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13 Coins - Sea Tac - 21 Reviews - 18000 Pacific Hwy S, Seattle, WA - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (206) 243-9500

13 Coins - Sea Tac

18000 Pacific Hwy S
Seattle, WA 98188
(206) 243-9500
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I live out of state now, but continue to stop @ 13 Coins by Sea-Tac every other month when I fly in. It's great to have a meal here at ANY hour of the day since it's open 24 hours...


13 Coins was unlike any restaurant in town. Where could you go to get a 5 star meal, outstanding service and great variety at 11:00pm any night of the week? Only 13 Coins. And....

Bad service, Overpriced, and Small portions 2/21/2010

I went to 13 coins on February 19th and I will most likely never return. I ordered the duck with blueberry sauce and some french onion soup. The top quarter of my bowl of french onion was gobbed with melted cheese, and the onions were so overdone that they were almost gelatinous, i sent it back for chili. The duck's portion size was laughable at best, with 4 tiny slivers of duck placed around a huge gob of yellowed mashed potatoes that looked like they had been made en masse and then let sit in a huge container before serving them a couple hours later. The manager who our server sent over wasn't even apologetic saying ""I can't do anything about portion sizes that's corporate."" Even after he said that he understood what I was complaining about. I never touched the duck plate, and he whisked it off the table and took it into the back, most likely to throw away or for someone in the back to eat. I felt bad for my dad who thought he was taking me to a nice restaurant for my birthday, and I ended up eating the chili and a little bit of his avocado Asian salad. (which was quite good) Overall, my experience was a joke for a fine dining restaurant where most of the plates cost over 20-25$. My dad doesn't make that much money, and from now on I'll just stick with a chain like Black Angus for my birthday, where I'll at least know that my portion size will be worth what I pay. Pros: there's a pro? open 24 hours? Cons: Bad service, Overpriced, and Small portions more

Horrible Service 8/17/2009

My family went to 13 Coins on a Sunday night and had to wait two hours for our entree. The manager assured us that he would take care of everything including dessert but all he did was go back and get our food (which only took 5-10minutes) and then proceeded to give us a bill. He retracted the statements that were heard by the hostess and server about taking care of our bill. We paid the bill because of our principles but filed a complaint . I will not visit this restaurant again because I am a strong believer in principles and having the intestinal fortitude to keep your word even after you see the bill total. I have told my friends about the experience and they agree that the restaurant should have taken care of the bill. Pros: Good Food Cons: Untrained Management more

A Seattle legend has died... but not gone. 9/1/2008

13 Coins was unlike any restaurant in town. Where could you go to get a 5 star meal, outstanding service and great variety at 11:00pm any night of the week? Only 13 Coins. And... luckily there were 2 of them. My husband and I had eaten there at least twice a month for 18 years of our marriage. Yes, it was beginning to lose it's luster and needed a good facelift... but the food was still amazing always... and the wait staff professional and enjoyable. We always had a great experience. During one of our visits we were informed that the restaurant was changing ownership and aske us to fill out a short questionaire asking us what we would like to see change and what was important to us... not to change. It was a month or so before we returned... to find things so different we were devastated. Had they not listened to their faithful customers at all? They removed items from the menu... includind my favorite all time meal... Sweatbreads 13 Coins!! Our favorite chef had left we were told, and it seemed as though the mood of the chefs as well as the wait staff was down and chilly. We had a mediocre meal and left never to return. It has been at least 18 months since we have been back. I only left my review at this time because I ran across this website while looking for a recipe and felt the need to air my opinion. Perhaps miraculously the new owners have listened to the complaints... and from talking with friends and collegues... I know there are many... and brought back the menu and the atmosphere that was 13 Coins!! Maybe we will try them again someday. Pros: Still some good items on the menu. Cons: No different than any other chain restaurant now. more

Lying on the couch for days... 7/18/2007

This restaurant review guide is censored; it won't allow certain words to post, so please email me directly: kkmorris at gmail if you want to know why I was lying on the couch in extreme pain for a week after eating at this restaurant. An important note here is that this is the only place I ate out in 3 weeks and at home I eat only rice, beans, steamed veggies, fruit, etc. (not even eggs at home.) . In other words, it most definitely was this place that rendered me immobile in great pain for several days. Pros: Open at 5 am when waiting for an early flight to arrive at airport across the street. Cons: Food is actually inedible unless you fancy being knocked out on the couch for a week in pain. more

