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Here on the Kitsap Peninsula we use Quest. All my services are bundled so it is really convenient! I have 3 cell phones, land line, dsl and dish network all on one bill. I pay 250...


I only have a barebones line with Caller ID. I chose this after my Vonage service that I'd had for a year proved to be unreliable...the modem kept pooping out and no one at Vonag...

Want Respect? Avoid Qwest! 3/26/2008

I’ve had horrible experiences with Qwest tech support, trying to get service for my Macs. The language barriers are huge, and I’ve ended up struggling to solve my problems myself. I recently lost access to my msn premium account and contacted Qwest. After hours speaking to many people, I was told Macs could no longer use msn premium services. After I complained, a man in the “dsl loyalty department” offered higher speed dsl services at the lower lifetime price I’d been paying. I questioned him repeatedly and was assured the offer was genuine. Of course, the bill showed over a 50% increase in my dsl bill. After hours talking to several different people, I was told the first loyalty man had lied, I was lying, I was stupid, and I was crazy. The men I spoke to would not answer my questions, and the last man refused to let me speak to his supervisor, saying he didn’t know who his boss was. (Some of us should be so lucky!) After years as a Qwest customer, I plan to find another service and to let the world know what a ripoff, disrespectful company they are. I urge you to do the same. more

Qwest are pirates and should be put out of business 12/5/2006

I'm just going to write this review as points because the list of complaints is too long to write in paragraph form... - Went to a kiosk in the mall to order DSL service ONLY. Told them that I did not need nor want a land-line. They told me that it would be cheaper to get DSL with a land-line anyways so I did. - Was told that my bill would be $30 something a month but my first bill would be like $100 because of set-up fees and what not. - Did not get a bill for 3 months. - When I finally got my bill my service (aside from set-up) was almost $100/month not the $30 something they quoted me. - Called customer service and got the land-line removed and got a little credit. (Except they are charging me $40 something instead of the $30 something I was initially quoted.) - Next bill the land-line was still on there PLUS now I had long distance which I NEVER had before. - Called customer service to get land-line removed AGAIN...and asked them about the long distance...turns out they had billed me for SOMEBODY ELSE'S long distance! They removed the LD charge and I paid my bill in full. - Get another bill a couple weeks later saying that I am past due and they will be shutting off my service. This bill has completely different charges that do not even match up with the last bill. (Also when I checked online my account showed that I owed YET a different amount?!?) - Before I even have a chance to pay the "overdue" bill I get another bill reflecting the charges I paid on the bill before still following? Me niether... - This bill, although according to the last bill (and the customer service rep) I was all paid up, showed that I actually owed MORE than what I was told was the full amount (we're talking about hundreds of dollars here as opposed to the $30 something I was quoted)...and I'm STILL being charged for SOMEBODY ELSE'S long distance... - And it continues... BEWARE OF QWEST!!!!! more

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Quest 11/12/2006

Here on the Kitsap Peninsula we use Quest. All my services are bundled so it is really convenient! I have 3 cell phones, land line, dsl and dish network all on one bill. I pay 250.00 a month or a little less for everything. It's a little steep but worth it, the customer service is great and I really like having only to remember to make one payment a month that covers so many services. more

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Eh 10/31/2006

Not great prices and mediocre service. Qwest is the predominant phone carrier in our area and we have always had them. We've never been overly impressed nor overy mistreated-lol. Their prices just aren't that good though for what they offer and what they lack is annoying. We had dsl & regular phone line with them for awhile when we moved all of 6 blocks and magically we were outside of the range for DSL service. We live in a bigcityfor goodness sakes, it's not like we were asking for service to be hooked up to the moon. They were a bit rude too and unhelpful of what we could do besides go back to dial-up. So we did some research and found a smaller company withan amazing deal for DSL & Phone with the works for $49.95/month together and took that deal. more

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Poor service 10/21/2006

I also had bad service with Qwest. They continued to charge my credit card after I was no longer a customer and I had to call and fight with them for months before they stopped charging me. It has left such a bitter taste in my mouth even 10 years later that I would never use them again. more

