent and they are sleazier than a stereotypical used car-salesman. more

bad experience with NuU medspa 10/15/2010

I started laser hair removal treatment at NuU Med Spa Chicago last year. I was pressured into buying a package and paying for it up front and in full (the offer they told me ended that very day). The first treatment I had left a grid of disfiguring scars on the area treated. A doctor I sought out independently told me that the laser had not been used properly. The NuU Medspa technician told me that the scars had been caused by the cooling agent in the laser (i.e. that they were freeze burns) and that they would disappear within two weeks but the scars did not disappear and they were not freeze burns but hyperpigmentation. I asked to see a doctor, and was told that I would be contacted shortly by NuU Medspa. I never was and I only managed to see a doctor after making repeated and regular telephone calls to NuU Medspa (each time I was promised a follow-up call and an appointment with a doctor very soon). I eventually did see a doctor but six months after my initial request to see one. During the period that I was waiting to see a doctor, I was transferred to the NuU Medspa at Armitage, Chicago, for treatment using a Yag laser with a different cooling tip. The Yag laser at the Armitage location, however, kept switching off unexpectedly and after my second treatment it went out of service. I was told that the machine would be fixed the following week, but when I arrived for my next appointment the machine was still out of service. At this appointment, I was told that the other laser available at the Armitage location would be equally effective on my skin, even though the technician at my first consultation had recommended the Yag laser to me. I agreed to be treated with the ‘Alexxandrite’ laser but I was unsatisfied with the results and so I asked to return to the ‘Yag’ laser on my next visit. Unfortunately, the Yag laser was never fixed. I booked a series of appointments for my next treatment but each of these was canceled. Every time I telephoned NuU Medspa I was told that the ‘Yag’ laser had ‘just gone out of service’ but that it was going to be fixed that week, and when I telephoned the following week I was told that the repair person had not shown up and that the machine would be up and running the following week. I was never able to complete the series of treatments that I had purchased, because the Yag laser remained out of service. Unable to complete the laser package that I had purchased and unhappy with the service I had received at NuU Medspa I contacted Sean Hoffman at the main office. I contacted Mr. Hoffman in mid August this year and he told me that the company did not offer refunds, but that given the nature of my case he would see what he could do. Mr. Hoffman made many promised to sort out my case as soon as possible and in total I must have spent several hours talking to him on the phone. Becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation, I posted a review on ‘Yelp’ describing my experiences with NuU Medspa. Several hours after posting my review, Mr. Hoffman telephoned me requesting that I remove the negative post and informed me that he was ‘working’ on my case. I removed the post immediately but did not hear back from Mr. Hoffman. When I did telephone Mr. Hoffman again he told me that he needed an updated photograph of my scars. I sent Mr. Hoffman some updated photographs of my scars on the agreement that he contact me within the week. I have still not heard from Mr. Hoffman. more

Blatant theft 10/13/2010

This company has blatantly stolen my money and is refusing to give it back! Back in Feb of this year I have purchased a series of 3 pixel treatments and microdermobrasion follow ups for the price of $2,700.00. The treatments were to be performed at the skokie location. After we payed upfront for these services, we were never contacted for an appointment to start the treatments. After initiating contact we finally were able to set our first appointment. The day of the appointment, I received a call minutes before the appointment and was asked to reschedule because the equipment had to be temporarily relocated? whatever that means? The problem was that we were already at the location because they called us only minutes before the appointment, so we wasted an after noon. . A week later, we received a phone call from them asking us if we can go to the downtown location because the equipment has yet to have been set up at the location that we purchased the treatments at. We reluctantly agreed to go to the alternative location for the first treatment as we were promised by them that the equipment will be in place at the Skokie location by the time of the second appointment.Well, suffice it to say, the equipment has yet to be installed at the location and I decided that I would like a refund due to them not delivering on what I purchased. After being fed up to the point of insanity dealing with the local personnel on trying to get a refund, I was contacted by Sean Hoffman from corporate. After numerous phone calls, all initiated by me, I reluctantly agreed to a partial refund of 1,700.00. I agreed to this on 7-8-10. Here it is 3 months later and I have yet to receive a refund. I have on numerous occasions called and left messages for Sean Hoffman, who would return my call and give me a line off bull crap every time. Sean Hoffman at first told me that he put the check request in and that it can take a few weeks. After a few weeks came and gone, he then told me it can take up to a couple of months, but he is putting me on top of the list. Here it is 3 months later and I have yet to receive my money back. The latest experience I have had with Sean Hoffman is him telling me that he will get back to me the next day. When I called the next day because I did not here from, I was transfered to his voicemail that explained that he will be out for another week. This message was the day after he promised me he would call with the latest status of my refund check. Sean Hoffman has lied numerous times to me and is continuuing to give me the run around in hopes that I give up. I have no choice but to pursue legal action to get my money back. Please head this warning.. Do not prepay for any treatments whatsoever, and do not waste your time with Sean Hoffman if you do end up getting burned, as Sean will tell you what you want to hear but will not deliver on his promises. It is important to understand as well that this is not an unsatisfied customer because the treatm more

