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Westwood Brewing Co - 27 Reviews - 1097 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (310) 824-0820

Westwood Brewing Co

1097 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 824-0820
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Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA
Westwood Brewing Co - Los Angeles, CA


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Wow, Brew Co made some awesome changes for the new year. All the drinks are $4.50! They got a ton of new beers on tap, some with like 8% alcohol by volume and $4.50 long islands...


I used to work at the BrewCo years and years ago as a bartender. I was in town for the Jack Johnson concert and was excited to take my group to dinner and show them where I worke...

Decent. At best. 5/12/2011

Lots of odd people here. I dont care for the karoke, or comedy stuff. But I do like the sports sections. I guess I just haven't had the best of experiences here with their beer either. Their beer is -decent- and cheap. But any normal commercial beer they jack prices WAY up. I should also say, stay away from their in-house Santa Cruz dark beer; it's HORRIBLE (and I love dark beer) -- Brew Co please start carrying GUINESS! more

Not bad, better than Barneys! 3/9/2011

This place is pretty average. Decent food, affordable beer,good vibe. I am a Karaoke fan so I try a lot of them out, this one was pretty good with a massive song selection. more

Horrible 6/3/2010

went in a few weeks ago despite terrible reviews. I always think places deserve a chance despite some bade reviews. I went in with 6 people and it was so awkward. Not only was our bartender...slooow all the food was cold and fit only for drunks. STAY AWAY! Pros: There is a roof so if it's raining you'll be dry Cons: This is the worst service ever....ever more

Worst Service... EVER 12/14/2009

we brought 40 people here for a senior graduation dinner. three hours later I had one beer, and no food. We even called in advance to let them know we would have this large party. Might be the worst service I've ever experienced. I can't imagine a scenario I would eat here again. more

ALL DRINKS $4.50!!! 3/9/2009

Wow, Brew Co made some awesome changes for the new year. All the drinks are $4.50! They got a ton of new beers on tap, some with like 8% alcohol by volume and $4.50 long islands! The food got better too. No more bbq menu, it's now standard bar food like wings and salads. Karaoke is still crazy cool on Thursday and Friday nights. Very big selection and great crowd. I also heard that they are going to do it on Mondays too which is great cuz I'm always looking for something to do on a Monday night. Pros: CHEAP DRINKS, GREAT KARAOKE, GREAT CROWD Cons: Parking can be tough sometimes more

Was it Alpo or was it Chili? 2/10/2009

I ordered a bowl of chili and received a red pasty mush floating on a thin film of grease. No beans, no meat, just paste. Literally speaking, I wouldn't have fed it to a dog. Next time I'm in the Westwood Village I'll go to Chili's. Pros: Great location; nice beer selection Cons: The Chili (at the least) more

Felt Rejected 9/2/2008

I used to work at the BrewCo years and years ago as a bartender. I was in town for the Jack Johnson concert and was excited to take my group to dinner and show them where I worked. We had a group of 8 and when I walked in there was no hostess. After standing around for some time waiting for someone to sit us, welcome us...acknowledge us in any way, I went to the bar to ask what we should do. I told the bartender I had a group of 8 for dinner and drinks before the concert and he said we could sit anywhere (there were no tables set up for 8) but that there was only one server so we probably wouldn't get good service. Of course, we decided to leave. While I appreciated the bartender's honesty (I would have been more annoyed if we wasted time), I was really disappointed. I would think they would staff up when there's a big concert in town. They definitely missed out on a lot of business. We ended up spending a fortune at Chilis around the corner. more

