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Lucy's Cakes

5320 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 347-8585
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Bravo Lucys Cakes to you and your entire staff! I have to say I've had my fare share of nightmares in bad customer service but the counter girls at Lucys Cakes were very polite a...


I chose Lucy's Cakes to do my wedding cake based on recommendations I had received. Our tasting was poorly organized, especially in comparison to other bakeries, so that was my fi...

Out of business 8/27/2009

I chose Lucy's Cakes to do my wedding cake based on recommendations I had received. Our tasting was poorly organized, especially in comparison to other bakeries, so that was my first impression. I also found it peculiar that they didn't take a deposit at that time, but every place is different. Well, I show up today to drop-off ribbon for my cake to find that the entire place has been closed. It has the name of someone in San Antonio to call. So, I guess they didn't feel it was necessary to call people who had their wedding cakes ordered through Lucy's. Had I not stopped to drop-off the ribbon it would have been about 2 weeks before the wedding until I found out they were closed. It's unfortunate, because I feel that based on these reviews they took a really good bakery with a good reputation in Austin (& we love local businesses here) and ruined it with poor customer service and a lack of professionalism. Pros: Good reputation for cakes, not service Cons: Lack of professionalism more

Two years in a row - cake not right - horrible customer service - felt like a Seinfeld episode - no correct cake for you! 12/14/2008

Last year I ordered a simple cake for my daughter's birthday weeks in advance. I told them that we really don't like buttercream and we made selections accordingly. The cake was to say ""Happy Birthday Lauren."" When I got the cake it was all buttercream. We all ate a little bit and hated it so I took it back. There were only a few slivers missing. The woman stuck her finger in the cake (how disgusting) and said that it wasn't buttercream (which of course it was). Then when I wouldn't back down she later admitted that it had to be buttercream due to the type of decorations. What?!?! I also pointed out that instead of ""Happy Birthday Lauren"" the cake said ""Happy Birthday Laur"" as they ran out of room. They just walked away. I threw out the cake once I got home. \r \r So I figured I would give them a second chance this year. This time my cake said ""Happy BiRtday Lauren."" They can't spell birthday? Of course I didn't notice this until I got to the party as the box was completely taped up with saran etc.\r \r I've had Sam's club, HEB, Hey Cupcake, and Central Market do a much better job with cakes...and they taste better because they make it as you ask for it! \r \r In summary, don't be shocked if Lucy's makes a mistake on your cakes or won't compensate for mistakes or even apologize for mistakes! I guess they can act that way because they know you are stuck as you usually get the cake just hours before your party. Always check the spelling and maybe stick a toothpick in it to make sure you get what you ask for...or don't go there at all! Pros: Will make anything you want pretty if you bring in a picture Cons: When you pick it up it may not be what you ordered more

Agreed on terrible customer service 1/9/2008

Am getting married in May and called to inquire whether they could make a cake with Splenda. They said, ""No, we just use Sweet & Low."" \r \r I said, """" and without offering any suggestions or information the clerk very curtly said, ""ok, good luck,"" like I'm never going to find a better baker.\r \r Whatever. They won't get our business--ever. more

Best cake in town 12/11/2007

Bravo Lucys Cakes to you and your entire staff! I have to say I've had my fare share of nightmares in bad customer service but the counter girls at Lucys Cakes were very polite and helpful when I was having trouble with my sons birthday cake. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted but they walked me through my order letting me know what my options were and helping me come to a final decision that I was pleased with. On the day I arrived to pick up my cake it was ready on time and looked exactly how I'd imagined it, if not better. Even more so when i got home and we tasted the cake I was again pleasently surprised. This is truely the moistest, most flavorful cake I have ever had without being overwhelmingly sweet. I can assure you that Lucys Cakes now has a life long costumer in me and that and that my experience with them was beyond satisfactory. Pros: friendly staff, yummy cakes Cons: one location more

Don't take your chances--you may get the WRONG cake 10/30/2007

We ordered a cake for our son's birthday party. It was decorated as we had wanted, but the cake itself was not what we had ordered. The actual cake was chocolate, whereas we had ordered a white cake with raspberry filling. When I brought this to their attention, they offered to refund the price of the cake itself but not the cost of decoration (about half of the total cost), since that had been done correctly. They clearly did not appreciate how potentially terrible it is to give your child a cake he does not want at his birthday party. They became very hostile when we said that refunding only the price of the cake itself was not acceptable to us. I will not contradict other reviews that say that Lucy's cakes taste good and are nicely decorated. However, given how cavalier they were about the mistake they made with our cake, I think you are risking similar problems if you buy from them. We will never use Lucy's Cakes again. more

The WORST cake ever! 10/26/2007

My office just got a cake from Lucy's for a birthday. It was terrible. I don't even want to give it one star. The cake is dry and the icing was HARD, like a crust. The icing also tasted like it was burnt. When we called to see about getting a replacement cake, we were told that the cake was ""supposed to be like that."" Then we were hung up on...twice. I got this cake two years ago and it was not crunchy or dry. Whoever heard of crunchy icing??? We received the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. Next time we'll go to Russell's or Upper Crust. Cons: terrible customer service at a high price more

