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Insight Homes - Bridgeville, DE
Insight Homes - Bridgeville, DE
Insight Homes - Bridgeville, DE


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The house is fine and the issues I had seem to be resolved but the Hawthorne community HOA is really too restrictive, even doing outside landscaping like planting flowers, sodding...

Horrendous sales technique 10/13/2017

I just called Insight Builders to inquire about two of their home models. The sales rep who answered the phone was rude and feigned phone distortion when I asked to speak to someone else. After reading these reviews and especially the unhelpful and unapologetic responses, I think the rep did me a favor by being a jerk. more
Owner response
Owner response 10/13/2017
Dear Guest, we are horrified to hear about your phone experience and would like to instantly get to the bottom of this. As you can see, you posted today and we are reacting immediately. This is a very big deal. Firstly, we apologize. Secondly, we have never received feedback like this so we cannot point towards a "repeat offender". Please provide us the number you called and approximate time and that should tell us which employee you spoke with. Also, if you could tell us what information you were looking for our sales manager can immediately provide that information. Again, we apologize for your experience and are very anxious to nail down the offender and take steps such as retraining, reprimanding and possible termination. Thank you in advance.

Guest 9/24/2017

There is a guy on here named Joe that gives insight 5 stars and leaves hie number. Since I was considering purchasing an Insight home and naturally alarmed by the bad reviews I called his number. No one answers that number nor returns your calls. I can only assume that this Joe is either a business associate of Insight's owner, possibly friend or relative. Either way you won't get any feedback in calling that number so I decided to stay clear of Insight based on the other negative complaints. I don't feel like spending a lot of money for a new money pit. more
Owner response
Owner response 10/13/2017
Dear Guest - We see that the name listed in this review is Mr. "Joe Dicellis". We have searched our database and he is indeed a customer who purchased a home from Insight Homes and is not related or associated with anyone from our company. Regarding your "money pit" comment, we would love the opportunity to show you otherwise or to ask you to do more research before purchasing. Insight Homes in Delaware (not AZ) is literally praised for just the opposite. The materials and methods we employ are literally class leading and envied by many builders throughout the country. We recently hosted an event in Rehoboth, Delaware where 15 other builders flew in from all around the country to learn more about our unique process and techniques. We sell based on verifiable facts and not fluff. If you would like set up an appointment at one of our science centers, we will be happy to have our building scientist walk you through and show you all the things that allow our homes to cost so little to operate and maintain. Please send an email to - If you would like to research a bit more, before reaching out, please visit

HOA Too Restricting 6/14/2017

The house is fine and the issues I had seem to be resolved but the Hawthorne community HOA is really too restrictive, even doing outside landscaping like planting flowers, sodding the back yard that they didn't do or any other nonstructural change needs to be approved by the HOA and they charge a $35 fee for this service, seems like I'm living in prison. If I had to do it over I would find another community. The original HOA rules were changed when they hired a new firm which the residents didn't have a vote in. more
Owner response
Owner response 6/15/2017
Many Insight customers are retiring to Southern Delaware from areas where HOAs are not very common. In many of those areas, the local government enforces certain restrictions on what can and can't be done to your home. This is not the case with the local government in Southern Delaware. In turn, HOAs are necessary in order to ensure a neighborhood that every homeowner is comfortable being part of. It is not uncommon for things like landscaping to be controlled due to the community's planned drainage and Sussex County's unique soil needs.

Read BBB Complaints 3/31/2017

I was considering Insight Homes until I came across complaints lodged by customers or potential customers with the Better Business Bureau. On one complaint, Insight refused to return a 5000 deposit from a customer on a potential lot after not disclosing to them that a gringing station for the community was going to partially sit on four lots. The depositor was one of the lots. The other complaint regarding roof caps blowing off and Insight not addressing it is very disturbing. While they claim to build a better home perhaps they should build better customer relations. The BBB complaints were all relatively recent, from 2014 through 2016. There are also a number of complaints on line that tell me that these problems are not isolated incidents. more
Owner response
Owner response 6/15/2017
Insight Homes is one of the largest builders in the nation. Currently, we are in the top 200 out of approximately 36,000 home builders. In turn, we sell to a very large number of customers compared to other area builders. As any business will tell you, a small % of customers are unreasonable and can never be pleased. We are happy to report that we are able to satisfy many of this "difficult to please group", however that still leaves a customer here or there that would be considered unreasonable and unsatisfiable. We are a BBB accredited entity and are proud of our BBB "A" rating.

RUN RUN ! 3/18/2016

Buying this house was a mistake, if i was to sale this house one year after purchase i would take over 100,000 $ loss. This is a slam up box, with good windows and high end heat pump. There is no craftsmanship at all, greedy builder,slimy sales people,good marketing, thats it. I would like to say low taxes will never cover the problems. This is just my opinion more
Owner response
Owner response 6/15/2017
Insight Homes takes the construction of the home very seriously and has been awarded accordingly, including multiple Regal Awards for Best House in Delaware. We are confident that any customer who does their research before buying a home, will find your claims baseless. Our awards, accolades, and customer testimonials speak for themselves.



joe dicellis 1/14/2016


bogus work 8/12/2015

Dicellis — 5 starI cannot get any one at your company to fix this large puddle on my new front porch concerned customer I can post some pictures call me more
Owner response
Owner response 8/18/2015
Insight Homes holds itself to meet or exceed the National Home Builders Association Home Building Guidelines. Insight Homes had their building scientist and concrete contractor meet with the customer on 8/11/14 at 10:30am to measure for and illustrate the NAHB guidelines. Due to concern that portion of construction may have fallen below NAHB standards, Insight Homes' Vice President was also on the premises at that time to provide further verification that all guidelines were met or exceeded. At that time last year, the customer understood, agreed and the issue was closed out in our systems.

