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University Volkswagen


4724 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 634-3322
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We were on a road trip and 20 miles outside Seattle our check engine light came on. We had just started our trip and didn't want any trouble so we took it to University Volkswagen...


I took my Jetta in for service, and the service was okay, they did not really seem too 'customer focused', I feel that they could have called me sooner when my car was ready.

Out of Town Emergency 8/2/2014

We were on a road trip and 20 miles outside Seattle our check engine light came on. We had just started our trip and didn't want any trouble so we took it to University Volkswagen to see if they could tell us if it was anything major. They said they usually only work by appointments but they would at least check it out. Not only did they check it out, but they fit us in and gave us a free ride to where we wanted to be for the day while they worked on the car and came and picked us up. Everyone was so helpful and so nice. It was one of the best car service experiences I've ever had! more

Worst Experience Ever!! Avoid this place like the plague! 1/6/2010

1. They lost my car 2. They told my insurance company things that made my life a living hell, then later said "oops" and recanted that 3. They fixed the wrong part 4. The Service Manager, Philip Spagnoli, was rude and threatening 5. They sent an electrical surge through my car that fried my radio, alarm, and anything electrical. I went to pick my car up and found my radio to be completely dead. They took my car back, again, and gave me a loaner car. 6. My paperwork clearly said to return my loaner car by 8pm on monday. I have copies. At 9:30am monday Service Manager Philip Spagnoli left a rude, threatening message on my voicemail demanding the loaner car back and telling me I'd have to pay $60 for a rental car charge. I called Miles Davis and he got that sorted. 7. No apologies whatsoever for their mistakes, except from Philip in the beginning, for losing my car. 8. I get my car back and alarm malfunctioning. I drop it off. I tell Kendra to check my alarm as a result of the electrical surge. "No problem." I write on the bill I need to approve any estimates or charges first, just to cover my bases. Never hear anything until car is finished. 9. I go to pick up my car and they tell me I owe them $116 for their labor to find out what they did wrong!! I of course, refuse. Philip makes us wait 20 minutes while he kicks back on the phone. We leave, and leave my car there. I tell them to have him call me. 10. He calls and is very rude. I tell him I won't pay for these charges, I never authorized them. He says if I don't, and don't come pick up my car, he will charge me $45 a day for every day it is there. I am furious. Miles Davis is away on Christmas Holiday. 11. We go in the next day, on Christmas Eve, and pay for the car. They didn't even bother to vaccum it. Electrical still malfunctioning and gauges now flicker when power changes. 12. File with Better Business Bureau. 13. Never, ever go back to University VW, tell everyone I know. more

So bad 3/19/2009

Spent $700 on work that didnt fix the problem and when i called to get it fixed they lady told me it was their best guess. I thought as professionals i could rely more on then just a guess. But I guess They have to make money somehow, lieing is their only options. more

AVOID!! 3/25/2008

Was going to buy a used vehicle from them, and negotiated a price. However, I was not able to commit right away. Then a couple days later, I got it figured out, and decided to go for it. When I contacted them, they said the price of the vehicle was a mistake, and that I would have to pay more for it!! Fine, as I wanted the vehicle, I agreed. I put down a deposit. When I called today and was going to go get money, they said that they sold it to someone already over the weekend!! Then what is the deposit for?!?!? AVOID BUYING CARS FROM THIS DEALER more

Very Disappointing Service 10/30/2007

I purchased a new 2007 Rabbit, along with an accessory rooftop rack which was to be ordered and installed when the license plates arrived. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I made several telephone calls to the dealership inquiring the status of the license plates and the rooftop rack, my only option was to leave messages with various individuals who never returned my calls. Just a few days before the temporary plates were to expire I made several calls in a furious mood to which I did get enough response to acquire the plates and cancel the order for the rooftop rack. I have now owned the car for a couple of months and it is due for an oil change and filter. I called the service department expecting to make an appointment in the next few days. The person scheduling service said they were very backed up and that they were scheduling appointments more than 30 days in the future. I expressed that this was not very good service to which she replied I could come in in a couple of weeks and if I were willing to wait all day they would try and "squeeze me in" I of course am not satisfied with the service after the sale and cannot in any good conscience recommend this dealership. more

