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Hands On

301 Hesters Crossing Road
Suite #160
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 310-1928
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Since this sites software just deleted my very long I detailed review I'll keep it short this time. They are wonderful. I was referred by a urologist who actually listened to m...


Worst customer service experience ever! They were rude, charged us for services not rendered and were unwilling to work with us on payment of the services not rendered. We cancel...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/17/2012

Hands on P.T. is responsible for keeping me healthy and on the road's running marathons. Entire staff is expertly trained and very smart! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

I have been treated at HOPT for various problems with hip, back, knee, shoulder & groin. The results are always spectacular with these therapists. It's always one on one therapy, no being parked on a machine or ice or heat while they go treat another person. Their myofascial approach is the only way to go. Truly hands on. They are accomplished at perceiving the problem & fixing it. It's a nice facility with a warm caring environment. If you want results, this is the place to get them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

Best Treatment - Caring therapists - Lovely environment.\r I was relieved of years of neck and shoulder pain, also shown important exercises and ways to avoid recurring discomfort due to hours I spend at my computer.\r Advanced Massage now a ""monthly must have!"" more

Buyer Beware 3/19/2011

Worst customer service experience ever! They were rude, charged us for services not rendered and were unwilling to work with us on payment of the services not rendered. We cancelled the appointment and were told they would try to fill the spot, when they couldnt they said they would charge us full price. I offtered to pay the co-pay but they said it would not be legal to charge the insurance for services not rendered. Yet some how it was legal to charge the working class citizen. Totally unethical and unprofessional. more

Absolutely Wonderful 5/7/2010

Since this sites software just deleted my very long I detailed review I'll keep it short this time. They are wonderful. I was referred by a urologist who actually listened to me. I was in extreme pain. I was recovering from a prostate infection that had spread to my pelvic muscle. Standing, sitting walking, it hurt. Urination was excruciating. Anything else you might think of to do with those parts of your body was simply unthinkably painful. If appendicitis was a 10 (and I have had appendicitis) I was at a 7 or 8 most of the day. The first treatment I had at HOPT reduced the pain dramatically. Then they continued to work on that pain and trace problems in other parts of my body that added stress to my pelvic muscle. The result is that several other problems I had, including poor blood flow to my feet, a problem with a pinched sciatic nerve, and a pain I have had for 15 years are all gone, or nearly gone. These are all problems that doctors had told me I would just have to live with. These folks are caring professionals. The office staff is as caring as the therapists. They are also cordial and professional to the max. I decided to post this after reading the negative postings. I have to just say shame on you to those posters. In most cases those people are complaining about mistakes made with insurance. I understand the frustration but even my insurance company gets my coverage wrong, you expect perfection from everyone else? Give me a break. People are also upset about the missed appointment and late fees. How selfish can you be? You expect them to eat the loss of an hour of irreplaceable time? That is the only way they make a living. If you do not pay for the time you schedule they do not get to feed their families. The idiot that compares the service at their doctors office to the service at HOPT is just that, and idiot. Your doctors office schedules his time in 15 minute blocks and he is paid by your insurance for each procedure he performs. HOPT is paid by the hour. They are not willing to be rude to their next patient by making them wait so they bill you for the time you wasted instead. That makes perfect sense to me. It is the only way to run a business like HOPT. You just don't want to have to take responsibility for your own mistakes. You want other people to pay for them. You are Selfish, selfish, selfish. Short appointments? I do not believe that. A typical appoint for me starts at 1:30 pm and is scheduled for 1 hour. I have never seen the therapist leave in less than 1 hour. In fact I rarely leave before 3:00 and it has been as late as 3:30 a couple of times. Why? Because they don't rush you out the door. They let you stay in the treatment room until you are ready to leave. Considering that the treatments can be so intense that I have had to have my wife drive me home a couple of times I really appreciate that bit of kindness. It is something I have never encountered anywhere else. Pros: Caring cordial and professional staff Cons: Unconventional approach may turn some people off more


Everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet at HOPT are the absolute best people! I am so greatful to each and everyone of you. The office staff and fantastic and the therapists are amazing. I have learned so much about my body since coming to HOPT. I especially appreciate the one-on-one attention that I always receive and the ""at home"" recommendations for strengthening and stretching. They are not your typical ""PT excercises"" that hurt so much that I would never do them at home. They are techniques that are simple and really do work. I was worried when my dr. ordered PT for me because I know how the typical PT treatment can hurt but I actually look forward to every session at HOPT! The compassion and understanding that I have witnessed is priceless. That is something that is very hard to find in the ""medical"" field now a days. I take every opportunity that I have to recommend HOPT to all of my family, friends, co-workers and/or anyone else will listen.? Pros: Great staff who are compassionate and knowlegable! Cons: Absolutely No Cons! more

