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1221 Madison St Ste 910
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 292-2249
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I have had the absolute best experience with Dr. Ann Bridges at the Polyclinic. She was referred to me by some friends for my pregnancy and I have kept going back to her because o...


I had a horrible experience with the Polyclinic Physical Therapy Department. As a patient with the Polyclinic for 15 years, I know they have many good doctors. But this department...

Avoid Polyclinic Physical Therapy Department 10/30/2017

I had a horrible experience with the Polyclinic Physical Therapy Department. As a patient with the Polyclinic for 15 years, I know they have many good doctors. But this department was awful. I went if for back pain and the physical therapist was rude and condescending. I was overcharged and when I disputed the amount, they ignored my calls, ultimately sending my $67 bill to collections. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars at the Polyclinic, having 2 children with their doctors and have never paid a bill late. When I disputed $67, they told me I was wrong and then ignored my explanation of why I was overcharged. There are so many good physical therapists in Seattle. Do not bother with the Polyclinic. more

Avoid the OB/GYN Clinic 3/18/2012

Had an elective ablation surgery. Was told by Dr. Ellen Wilbur that her patient's all had done exceptionally well and had no ill effects. So I proceeded. I only had a total of 3 appointments with this clinic: meet and greet, pre and post ops. Any time I called in, the calls were never returned before 72 hrs. I even called with an emergency question, post-operatively, and still 72 hrs later, the nurse finally called. When I asked about the delay, she informed me the note had just "appeared" on her desk that morning. I had already contacted the ER and spoken to a triage nurse. This was a horrible experience ALL AROUND. It's frustrating not to be able to get in touch with anyone timely and it's more frustrating to not have been given all of the information about the surgery not working from my doctor, as she certainly inferred that it was 100% effective. Not so much. My best advice, go anywhere but here. more

Poly Clinic - Careless Surgery 3/1/2012

I used a GI doctor at the Broadway Poly Clinic to have an elective day surgery. I called in twice during the week after the surgery to ask about the adverse symptoms I was having . The nurse acted as a gatekeeper and the doctor never had the courtesy to call me back. I was told the symptoms were normal by the nurse who acted like my calls were an imposition for her. Now I know that I was hemorrhaging because the stitches were not properly secured. Several days later I wound up having to have a blood transfusion and a 2nd surgery at St Anthony's Hospital in Gig Harbor - at midnight with Dr Desmarais. I healed very quickly without any adverse symptoms from this 2nd surgery, since Dr Desmarais had done it correctly. St Anthony's Hospital also follows up with a patient survey and phone calls to obtain patient feedback after a procedure. Poly Clinic does not. I had a very difficult time finding a patient feedback or customer service department at Poly Clinic. Just try asking a staff member where to file a complaint and you'll get a blank look. They don't have a process in place. As I read some of the postings on this page I saw repeats of the same kind of behavior. This carelessness and lack of concern once something goes wrong is typical. Now that I have written letters and called multiple offices - almost 2 months later, 2 different do more

A very bad experience 3/13/2010

My experience with Dr. Greg Sharp was enormously disappointing. I had a very minor health problem, and my concerns I believe were not respected. I came away very hurt, angry and disappointed. I thought his attitude was arrogant, and uncaring. more

Don't go here for breast care!!! 8/1/2007

My primary care doc is at the Polyclinic so I have been going to their Breast Center for years with no problems. This year there are new people in charge and things have gone to s**t. I am religious about getting annual mammograms because of BIG family history. Due to multiple screw ups on their part it took me 7 months (6 months past when I was due) to get an appointment. I finally got one in the beginning of July, and two weeks later got a letter, not a call, that I needed to schedule a follow up. After a ruined weekend I called them and got an appointment for a week later. I started complaining at that point for all the delays thus far and about being notified by letter. I went if for an ultrasound and they found a lump and then said they couldn't schedule a biopsy for a month!!! I ranted and raved and the doctor who was there said it wasn't acceptable but there was nothing the poor women there could do about it - the problem is on high. I started calling other places, and the Women's Diagnostic Center said they could get me in within the week, but they needed copies of my mammograms to make the appointment. So I called the Polyclinic Breast Center back and their printer was broken so they couldn't give them to me!!! Through a few million more phone calls I finally had my biopsy and now am waiting to hear if I have cancer. I will never go to the Polyclinic for anything again. This is not just bad luck, my doctor says that there have been many problems over the last year, problems they have never had before. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! more