Great sales and service for over 3 years 6/14/2007

I bought my Jetta TDI in 2004 and have taken it to University VW for all its service. I have never experienced anything but straightforward interactions with the service department. Prices and problems were fully explained and when they didn't get a squeak fixed, they were happy to say sorry about that and take another look. As for prices, it's a dealership so things are going to cost more, but this is a finicky German car and it's worth a bit more to me to make sure it's done right and that there is an organization to deal with that stands by its work and will make it right. Unfortunately, every time I have gone in for service, I have seen some customer being nasty to the service staff. I make an extra effort to be courteous and am given that courtesy in return. How would YOU react to people being nasty to you all day? Customer service is a two way street. If you are considering a VW, I also highly recommend the sales staff, too. Our salesman is no longer there, but he was very pleasant to deal with and seemed like "one of us," not a slickster. University VW gave me my best car buying experience, and continues to give me great service. Just treat them decently and you'll get the same in return! more


I recently brought in my Jetta for an oil change and dropped the car off at 8AM in the morning, and things were going smoothly and there were no problems. I took advantage of their shuttle and got dropped off at work in hopes of picking up my car later that afternoon. I had called into UW VW at 4pm and was told that the oil change had not yet been performed and they rudely told me that they wouldn't be able to get it out until 6:30 or so (mind you there was no one there when I picked it up). First of all, it shouldn't take longer than 30 mins to change the oil and if you plan to be in business then you should make all of your reps or provide some kind of customer service class. Another time when I had called in to get a quote for a sunroof glass replacement, the young lady at VW quoted me a price of $1,600 (glass/labor). I was assumed that was the going rate until I called Chaplins in bellevue to get a quote and they had quoted me a price of $50 for labor and $520 for the glass. I was shocked that there were two different prices so I called back to University and reiterated on what I needed done on my car and inquired whether or not both dealerships should have their own prices or if they just made up a number and she had to double check and came back on the phone and rudely replied "well there price is cheaper so just go there" and hung up. I personally wouldn't take my car to this dealership due to their lack of customer service and unknowledgeable staff but I'm stuck since its convenient. I'll think otherwise next time something is wrong with my car and drive across the bridge to Chaplins VW for better service and piece of mind! more

Rip off service department 6/14/2006

I took my GTI in for service and was told that I had to have alot of work done on it. I had been keeping the car regularly maintained elsewhere, and believed it to be in rather good condition. Two other inspections of the car proved it to be in better condition than I was told at University Volkswagen. Watch your step! more

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Biodiesel Central 4/23/2006

Since I believe in biodiesel, it's nice to find a place that actually promotes it openly. Lots of places sell new cars, but a place that actually promotes good environmental practices rates high in my book. Aaron Campbell is the TDI guy. He's a great salesman, isn't pushy, and wants you to make an informed decision. He steers people toward the TDI so they can go biodiesel and that's something I can get behind. Not to mention, it's just a nice place to shop. more

Good Deals at University VW 8/16/2005

I recently had to turn in my lease and was most satisfied to lease a new car at University VW. I used their internet department and got a great price on a new Jetta. The sales staff was helpful and wasn't pushy. everything is done out in the open, so you are never forced to go into a closed office and wait. I would recommend purchasing or leasing from University VW for your next new car. more

Great Service 7/27/2005

I used this place and like them a lot. Great customer care, they have a van service to drive you around etc. etc. more

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A friendly VW repair shop 7/7/2005

For the most part, all of my experiences with University VW have been positive. They have a shuttle to take you somewhere while you wait for a repair. If you buy your car there they have free loaners which is a bummer for me, since I didn't buy my car here but I would have if I had known about the free car loaner vs the dealership where I did buy my car. As far as dealership service repair shops go, I feel they have been decent in price and great at explaining car problems and solutions in lay terms. I've tried other VW repair shops and have been most satisfied with this one. more

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talked a friend OUT of buying an expensive car! 4/5/2005

jon grus at university vw is THE man. my good friend was going to buy a tourareg (sp?) when they first came out and jon actually talked her out of buying that and getting a less expensive, better-tested and reliable jetta instead! have you ever heard of that from a car salesman? me neither. i test drove a car with him and he was great. nice, no pressure, good communicator, etc. i'd go back to him in a sec. i didn't buy the car from him (went with a subaru outback) and he was very cool when i told him. more

Great place for your VW! 7/16/2004

Good service. Good prices. This is where i take my VW. more
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