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2116 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 475-0729
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Koutoubia - Los Angeles, CA


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WOW! All of the senses are aroused in this best-kept Westside secret locale. Luxurious tapestry hangs from the ceiling above platform sofas peppered with colorful, textured pillo...


waiters had very bad attitudes, kept on insisting us to get something from the wine menu even though we already told him we didnt want to drink. Food was average but the price ...

Rude service, hostile environment, food poisoning 10/22/2010

For starters the servers must of had a very bad day before coming to work. Think of a convenient store clerks who hate there job and act like they make minimum wage. They were not helpful with ordering food. The wait staff became impatient and hostile at answering questions about the food even though t restaurant was practically empty. I was with a couple of friends who didn't like the food at all and so didn't eat. I on the other hand was starved so I sampled all the dishes we had. What a regret! Later I actually threw up from eating there. Food Poisoning. I do not recommend going to this restaurant . more

this place was awesome 7/9/2010

I went with my boyfriend and good friend on a friday night....not many people first i was concerned but then the awesomeness came! The food was so great and the staff seems like family and happy to be at work. I plan on going once a month for sure! Pros: awesome food, great atmosphere, perfect service Cons: too far from hollywood! more

Terrible, high pressure service 1/12/2010

Ah! How do you rate a restaurant where the experience is so terrible that you consider walking away before you even order, but the food when you get it is tasty? Overall, I am a low key diner, but I created a City Seach profile due to this experience. If I had been with my husband or friends, instead of at the restaurant for work, I would have left. I cannot recommend this restaurant to other people since the dining experience is hostile. My visit to Koutoubia mirrors the other reviews. Michael, the owner, is very high pressure and demanding. He became upset when our dinner group didn't order swiftly enough (despite the restaurant being empty at the time) or when we expressed confusion over the menu. I also had the unique experience of having Michael attempt to stare me down a during the ordering. Pros: Tasty Food Cons: Owner, Service more

really bad place to go to 12/31/2009

the owner was pushing us to order more and he did not give us time to think about what we want to eat. when the bill came we found out that he charged us $25 extra when we asked him why he said that it was for a drink that we never got. Pros: bad managment more

A Serious Let down 3/7/2009

I was drawn to the restaurant by the marketing on the web site with great food and entertainment, but after spending some time there I realized that the service was changing progressivley from one visit to another. To make matters worse the owner of the restaurant was serving our table. Our experience started off very welcoming, but before we knew it we felt a very hostile environment. We felt very pressured to order dinner even though we had verbally explained to our host that we were still waiting for our friend. Any one in their right mind would understand the situation. Perhaps it was a cultural difference regardless the customer is always correct. And in most businesses the center of the universe. Customers are the reason why small businesses thrive and they must always keep them in mind. Especially during this hard economy, where vendors will snatch customers at a blink of an eye!!!!!! more

Exotic food in a beautiful atmosphere 1/7/2009

WOW! All of the senses are aroused in this best-kept Westside secret locale. Luxurious tapestry hangs from the ceiling above platform sofas peppered with colorful, textured pillows in the bar and lounge areas, where a belly dancer entertains a diverse crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. The soft ethnic music compliments the aromatic Moroccan spices and array of creative cocktails served up by the friendly staff in traditional attire. Owner Michel Ohayon greets diners in French, Italian, Arabic and Hebrew and escorts them to cozy booths for not just a meal, but a cultural journey. Excellent for drinks, dates or groups, this place is an absolute gem! Pros: a unique and delicious experience more

We had a nice evening 10/26/2008

A friend of mine discovered the restaurant on the internet and we searched it out without knowing what it would look like- She and I were happy to discover that it has a beautiful ambiance - The French woman who seated us asked if we had a reservation which seemed strange as the place was empty- but eventually it did fill up. I had a glass of Chardonnay (7.- was not a full glass) She had a virgin fruity drink (10). The service was always polite and helpful. I had the poisson du vendredi (20.) which I liked a lot though the fish seemed a little underdone. She had a dish with chunks of lamb and vegetables and couscous (don't remember the price on that). We were both very happy with the food. The service continued to be excellent through out the evening. The music bumped up when the belly dancer came out which was a little annoying as we were having a nice conversation... the dancer clearly wanted everyone to watch her, and though I always want to support a performer when they are performing I just decided at a certain point that it was more important to give my attention to the lady I was with than the lady who was gyrating 8 ft away... it actually got a little uncomfortable. The entire evening ran about 62. plus 20ish% tip = 75. It was on the whole a nice evening and I would definitely return. You want to sit in a corner on the couches- I can't imagine sitting on a stool for the entire evening. more

