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Asia Restaurant - 32 Reviews - 3179 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (323) 906-9498

Asia Restaurant

3179 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 906-9498
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Asia Los Feliz is now Kuma Sushi !! Original sushi chefs Tom And Phibe have taken over ownership of the old Asia Los Feliz and bringing Great sushi back to Atwater Village. Come...


Cusine met expections of delightfulness; however all points earned by the food were instantly reversed by the poor quality of the wine list and inconsistnacy of the service. When ...

Now Sushi Are Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/28/2008

Asia Los Feliz is now Kuma Sushi !! Original sushi chefs Tom And Phibe have taken over ownership of the old Asia Los Feliz and bringing Great sushi back to Atwater Village. Come out to say hi and check out our NEW LOWER PRICES>. It's the same great quality food, just more economically friendly for the neighborhood! phone 323-661-5555 open mon through thur 11:30 a.m to 10:00 p.m fri and sat 11:30 am to 11:00 p.m more

Big Rip-Off. worst dim-sum ever. 5/7/2008

Went to try the new menu last night... terrible. We thought the original Asia was great as it was, just too expensive for Atwater. This new menu, although it appears to be less expensive, is really more expensive. 2 small vegetable lumpia for $8. Really? they were ok, but not even close to being worth the money. the other dish's we tried were also too expensive and boring. I give this restaurant till the end of summer. Pros: Close to the 5 freeway Cons: overpriced, small portions, boring food. more

Very sad...The person reviewing the restaurant below had the right opinion...Valet? 4/25/2008

Cusine met expections of delightfulness; however all points earned by the food were instantly reversed by the poor quality of the wine list and inconsistnacy of the service. When a restuartant only has two tables on a friday night at 8:45 you figuer they might have goten the point...or maybe they have and just through in the towel..""Service was abysmall""... Dinner was almost saved by an excellent dessert; however this was negated by the staffs inability to operate an espresso machine past 10:30. Pros: Excellent food quality and tast Cons: Poor service mixed with flat ambiance combined with a poorly matched wine list more

The WORST Asian food in LA 1/19/2008

This is a typical restaurant where the chefs don't know the essence of Asian food. All the dishes are covered in overbearing sauces that completely ruin the delicate tastes of Asian cuisine. Fried onions, thick salty miso sauces, cream cheese, lobster and mac and cheese ? Almost inedible. Even the simple dishes were bad - chicken sate, which is almost impossible to ruin, was dry, cold and tough. Ceviche, which should only have lemon or lime juice on it, was drenched in a thick, salty miso/soy sauce combo that was like licking the bottom of a trash can. The ""Samurai Roll "" - avoid at all costs. They can't leave the simple things simple. It is for people who enjoy recipes on the back of soup cans. Avoid at all costs if you like Asian food. more

just outstanding; needs to be on everyone's 'best of list' 12/20/2007

my husband and i go to asia about three times a month. the service has always been impeccable, from the gracious hostess , julie. greeting us at the door by name, to the witty and charming servers, especially tony & justin. we used go to the valley or to sasabune for sushi, but since discovering asia, we have no desire to go to our old haunts. the dynamite handroll is absolutely amazing, stuffed to the brim with fresh baked crab. the miso black cod is fabulous, the albacore sushi, and pretty much any sushi we have had has melted in our mouths. i really cannot believe this place is not on every reviews ""best of"" list.... it astounds both my husband and me, and pretty much anyone we send here. and we send a lot of people. they might need to have their p.r. agency step it up a bit, because everyone should know about this place. and, i should mention that i rarely, if ever, rave so much about a restaurant. this place is a staple in my life. it is pricey for sure, but worth every penny. a great place for foodies. Pros: amazingly fresh fish, friendly, knowledgeable wait staff Cons: pricey but well worth it more

thanks but no thanks! 11/15/2007

First the good ... great atmosphere, decent food, decent (though not super professional) staff. Now the bad ... absurdly overpriced. We are no strangers to paying $200 for dinner. But that is when getting premium food/service. I think it is sad that people just don't understand the difference between the greatest restaurants in LA and these offensive 3rd rate substitutes. I mean, we just had an incredibly decadent meal at Hatfield's last night. Some of the most inventive food, wonderful service ... easily in the same food/service category as Sona, Providence, Melisse, etc. So we ate there and the bill for 2 with drinks and a middle course was $140. Compare that to the so-so experience we had at Asia 2 weeks ago .... less food, not even comparable quality or atmosphere ... price for 2, $150. Do you see what I am saying? Why would you eat at a taco stand when you could be eating at Patina or Josie? Those would have to be some mighty fine tacos! And in response to the reviewer looking for good local sushi, go to Little Tokyo. The sushi there is 100% better and less $$$. Seems worth the 7 minute drive, no? Pros: atmosphere, walking distance to some great bars Cons: price/value, no liquor license, unpolished staff more

