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1645 Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 962-7712
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Nacional - Los Angeles, CA
Nacional - Los Angeles, CA
Nacional - Los Angeles, CA


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Guestlist: derek@axessentertainment (dot) com Nacional is one of the hottest venues in town. Weekend nights and weekend days alike at Nacional are absolutely not to miss. To get...


There are 100 clubs in LA better than this one and you don't have to grease the door guy so your pockets are empty

Guest List Anywhere in Hollywood 6/3/2009

LouEhlersIsGarbage Provided by Partner
Guestlist: derek@axessentertainment (dot) com Nacional is one of the hottest venues in town. Weekend nights and weekend days alike at Nacional are absolutely not to miss. To get on the guestlist here or anywhere else in Hollywood on any given night of the week. Please e-mail derek@axessentertainment (dot) com. And don't forget to search our site on google for Hollywood most exclusive nightlife forum. Pros: Large venue Cons: Difficult getting in more

BS 1/15/2009

28andstillsexy Provided by Partner
That club is getto with ugly but folks it stinks far as smell drinks high and watered down. they totally over charged us 30 bucks to get in i was only there 10 mins and we were out more


MizWorld818 Provided by Partner
I can't believe the bad reviews I've read about Nacional's! I've been going here since last summer and have never had a bad experience. I've never had to pay to get in (always put myself on a guestlist), always got tipsy off the drinks, bartenders have always been nice to me, I've always danced my butt off, and have just always had a good time here. The music's good, the crowd is good and mixed...and the guys here are pretty much good looking. ;-) Pros: Good Atmosphere, Good Music, Good-Looking People, Cheap Self Parking Cons: Small dancefloor downstairs can get packed and really hot. more

Small, Cramped, Bad Sound System, Stingy Drink Policy, Not Recommend for group Parties 10/25/2007

bryanmeyer Provided by Partner
Imagine your company or school decided to throw an event at a club. All of your friends are going and there's a limit of 300 people that can be on the list and the cost is $45 a head for an open bar. The event is at the club Nacional in Hollywood. You show up at 10:15 and the party is already rockin' in that there are lots of people there already. Unfortunately, as you walk in you notice several things. 1. The place is crowded. Overcrowded. They definitely do NOT have capacity for 300 people to be comfortably hanging out. 2. The dance floor is on the first floor and it's small. 3. The music downstairs, with varying degrees of not good, is not loud enough. And they really don't have that many speakers to spread the sound throughout the dance floor. 4. Upstairs, they don't have speakers, so the music is barely heard -you can't dance there. 5. The bathroom - which consists of 3 stalls, is unisex. 6. The open bar for which you you paid $45-$50 only serves a small subset of drinks...rum and coke, kamikaze, house wine, foreign and domestic beer, some martinis. However, charging full price for good drinks like a midori sour ($12) or lemon drop. 7. The lighting is inconsistent and thus poor. The only thing this place had going for it was that it does have an open roof porch and ample parking lots next to and across the street ($8 - $10 lots). Avoid for large (300+) closed parties and if you are interested in dancing or listening to music. Pros: Nearby $8 to $10 Parking Lots Cons: No music broadcast upstairs, cramped rooms, 3 unisex stalls, bad lighting more


nacionalsucks Provided by Partner
I signed up on this site just to express my feelings on how much I dislike this club. The staff is rude, crowd is beyond trash, and the music is mostly underground trash. I'd rather drink a 40 in back alley of the projects in watts than have a $12 mojito that tastes like assjuice in this garbage dump of a so-called "club". $20 entry + $10 parking + $12 for regergitation in a glass = the worst $42 I've ever spent in my LIFE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! IT REALLY DOES BITE! Pros: If you're researching the slums of LA...this place would help you out. Cons: EVERY DAMN THING more

BEWARE!! 7/21/2007

weekender2 Provided by Partner
I went to this club/bar a few weeks ago and they over billed me!!!! The bartender charged me twice even though it was only once that I closed my tab. His drinks were NOT even really good or anything. He wouldn't put time into making them. It seemed like he just wanted to get people out of his way so he could go home. THIS IS JUST ISNT IT IF YOURE LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME. COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO GET OVERCHARGED!!!!! Pros: Something to do Cons: OVERBILLED & TOO CROWDED more

club dingy 7/20/2007

pjkp84 Provided by Partner
this club was probably the worst club i been to this summer 07. the crowd was fairly mixed which was good. the dj sucked tremendously, and he tend to have no theme to his music. the dj was very poor at recognizing the moods of the crowd, and was too pig headed to listen to the paying customers. the gogo dancers were wack to me, i swear they were like 40, and there musical act made the club very inconsistent and weird. the parking is the worst, u b better off parking down the street. also the person who invited me, assured i will get in free, and because of there poor organization, me and my 2 buddies were forced to pay 15. we stayed as long as we could, to feel like we got our moneys worth, and left as fast as we can. Pros: mix crowd Cons: dj/ bartender we almost fought/ everything else more


iamnotblack42 Provided by Partner

Another Credit card / ID nightmare... 1/13/2007

ii2ose12 Provided by Partner
They lost my credit card and driver's license as well. On top of that they made it seem like I was drunk and lost my own stuff when I never even closed the tab. Apparently they checked and said I already signed out! Bar manager at the time was a complete b*tch! I will never ever go to this place again. Worst place ever.... Cons: everything more