Amazing ambience and venue! 7/14/2008

We hosted my rehersal dinner here and let me just tell you...SPECTACULAR! Everyone had a blast and the staff was so accomodating! I definately recommend Koutoubia for special events and parties. It is so unique and people of every age enjoy it. The food was phenominal...way better than DarMagreb or Marrakesh by far! 5 stars all the way! Pros: Perfect for special occasions! Cons: Having to leave at the end of the night. more

Great evening at Koutoubia 4/24/2008

Great evening at Koutoubia, exotic teas and belly dancers. How do they do it? I was surprised and was so thrilled that Table for Six had their progressive dinner at Koutoubia. It was so different, I mean it was a great experience. I recommend this to others who want to do something different. Would I do it again? I?ll do it before my car keys fall to the floor. Rsilvertone Pros: Must See!! more

We were harassed and abused here..... 1/26/2008

I went out to a very nice restaurant with my boyfriend tonight for dinner. A pretty upscale Moroccan restaurant. The owner, who served us, was very friendly chatting with us throughout our meal. The meal was about over, we ordered tea and dessert. Meanwhile, the owner comes to our table to chat with us again. And out of nowhere, as he started feeling more comfortable or chatty, I guess, but out of nowhere he started asking us sexual questions. At first I thought maybe it was a quick joke or something. But the owner went on and on with it and started making more sexual jokes about us and asking questions, directing it towards me, and so on. Then he started making jewish jokes and asked my boyfriend if I take care of him well on Shabbat and made remarks and then he started imitating (physically) the movements of sexual intercourse. The entire time we were quiet - in shock. Finnally, I could not look at the server in the eye after that and I was so embarrassed. I went to the bathroom and when I came back my boyfriend was standing up and told me to wait outside near the car. He cancelled the tea and dessert order, asked for the bill, paid the bill and tip. And then he went over to the owner/server and told him off. He told him never to talk like that again and what he thought of him in a very stern way. The owner apologized to him, but honestly, I feel like I need to file a complaint of some sort. more

Don't waste your money and time!!! 12/1/2007

If you really want to try real Moroccan cuisine, don't waste your time at Koutoubia. First, when we came, we didn't get the seats we wanted. We were pushed to order more while we didn't want to. Coming from Paris, where you can find and eat wonderful Moroccan food, we wanted to have the same experience in Los Angeles. But instead we left very disappointed. We wanted just to get a good couscous. But here it had no taste at all and and the portion was very small. It was typical French stinginess in food. The owner is a French and this French pinch to the Moroccan cuisine doesn't suit at all. Nothing matched. Two small legs of chicken and almost raw vegetables, the sauce is salt water with small cube of Maggie. Hope we'll find a real Moroccan restaurant. more


I had a FABULOUS time at Koutoubia with a large group of family and friends. Not only was the food phenomenial. NO ITS NOT THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY with the LARGE portions BUT THAT IS NICE for a change to not be in a chain! It is great and a very large group/family environment. The owner and staff were so attentive and really worked to make this a special occasion for my fiancee and myself. I would definately recommend coming to this restaurant if you want something different and want a unique, cultural experience. The celebration dinner is AMAZING and a MUST DO FOR GROUPS! If you normally go to CPK or PF Changs maybe this place isn't for you...if you have traveled the world and appreciate family owned establishments DEFINATELY put Koutoubia on your list of things to do in LA :) You will NOT regret it! Pros: wonderful house wines, Bastiaa, Celebration Dinner Cons: belly dancer is only there on the weekends more