Mediocre Food and Less Than Stellar Service 12/16/2007

I hadn't been back to this place for a long time, and it may be a while before I return (if i ever do). The food has never been great here - it's really a place to drink, hang out, eat fried appetizers and watch games. What was most disappointing was the odd service we got last night .. first it started off on a good note with our first bartender - she was friendly and fun and efficient. Then it started going downhill after that. We noticed that all the food coming out was being delivered to the group sitted right next to us at the bar - for a second I suspected that some of our food was there, but when they took the food, I presumed I was mistaken (since most normal people would say ""hey, i didn't order that"")... then after about 10 minutes (after I saw them already eat some of the food), they acknowledged that the food wasn't theirs. What was astonishing was that the 2nd bartender then tried to give us the food. I of course said we didn't want it - he glared at me and said, ""you don't want your food?"" - I said I certainly didn't want the food that some strangers already touched, and that we wanted fresh platters. He looked at me like I was being totally unreasonable, but complied. Then to make matters worse, my friends' orders started coming out of the kitchen, they would literally walk by us and start asking everyone else at the bar if the order was theirs. When we had to call them back (a bit annoyed), the bartender was defensive and said that they didn't know who ordered what so we couldn't blame them. I guess it's true I can't blame the staff personally if they truly can't figure out who ordered what, even though there were only about 10 people sitted at the bar - but I am perfectly willing to blame the establishment for faulty training and management techniques. All in all, we already accepted the fact that the food would just be mediocre, but then to top it off with defensive, bad service is just too much to bear. Pros: Decent sports bar Cons: Bad service, mediocre food more

Good beer, great fries 11/5/2007

Saturday nights at BrewCo were a tradition while I was at UCLA. There were never any lines, it was always busy but never packed, and they always have $3 beer of the months. Sometimes there is a free comedy show on Mondays, and check out the upstairs bar with the kareoke lounge for a laugh. Drinks are nothing to talk about, but besides that, good college bar. And the french fries are good for a late snack! more

A Family 8/25/2007

My wife has just passed. She spent the last year at UCLA Medical Center. The staff and regulars at the Brewco were my great support and family during this very hard time. Everyone there is very real and down to earth. I can't believe the comment on here about a ""racial comment"" by the staff. The staff there is diverse and fun, the person who made this comment must have been clueless to their playful sense of humor. I will drive the 140 miles I live from there just to connect with them again. Pros: Great Staff and Regulars-Happy Hour starts at 11:30 am Cons: I wish I lived closer more

Great laid-back atmosphere, Great patio 7/7/2007

Brewco still has the best nightlife in the village. The service is fast and friendly (at the bar, anyway) and the drinks are strong. The music is good, too, although there is no dancing. My favorite area to hang out is the patio; they even have it set up so that part of the bar is outside, now, don't even have to go inside to order! I also like that you can order food until 1am. Their bartenders are hot, too! I think that this is a much better place to hang out on a Friday night than Maloney's or O'hara's or whatever they call that place now. Pros: Patio, stong drinks, friendly and cute staff Cons: none! more

food p@isoning 7/6/2007

I ate at the Westwood Brewing Company several years ago and became so ill from eating the fish and couldn't get out of bed for a week. I went to the emergency room twice because of the case of food po*sioning I contracted from eating at the Westwood Brewing Company. After recovering, I returned to the Westwood Brewing Company and told the manager what had happenned. The manager acted as if it were not possible to care less about the fact that the food served in his restaurant was capable of po*soning one of his patrons. In a loud voice I announced to the lunchroom crowd what had happened. I'd go back to eat at the Westwood Brewing Company maybe under gun point. Other than that, go to the Westwood Brewing Company and take your chances on a place where they think that somebody owes THEM for having eaten at their establishment. I paid my bill for eating at the Westwood Brewing Company, and then I had to pay an emergency room bill as well. Not to mention the week of time taken out of my life for having paid them to po*son me. Eat there and take the chance that you'll wind up in the hospital. As if they cared. How much more insulting can a business be than to take your money, po*son you, and not even care about it? I hope this review makes you think more than twice about patronizing this awful establishment. Pros: uncaring staff Cons: uncaring staff more

decent bar in Westwood area 4/23/2007

I've been to WBC on a earlier weekday night and a Saturday night, and the vibe is totally different. On the Saturday night, it was extremely packed and noisy... people were scrambling to make an order at the bar and it felt like the bartenders heads were turning. We got a table and our service was extremely slow. On the weekday night, the place was a lot more relaxed and we ordered a bunch of appetizers for relatively cheap. Our waitress was cool and checked up on us numerous times. The area has a very pub feel, and its a decent place to go watch a game and just casually hang out with friends. Pros: good beer and appetizers, relaxed environment Cons: parking, slow service on weekends more