Days without pain, what a marvelous invention 11/19/2009

I've had back pain and hip pain for half my life. I've fought it with massage therapy, chiropracty, physical therapy, yoga, and drugs: painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, etc. Over the years, all these have really done is ease the pain temporarily. \r \r My back has gotten so bound up that chiropractors can't adjust me. Deep tissue massage only eases the pain for a few days. Drugs just mask the pain, and I keep needing more and more. The pain had gotten bad enough that I was taking drugs constantly just to get through a day, and my back doctor was talking surgery. \r \r When I told him that I'd rather do damn near anything than spinal surgery, he recommended I try a different kind of therapy, the myofascial release stuff at Hands On. I'd done physical therapy before with very little effect, and I was very skeptical about this style of therapy. \r \r Myofascial release seems very low key at first, sometimes barely enough to feel, and targets odd areas that I don't generally think of as essential to my back. But each time I went to therapy, I left feeling worn out, like I'd done intense exercise, and the next day, some part of my body would move better. Each session gave me more freedom of movement, and less pain.\r \r They also taught me a lot about how my muscles and tendons and such are interconnected, how tightness on the front of my hip joint, for instance, could put pressure on my lower back. This gave me what I needed to recognize where my problems were centered, and how to loosen them up on my own whenever I felt that tightness coming back that led to pain.\r \r I went to them for about six months over a year ago, until the majority of my days were completely pain free, and even my bad days were relatively mild. People who haven't lived with constant pain have no idea what a gift it is to just go through life without hurting. And it lasted. I had the tools to keep myself flexible and pain free.\r \r What this means to me is that I don't have to live my life addicted to various drugs, I don't have to have spinal surgery, and I have the energy to do things again that I haven't been able to do for years. That's worth an awful lot.\r \r I only had to cancel once, and was 2 hours under the 24 hour notice, so got slapped with the fee. It sucks, but if people can cancel with impunity, then the company goes out of business and I can't get the therapy. I consider it an acceptable trade-off.\r \r To say that I'd go back is pretty much a given. After 2 months of 80 hour weeks working on a charity event and not doing my exercises, my back was in bad shape again. I've just started the therapy sessions and already, it's improving. These people know their stuff. I particularly like working with Erin. She finds the worst spots and works them out, and gives me the best home exercises to keep the pain at bay.\r \r I would take my kids here, I would and do recommend Hands On to my friends. You get your money's worth and then some.\r \r Paige Pros: Very effective therapy techniques Cons: Strict cancellation policy more

Worst Customer Service EVER!!!!!!! 6/2/2009

My daughter had a sports related injury and was treated by Hands On Physical Therapy for 4 and a half weeks. The therapy was ok... although she was rotated between therapists so the treatment wasn't consistent. The real problem is with their office staff. My daughter was on time or early to EVERY appointment but 1. Some appointments were not the full hour long treatment and ended early. When she was late by 15 minutes because another doctor appointment ran late, I was smacked with a $40 charge. The office staff said that unless it is a full hour that they could not bill the insurance for the treatment, and that was my penalty fee. Then explain to me why she had short treatments before!?! They absolutely would not budge ... and I am taking her to another facility. A $40 fee for being 15 minutes late is absolutely INSANE. There isn't a doctor or dentist office that I know of that has that kind of policy. What makes them so special!??? And NO, it was not disclosed. In the disclosure it talks about missing appointments, but not being late. There needs to be some lei way, it is just common decency. more

