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Elliott's Oyster House - 55 Reviews - 1201 Alaskan Way , Pier 56, Seattle, WA - Seafood Restaurants Reviews - Phone (206) 623-4340

Elliott's Oyster House

1201 Alaskan Way , Pier 56
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623-4340
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Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA
Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA
Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA
Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA
Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA
Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, WA


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Oysters are the next best thing to lox, uni, and yellowtail. When I found out that Elliott's Oyster House has oysters for 50 cents during happy hour, I squealed. No. Literally....


7/2/08 for lunch & 7/7/08 for dinner. Years ago traveled to Seattle and really enjoyed this place. Love the food, location, views and atmosphere. Boy were we disappointed in the...

I just gave Elliott's Oyster House a 7/28/2012

I just gave Elliott's Oyster House a 'Recommend' at Citysearch more

good lunch menu! 9/27/2010

I had a lunch special. Salad was wonderful and the melt sandwich was really good. My hubby had the chowder it was good too! Would go back. more

Average with a twist 4/12/2010

We have always enjoyed Elliot's - and we still do. Our last visit came with an annoyance that I felt compelled to share with ""those-in-charge"" and now you. Keeping it simple, I ordered white king and got steelhead. I fished in AK, (circa '70's) caught white king and ate it then or when we got back to town, since the buyers didn't want it. It has to be red or people get suspicious. White king is the best because of its high fat content (which also means it is too much for some). The fish served tasted like trout, was dry (low fat) and had the grain of a smaller fish - I was looking for some big flakes. As suspected, I was assured by the chef then and the person who responded to my email that it was most definitely King. I've heard this in regards to red snapper / rock fish. As in this case both are excellent, it's just not what I ordered. Pros: Dated building on the waterfront Cons: well-prepared tourist food more

How can you beat a oyster happy hour? 2/1/2010

Oysters are the next best thing to lox, uni, and yellowtail. When I found out that Elliott's Oyster House has oysters for 50 cents during happy hour, I squealed. No. Literally. Squealed. What can be better? (answer: a lox, uni, yellowtail, oyster cake) Now being a lady, I had to keep it classy. When asked how many I wanted I answered demurely, ""3"" when I wanted to say A MILLION NOM NOM NOMz. We got a dozen of kumamoto oysters (six from WA, six from CA) and later another half dozen of the happy hour special (hunter's creek and deer point I believe. I could be way off base) I loved the pink iced champagne mixture (red wine vinegar, champagne, tabasco, shallots) that came with the oysters. It was pretty tangy so it really brought out the sweetness of the oysters. It was super fun watching the chef chuck oysters like a pro. They really discard the bad ones!! The chinese in me would have served it anyway just cuz that's how we roll and I'm cheap. Which is why I will never own a restaurant. I can't wait to come back and literally eat a million. Pros: Happy Hour! more

Fantastic Oysters - best in Seattle 12/14/2008

This is my favourite oyster bar in Seattle - took a group last night and was not disappointed. Fresh, plump, flavourful oysters shucked to perfection. KNowledgeable staff that can tell you about the types of oysters -especially David who is their champion shucker. Pros: Great oysters, Great seafood more

Bad management 7/10/2008

7/2/08 for lunch & 7/7/08 for dinner. Years ago traveled to Seattle and really enjoyed this place. Love the food, location, views and atmosphere. Boy were we disappointed in their management. On 7/2/08 for lunch it took us 3 hours to eat--waiting for service, waiting for order, waiting for appetizers, waiting for soup, waiting for lunch--took FOREVER. We gave them a 2nd try for dinner 7/7/08. We lost count of empty tables at 15 or 16 and those were just INSIDE the restaurant, there were a bunch of empty tables outside AND we had to wait 30 minutes to get one of those empty table. Rediculous. The waiters were literally standing around and regularly checking with the hostess for customers to be seated at their empty tables. After checking with the hostess a couple times, we grabbed a waiter and he was able to get us a table--made no sense. Once we were seated, the service and food was great. The management clearly doesn't have it together. Having customers standing for 30 minutes with dozens of tables empty is just bad management--had to mark them down for that. Would I eat there again probably, but if I walk in and there is empty tables and have to wait more then minutes, I'm out of there! My time is valuable too and there are plenty of excellent restaurants in the neighborhood! Pros: Great location, views, food Cons: Lack of management, inconsistent service more

