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Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst

4600 Samuell Blvd (at From the intersection of I-30E &I-35 Take I-30 East to the Jim Miller exit, turn right and go to Samuell Blvd, turn right, go oprox. 1 mile. The hospital will be on your left.)
Dallas, TX 75228
(214) 381-7181
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Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst - Dallas, TX
Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst - Dallas, TX
Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst - Dallas, TX
Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst - Dallas, TX
Blotcky, Mark, Md - Timberlawn Mental Health Syst - Dallas, TX


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I was a patient at Timberlawn a few years ago. Honestly, they saved my life! At the time and for a time afterward I didn't like it but that was because they were helping me to m...


Overall Timberlawn was inadequate for what I was looking for, and which was help and insight on how to feel better about my situation. I saw the doctor and his automatic assumptio...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/11/2014

Horrible place. We took my brother there, and the nurses were making fun of him, they lied to us and said he wanted no visiters. DO NOT TAKE ANY POVED ONES THERE! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/10/2014

Do not put your self or your loved ones in Timberlawn. I was held there against my will for 5 years. I do not take medication. It reminded me of Scientology. It is a horrible place in which I did not get the help I needed but mostly abuse.By the time I left I was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. The head nurses were identical to nurse Ratchett on ONe Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. They would have a head nurse for awhile and then replace her with an identical personality. Basically they are not going to tell you about how a vegan diet will make you feel better physically and mentally and how yoga can heal. Because they do not know.They do not have the skills to heal you or make you happy. They screw with ones head constantly until one ends up trying to fit their mold and guess what they want. What they want is lots of money. They are all about money and over medicating many people. If you try to rebel you will get restrained in leather restraints and tied to a bed or worse, electric shock torture. They put me in a small room in solitary confinement for one year .No contact with friends or family. This place was sued for hurting patients in the 1980s .It was in all the Dallas newspapers.This place should be shut down.Do not let the pretty trees and grass and swimming pool fool you. A wholistic place is where one should go to heal . Honestly if I could put every nurse and doctor there on a malpractice list I would. A HORRIBLE PLACE. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2014

This is horrible my 9 year old was brought in by the school. I left work and got up there as soon as possible only to wait hours before anyone even talked to us. They sent us away stating they would call us when doctor makes his recommendation. That was at 3:00pm. It is now 9:30 night and many phone calls later I still can't get a answer. I'm sorry this a 9 year old child to do this parent is immoral and unprofessional!! I work in the field and I will report them to the joint commission! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/4/2013

One thing I will say is that although this facility isn't as bad as some of the people on here are describing it as... but do not get admitted on the weekend, it is a bit disorganized, you are left to wonder around lost and bored. During the week, there are more classes and group therapy sessions, so it wasn't that bad. As to the employees, I never had a problem with anyone, you did have some that you could tell weren't really happy to be there but for the most part, most of the employees really did care about your well being. I had many take compassion towards me and encourage me by telling me I would get out and get better. You get a room with a bed, you get three meals a day, the kitchen stays open for the most part, so you can get drinks and snacks at any time. You get to watch tv and they provide activities/games throughout the day. It wasnt to bad but of course I wouldnt want to stay there any time soon. So I would recommend this place, just do what they say, behave and you will be discharged. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/25/2013

Timberlawn is the best Hospital I have ever been to. The staff were right by my side every time I needed them, also very clean and up to date materials.\r I was diagnosed with dissociative Identity disorder and if not for Timberlawn I would not be alive!!\r Timberlawn saved my life!! I flew in from Florida just to go there and would do it again if I ever needed there help.\r I can't say enough great things about Timberlawn, but THANK YOU!! OVER AND OVER\r Christy/ aka Diamond more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/3/2013