Nothing Short of a Miracle 5/4/2009

I want to share how Hands On gave me my life back. Prior to receiving treatment from them I was in chronic pain that constantly interfered with sleep and made my life miserable for over 2 years - I didn't hang out with friends - I gave up my exercise - I really had no life other than work and pain. But thanks to them that all changed. My story is kinda long, but I want others to know how good this place is.\r \r Prior to going to Hands On, I had tried several things for pain relief including an epidural steroid shot which did not help (but did give me hives for 6 weeks), 2 rounds of physical therapy at HealthSouth and Seton each lasting 2 or more months, 3 months of chiropractic adjustments (2 to 3 times a week), some acupuncture and massage, and pain medication for 6 months. None of these resolved my pain - and the medicine just made me feel wonky. I even tried 6 sessions of prolotherapy over the course of 1 year - this is a really painful treatment to endure and unfortunately it only gave me about 10 -20% cumulative relief. All of these treatments I named may not have worked for me - but that doesn't make those practitioners bad. Those treatments have helped others - they just didn't work for me.\r \r When I was referred to Hands On last year in May 2008 after 2 years of pain and no resolution - I have to admit I was skeptical about trying physical therapy again - for a third round. But the doctor who referred me explained that this type of therapy was different - that one of the areas they specialized in was myofascial release. He explained that although it was very effective, it might be uncomfortable at times to receive it - it is NOT a relaxing massage! I have had regular physical therapy for torn ligaments on my ankle years ago - so I knew that PT work can sometimes be uncomfortable.\r \r My first visit included taking measurements, getting my range of motion tested, etc - not only is this appropriate physical therapy practice, but it is also expected by our insurance companies - it's exactly what the other 2 PT offices had done on my first visit as well. Erin was my therapist on the first visit and she did all this but she also gave me my first treatment after taking the measurements - I was really surprised at how much better I felt after this first treatment (seriously surprised - but afraid to get hopeful for real relief). I saw Erin later the same week for my 2nd visit - and some of the session was uncomfortable to be honest. But WOW - talk about effective! After that 2nd visit I was amazed because I had improved about 75 - 85% and it just got better from there. This was nothing short of a miracle for me after 2 years of no relief!! \r \r I continued receiving treatments for about 2 months last year and have remained pain free about 90% of the time since then. Even when I do have pain, I have been able to manage it at home using the exercises they taught me. \r \r I am a massage therapist - I work for one of the clinic chains in town - and I have recommended Hand On to well over 50 of my clients who have chronic pain. I will continue to do so because I have experienced first hand that they know how to resolve pain. Thank you Erin, Michael, Patti, Ashley, and Kristi for all the great sessions you gave me. Hand On Physical Therapy is awesome!\r \r Thanks,\r Julie Haynes\r \r p.s. About the $65 late cancellation fee - this is very standard and I have paid it once as well with no complaints. I would not be very happy if my boss didn't pay me because someone cancelled with very little time to fill the spot - we all have bills to pay.\r \r Pros: Professional, caring, and skilled more

Terrible business - RATING ---NEGATIVE TO THE MAX 3/10/2009

First visit was under 1 hr. Manual Therapy consisted of lightly touching my shoulder, felt nothing charge $180.00. Therapeutic Activities told to set in chair place both hands on wall and visualize my arm stretching? $120.00. Evaluation - filled out a form told them when and where my shoulder hurt. Therapists used calipers did a couple of measurements $125.00. Set up a maybe appointment and a for sure appointment. Was called several times for earlier appointment as they had cancellations (I know why know) and I told them I could not make it. Appointments set for a day if they had a cancellation and they said they would call me. A message was left on my phone and I did not respond so now they want a $65.00 no show fee for a possible appointment if they had a cancellation. They argued with me on what I was told? They also called me and said they forgot to ask for payment on the first appointment. I tried to tell them that the no show date was not a set appointment. Like talking to a wall. Bottom line is they want money NOW that is all they care about. I told them if they did not believe what I was told about the temp date I would not come back. Bottom line is they want their $65.00 verses me coming back for more treatment? By the way the charges for my first day on my bill it says if I pay right a way they will deduct $290;00 on their HOPT Adjustment and I owe $135.00 plus my missed appointment. BE CAREFUL IF YOU GO TO HANDS ON PHYSICAL THERAPY IN ROUND ROCK, TEXAS. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!! Cons: ALL THEY WANT IS MONEY more

Best Therapy practice and staff in Texas 7/3/2008

I have been seeing a therapist for treatment of Migraine headaches at Hands on Physical Therapy. It is the best service and treatment I have every received. The therapist are very sympathetic to my needs and treated me with respect. This is unheard of in the world of medical treatments! Since coming to this clinic my headaches are gone and I feel so much better. The office staff was very thorough and accurate in getting my benefits and I felt comfortable knowing I would not have to pay for services that are not covered. I have and will continue to recommend Hands on Physical Therapy to all my friends and family or anyone that I talk to that needs help. They are the best! Pros: knowledgable Therapy Staff and Outstanding Office Staff more

Go somewhere else 6/3/2008

I have received physical therapy numerous times for sports related injuries. This was,by far, my worst physical therapy experience. The therapist was condescending and rude. Furthermore, she did not lighten up when i asked her to. The home assignments provided were too painful to be done at home. Also WATCH OUT for the office staff. They initially stated that my insurance would not cover physical therapy without me meeting some specific mininum. This was NOT TRUE. I had met all my minimums and insurance did cover it. Also, i called to cancel my second appointment and they supposedly had ""no record"" of that and I was slapped wiht a 65 dollar fee for not cancelling. Pros: Nothing more
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