Crazy, b*&ch of a bartender there who extorts higher tip from customers by refusing to give back credit card 1/7/2007

chuugle Provided by Partner
Wow, it?s amazing that I have pretty much the same experience as the previous reviewer, except this happened at the upstairs bar. We were there for my friend?s birthday party and my fiance had been buying rounds all night long. Around midnight, he bought 3 alcoholic drinks and 2 bottles of water from a bartender wearing a baseball cap and a wife beater. She looked like she was dressed to run errands at the grocery store. He tipped her $3 for the alcohol. And she had the nerve to demand more tip! It?s standard to tip for alcohol but not water. It?s not like she did any work for the freaking water! Anyway, he explained to her that he tipped her for the alcoholic beverages. And she said, no, you need to give me $2 more. And she refuses to give him his ID and credit card back until he gives her more money. (Which is illegal, by the way.) At this point our friend comes along and he?s trying to convince her to be reasonable and finally he gives in and gives her $2 more, which he totally shouldn?t have. And she throws back my fiance?s ID and credit card and tells him not to come back to her! What a biatch!!! At this point I?m really angry, so I tell her if she wants more tip she should show more cleavage! So she asks the bouncer to throw us out. As if we would stay after being treated like that! It?s just so ridiculous. When did tip become expected and demanded rather than something you get for good service?! I must say that the other bartenders were nice and the bouncer was very nice and polite too. (He actually told us we could stay if we wanted to.) I don?t know why this crazy b*&%ch is allowed to drive away paying customers like this, except that she?s sleeping with the owner or something. I always imagined my first time being thrown out of a club to be for actually doing something bad like breaking a toilet, not for buying drinks and not tipping for water!! Pros: Paid parking lot Cons: Crazy bartenders who powertrip more

Don't ever go here unless you want to get harrassed by the manager! 12/2/2006

annak7146 Provided by Partner
First off, I went here beacause it was my friend's 25th birthday and everything was just fine in the beginning. Until i had to buy some drinks, i bought 4 drinks at the downstairs bar and already had a tab open so i expected to not find any trouble. I ordered my drinks and told the bartender to put it on my tab and then close it. She then tells me that i don't have a tab and leaves to talk to the manager. She then comes back and asks for my name again and AGAIN says that they don't have my tab..shes looks to the manager and the manager looks at me and shakes her head...saying that she doesn't have my bank card and drivers license..even though i just gave it to the manager 15 mins ago. I'm absolutely shocked by this and all i can do is stand there being shocked! They then find my card and id and hand me the bill...of course at this point i am absolutely irate and i leave them a $3 tip...the manager looks at the bill and says" YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!"..and she walks away. I am AGAIN shocked by this behavior from these bartenders and ask her for my bank card and ID back...she says "NO". So then i take it to the next level and go outside and get a security guard to come with me to get my card back. The security guard went with me to the bar and asks the manager to give my card and ID back and she gives it back to me then says" I KNOW YOUR NAME NOW, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO THIS CLUB ANYMORE!!!" So i told her that i would never want to come back to this club if i am going to be treated this way and i walked away. Next thing you know i walk away and see my boyfriend and tell him what had happend to me and he is completely appalled, then the security guard who helped get my card back came up to me and said that the manager wanted to kick me out and that i needed to go. I was absolutely disgusted that this manager was being a complete biatch because she treated me badly she wanted to kick me out. Basically I am telling you to NEVER go to this club! Cons: RUDE AND DISGUSTING BARTENDERS AND MANAGER!! more

FRIDAY NIGHTS 11/29/2006

lokiikol Provided by Partner
A huge group of my friends went here last Friday and it was AMAZING! The smell of the wood burning fireplaces is such a great replacement for the usual stinky Hollywood dance floor at a place this PACKED! The upstairs offers a relief from the crowd, but is still only steps away from the upper bar. The bathrooms are clean (LADIES you'll appreciate them). The crowd is trendy and HOT! The male/female ratio is pretty even..slightly male dominant (LADIES will appreciate this as well). After breaking a sweat on the dance floor, my friends and I went upstairs and parked at a table along the wall to chill and talk with the HOT Danish Hip-Hop Dancers that have made themselves regulars here on Friday nights (THE MONKEY BAR). Security is tight, and is guest list only, so if you're invited - DON'T PASS IT UP! This is my new Friday Night Hot Spot! Pros: exciting, eye-candy, atmosphere, dancing, can be hype or chill (downstairs, upstairs) Cons: Parking - Valet or street, loud more