Do NOT take a loved one here! I wouldn't even put my worst enemy in this dump. This is everything that happened just in my 2-day stay at Timberlawn:\r \r 1. They kept all the men and women in the same wing and did not lock the patient rooms at night, which made me feel unsafe being a 20-year-old petite woman.\r 2. They would wait until you were sleeping after taking your nightly medicine (they doped me up with strong antipsychosis meds, although I was there solely for depression) to wake you up and ask you questions about treatments you had to consent to. Clearly they wanted you to be as incoherent as possible when they did this.\r 3. A woman wanted to take a shower and politely asked a nurse for a hairbrush to use when she was done. The nurse said he would pick one up on his way back from the lower wing, but never did after her asking 4 times in 5-6 hours. \r 4. I was taken into the nurse's office because they wanted to draw my blood. Only after they had tied off the tourniquet did they verify who I was and realized I was the wrong patient.\r 5. One young guy had stitches from where he had cut his wrists, and when a stitch popped open and he started bleeding, the nurses told him that it would stop eventually.\r 6. They fed you whenever they felt like microwaving the frozen food.\r 7. The nurses controlled the television and left it on Fox News, which was more depressing in my opinion. They wouldn't change the channel, even when we unanimously agreed that we wanted to watch something else.\r 8. In a private session, my ""doctor"" rudely told me that I was just being an adolescent and didn't know how to deal with life. Only when I asked to be discharged did she backtrack and say she thought I was really suffering from depression and she wanted to up my dosage (so I would be too doped up to argue!).\r 9. I checked myself in hoping that I would really get some help, but they had no activities for you to engage in, so you just took medicine, ate breakfast, watched Fox News, ate lunch, watched more news, took medicine, ate dinner, and watched news until you fell asleep. Surprisingly they had no ""lights out"", so many of us stayed up til 1-2am talking and making our own therapy sessions. \r \r I cannot stress enough just how horrible this place is! Please please please do not go here! more

Saved my mom's life! 4/17/2013

My mom has been home for a month after spending almost a month in Timberlawn. This place saved her life! She is addiction-free and thriving well. They taught her so much about her conditions and how to cope with her struggles. I mentioned some of the concerns in all of these negative reviews and she said she didn't see Timberlawn that way at all. She is so happy that she went there and the psychiatrist even helped get her connected to an excellent counselor to see when she came back home. Her stay there has made such an incredible impact- our family was so scared that we were going to lose her but she has done a complete 180 after being treated at Timberlawn! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/11/2012

Also there is no security, the lights are dark surrounding the building I would not recommend anybody to this filty place you call a hospital in fact you people should be ashamed more

Worst Experience Ever! 4/20/2012

I was very depressed and decided to go to a mental hospital for one-on-one counseling and to figure out how to get better. When I arrived at 9:30pm I waited 3 hours before I was even seen by a doctor! When I was seen, he spent about 3 minutes with me and walked off. I was then escorted to my room, but as I was about to lay down I saw there was a pile of human feces underneath my pillow and smeared into the sheets. I was woken up at 5am to get blood drawn to test for drugs and stds, then woken again at 7am for breakfast. I did not eat for over 24 hours because everything was so filthy. I urinated once in a toilet and did not shower. Everything about this place grossed me out! The doctors were never present, no counseling, nothing. I had forced to color a picture in mid afternoon and then I could not take it anymore. I asked to leave and the process of leavings and signing out took 8 hours! No joke, 8 hours! Then after I left I received 5-10 phone calls per day for 3 months from a medica more


You would think that this business was run out of a trailer by the way they handle phone calls. Try getting a hold of a loved one whom is a patient there. NOT HAPPENING. They tell you the lines are busy without even trying to connect you, then when you ask questions about when would be a better time they hang up on you. This place is a SCAM, PLEASE CHOOSE ANY OTHER FACILITY! more

Former patient 1/28/2012

I was a patient at Timberlawn a few years ago. Honestly, they saved my life! At the time and for a time afterward I didn't like it but that was because they were helping me to make positive changes and change for this depressed alcoholics uncomfortable! The accommodations are excellent, the food is great and the staff is well trained and care enough about their patients to be consistent and enforce the rules that are important for the whole. It is sad to me to read these negative reviews. If as many of us happy patients woud review as the unhappy ones, I am confident the positive would be the larger group. THANK YOU TIMBERLAWN! more