Two words: over-priced and over-rated. 4/15/2008

My husband and I ate at Elliot?s a couple of weeks ago. Two words: over-priced and over-rated. The waitress was very friendly and chatty as a distraction to try to get you to order things you didn?t really want. For example, I ordered a bottle of wine and she made a remark walking way, mid chatter, something about a wine with another name other than the one I had ordered. I quickly looked at the menu and noticed that the one she named was $43 a bottle and the one I wanted was $27 a bottle. When I called her back to make the correction she was a tad snobbish about it, like I didn?t know what I wanted. The same thing happened later when we ordered raw oysters. We ordered the $23 selection and she brought and charged us for the $30 selection, twice, because we ordered two orders. We expected the raw oysters first, and indeed did see the oyster guy set our order out for pickup rather quickly. But the waitress walked by it several times and didn?t notice. All of a sudden she appeared with our salad and entree?s at the same time. The oysters were still sitting on the bar. A few minutes later she appeared with the oysters and made some comment about them finally being ready, when we had been sitting there eying them for 30 minutes or more. Now to the food. In addition to the raw oysters, which were the best thing we got but certainly not worth $30 a dozen, we shared one shrimp salad and one order of pan fried oysters. The shrimp salad consisted of two romaine lettuce leaves with a small mound of chopped fresh tomatoes on one end, half of a chopped boiled egg in the middle, and crumbled blue cheese on the other with frozen tiny salad shrimp sprinkled on top, topped lightly with a bland dressing of some sort. The 6 pan fried oysters were overcooked to the point of tasting burned. All this to the tune of $150 for the meal and we left still hungry. more

Not a first choice by any means 2/17/2008

I would not recommend this place; if you are looking for good seafood there are a bazzillion places in and around Seattle, and many that do better (particularly in the ""service"" department). My wife and I went there last night, and we were seated at the worst table in the place (you will know it if you see it. It is the one at the back, by the emergency exit, and which comes with a commanding view of the kitchen and (dirty) server's station, and with the sound of the dishwasher drowning out all else). For us it was a special occasion, and I asked the (very) young girl at the front desk if we could move; I indicated that we would even wait for the opportunity to get a better table (which meant by definition any other table in the restaurant). She just stared at me blankly, and flatly declared ""I have no other tables"". That was patently false, as many couples arrived after us and were readily seated at other tables. The service and the food were sub-par (I had the wild mushroom and dungenness crab ravioli, and it was too salty to enjoy), although my wife's seafood chop was fine. Memo to server: do not take ten minutes to take the first drink order, do not reach across the table while the guests are speaking, and do not bring the bill at the ""end"" of the meal until the guests ask for it (instead, take the time to first ask if the guests might like a coffee to end the evening). Yeesh. Our two meals, with two drinks each, and one dessert cost $125, with tip (not bad). My wife is a good sport, and we still managed to have fun, but honestly, we would have probably had a better experience at the Red Robin on pier 55. If you want good seafood, and service that isn't forced then consider Palisade, or Canlis, or Daniel's Broiler. It is the little things that make for a great evening, and it is the cumulative effect of little things that can ruin an evening as well. If you agree, then don't take a chance on this restaurant. Pros: The valet parker was nice Cons: The sixteen year old girls who are the seaters/greeters know nothing of customer service, nor do they seem to care to learn more

For oyster-lovers and non-oyster-lovers alike! 11/24/2007

This was a great place for my dad and I. He loves oysters, and I dislike them. There were plenty of oysters for him to eat, and a great seafood selection for me. We called ahead for a reservation, and were told about free valet parking after 6pm. The free valet was a mix-up from last year, and the policy had changed. The hostess was generous enough to understand and make sure that our parking was free. more

Half-shell Heaven 11/12/2007

Had a great meal and a great table. Everyone I encountered at Elliot's was courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. I'm a J&W grad, and I don't go out ""just to eat"", I pay attention to the details. If you know your going to Seattle make a reservation early so you get a good table. My boss took me to Seattle for a coffee show (imagine that!), and knew he wanted to return to Elliot's for a massive cauldron of their ciappino. We started off with a dozen oysters on the half-shell $29, 6x2, shucker's choice. They ranged small to large and sweet to briny, all fresh and moist, served with a champagne sorbet. I had the ciappino $31 too because I often suffer from ""plate envy"", a horrible ailment. It had crab legs and body quarters, plump mussels, small manilla clams and chunks of wild salmon all in a piping hot and delicious tomato broth. I tried to finish, I could not (I'm 6'7"" and 300lb), I sat there sated with broth running down my forearms. I had met my match! That said I was attentive of all dish placed on table around us and all looked outrageously delicious, I actually was sad I hadn't ordered one of the three salmons being offered that night or the FRESH Alaskan King crab legs, reportedly a ""chance of a lifetime"" $51. We finished it of with a shared portion of fried chocolate truffles ~$12. The Pelligrino was cold and fresh! I would eat here again, ""tourist trap"" (A lot of locals there and I was a tourist) or not. more

