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Evolution The Green Room Salon


442 Atlantic Avenue
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(718) 222-2977
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I've been going to Evolution for the last 5 years and walk out looking beautiful every time I go. Natasha is a true professional and spends time getting to know and understand he...


Before reading my review below, please re-read the headline and know that I am only giving Evolution two (2) stars because of the PRICES charged at this salon. I have been goin...

The Best!!! 9/27/2011

I've been going to Evolution for the last 5 years and walk out looking beautiful every time I go. Natasha is a true professional and spends time getting to know and understand her clients needs and preferences. All of the stylist there are talented and professional. When I leave Natasha, people stop me on the street to comment on my hair and when my friends come to town I always tell them to go there. What makes it great is that they take their time and shampoo your hair based on your hair needs (different types of shampoo and treatments) and style your hair in a way that will look great on you. The salon is beautiful and has a great atmosphere. The women that go there are also cool, adding to the total experience. more

Hair and Nail Experts 9/9/2011

My first visit to Evolution - I was stepping away from my normal stylist... eager for a fresher cut and with hair crying for moisture, after I allowed someone to apply a different relaxer than I was used to to my hair at a Dominican salon while I was out of state. I consulted with Sharntai - who was careful not overprocess my hair; gave me an amazing color glaze and a remarkable cut. I left Evolution feeling and looking like a million bucks. That was in July 2009... I have been to Evolution every week since then; like clockwork. I appreciate Evolution because Sharntai, and Missoni, the nail technician, are artists. All I have to do is explain my mood or the event I'm going to later that evening, and they create the matching look. Sharntai can do funky, conservative, and fancy... without thinking twice. She just knows hair. Missoni will ask me how I'm feeling and give me a couple of options; and I'm still in awe of how well she gets her clients - their needs and their personalities. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else in New York for hair... no matter whose chair you're in (I'm always admiring the other stylist's work)... you will leave 100% satisfied. While the prices are steep, I think the quality matches it. (Also a wash, blow, curl only costs $45 - more if you have longer hair.... that's beyond reasonable for what you get at Evolution.) I wouldn't trust a cheaper salon to give me a chemical treatment just to save a few bucks - here I feel they are real professionals and they care about the HEALTH of your mane. Give it a try... I'm sure you'll be hooked like me. more

Best Professional Salon 9/8/2011

I have been to Evolution a few times and I must compliment them on their professionalism and respect for a client's time. \r \r As soon as you enter the salon, you feel more relaxed. From the fresh flowers at the door, to the color scheme of the salon, it gives you the feeling that your business is appreciated. \r \r My last visit at Evolution was with Natasha. I was at my wits end with transitioning my hair and was ready for the big chop. She listened to me and understood exactly what I wanted. I was soooo pleased with my cut at the end. \r \r Although some may say that the prices are a bit steep, it is well worth the services that are provided! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a salon where they understand how to care for natural hair and most importantly have respect for your time! more

Great Ambiance 8/30/2011

The first time I went to Evoultion I was blown away by the atmosphere. As soon as I walked in, I was offered a glass of water or tea. The tea was served with raw sugar and a vast assortment of teas to choose from was offered. The water was crisp and served with a slice a lemon. As I waited to be served, their was a large variety of magazines to read. The products used on my hair were invigorating and uniquely designed just for my hair type. Conversations between stylists were at an extreme low, their were no interuptions of cell phones, and the stylists seemed to be very concerned with the condition of your hair. I forgot to mention that my wait to be seen was under 10 mins. When make an appointment, you are seen almost immediately, not like at the doctors office! Try it! I assure that you would want to come back. It was a little pricey for my pockets because I usually do my hair myself or leta friend do it, but its worth the treat. Treat yourself and your hair well. You""ll feel better and more confident in your appearance. I know I do !!! more

This is the place to go for talented stylists in Brooklyn! 8/28/2011

I have been a customer at Evolution for a little over three years (and go twice a month). The stylists are very talented, create a relaxing environment, and have always maintained a professional environment. For the last year, I have transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair (without cutting out the relaxed hair, which is a very delicate process). Tiffany and Jess have been magnificent at helping me manage this process with the appropriate treatments, cuts, and home hair care products. I highly recommend this shop and will personally continue to support this local business. more