Happy - Happy Joy-Joy 9/7/2010

I wanted to wait and finish all 6 laser hair removal treatments so I can see how effective they were all together before writing a review. I'm in shock how laser hair removal really works on my bikini, legs and underarms. I finished my last treatment 2 weeks ago and I honestly don't have to shave anymore. What a great investment! The staff has been sweet and attentive each and every time and I had a great experience every time. I never felt rushed and very spa-like. more

Used Car Lot Sale for Skin Care Services 8/25/2010

It's too bad they do not offer a - negative rating star for reviews. This company would definitely qualify. BUYER BEWARE / BUYER BEWARE / BUYER BEWARE more

NuU Medspa is a rip-off 7/22/2010

This company is a rip-off. I had Dysport injected into my forehead on 5-20-10 and was told that it would last 3-4 months but only lasted 1 month. When I called to complain I was told that I would not get my money back.\r They are sneaky!! Beware!! Cons: They are a rip-off company more

So Far So Good 7/13/2010

Questions or concerns. I had my upper and lower abdomen as well as my love handles ""taken care of."" The procedure itself lasted about and hour and a half (both times). I was able to clean my entire apartment following it!!! It was quick and virtually painless. Not to mention the results are amazing. My stomach has literally NO fat left on it and I am more than happy with the results. I would highly recommend that anyone and everyone take the opportunity to have a consultation at NU U Medspa at least to see what the process is all about. Its totally worth the price to come out looking the way I did!! I am shocked to read the negative reviews and all I can say is go see for yourself. You will be thrilled you took the time. Take it from me, I went once and went back three months later! Pros: Very Painless Cons: Negative Reviews more

Im doing Laser Hair 7/9/2010

have been going to Nu U for the past year for laser hair removal. They are professional, very nice, and understanding. Normally nicer places are filled with stuck up staff, but not at this place. Ok now about the treatments. I am getting my whole face done. When I started I had started to get so much hair on my face than I could deal with. After the 6 sessions my sideburns were almost completely gone and I wasn't getting any more hair. The lip and chin takes longer but I have also seen a dramatic change in the thickness of the hairs and also the numbers. Very happy with them. Pros: Nice Staff more

So Loved it 7/8/2010

Finally did something for myself to make me feel good about me. so i went to a few other medspa's for information and found them to be almost like cattle ranchers just moving you right along. Nu U had some suspect reviews but i was pleasenly suprised wth what i heard and decided for the price i could take a chance on this company. i had laser hair done on two area's love the results!! now im having some other treatments done for my face...i love this place Pros: Location, Staff Cons: Not Sure more

Great Medspa 6/29/2010

I went last week and had a great time. For my first visit, i did Micros and Chem Peels, and I couldn't have been happier. Great service, Nurses and technicians, and everything was very hassle free, which I definitely appreciated. I've heard about Nu U Medspa, and even with a poor reviews, I decided to give it a try. i look for deals people!! I am not just a 5-star girl, but I am certainly an optimist as well as a realist, and this place totally delivered. No attitude and nothing pretentious, a awesome deal, and I'd be wrong if I didn't let people know that mine was a very above average experience. Nu U has not let me down! Hope this helps, and I hope y'all get to enjoy some time here. Pros: The Center Manager Cons: Older Building more