Nothing stays the same 4/26/2007

New ownership has changed the quality ingredients of the long standing entrees on the menu of the prestigious 13 Coins Restaurant at the Airport. Last night, my chicken parm was served with a sauce representing itself as alfredo sauce but so thick it stood up on the plate like a starchy paste. The cream has been deleted from the recipe, thus, no sauce existed to infuse the pasta, which was served tepid. This dish has been my favorite since the Coins opened in the 70's.and I can say we've dined at the counter a minimum of twice monthly for the last 20 years. Our favorite Chef has departed,as a result of the changes, along with some long time servers. The prices have been raised to equal El Goucho but the food is now equivilent to Olive Garden. (Actually, Olive Garden is better). The chefs no longer put on a show as they prepare your dish but if you bring ambience in the door with you, the decor will ensure you having a nice dining experience. The only reason we still dine at the Coins is because it is open after 10:00pm. Seattle desperately needs another 24 hour quality restauraunt. Pros: 24 hour availability, nice counter atmosphere Cons: over priced, long waits after midnight more

Over priced, bad food 1/2/2007

Had breakfast at 5am after a long, delayed plane ride . Wife's soup was lukewarm and bland; one of my ""over easy"" eggs was smashed under the ham; bread was stale; water for the tea was lukewarm. Paid over $40 (with tip) for an omelet, ham and eggs, a cup of soup, and two cups of tea. Should of gone to Denny's for better food at half the price. Will definitely not return. Pros: Open 24 hours Cons: Overpriced, bad food more

I'd rather go to the Olive Garden 11/6/2006

I don't think that I will be going back to the 13 coins restsurant. In my opinion I paid about three times as much money than I should have, and the food really wasn't that good; it lacked flavor and richness. The only perk is that they are open 2 hours a day and they are right by the airport, but so are some fst food choose. Cons: Expensive, Small Portions more

Average food outrageous prices 9/26/2006

Expect to pay for the location and the 24 hour schedule. The meals are small and have about as much flavor as you would expect at an Olive Garden but for double the price. Pros: 24 Hours, Ambiance Cons: Cost more

Great fun, ambiance, with OK food 5/8/2006

There are few 24-hour diners known for their food--and this certainly isn't one of them. But for ambiance, amusing kitchen banter, and ambitious dishes, 13Coins is a great place, sporting a hostess stoned out of her mind for fun! The bustling kitchen had 2 chefs, 4 souschefs, and perhaps 4 more support. The rolicking flames/pans created a rather nice music to accompany our flat-tasting but perfectly cooked steaks. As a note, since the kitchen is quite adhoc, our ""well-done"" fries (1"" square by 8"" long) ranged from burned to underdone, the breads were unevenly toasted, and in general any seasoning would have helped things--but it's fun to watch the whole thing happen. I am a private chef so for me this was a kick. Overall, at $65 for two with tip, it was more fun than good. Worth doing once, B- For steak at 1am however, a solid B. Pros: Hostess, Dingy vibe, Steak at midnight Cons: Adequate at best, $pendy, Underseasoned more

Always a great meal!! 11/28/2005

I live out of state now, but continue to stop @ 13 Coins by Sea-Tac every other month when I fly in. It's great to have a meal here at ANY hour of the day since it's open 24 hours. And the food is terrific!! After being a regular customer for 21 years, it's nice to see many of the same waiters serving us. A tip for the previous disgruntled reviewers: for the best seats (and minimal wait time), always request the counter! I'll continue to recommend this restaurant and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! Pros: Great pasta, French Onion Soup, Watch the chefs work! Cons: Noisy bar area, Isolated booths more

Pretty mediocre 11/16/2005

We waited 1 1/2 hours just for a table. Appetizers were small and pricey. The piano in the lounge was so loud, we struggled to converse. Draft 12oz beers were $4 each. Once we finally got a table, our food took an hour to arrive. My group of six all felt that our food was mediocre and over-priced. All together it took over three hours to get a so-so, pricey meal that took us about 15 minutes to finish. Some will say that going to 13 Coins is about the experience, more than the meal. My boss once ate at the bar at 13 Coins and shot the bull with Sean Connery who was on a lay-over between flights. Be warned, groups of 7 or more require reservations, are seated in a private dining room, charged a 15% service charge, and required to have only one bill! Pros: reputation Cons: sloooow, over-priced, loud more