Good ob/gyn 10/3/2005

I have had the absolute best experience with Dr. Ann Bridges at the Polyclinic. She was referred to me by some friends for my pregnancy and I have kept going back to her because of her level of professionalism. She is very thorough, honest and really cares about her patients. During my pregnancy, she kept me well-informed about what was going on, what to expect and offered lots of advice. I was really impressed by how many home remedies or over-the counter medicines she suggested. It made me confident that when she did need to write a prescription it was because I needed it, not because she was being backed by pharmeucutical companies. The staff at the Polyclinic are great as well. They can almost always accomodate your schedule, the nurses call back in a timely manner and the lobby is always warm and inviting. more

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Professionalism in medicine 9/26/2005

The Polyclinic is home to a few dozen physicians. Many of these physicians are named year after year to best doctor lists. I have been fortunate, or unfortunate, to see a few of the doctors here. Except for one, all the doctors I saw were competent, willing to answer questions, and willing to ask for help from another doctor or read the latest research if they did not know the answer. Some of the more competent specialists are hard to get into so please call way in advance if you need an appointment. more

Dr Spector is wonderful and so is his clinic 5/17/2005

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr Spector. We feel fortunate and relieved to have him taking care of our son. I truly enjoy his nurse Charlene and his staff have all been very friendly and helpful. more

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seattle's real, live doogie howser 5/16/2005

yup, it's true - dr. gary, the founder of polyclinic pediatrics, was practicing medicine at the age of 21. so not quite doogie howswer but not too far. youngest doctor to ever practice medicine. there's no way i can ever say enough good about him. i LOVE our pediatrician, dr. gary spector. i have recommended him to a lot of people and everyone has had a good experience with him and his practice. from what i've heard, in a crisis this man is amazing (luckily i have not had to experience that for myself). here are a few things about him that helped me decide to use him/keep using him: he's brilliant. he is very thorough and bold and i've been told that he totally takes control of his patients in an emergency situation. he teaches at the UW and is an oncology specialist. all of the docs in his practice were chief residents. he (and another doc in his practice -dr. schuette) are *ALWAYS* listed in seattle magazine's best doctor issue (as voted on by other doctors). they always see a sick child if you come in during office hours (even without an appointment). they are pro immunizations (he invented one of them). they see their own patients unless the doc is on holiday or involved in an emergency, and when i've seen a different doc it's been david bowe, who is also terrific. when you first become a patient you'll receive their book that's used as a first line reference for medical conditions. it's very informative and useful. he talks very fast, has little tolerance for ignorance, and once you get to know him he tells silly and/or dirty jokes. dr. spector is very much a unique guy so i recommend meeting him before choosing to use him. if you like someone a little more soft spoken you might talk to dr. schuette or dr. bowe. paid parking is available, and they have valet parking so if you are late or have too many kids with you, it's easy. more

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Great clinic 4/19/2005

Our doc at Polyclinic Pediatrics is Dr. Sherri Zorn. We had to switch one time when our insurance stopped covering visits there and it was a big eye opener to how good we had it. This clinic has a well-established leader--our doc saw him when she was a kid! And the group, though it contains many part-time docs, seems wisened by his leadership. They don't make you feel like a paranoid parent, even those times when you are. They get you an appointment when you need one, even if your doc is booked. I haven't had a bad experience with any of the docs. One of my favorite things is the small setting. You don't have to rush down long corridors, or go through unnecessary paperwork, as you do in a hospital clinic like Virginia Mason First Hill. You're in, you're out. Great parking facility. They charge, but not much. Great referrals too. A couple of bads. The nursing staff is totally inconsistent and we've actually had some downright bad experiences with shots. Also, they are VERY focused on Western medicine, whereas I look for complimentary therapies and want drugs as a last resort. more
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