Fun depends on what night you go 11/16/2006

elsa52 Provided by Partner
First time I went to Nacional was on a Saturday night about 4 months ago hosted by groove society. It was soooooo crowded it made it hard to dance. Not only was it hard to dance but hard to move. There was a good mix of people. Then i went back about a month ago and the place was dead! No a cricket in sight! At least I had room to dance but no one to dance with. You should check to see if any promotion companies are hosting an even there before you go. Cover was decent. Drinks were priced fairly about 7-10 bucks a drink although it took a while to get. Its not very big but the decor is really nice,fireplace down stairs and theres a second floor with a patio for all you smokers. Good place to go with a group of friends. Pros: When its poppin its poppin Cons: When its aint it aint more

the bartender had to ask! 10/24/2006

saiwue Provided by Partner
it was baddd...i asked for a french martini, and the bartender asked me what's in it. so i went ahead and changed it to a mojito...and she's like we're all out. and then i asked for an apple martini and it was sooo bad it didn't even get to finish it. i went to the downstairs bar and asked for another french martini...and she made me a drink with like cranberry and vodka...! which is not what a french martini should be... they also played bad 80's music by the end of the night, which basically did it for most people. people started leaving at like friend HAD to go ask the dJ to change the music coz it was dead dead DEAD. Pros: cozy...and had an indoor smoke area... Cons: drinks and music - THUMBS DOWN more

Still kickin' after all these years.... 7/19/2006

eric2019 Provided by Partner
Dang, I was surprised at how many bad reviews I've read. I won't deny that some of the things mention are true but despite some wear and tears, it't ain't that bad. My experiences are limited to Monday Night Social. I've been going to Monday Social for years now and followed it over to Nacional although I have gone to Nacional before Monday Social came by. Yes, the drinks are expensive but again, this is Hollywood and I dare you to find a cheap drink in this part of town. Alas, I rarely venture out on weekends to the bars - just too much hassle so I tend to go during the weekdays. Haven't been that bad of an experience for me but to each their own. Pros: Nice decor Cons: the usual "Hollywood" people.... more

AVOID 6/24/2006

mvpgal Provided by Partner
I totally agree with the last reviewer. The first and last time I'll go, the music sucked sooo bad I didn't even get in the whole club mood and I for one love to dance and have a good time. The DJ mixed in 80's music with a couple of sec's of hip hop. The dance floor is small and it's more of a lets stand around and talk to strangers atmosphere. BAD BAD BAD. NACIONAL please get rid of your DJ more

Surprisingly bad 2/11/2006

westwoodguy Provided by Partner
I'd heard great things so recently went on a Friday night. Really young, under dressed crowd. DJ was truly awful. Had a 60+ minute rock block, and even through in Cindy Laper at the end. What? Dance club? Cool ambiance and venue, just poor crowd and truly BAD music. Pros: Fireplaces, Dark decor, Lounge feel Cons: Awful (!) music, Unimpressive crowd, Small dance floor more

Taken Advantage Of 11/14/2005

madning Provided by Partner
Be careful! I got ripped off by the bartenders. I was charged $52.00 for 2 drinks and a shot. When I went back to ask for a credit, they told me they already swiped the card and can't void it. They said they would give me some free drinks next time I came back, but they never offered their names or took mine. I called management, and they didn't care about what happened. more

You call this a club 10/30/2005

southcacalaca Provided by Partner
I had to double check to make sure this was indeed the "club" I went to recently. It is a very small place & the decor is simply ONE or TWO big size Cuban pictures. That does not qualify as decor!! Very small dance floor. I went on Mon night social which is electronica. The crowd was a lot of "regulars." It's hard to find electronic music in LA, so this was kind of enjoyable. However, the music was pretty chill & hardly anyone dances. Just normal looking people, but we did talk to quite a few. Pros: couches upstairs Cons: no dance floor, disappointing decor more

RUDE bouncer 10/15/2005

tyoungcha Provided by Partner
we waited for 1.5hrs to get in even we were on the list. It was pouring outside but the bouncer didn't seem to care if anyone else in line got wet. They seems to have the "hollywood" attitude. ... unless you know people there..good luck getting into the place , unless you try to get with the bouncer!!!! Cons: rudeness, bouncer rude, rude doorman more
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