Really good food! 9/26/2007

Went with friends and enjoyed a great meal. Everything we tasted was delicious and the specialty cocktails were yummy as well. Good range of options for our group of finicky diners. Really recommend! Street parking was easy as well. more

Okay, but so expensive! 4/29/2007

Nice interior, although the humungous tv over the bar is a bit out of place in a place charging such high prices. The spicy tuna hand roll was seriously one of the best I've ever had. The brown rice is actually a fragrant mix of a nutty brown rice and black ""forbidden"" rice. Very tasty. But my husband's seared tuna salad was ""Eh, so so."" The dressing was tasty but the tuna was tasteless. And for a $20 salad, it should be one of the greatest salads you've ever had. This restaurant's greatest downfall are their prices. I can't figure out why their prices are so high. Is it the huge space they have? Is the chef de cuisine new to the industry and doesn't not know proper cost management? I mean, I knew the prices were high from other reviews on Citysearch, but seriously, when I first opened the menu, it was shocking. It certainly prevented me from wanting to try more on the menu.\r However, one great thing that you must try.... they have Sapporo on draft. And it is sooooo delicious. So much more flavour than out of the bottle, it's really a shame more restaurants don't have it on draft. more

Give it four months, and it will be a pet store. 3/13/2007

That's what my boyfriend said after we finished dinner. The place was dead on a Thursday night, and that's a bad sign when a place has been around for as long as this one. Sushi looked good and our sashimi appetizer was quite tasty although a bit on the skimpy side. The wine list was decent. Things started looking bad, however, when we asked for pepper for our salads, and out waiter brought a little pepper shaker out from the back. Crazy not to have a pepper mill in a restaurant such as this! Crab cakes weren't anything special. Big disappointment. My entree was delayed as the waiter didn't hear me correctly, but once it came out I was sorry it did. Just not a good dining experience, and for the prices they charge, they need to get their act together pretty darn quick. Atmosphere and service were pleasing, however. Maybe they're better for sushi? Pros: Ambience, Wine list Cons: Food more

A Diamond in the Rough 12/9/2006

This restaurant is truly a diamond in the rough! Now, note, I am a native Angeleno who has lived in the Sunset Junction area for some time now, so by ""rough,"" I say nothing disparaging about my neighborhood. Quite to the contrary, one of the many things I love about the East Side is the vast range in price, quality, and types of cuisine available at the area's many fine restaurants, which range from the unpretentious to the less-unpretentious.\r \r All that said, my wife and I went to Asia in Atwater for the first time last night and had one of the best dining experiences we have had in LA. We started with a delectable spicy shrimp salad. My wife had ""the best pork chop she has ever had"" as a main course, while I had an amazing lamb dish that incorporated mango and avocado perfectly. Further, the chef actually came out of the kitchen to help us pair wines to our dishes -- not once, but twice. The service was not speedy, nor would you want it to be when you are savoring every bite. More importantly, the service was incredibly attentive, and the recommendations were superb. Let the record reflect that we are not celebrities. We are average people who were treated like royalty.\r \r We then each had wonderful chocolate and/or mocha mousse-cake type desserts that were absolutely fantastic, again paired perfectly with dessert wines. And this cost us all a little over $100. (I have no idea how the reviewer below managed to spend $226, unless they ordered Dom Perignon and whale caviar). For one of the best meals we have had in this city, it was worth it.\r \r Asia is not a restaurant you necessarily come to for lunch on a Tuesday, but it's a great (the best we have found on the East Side) upscale option where you can celebrate once in awhile. If you think it's too expensive, go to Yuca's, or go to Good, or go to Il Capricio, or Niko Niko (places my wife and I also frequent and like very much), but once in a while, it is worth it to have a dining experience like this. Pros: Creative and Delectable California Cuisine, Great Atmosphere, Attentive Serivce more

Good Food 11/20/2006

As a resident of Atwater Village I feel we needed a good Sushi place.\r The place is clean the ambiance is nice and the food is good!. I noticed some felt that it was expensive but hey\r if you want fresh good food you have to expect to pay for it. The prices are the same you would expect at any\r west side Sushi place. So if you really want what is good then expect to pay for it. Pros: Good food more

Resident Of Atwater Here and Food Lover! 11/5/2006

I've lived in Atwater almost 10 years now... and you know what.. to all the negative reviews from other Atwater Village residents. - PLEASE MOVE!!! Your homes are worth double if not triple... cash out and MOVE!\r \r Our little town is changing and I and most everyone in Atwater encourages it! Enough SAID. ASIA OWNER: I LOVE YOUR RESTURANT! Its BY FAR THE BEST FOOD ON THE EAST AND WEST SIDE and is worth every penny! I'm not a rich person and can't afford to go all the time but you count on me to save my pennies just so I can go.! Tasty Food and GREAT Service. Thank you for coming to Atwater and WELCOME! and don't listen to all those negative old folks! Pros: Excellent Food/Service Cons: get rid of the TV! more

