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Me too- lower then 1 star - Review by A S | Elliott Tire & Service Center

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Me too- lower then 1 star 4/4/2008

Woodinville location: We've taken our cars to elliotts a number of times, due to locality of shop. Car #1, The first visit they drastically underestimated the time it took for the repair because they weren't experienced with it. They didn't charge us the extra time but didn't put everything back together properly because they were rushed. Car #2, our second visit there cost us $2000 in major engine repairs. We didn't question the diagnosis because it was only our 2nd visit there and we had it repaired. Car #1, the third visit, we were diagnosed $600 repair on our older car. We didn't think it sounded right or that they really knew what they were talking about, so we drove our car to it's regular mechanic, which is out of the area. It wasn't anything what Elliotts diagnosed it as, it was a $200 fix, which our mechanic diagnosed immediately and fixed. We started to wonder about Elliotts experience. Car #2 back in to the shop, coolant leak, hose needed to be replaced. Once again they drastically underestimated the time to replace it due to inexperience. The repair was suppose to be out within one day and they had it for 2 full days. I stopped by to pick up car seats, the car was parked in back, hood up. When I opened the door, the smell of burning rubber hit me. I took the seats & left. They called me when the repairs were done, asking when a check engine light had come on. I said it wasn't on before the car was there. They figured it out, a hose back on wrong & returned the car to me, which now smelled of antifreeze for weeks afterwards. When I returned the next day due to something that wasn't fixed right and asked about the smell, they said antifreeze had been sprayed everywhere and the smell would go away. That was it. Our car started having an oi leak the other day, we opened up the hood and it is covered with what looks like white sulfer, the tape arounda hose was eaten away, bolts on several hoses were not put back together. we took it to another mechanic we used to use and he said there had been a fire in the engine, probably disconnected a fuel hose accidentally and the white residue was from the fire extinguisher. They didn't even tell us about it and we're driving our chldren around in this vehicle. We now question whether they properly diagnosed the vehicle for the $2K repair and it's apparent they are misdiagnosing repairs. They had also diagnosed a power steering problem with a $600 fix but after the last visit, when the fire occured, the car came home mysteriously not making the awful noise any longer. This is a 2001 car, not an old dinasour so it's not a fall apart vehicle. Needless to say, we will not be back and don't feel like they are trustworthy. more
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