Good selection on tap 11/22/2006

Always good for an unplanned evening. Pros: burgers, wings, beers on tap Cons: parking more

Recently changed management- don't bother trying 11/15/2006

Brewco used to be a regular with many grad students at UCLA (in the past four years I've even had a seminar or two held out on the patio over beers), but we're moving our happy hours to BJ's these days. Since Brewco changed management and got rid of the microbrews (which were okay but not great anway), they have also shrunk their menu, seemingly reduced their wait staff to the only the stupidest but good looking girls they can find, and built a new bar which I'm sure they thought would increase alcohol sales, but in fact only seems to reduce seating in an already crowded place. A few of my friends and I tried to go there the other day and no one was around to seat us, so we grabbed a table that had been recently vacated. All the dishes from the previous occupants were still there, but the place was filling up so we wanted to get what was available. We waited for service for a long time and finally flagged down a waitress who said she'd send someone our way. A busser finally cleared the dirty plates away while we sat around some more. We waited a while longer and flagged down another waitress who told us that the table we were at didn't get waitress service (which was funny since I had been there a week before and been served at that exact table). We moved to another table in the back corner which was about 100 degrees, and waited another 15 minutes for the sole waitress in that area to realize we were there and wanted drinks. Ridiculous! A quick beer for happy hour turned into a two hour ordeal. We are not going back. Pros: some of the appetizers are half price during happy hour Cons: bad service, parking in Westwood is never a happy experience more

Most fun in Westwood 8/31/2006

The ""Brewco"" (as it is affectionately nicknamed by locals and regulars) is definitely the most fun place to hang late night in Westwood. Unlike Maloney's, the much over-rated Westwood sports bar, the Brewco is a great place to hang out with friends; here you can actually hear each other speak and the place is so incredibly large that you can always find somewhere to sit. The service is friendly and fast, and you can get food here until 1AM on the weekends. The prices are similar to maloney's and they have a better selection of good beer. Overall, my friends and I thought this was definitely the best place in Westwood to go drinking! My guy friends also raved about the good-looking female bartenders. more

only if you're sick of maloney's 8/20/2006

i only go to brewco if the line at maloney's is too long or i feel like a change. the bouncers there are really rude- one of them made a racial comment to my friend. the service is slow and it's almost impossible to get a drink at the bar if they're crowded. the oustide patio is nice though. more

Brewco - Trying Hard - disregard poster below! 11/10/2005

Here's the thing about the poster below with the sickness issue. IT HAPPENS. Everywhere. It's a reality of the foodservice industry. But guess what? Unlike the management of 2 years ago when the customer was treated rudely, Brewco has been under new management for the past year and a half, have replaced the in-house brews with a much larger and diverse variety of [overpriced] ones, and have revamped the food menu. So his experience with management is a moot point. more

OK place 3/17/2005

Used to come here a lot during my grad school days - always a good but never great place. The food is very mediocre - this is purely a place for the beer. However, recently that has even gone downhill. I don't think they brew their own anymore, which basically defeats the purpose of this college hangout. more

A brewery no more 1/22/2005

I have been going to the brewco for years, but was sadded to learn last night that they have ""phased out"" their homebrews in favor of Bud Light and other crappy domestic beers. I got sad looking at all the silver tanks behind the bar that used to actually hold beer so I left. The prices seem to have gone up as well even though you would think hooking up a keg is easier than actually making the beer yourself. The crowd seems to have gotten prissier lately too, but there are bands in here most nights that are hit or miss. Still worth checking out for some eye candy but don't go expecting good beer. Pros: college cuties, live music Cons: , recent price increase more
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    Unwind at this relaxing joint, which regulars refer to as ""Brewco."" A popular college hangout, it offers a unique blend of beverages, including several microbrews from San...

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