Poor value 10/23/2006

There are restaurants where one might expect to pay way too much for way too little. Ordinarily one would have to look in Newport Beach or the Westside to find such places. But here in the heart of Atwater, a lower middle class hodgepodge of decidedly untrendy shops and markets, is Asia. \r \r My dinner companion and I arrived on a Sunday evening. We were seated promptly by a pleasant hostess even though we had no reservation. The waiter let us sit for just a tad too long without menus, then delivered them with just a hint of a ""you are not my preferred demographic "" attitude. \r \r Drinks were delivered promptly. Appetizer and salad were not so forthcoming. When they did arrive, they were OK but unremarkable. The busboy set my dirty fork back on the table when clearing the salad plates-a nitpick to be sure, but a distinct mark of poor training. Dinner arrived a full 20 minutes after we finished our salad. My companion's steak was a six ounce filet, served with mushrooms and a wasabe infused mashed potato dish. I ordered a pasta dish. Again, both were good but not exceptional. We had a small bottle of Sake and one other glass of wine. Our dinner tab, including tip, was $226.00.\r \r Just the right amount of snobbery and outrageous prices will usually keep out the riff-raff and so it's sometimes OK (except it never seems to work on me). This restaurant has no pedigree worth the attitude or the ill-considered pricing, and the service level does not compensate. The exchange of their food and service for my money did not seem a fair exchange. We will see as time goes on if the neighborhood will support this business model. I will not. Pros: Soothing ambience, pleasant hostess, varied menu. Cons: Very high prices, spotty service, unneeded valet parking. more

awesome find 10/23/2006

Just visited this restaurant Saturday night because a friend suggested it. I have to say that it was one of the best meal I've had in a long time and even though we did not have reservations, we were seated promtly. We ordered the baked scallops and spicy halibut sashimi for appetizers and both was amazing. Our server recommended the Lamb chop (maybe the best I've tasted yet) and the salmon dish, both were perfectly cooked. Everything we had was excellent and the sevice was very attentive and non-intrusive. Oh yeah, you must try the fresh strawberry mojito!!! If you are a mojito fan, you'll love their version. Pros: excellent food and service, great ambience more

Awesome! 10/4/2006

Great food, great service, great atmosphere! I'm not going to lie the menu is a little on the high side but well worth it! After all you get what you pay for! The steak melts in your mouth! I can't wait to go again! Pros: Valet available, very romantic, original menu! Cons: a lil' expensive but worth it! more

Too Expensive 9/18/2006

Our waiter was great/attentive. Food was good - not exceptional.\r I will not return because it's too expensive. Shame. Pros: beautiful decor, good service Cons: too expensive! more

Good Service Not Just Good Food 8/30/2006

Great food, nice ambiance, but the service is also fantastic and that to me counts quite bit as the third on the list of priorities... First Food, and here there's a wide selection to choose from... Second, ambiance, which is quite pleasant.... And eventhough Service generally comes third on my list, in this case it's first rate! more

great sushi 8/16/2006

i love this restaurant. it is so clean and has great ambiance. i've only ordered sushi so far but it is very fresh and tasty. the menu has all kinds of things. can't wait to go back. more

this is exactly what atwater needs- from an atwater resident 8/3/2006

I understand why some established people here in Atwater think this place is too expensive. But speaking as another living in Atwater this is exactly what Atwater needs- I would like more of these funky, upscale types of businesses to move to Atwater-- we have way to many cheap eats places to eat as it is. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to stop by but have not made it until last night. We thought the food was excellent, the music great and the service very attentive- I was surprised how busy it was at 7:30 on a Thursday. We actually thought our bill would be around $100 - $125 but it turned out to be only $85 with beer and sake included. As for the valet - although we could have walked, we easily found free street parking but I think its nice that they have a valet available. We will definitely be going back!!!! Pros: food music service, plenty of parking besides the valet, valet available more

West Side on the East side? 7/26/2006

Food is good, but expensive. Before opening a restaurant you should do you're homework on the neighborhood. Valet parking? Please...It's true this restaurant just does not belong in Atwater. And there is a reason why Atwater residents don't want their neighborhood to turn into the west side. If you don't inherently understand that, you never will. I don't doubt you worked hard to create this restaurant, and I do agree the food I had was enjoyable, but it just doesn't fit. Why..Simply put, Asia Los Feliz lacks a subtlety that defines the Atwater Village neighborhood. This is why people choose to live in the area, because it isn't pretentious, and Asia Los Feliz reeks of pretention. Lower the prices, get rid of the valet parking and you'd be a lot better off. Also, it is painfully obvious that individuals affiliated with the restaurant are posting comments on this page. Removing negative reviews and writing positive reviews of your own restaurant not only is pathetically desperate, but it contradicts what citysearch is all about, and that is a fair and un-biased review. Pros: Decent Food Cons: Way over priced, valet parking more
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    This high-end Atwater spot's sleek modern design ties together moss-dyed concrete, mahogany, stone, and white tablecloths, which curve around a long, polished sushi bar....

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