I also had the worst experience with this company. I called and inquired about laser hair removal, which they told me to come in and get started that day. I went in thinking I was paying for a procedure that would start that day. Gina took my $1000 deposit then proceeded to tell me that they were too busy that day. I then asked for a refund she stated come tomorrow and they squeeze me in. The next day, they sent me to Schaumburg, where they didnt have the correct laser!! They then offered me a complimentary facial, that turned out to be a chemical peel! It took layers of skin off my face!!! I now have scars on my face and they still have my deposit for my laser treatment!!! Rawlings and Sean Hoffman refuse to return my calls or money til I sign a waiver that releases their responsibilities!!!! DO NOT GO TO THEM AT ALL THEY TOOK MY MONEY WITHOUT EVEN GIVING ME SERVICE!!! i HAVE SINCE HIRED A LAWYER! Cons: EVERYTHING, more

SCAM 4/23/2010

I totally was disappointed with my experience at NU U Med Spa in Oak Brook. I have waisted a tremendous amount of time trying to resolve a dispute. I received one lipo dissolve treatment and they charged me for a series. One was enough to see that it didnt work, produced bruising and lumpy balls under the skin. The manager called and said my money would be refunded, which it was not. After months of calling and going there, they finally gave me a credit toward something to have done at their ""Spa"" which of course I am unable to use because I won't go back. Cons: Did not deliver what was promised. more

Buyer BEWARE Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Nu U Med 2/8/2010

ATTY Lisa Madigan has Filed a Lawsuit Against Nu U MedSpa .....Please GOOGLE CBs2chicago \r All was well when I was told at This location that I would get a 60% Off deal of $10k for Services and was pushed to set a date and pay during my consultation with a Sales person (No Dr) . This is the normal price Everywhere but here it's a 60% Off Deal. I post about my experience, their Customer Service Rep asked me to remove my review for a $1500 discount. bringing the price to $8500. Well this is the Sale Price for Feb. Once again. No Deal. I'm dealing with The Armitage Location for all of this. I have yet to even meet with Drs. This Game is all played before I meet with a Dr in the Oakbrook location as you only meet with them the day of services.\r \r After I was given the $8500 ""deal"" I was Offered and was supposedly transferred a credit for $5400 at the Skokie Location (Look at photos. Tacky Write up and and NU U Did everything to keep me from Using it. Even by contacting the original holder of this credit. They knew and commented on how she was trying to get rid of it online for a Very Long time. When they saw that she finally got rid of it to me. Only then did they contact her about a ""PARTIAL"" Refund. This way they are allowed to keep part of the cash that they had already received from her) .\r This is the office that I was going to purchase my services through. I've gotten several run around. The first was a 60% off that comes out to be the same price as any other M.D (but it was supposed to be a sale) Then their background chats (customer service /sales staff) on how they can milk you out of $$. You notice that they speak because you'll leave a MSG .. no return call, then say forget it and someone calls you right back within the hour. Both parties always know when you just ended the call with the other party. All of these games. Just do what you're supposed to do. Good Lawd! I hate that each location doesn't have a direct number. that's a Negative Sign .. They caller I.D You then call their offices to forewarn the staff. All of this crazy stuff to take you for a joyride. I never met the DR as you have to Play the Game First. There is no way in Hell would I give these people $10,000 of my Cash. There is a no Refund Policy. They will only contact you if they feel that you're going to write about them. Just like the woman giving away her credit. They watched her attempt to give it away. When someone wanted to finally use it. Then they want to negotiate with her.. so that I can't use it. I go to the Skokie Location and they Scribble a Transferred Credit. I've posted photos. Unbelievable. DO NOT Waste your $$ here unless you're going for a cheaper Facial or something! \r I hope that they improve their -F Rating from the Better Business Bureau Pros: Looks Enticing Cons: UnProfessional, Expensive, F Rating Better Business Bureau more