The Worst Dining Experience In My Life! 5/7/2007

One of my friends invited me to her birthday celebration this past Saturday night. Little did I know that I would soon encounter the worst dining experience in my life. From the minute we arrived at this wretched establishment, everything was "rush, rush, rush." We were still waiting for a member of our party when we were crammed into a dark corner, after being told it was a prime location. From the minute we sat down, the wife of the owner (I referred to her as Madame Bee-yotch the rest of the night) was pushing us to order our food. When we told her we were still wiaiting for someone, she asked if we could just order for her. She then said that we had to order the set menu. Now, on the menu it clearly states that parties of 8 or more have to order the set menu, but we were a party of 7. My friend then asked to deal directly with Michel, the owner. He asked why we didn't want to order the set menu. She told him that there were several vegetarians present and I piped in that I was a picky eater. He turned to me and rudely asked what I wanted. I got up to leave because I had had enough. Another member of our party said that this was the worst customer service he had ever experienced, but it didn't seem to register at all. When another guest asked for more lighting so he could read the menu, he snapped, "What do want? A flashlight?" He stormed off and got one, which he proceded to slam on the table. I was literally fuming, but I saw how upset the birthday girl was getting, so I ordered another drink and kept them coming for the remainder of the evening. The owner explained that people come to this restaurant to hang out for the ambiance and don't order food or drink, hence this policy. Well, let me tell you, this restaurant isn't all that and I will never return. The customer service is awful and the food is mediocre at best and the portions are too small. I am e-mailing this review to all my LA friends and encouraging them to pass it on. AVOID KOUTOUBIA AT ALL COST! Pros: Moroccan Martini Cons: Rude service, small portions, not a good value for your money, no parking lot more

Incomprehensibly rude owner and service. Absolutely avoid this place. 3/27/2007

Well, it's impossible to comment on the fare at this establishment in my case as I was treated with absolute disrespect without any provocation whatever upon entering this place. I once lived and worked in the neighborhood and had walked past Koutoubia a number of times and was intriqued. Passing by on a rather cool Tuesday night I observed that the restaurant was very near empty and thought it might be an opportune time to stop by and soak in the ambience; see if I ever cared to dine there and perhaps have a cocktail or appetizer. I entered and reclined on one of the couches and was approached by a waiter. He asked if I was having dinner and I let himi know that I wanted first to order a cup of hot tea and then consider the next step. As it was a weeknight and the restaurant was near empty, I did not think there would be a rush or that this would be an imposition. The waiter made a recommendation of mint tea and disappeared in the back. Not a minute later an older, rather disheveled man stormed out with a menu in hand and accosted me, saying that he served cocktails and dinners. Rather taken aback, I told him that I had been offered tea by the waiter and he responded that if he served me only tea I would "be back on a Saturday night and say I was served only tea before." Completely offended, I told him that I would definitely not be back and left the restaurant. I have to honestly say that I did absolutely nothing to provoke this treatment, was casually though acceptably dressed and was nothing but polite to the staff. I am just glad a forum like this exists to express feedback. As a corporate vice president who frequently takes clients out dining I have to strongly advise against patronizing this establishment. There are many fine restaurants in the surrounding area, avoid this one. Pros: Ambience and decor Cons: Abysmal service and absolutely rude owner more

Very Overpriced. 3/9/2007

We have not been to this restaurant in a few years...But, overall it has gone way down hill. Their Poulet (pastry with chicken) used to taste good. However, this time, the chicken lacked flavor and it just tasted bland. Also, I order the chicken with couscous and barely got a thigh and drumstick. It was served on top of couscous and steamed vegetables that were also very bland. I had to keep using the spicy sauce to make the chicken taste edible. My husband got the lamb and he barely got 4 small pieces. His couscous and vegetables were also very bland. It very surprising since when we last went there, the restaurant was packed. This time the restaurant was pretty much empty. Overall, I like the owner also, however this time, he tried a little too hard and was really pushing the alcohol. It was disappointing to see him so desperate to have us drink. Also, he was trying to push us to order an extra appetizer, even though we already were going to share one and then have two entrees. I would definitely not recommend this place. It is way too expensive. We ended up spend $70 for 2 people and did not even finish our food b/c it tasted so awful. Dar Maghreb in Hollywood is so much better!!! The quail there is excellent. Avoid Koutoubia. Pros: Easy to get a table Cons: Way overpriced. Bland Food. more

wonderful service, great decor, yummy food...what more could you ask for? 2/24/2007