Don't waste your time... 7/24/2007

We ordered a wedding cake to be delivered between 4:00 & 5:00 pm the day of the wedding, the wedding started at 6:00 pm. We called after 5:00 pm to inquire where the cake was and were told it was on the way - obviously not true because it was delivered after 7:00 pm when everyone was already in the reception. The decorating looked terrible and the cake was not all that good. After repeated attempts to contact someone at Lucy's no one in authority has returned any calls. Extremely poor service and decorating. Don't waste yor time - go someplace else! Cons: Poor service, bad decorating more

Let them eat their cake! -- Bad Attitude, Mediocre Cakes, Overpriced 2/15/2007

Listen-- I had no idea how bad it could be. I even read the Citysearch reviews and thought ""Well, Austin Chronicle recommended them, so they must have SOME redeeming qualities."" Boy, was I wrong. \r \r I first contacted Lucy's Cakes by going to their website. I filled out their online order form. Two weeks go by, and still no follow up. So, I called them. The woman who answered (no names, gonna be nice here...) was defensive from the start. I asked if they received my online order. She retorted: ""Do you realize how many bogus online requests we get?"" Umm... no? Why would you keep the order form on your site then? To confuse PAYING customers? She begrudgingly took my order over the phone. \r \r Fast forward to the day I go to pick up the cake. At first, the young lady at the counter was nice. She asked for a name and went to check. Nothing. ""Do you have your copy of the order?"" No, because I placed the order over the phone. She asked what I ordered. Then she said-- ""Well, we've got Black Forest cakes like you want ready made over there and we can write Happy 30th Birthday on there. We're in the middle of frosting a big order so it may take a minute."" When I expressed disappointment that my order wasn't ready, she snapped at me and said ""Well, I can't even find your order to begin with... and I don't understand the problem because your request is easy and we've got THREE black forest cakes already over THERE."" You should have heard her. I felt as if this young lady was talking to me as if I were a child. I can't believe I actually picked up a cake from them. I guess I was desperate.\r \r As for the ""ready made"" Black Forest cake? Big disappointment. You could tell it had been sitting a long time because the cake was somewhat dry on the edges and the outer fudge fronting was discolored in places. \r \r Big time mistake!! I've had better service and better cake from HEB's Bakery-- and for an easy-to-swallow price! Pros: None I can think of. Cons: Rude staff, ""lost"" orders, expensive more

Lucy's needs a wake up call... 1/26/2007

I have been buying, on average, 10 cakes a year from Lucy's since 1999 when I moved to Austin.\r The service was never good there but I tolerated the rudeness and lack of help because the cakes were good.\r I have had two experiences recently that have made me question whether I will ever go back there.\r In October, I ordered a cake for my 5 year old daughter's birthday. I called two weeks in advance to make sure the type of decoration she wanted was available. I was told it was, so I placed the order. The cake was to have a fully decorated background with plastic ""over the hedge"" characters set on the scene. They were to write ""happy birthday"" to my daughter in pink-I went out and bought all of the party decorations to match the ""over the hedge' theme. \r When I got there to pick up the cake, I almost died. It was a plain white cake that said happy birthday in pink. There was no design, no characters, etc. I was told that this was what I'd ordered. I had them pull the order and they found that in fact I had ordered the over the hedge cake. I said I could come back if they wanted to fix it. But she took it in the back and just stuck the plastic figures on the white cake and said ""there you go"" I was so disappointed. I couldn't believe it. It looked awful! They gave me a $2.00 discount on the price of what was supposed to be a fully decorated cake that cost just under $50.00.\r Last Tuesday I picked up two cakes from their ready made selection, one was perfect, the other was old.\r Unfortunately, I did not get close enough to the cake until I got home to notice that the icing was hard and discolored in places. I didn't even bother to call because I have tried to talk with them in the past and customer service was never their strong suit.\r I will not go back to Lucy's cakes. I would rather go just about anywhere at this point...or even make my own cake than go back there. more

RUDE GUY behind the counter and Old Cake 1/14/2007

I scheduled a wedding consultation on Friday afternoon, and my mother drove in from Houston to attend with me. When we arrived and said we were there for an appt. the man behind the counter threw up his hands and said, ""Someone scheduled an appt for Friday! You have to be joking!"" I told him he had about two seconds to apologize for his rudeness or I was going to turn ""Bridezilla"" on him! He never once apologized, and when the lady came out from behind the counter, it got worse. They clearly did not want to help us, and although we set for an hour discussing cakes, there was no personal service. I watched the interaction between the entire staff and other customers, and was appalled at the way people were treated when they came to pick up their cakes. This was our first stop for cakes because everyone around town had told us how great Lucy's was, so we stayed when clearly, we should have walked out immediately! Their caked tasted old, was served to us in globs on paper plates without water to wash it down. The lady helping us did not listen to our budget concerns and kept forcing her most expensive cake on us. I will NEVER go back there or recommend them to anyone! We found a wonderful cake lady in Round Rock who deserves everyone's business for her professionalism and GREAT cakes...Carol's Creations off of Texas Avenue is the place to go!!! more