This is a better house? 3/1/2015

During the winter 2013-2014, seven Insight homes in our community had issues with frozen water lines into their Rinnai tankless hot water system. Why? Because the geniuses at Insight directed Schagrin Gas, the installer, to place the Rinnai on the interior garage wall but mere inches away from an exterior garage wall which in many cases were not insulated. Result: when we experienced a cold spell, the water lines going into and out of the Rinnai froze, rendering the homeowner without hot water until the line was heated and the ice cleared. One model of Insight's, the Frank, the Rinnai was actually mounted on an exterior garage wall which was not insulated. One would reasonably think that a builder claiming to build better houses would go back to the drawing board and re-position the Rinnai further inward to alleviate the freezing. During the recent cold spell during this winter,2014-2015, at least 5 homeowners in our community again experienced the frozen Rinnai lines and Insight sent an e-mail entitled "Dear Homeower, Our building experts want you to kno (sic), shut it" detailing steps to prevent frozen water lines. The e-mail concludes that there is only a "0.1667%" chance of frozen lines happening. Someone at Insight needs to check their facts. During the summer 2014, a disgruntled Insght customer who could not get Insight to fix numerous problems incurred during the construction of his home, went to the extraordinary effort of creating a website detailing his issues with Insight. The site was called "itsjustabadhouse." Insight took the individual to Chancery Court in New Castle County (not Sussex County) seeking to shut the website down. The defendent who was only looking to get the problems with his house fixed took the site down voluntarily when Insight finally agreed to do the right thing. Buyer beware. more
Owner response
Owner response 7/23/2015
Hello - I would like to add clarification to this topic. Approximately 80% of all Insight Homes' customers come from areas where basements are very common. Since Insight's communities are close to the beach (areas with higher water tables), basements are not super common within our homes. In turn, hot water heater systems are placed in the garage area. Our average customer is >60 years old and from regions that are 2-4 hours away. They are not used to living without a basement. Those who are used to this situation know to take precautions on record breaking cold evenings in order to avoid broken pipes. This involves things like keeping your faucet on at a slow drip. Since we know most of our customers would be surprised with this, we choose to use the more expensive Manabloc/PEX plumbing delivery system. This way if a pipe does become frozen, it WILL NOT break. None of our customers have ever experienced a broken pipe. In order to remind our customers of how this system works and what they can do if their pipes become frozen, an email was sent. The 0.1167% referenced in the email was a way of explaining how unlikely the event is. It it was based on the amount of time you may have to spend manually defrosting the one water line that can be affected. While we could have explained the % better, we stand behind our choice of systems as any builder will tell you it is the class leading methodology.

High Price for Cheap House 4/25/2014

Insight hired incompetent laborers and did not supervise them. They built our home using the cheapest of all building materials, and we've been replacing everything a little at a time. We've paid, and continue to pay, a high price for what we thought was a reasonably priced house. You name it, we've had problems with it (and we've only been in the home for five years or so). Calling them back for repairs was a nightmare: sloppy workmanship, cheap paint, cheap carpet, cracking concrete, bad patio, ruined crawlspace, fading shutters, cheap hardware, a real money pit! I think they work with Schell Bros. now. Please avoid Insight Homes in any form, or you'll be sorry. more
Owner response
Owner response 8/18/2015
Hello. This is completely opposite of what Insight Homes has received all of its awards for. We are concerned that this is a false account or a competitor making false statements.

ready to implode 1/1/2014

Insight claims to have built 85 homes in 2011 and 200+ in 2012. Rapid growth without competent employees providing oversight of cheap, unsupervised labor is a formula for disaster. Rumored to have been removed from Windstone on Cave Neck Rd because of faulty foundations.Poured foundations rather than block foundations get done quicker and save labor costs but don't stand up. In my development, I've seen footings poured on a rainy afternoon and next morning, the forms were set up and the foundation poured less than 24 hours after the footings. You don't have to be Bob Villa to know concrete needs to cure. Wall panels are not set squarely on the foundations. Their sub-contractors have no regard for the communities in which the homes are being built. Their equipment is leaking oil on development roads and they drive over common areas and the stormwater management system. I've seen one downspout handing 75% of the roof's rainwater and it's deposited right next to the foundation. Haste makes waste. Get them built fast, promise the homeowner a warranty and then give them a hard time to get things fixed. A good business plan if you want to maximize profits and leave the homeowner and the community holding the bag. Insight can't even get it's message on the energy efficiency of their homes correct. The owner claims he builds one of the most energy efficient homes in the country. Their website says their homes are in the top 1% and signs in some of the developments they build in read "the most energy efficient home in the country." He may put in a good heating & cooling system and some of the features may be upgrades compared to other production builders, but you have to be concerned about the poor workmanship. 6 homes built in our community have had appliances stolen from them during construction demonstrating their lack of on site oversight. Last week we saw 2 asphalt driveways layed when the air temperature didn't get above 38. more
Owner response
Owner response 8/26/2015
Owning a better built homes seems to be at the top of people's list. In turn, Insight Homes has experienced rapid growth. The rapid growth did tax our customer communication in the year of 2013, however the building process was never compromised an ounce. In May of 2014, a 5-star customer service initiative was launched and since that time we consistently rank at the very top of all builders for customer satisfaction. The Windstone rumor is just that. We are not the owners of the community and it has been and is still plagued with problems including a clubhouse that has been delayed for years. Your description of poured foundation versus block illustrates a lack of building knowledge. So with that being said, I will refrain from discussing building techniques with you except to state that we are universally known as the reference. Regarding stolen appliances. There was a crime ring that Insight worked with police to set up a sting and caught the individuals. It was well documented in local newspapers.
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