This place is an amazing little find, literally. From the outside it looked small but once you enter, there is the bar to you right and a large main dining room in front, and semi-private areas through a curtained arch on your left. The decorations and furniture were absolutely gorgeous; rich bright ornate fabrics and fabriced ceilings. The waiters wre dressed in Morrocan garb or gold vests and spoke to us in French, very sweet. We went there for a birthday so we oredered the $30 celebration menu which was well worth it (it came with soup, fruit and vegetable salad, couscous, choice of chicken/sole/or lamb, a flaky savory sweet traditional dish, almond cookies, mint tea, and a layered chocolate cake slice for the birthday girl complete with a candle. Our hands were washed in warm water before and sprinkled with sweet smelling rose water afterwards. I guess if we hadnt chosen the fixed menu, it would have been more pricey to order a la carte and get the same amount of food do definitely go with that! The owner came out several times to check on us and joke around, it was a very personal, intimate atmosphere. The belly dancer was really talented and so nice, she would go around to each party and urge diners to come up with her, and if they did, she'd show them how to dance. It was a wonderful experience and I dont know how anybody could not have a good time! Make reservations and ask for the semi-private room if you want, also they have parking adjacent to their restaurant. Highly recommended! Pros: atmosphere, decor, parking, service Cons: none! more

very expensive for the portions 11/14/2006

Good tasting food but you leave with an empty stomach unless you fill up on bread. HTe bread is great but it does not justify the high price. Stick to the traditional dishes. Appetiizers are very good! Pros: Food, bread Cons: expensive more

MOST overpriced dinner I've ever had 10/12/2006

The good: My date and I got there early and had some drinks before dinner. The drinks were excellent, the decor/ambience in the bar area as great. (So far so good.) The bad: Dinner. Period. We went to Koutoubia because we wanted try something "exotic" and hadn't had Moroccan before. When I'm paying for a quality meal, I look for something I can't prepare. We ordered the Couscous "Feast" for 2, which we were told was their best dish. It came with a salad to share which was 5 samplings on one SMALL plate, then the entree was one dinner plate of food, consisting of plain, unseasoned couscous, lots of steamed veggies, and exactly 9 small pieces of meat. I can prepare this myself for $25 max....but the bill with NO appetizers, NO dessert, and 2 glasses of wine....$112. I'm not cheap, (I try all the top restaurants in LA as soon as the opening frenzy ends), and this was HORRIBLE food. Summary: Good place for drinks, AWFUL for dinner Pros: the bar, good cocktails Cons: food was awful and way overpriced more

Bad attitude and WAY over priced 10/7/2006

waiters had very bad attitudes, kept on insisting us to get something from the wine menu even though we already told him we didnt want to drink. Food was average but the price was WAY high. The two of us paid $42 for a plate of small pieces of lamb, chicken and sausages with couscous. For the kind of place and the quality of the food, I do not expect to pay for anything more than $15 a person tops. Places has this really weird smell too from their incense but its not a pleasant smell. Rosewater they gave you smelled really good though. Pros: Free Parking, different interior deco Cons: bad service, EXPENSIVE for the quality of food you get, the place smells weird. more

Absolutely spectacular! 6/2/2006

This restaurant is amazing...a must go while visiting LA or living in the City of Angels. I recommend it for a big party, family dinner, date, or evening out alone. The staff was so nice, especially the owner, Michel. The food was amazing, especially the Moroccan salad. The staff was very attentive and the drinks were tasty! Pros: amazing food, attentive staff, beautiful decor Cons: not a thing! more
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  • Exotic decor, belly dancers and steaming pots of mint tea set the stage for family-style Exotic decor, belly dancers and steaming pots of mint tea set the stage for family-style couscous and tagine main courses.

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