Do NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS HERE!!!!!! 10/26/2011

I wouldn't rate this hellhole other than the fact I have to so this can post, please if your having trouble with your teen or child and if you truly love your child and want help for them do NOT let them go to Timberlawn. They do not care about you or your child. I just checked my 16 yr old out from that looneyhole due to the fact the 1st day we were there it was problems, we got there at 11am at 9pm they asked if they could admit my daughter I'm thinking this is a hospital for mental ill people I'm going to trust them so I said okay, I asked them are yall going to feed my daughter we have been here since 11am she hasn't ate since breakfast, they said no they couldn't that should have been my 1st clue to walk out, no doctor ever came to talk to me when they admitted her should have been my 2nd clue, they started treating my child like she was brought in by DPD instead of like a teen who came in at her own will asking for help, before I agreed to put her in I asked will she be safe I was told yes I asked before they start any meds I want to be told they said yes you will be next day I wait and wait Noone calls I call to see how my daughter is I get told the Dr put her on meds but they didn't have to call me because she's 16 and can sign for herself, really? She's not in a mental hospital because she's thinking right. Besides I'm her mom I know some of these drugs can make a child get worse. Still no doc calls me that night I go to see my daughter she tells me her 1st night there she was placed on the boys side in a locked room she was scared to death, during that day 3 major fights broke out between some boys and girls and one boy even got out the gates and ran off. That is not very safe, my daughter did not feel safe not when kids are busting each others noses in and also those kids are hitting the staff as well. To me the kids who are acting out like that should be placed away from the ones who are not acting out. On top of that they had all ages of kids from 7 up to 17 why would you place a young child in with teens who are older stronger? And they were letting the boys and girls mix during the day! If they were not watching these kids when 3 major fights broke out one kid ran off what else do you think is going on? And the doctors don't care enough to sit down with the parent and explain a care plan. But when I said I wanted to get my child out they tried to threat me with the doc can put a hold on your child we don't have to let her out we can have the state take over her and give us custody until we see fit. But I'm the one who brought my child in willingly. Please do not take your kid there find other help call around. I made a huge mistake, I have my daughter home now. And I found her somewhere else to go, don't do this to your child please! more

you should be ashamed! 10/26/2011

Im not even going to rate this so called pill pusher of a doctor, he was suppose to have been my 16 yr old daughter doctor, but the whole 3 days she was in Timberlawn he never called me to go over what's goin on with my daughter matter of fact my daughter did not see his face until the 3 rd day when I told the workers I wanted her checked out because I did not feel comfortable leaving my ill child in a place where they give a 16 yr old meds without talking to me first and the fact no doc had said ms Roberts let's sit and talk about what's going on with ur child, here is my op, here is a plan of action of what we can do should do and work on. This very Dr told me the 1st time I brought her in to Timberlawn that my child's cuts on her were no real danger to herself and she was fine let her come home, 2nd time in they say Ohh yea she has some mental problems let's admit her but all they want is the money, my child was just a car payment for his sorry tale. He never even took the time to talk to me the 1st time my daughter was brought in, and he still has yet to call me now please don't NOT take your child to timberlawn or to the qwack. more

Screwed My Life Pretty Good 10/15/2011

It was over three decades ago. It was a joke then - thus the headline. I can remember seeing one child strapped down basically 24/7 and Thorozined up. I can remember about six staff members carrying in one small kid who was told he had to stay and strapping him in to a bed (the staff loved the threat/actual use of restraints). I remember that lying by the staff was the protocol; that a psychologist would pop in for about 30 seconds to visit - but no time to talk. Basically it was warehousing. No therapy was ever given. The few assistants who actually cared never stayed - they tended to be let go. When a child reached 18 and tried to sign themselves out, they were forced to sit on a chair (or be held with straps) and informed that the hospital was going to court. I wouldn't send my worse enemy there. My sin - being ADHD (undiagnoised). more