scared off 1/13/2007

I called to schedule a consultation about a wedding cake and the guy I spoke to was unfriendly, unhelpful, and hung up without saying ""thank you"" or even ""goodbye."" Basically he acted as if he had much more important things to attend to. Then I looked on citysearch and read these awful reviews- I found another cake person right away. I'm not taking the risk that my cake will be wrong! more

tastes good but not worth the $$$$ 10/29/2006

I've ordered at least 8 cakes from Lucy's over the past several years and always felt like I was paying an awful lot for them. I've never ordered anything that was elaborately decorated, very very simple yet the price was significant. I bought a birthday cake two weeks ago from Albertsons just to see if the quality of the cake compared and I paid less than $25 for it. Then this past weekend I bought one from Lucy's - same size and no more decorated than the one from Albertson's and the one from Lucy's cost $73.00 and that's without any filling. So...probably will be the last cake I purchase from Lucy's. Service has always been fine - cakes are yummy (no more yummy tho than the Albertson's) but who wants to spend that much on a small occasion cake. Pros: location, nice facililty, yummy cake Cons: price, price, price more

Wrong date, wrong cake, full price! 5/22/2006

Ordering was easy enough, but a few days before my scheduled pickup date I got a message from the kid that took my order, snottily informing me that they were about to throw my cake out since I hadnt picked it up. I got it rescheduled for the date I had given them, and it was done on time, but the inscription was wrong (but printed correctly on the attached ticket). Left with no time I took it, but they offered no suggestions, no discount, not even an apology. Just a shrug of the shoulders. I should be appalled enough at such treatment at any establishment I'm giving my money to... but heres a company working with events that are very close to people's hearts. Show some respect people! Thankfully it was only my fiances birthday you ruined. I feel for the people that have had their wedding days ruined. Pros: Cake was edible Cons: inaccurate, sloppy, rude more

Birthday cake gone bad 5/20/2006

I ordered a cake for a birthday party and when I picked up the cake it was wrong. When I asked why it was different from what we ordered the ""kid"" employee at first said the cake was exactly as we ordered it. Then we showed him the drawing we gave them (which was attached to the cake box) and suddenly their story changed to they had to make the cake a different way. When I asked why they did not call and tell me the cake was going to be different and that they could not make it how I asked they did not respond. I picked the cake up the day of the party so it was too late to go anywhere else. I complained to the employee and he did not offer to rectify the situation in any manner or apologize. USE LUCY'S AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! more

This is THE worst experience EVER 5/20/2006

Lucy's will give you the cake that they want to design. I placed the order in person and with a picture of what I wanted. I went to pick up the cake and it was not even close. The employee told me that the cake decoraotor ""decided to do it this way..."" I ordered the cake, I showed and gave them a picture and they did not follow it. The staff was rude and verbally abusive. They tried to bully me as well. I should have expected it since the last time I was there there was someone complaining about a wedding cake and I heard the Lucy's staff cuss at her. Today someone's order was wrong as well. Do not order your cakes from here. more

Best of Austin 3/8/2006

The old saying ""you can't please all the people all of the time"", Lucy's sells out all the time. They have won Best of Austin for 13 years straight. They must be doing something right ! We and our friends have gotten their cakes for years and they've always been far better than anywhere else. Pros: great taste, terrific artwork, good value Cons: order early, one location more

worst experience of my life 11/30/2005

Do not under any circumstances order a wedding or groom's cake from Lucy's. The cakes were delivered late to the wedding and they were not what I ordered. They were the wrong color, the wrong icing and overall incredibly unattractive!!! When I went to express my disappointment to the owner I was berated, yelled at, and called names. Never once did they apologize. I was horrified at the lack of professionalism and customer service. I was accused of placing the order wrong and just overall treated with no respect or humanity. I was refunded less than 1/5 of what the cakes cost (over $500). I am amazed that they have been able to stay in business as long as they have. more

wouldn't use them again.... 10/31/2005

i spoke w/ an incompetent woman when placing my order, she didnt explain my options to me nor did she work w/ me to incorporate my ideas into the design. after placing my order i followed up to send a file via email that was needed for the order. i called back multiple times throughout the week to confirm their receipt of the email & to ensure all was okay with the order, and never got a call back. once i went in to pick up my order, as expected, it had been done incorrectly. i had to wait 20 mins while they fixed it, and then paid over the amount i had expected to, based on what the woman had told me over the phone. based on poor customer service, i would not use lucy's cakes again nor would i recommend them to others. more

Creative 12/6/2004

Very creative, attentive and flexible! We threw a surprise engagement party for some friends of ours and ordered a ""special"" cake from Lucy's. I've heard alot of good things about this place and gave it a try. I'm glad that we did. We discussed our ""wants"" with the actual owner's (husband & wife team) just to give them an idea of what we expected. They took it from there, and the end results were great and within our budget. Take my advice, Lucy's is the place to go for your next ""creation"" of a cake. It's well worth the trip to the Westlake Area. Trust me, you won't be dissapointed. Pros: scrumptious cakes, creative, flexible more
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