Stay Away from this tourist trap!!! 7/12/2007

We went for dinner at this tourist trap, last night. It was five of us. Trouble started from the very beginning. We were directed to a terrible table next to the restrooms. We noticed that there were other tables that were more to our liking. We requested that we allowed to sit at one of those tables. The young lady sitting us then became argumentative and said that those tables were for customers that had made reservations. We reminded her that WE had made reservations. Then she argued that we had requested to be seated inside and those tables were outside. I made the reservation, so I informed her that we had made no such request. I then asked to speak to the manager. The manager arrived after about a 15 minute wait. While he was talking to us, we saw other people, who arrived after us, being seated at one of the available tables. In the meantime, he was full of excuses and reasons why he could not accommodate us. Tired of this, we walked out and took our business elsewhere. Years ago this used to be an ok place, but no longer. They have gotten too big for their breaches. Customer care is no way to be found at this place. My recommendation: Stay away!! Cons: Overall poor customer care from wait staff to management. more

Oysters, calamari, chowder, lobster, wine 4/12/2007

I had a great night there, had read about the Oyster Olympics, and how it was ""banned"" to use the term Olympics, and so on etc.... But, an old compadre was winner (again), so I checked it out to see if he was around. I went in last week, and the place was a little more busy than I remembered. We did go straight to our table, and had a great seafood experience, and I stalked the oyster bar to do some name dropping, but to no avail, they were busy. Fine, I'll see Dave some other time. I shucked against these guys for three years in a row at the Oyster ""Games"", and it's wicked amazing to see! But the cool part is that they keep it real and are a part of what I know as the waterfront to be. Pros: oyster presentation more

Traveled 2000 miles for horrible service and expensive oysters. Ordinary food. 3/29/2007

I created an account on City Search just so I could write this review. Perhaps it was just our waitress or perhaps it was an off day but my fiance & I received horrible service from the get go and the oysters we ordered were very ordinary and very expensive. 6 oysters cost us about $50. more

For Oyster's, it's Elliott's. 11/24/2006

Period. They have so many varities, even when other restaurants are in short supply, Elliott's has good connections and will still have something in stock. It is the best place to fulfill your oyster cravings. more

Champagne granita 11/15/2006

I am planning a trip to Seattle for the small (non-gooey) tasty (not fishy) wonderful oysters on the half-shell with champagne granita. They alone are worth the trip! Pros: Oysters, the waterfront, great drinks more

My Favorite All Around Seafood 11/14/2006

As the title says, this is my favorite place for seafood- Great crab, oysters, and fish; I like to take tourists and others here for food that really ""says"" Seattle. Quality has always been good for me and the service is usually great. Pros: Seafood Cons: Getting there more

Better for drinks and oysters 10/11/2006

Last time I had dinner here I was fairly disappointed. The salmon with crab sauce was so buttery I could only eat about 1/4, and my friend's halibut cheeks were tought, grainy, and inedible. Good service, but very overpriced for the food quality. The locale and the bar are great, maybe opt for martinis and oysters rockafeller (which were great) instead. more

One of the best in Seattle 10/2/2006

I always enjoy visiting Seattle and now I have another good reason to come back. The atmosphere was great and the food was absolutely delicious. Our waiter was very nice and helpful especially with helping us choose the oysters we would best enjoy. He suggested a nice combination of several different kinds of oysters which we very muched appreciated. The entrees and appetizers were also on point and the portions were huge. I would definitely go back on my next visit. A+ on both food and service. more

It's the best at what it does 9/20/2006

I've been to Elliott's a few times now, and I can say that they are absolutely wonderful. In my opinion, Ray's Boathouse is the best seafood restaurant in the city if you want quiet, romantic and fin fish, but if you want to have a good time with your friends, eat THE BEST SHELLFISH anywhere, and be absolutely stuffed by their huge portions, you need to go to Elliott's. The oysters are perfect every time, and the staff know their stuff and will help you choose the oyster that you will enjoy the most. Pros: Oysters, any shellfish more

Best Salmon 11/15/2005

Went for bruch and had the best salmon I have ever had. Oysters were good too, but expensive. Pros: salmon more
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    All teak, copper and rough-hewn timber, Elliot's is most inviting when the weather cooperates. The long south-facing deck provides sun for lunches and early dinners, and...

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