Nu U Med Spa 1/2/2010

I will keep you posted on how my case is handled!--> *********************Update: 3/26/2010************** Since I posted here before, I have been contacted by a Nu U Medspa Rep. I am happy to say that my problem has been 100% RESOLVED!! I had an issue with the care that I recieved and once my issue was brought to their attention I was immediately contacted by their customer service rep who assured me that they would work as hard as they could to make sure that the issue was taken care of. It has been a long process but at the end of the day very worth it because I am satisfied with what has been accomplished. Whatever downsides this company has they definitely overcome it with their great response and very thorough Customer Service!! Pros: Excellent Customer Service more

ihatenuumedspa 11/29/2009

hateNuUMedSpa follow on twitter! Pros: none! Cons: scam, liars more

Full Service MedSpa 5/20/2009

I'm definitely a fan. I was pretty nervous about doing lipo but Dana (manager at the LP location) helped put my mind at ease. The Dr who performed my procedure was very friendly and helped me relax (the pills they supplied me with didn't hurt either :) ) Full service, they even picked me up and dropped me off in a limo the day of the surgery (who does that?! WOW!). I got a pretty good price too. Everything healed up nicely, I got back to working out moderately 2 weeks post op and was pretty much back to normal in a month. Very happy with the follow-up and the Oak brook staff called to check up on me hours after the surgery and then every couple of weeks to check on my recovery. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. Pros: Great Drs, amazing customer service more

Inconsistant procedure and process; unprofessional 2/22/2009

NuU MedSpa - Oak Brook\r I signed up for a photo facial package - 5 chempeels/micro and 5 photofacials for about $1800. I have large brown spots on both my cheeks and under my eyes that look like bruises, but are due to sun damage. I was assured this would remove those spots. The first one they did a chempeel and photofacial same day - Over the next few days, i began to see the coffee ground effects and results. I had 8 more treatments to go. I took pictures of each change, so I could realize the difference at the end of this million dollar treatment. Unfortunately my 2nd treatment, had NO results. Nothing. I took pictures of that too. No on called to check on me(as they always do), so I called the manger to ask why the signifcant difference. She was on vacation so they gave me the next person in charge(Gina). She proceeded to ask me if I was in a different room? Who did the first one? and then told me, each laser can be different and stronger than the last. (like tanning bed bulbs?) I informed her, that I had no coffee grounds like last time coming through, nothing! She proceed to get angry and argumentive with me. She then proceeded to tell me I would have to wait till the end of ALL 10 treatments to determain the outcome. I informed her I felt no service was provided and if the rest continued at this rate, I was certain to not see a change in my skin at all. I felt they rubbed jelly on my face and wiped it off and sent me on my way. It seems to Save $$$ THEY ARE NOT doing the procedures. I asked noted it in my chart. She said fine and hung up. Unprofessional. The Spa, it self in not nice and relaxing. The front water fountain sits rusted out. They music is loud, no one is ever nice enough to offer you anything to drink. The Techs don't ask about any additional concerns, new meds, etc. Things they should know about before starting a procedure. They always try to talk you into more packages before you even leave- very Pushy! Be Aware They don't Care. Pros: sorry None you can't get elsewhere - BETTER Cons: unprofessional, inconsistant procedures, lack of concern for customer more

Nu u spa in Oakbrook or other locations..... 2/16/2009

I signed up for the Pretty City special of $59 for service and was almost duped. I did read all the reviews but felt maybe if I tried another location it would be ""different"". Something told me to call and confirm etc. and Im glad I did. SCAM!!!! They advised me that my fee was for a consultation and ""if there was time"" I would be seen for the procedure. Absolute nonsense, shouldnt that be provided the same day of the service? Why sign up for a ""special"" promotion and not offer this to consumers honestly. ...I would NEVER EVER go to them...If you are in need of Spa Services Dina @ Nourish Medspa in Lombard is wonderful!!! I saw her instead due to the NU U ripoff!!!! Tell her Carla sent you...;o)\r \r She does wonderful chemical peels and Im sure any other service is fantastic!!! I was given tea and was totally relaxed!!!! Beware Ladies!!!! Thanks.... Pros: 0 Cons: poor phone consultation, numerous numbers *franchise* very impersonal, dishonest on procedures and services *fees* more
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  • Rejuvenating spa eliminates wrinkles, blemish spots and more through laser, botox, microdermabrasions and other laser techniques.

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