Go ANYWHERE else 8/5/2011

If you care about your suffering loved one, please, please think two or three times about leaving them at Timberlawn. I could not recommend this place to anyone. I would not be very hesitant about taking my dogs there with what I know now.. The only good part about this place was the individual therapist ~ she was a gem. Otherwise, the nurses are awful. I had to fight every step of the way to get my regular medications, including my insulin. Missed most of them most days. You had to wait upward of 20-30 minutes to even get their attention and meals were served for 30 minutes only. So, if you had waited patiently at the window for blood check and insulin for 30 minutes, they had closed the door for lunch. So you began to have to choose, wait or go ahead and EAT. I checked myself out on the fifth day figuring anything I dealt with on the outside could not be WORSE than inside there. more

A Prison in Hospital clothes 5/21/2011

Timberlawn is run as a profit center for the doctors and a prison for the patients. The average stay is over a year as doctors exaggerate and tell outright lies to the patient's family how bad their condition is. The doctors will do almost anything to avoid releasing a patient even those who are self-admitted. They call up family members and express "concern" the patient will kill himself if released. They threaten patients they will get a court order barring their release. Patients are commonly tied to their beds for days at a time for various acts of misconduct. Less than 10% of the patients suffer from mental problems but are alcohol and drug users. The facilities are poverty level inside the areas where the patients actually stay but they are nice where outsiders visit. It's all part of a deliberate con job to make money. They have been investigated and Jane Pauley of NBC did a segment on this "hospital." If you doubt me, talk to anyone who's been at this facility. more

Timberlawn+ utter scum 3/25/2011

ATTN, DO NOT under any circumstances listen to the lying scammers at Timberlawn. Having said that most people know across the country that seeing a shrink at all runs a risk of being taken advantage to the copious amount of SERIOUS complaints lodged against capatalist dope pushers.Timberlawn has been under ""private investigation"" for over 3 decades now...what should happen? bull dozed down then hauled off then construct a memorial park to remember all the names that Timberlawn capatalist have ruined..timberlwan has ruined many many folks< ROY HENRY FANONI>died in 2005..and yet my name was found by one of my cohorts in 2007 online. RHF was one of timberlawns super bad boys. more

More traumatic than Suicide! 2/24/2011

I have never had a more terrible experience on top of our family trauma already going on. Timberlawn made the experience 100 times worse than it was to begin with. \r \r We were told we could bring our son 24/7 and someone would be available to see him anytime. We called our insurance to make sure everything was coordinated. Our insurance called Timberlawn to notify them we were on our way, and I also called to let them know when we were on our way. \r \r We arrived about 8:30 pm. We sat in the waiting room for approximately 2 hours before being seen by a counselor. We then sat in the waiting room until 2:30 am before speaking to "the doctor"... Yes, THE doctor. For the whole facility, apparently only ONE physician is sufficient for the amount of trauma, pain and distress that comes through this place on a daily basis. \r \r We were told our son was depressed and therefore, needed to be put on antidepressants. We were informed that he would need to be observed for 3-5 days after h more

Is this a joke? 12/1/2010

If you have someone you love and care about that needs help, don't take them to Timberlawn. There has to be a bette choice. I wouldn't recomend Milwood in Arlington either, they are no better. more

Timberlawn...Epic Fail 11/22/2010

Overall Timberlawn was inadequate for what I was looking for, and which was help and insight on how to feel better about my situation. I saw the doctor and his automatic assumption was to put me on medication, which is every doctor's first instinct. Yet, I was looking for more compassion from him and the nurses that worked there.Though, staying at Timberlawn changed my insight on life and the things I have going for myself (outside of the hospital of course) The building is definitely in need of remodeling and better support. Of course my stay at Timberlawn was not expected to be wonderful, but it lacked what it's claimed to be. Though, once I returned home from there I knew that there were things in my life which needed improvement, and my stay at Timberlawn helped me reach that attitude. But the food blows. more
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