Yum 8/15/2005

I had the pleasure of dining in this restaurant by the Seattle airport. I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed a steak and lobster. The piano bar and restaurant vibe was so unique. I felt like I had stepped into a movie. If you sit at the counter the chefs put on quite a show. more

User review by jeansmith1969 4/10/2005

This was one of THE WORST dining experiences of my life! Seattle is known for it's fabulous food and fabulous service. NOT at 13 coins however. There were 8 in our party and not one of us was happy with the food or the service. The lettuce was ""rusted"", the seafood was overcooked, the wine steward knew nothing about wine, and our waiter was incompetent: forgetting items, mixing items up, and leaving us in our private dining room for extended periods of time without checking on us. I was completely embarrassed to have brought my out of town co-workers here. more

Glad I listened to the recommendation!! 1/4/2005

I left my hotel for a different destination when a fellow shuttle passenger recommended 13 Coins a Seattle ""landmark"". I was in the mood for seafood, so I asked about 13 Coins seafood. He assured me that everything on the menu that he'd tried was outstanding. He also made the point that this was a great place to go, if you were with friends, but it was also fun if you are dining I would be. I took his advice. I am so glad I did! I got to watch the chefs as they prepared amazing dishes. I will want to return to Seattle just to eat again at 13 Coins!! Pros: large portions, great service, entertaining more

Best Joint West of Chicago! 10/18/2004

I love this place! Great martini's, great staff, marvelous food and the kind of old school ambience I remember growing up in Chi town. My 82 yo mom loves the crabcakes. I love the spinach salad and Steak David. Those people who say this place has no flavor or class must be used to munching on fast food or 2nd rate diner fare. This is a first class 'joint' and I hope it's here til I drop!! I live around the corner and it's my favorite place to go on rainy days. THANK YOU 13 COINS!!! Pros: Great Atmosphere, Great Martini's, Classy Wait staffers Cons: , Wish they delivered!, Wish they delivered! more

Romantic Restaurant 5/14/2004

This place is the best. It is open 24 hours which means you can go on a whim. My husband and I's first date was here, and we continue to celebrate occasions there, our first anniversary for example. The one at Sea-Tac has a piano bar and if you have to wait for dinner this atmosphere is the best. The high back seats at the bar offer a intimate setting and the booths high backs even more so. Thank you to 13 Coins and the good food. Pros: Atmosphere, Food, Service Cons: , Crowded (Sea-Tac), Parking more

Don't be afraid to try it! 7/23/2003

13 Coins may be a little intimidating to those who have never been. Its dark, gloomy, and a little shady. However, that's the fun of it! The people there are always upbeat. For breakfast or lunch it can't be beat. If you are looking for a getaway from the norm, its a must to come here. The captains chairs at the counter are a treat. You can see your food being prepared and get a feel of the past that this place brings. Personally I love the bread and relish tray they bring you at any time of the day. The omelettes are super hearty as well as the hash browns. The best part... after you leave your eyes have become so accustomed to the darkness that you feel like you just left a movie theater! Thats just a little part of what makes 13 coins so special. Pros: good food, plenty of parking Cons: can be crowded, a little pricey more

13 Coins? Don't Do it! 7/10/2003

After several recommendations and a published map referring to 13 Coins as one of Americas top 100 restaurant this spot seemed like a no-brainer. After a quick review of the menu, pricing was a bit steep, yet not fully out of range. Expecting superb food, the taste is way below mediocre and every guest within our party was quite disappointed. Portions are large, but this doesnt mean anything if taste is terrible. Ive had home cooked meals better. Take your $30 (average plate price), save some money, and find another restaurant. Pros: Service, Atmosphere Cons: Bad Food, Expensive for Quality more

i love going to 13 coins 3/10/2003


Overpriced Diner food? You're kidding! 11/26/2002

When I was 14 years old, my parents took me to this 13 Coins the night before we flew out for Hawaii. In ordering typical teenage fare (burger and fries), I was surprised as hell that they built me A HOUSE OF FRENCH FRIES! (a la Lincoln Logs) I have yet since to be more impressed with culinary creativity and talent that matches up with structural integrity!!! Pros: Great food, good music, great atmosphere Cons: Can be crowded more
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