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Ok for barebones 10/10/2006

I only have a barebones line with Caller ID. I chose this after my Vonage service that I'd had for a year proved to be unreliable...the modem kept pooping out and no one at Vonage would do anything about it. Since I live down by the water where there are few towers, I get spotty cell reception. So I chose to get a standard landline with Qwest. You have to be VERY firm and upfront about only wanting a basic line though (no LD, no packages) - the packages are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced for what you get. I have been a USWest/Qwest customer on and off for many years (before cell phones - whoa!). While the landline reliability is unbeatable, the profiteering that they do is just plain old BAD. It's absurd how much they charge. I pay about $20 per month. The ONLY pro is the reliability. The many cons include: outrageous cost for return; you are in their directory service so anyone can call you, including wrong numbers; not all telemarketers are covered by the DoNotCall list, so they CAN call you 10 times a day; they recycle their numbers in under 3 months, so even a year later, I'm STILL getting calls for the person who used to have my number; and you have to pay to get unpublished. I like my cell for the anonymity & privacy of it and loved the Vonage service for that too. Only people who I had given my number to called me. I use a dial-around long distance service (when I need to and my cell has poor reception) called I've only used $21 in LD *total* since January (it's 2.5 cents per minute, no hidden or extra charges). Qwest is a dinosaur, no matter how nice those commercials are. That's what they're spending the money on! I'm eyeing Vonage again, now that they have better modems and are a little "older." Vonage is looking sweeter now that I've written this review! more

1st Landline & Qwest's phone install... 9/22/2006

I went through the same experience of needing, or wanting, a landline. My cell bill had been so high I was determined to find a cheaper option. Thinking I could just order from Qwest, who seemed to have the cheapest basic/local rate plus installation, i was later proved wrong. After waiting for the date Qwest said my landline should be working, I was so excited and kept testing the line a couple times every hour during the evening (ooh, my first landline!). When I didn' t get a dial tone, I used my cell to call and ask what was going on. They seemed to think that it should work anytime and told me to try again the next. So, repeat this all tomorrow to find it still wasn't working. Soon, they sent me to some technical troubleshooter cs rep who told me the line was down and they'd have to send a technician out to ck it out. There was a catch though, the tech would cost me near $100 to come fix the line if the problem was something like 50 feet near or on our property line and it would cost nothing if the problem was on the lines b/w the telephone poles. So, full of an already building frustration from a high cell bill & my new and much anticipated landline being broken, I was so upset that they were basically telling me I was forced to pay this extra gigantic fee to even start svc. After several phone calls to diff. cs reps and finally speaking to a manager about the fact that someone should be warned about the possibility of an extra fee like that before they commit you to all the start-up taxes/fees of even ordering a new phone line (yes, separate from that technician fee), I finally got them to cancel the phone line and not charge me the cost of ordering this service that I never even got to use! I will never order Qwest ever, ever after having to go through that ordeal and, though a little unfamilier w/the whole cable/phone line/Vonage deal, am even willing to try that to avoid this provider. So, yes, if your line is cut, definitely ckout what other landline providers'll charge for repairs or go for the cable line! :) more

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Just stick with your cell phone 4/8/2006

I thought it would be nice to have a land line in our apartment and so we went with Qwest. We just wanted the cheapest possible option they had and it still ended up costing over $20 a month! For nothing! No long distance, no call waiting, no caller id, nothing! Then, when I moved to the apartment next door, they wanted like $30 just to transfer the line. That's when we decided we were better off without Qwest. Plus their commercials are SUPER annoying. Comcast is also EVIL. But besides paying outrageously monopolistically high rates for cable internet, their service at least seems to be reliable and consistent. more

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Still on a qwest for a better phone and cable company 4/8/2006

Qwest stinks. What more can I say? Their prices our outrageously high. We're paying over twenty bucks for stripped to the bone, no long distance, no call waiting, just give me the line with a dial tone. Then, we signed up for their DSL and the stupid thing keeps timing out on us. And we call them, and there is nothing that they will do, but make us continuously run stupid diagnostics. Comcast, at least in SF, is way better. But, it doesn't reach out to where I live. Then, there's the problem where they have these advertised specials, but have so many restrictions on them that you may not qualify. However, this is a tip I can give you from experience. If you really push forward to cancel your service, and get customer loyalty or whatever it is that handles that stuff, they may work with you. Regular customer service won't do a thing. But do not be nice to them--that's the kiss of death. more

Say no to Qwest 8/14/2005

When I recently moved I called Qwest to get new service, and it was a nightmare from beginning to end. First of all I had to wait over half an hour just to talk to someone. Then they kept trying to get me to buy on package or another. I use a cellphone for all my calls and just wanted basic service for my Tivo. Well imagine my surprise when I got my first bill and saw I had gotten the package anyway. I had to call back, wait on hold for forty five minutes, get transferred three times, then argue with the rep to get a credit. Not a pleasant experience. more
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