If Haircare is what you crave, then look no further! 8/26/2011

My hair and I have had an adversarial relationship since my mother decided to let me do my own hair at 16 - to be fair, this was after I lied to my aunt by telling her my mother was okay with me getting a relaxer :). So after several years of going through the battle of the relaxers, braids, texturizers, weaves, and curly perms (yes, I went there, y'all); I decided to rock a short and natural fade (to which I have received plenty of compliments); but I still had a problem with finding hair care professionals that could really care for my hair the way that satisfied. If they were great stylists, they lacked in hair care skills. If they were wonderful hair care specialists, they couldn't style worth a damn. So there in laid the problem -- until Tasha Paul and Evolution Green Room Salon.\r \r I saw a woman with fierce haircut that practically shone in the sunshine (I know this sounds corny, but that's EXACTLY what it looked like). I asked her where she got her hair done and she told me about Tasha and her salon. Imagine my surprise when she told me that her hair was natural, but blown out and flat-ironed NOT relaxed! I RAN, not walked, to a consultation. After meeting and discussing with Tasha my haircare goals and experiencing the salon's chill vibe, I decided to give this place a chance. One of the first styles Tasha gave me was a FIERCE blonde mohawk that looked great either straight or natural. I had so many compliments it was actually worth the sticker shock. \r \r So to make a long story even longer: I've been a customer of Tasha and Evolution Green Room Salon for 6 to 7 years. I've even left for a while because I thought it was too expensive, but after going to other salons and having them undo ALL of the work that Tasha had put into my hair (not only did Tasha groomed my hair to grow long; it grew thick and STRONG); I realized that no amount of money can replace the value of healthy, beautiful hair. The salon is a peaceful respite from a hectic world and schedule. There's no gossiping, no bickering and none of the bad attitudes that one usually experience in less professional salons. They value your time, so when you walk in the door at your appointed time, someone is usually there giving you a robe, offering you a drink (water or tea) and placing you in seat for a hair wash. \r \r Of course, I've experienced some growing pains with the Salon. They have rules that I, as a former customer of less professional salons, was not used to; but I have learned that it is to maximize your complete and overall salon experience. And I have since learned to navigate my way through them: by having a standing appointment MONTHS in advance; by making sure that I call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel my appointments; understanding that if I know I'm going there during a time when parking will be non-existent, take the train (but I do make sure that my standing appointments are during optimal parking time); and by budgeting my money for my haircare (they use all organic products, y'all, so what do you expect?). Let's just say they have me well trained. I love this place and now I'm the chick with the flowing, glossy hair that shines when the sun/light hits it. Take the advice in the spirit it is given: Sister to Sister: ""Go and get your haircare on!"" more

Respect for Time 8/25/2011

I can't go anywhere without someone asking me where do I get my done. People ask me at work, on the subway or on the street. I think people ask because Tiffany does an excellent job. She is committed to the health of my hair, but most importantly Tiffany and the entire staff at Evolution the Green Room Salon have respect for my time. They honor my appointments and I never have to wait. This is the first time I have ever experienced this at a salon. In the end, I have great healthy hair in a short period of time. I am extremely grateful for the service. more

BIG CHOP <3 8/22/2011

I love this salon as they were there for me when i decided to go natural. I had spent 8 months growing out my relaxer and went in for a consol with Tiffany. she took time to look at my hair and let me know the process and what was best. I set my appointment for the day before my 28th birthday! i went in and she washed and conditioned and tlc to my hair! I sat in the chair and she showed me how short she needed to cut it and asked it i was ready. when i said yes lets do it, she started the chop. my lil fro turned out so great and i cant thank them enuff for everything! i plan on going back really soon to get a trim and to blow it out because my hair is now down to my shoulders (curly) IF you are trying to go natural and want to do the big chop i recommend them for that first step. SHe also have me products that would help and showed me how to style my hair fo rthe time being! As for the pricing you get what you pay for.. if you want a 20 dollar shampoo blow and flat iron this isnt the place. if you want TLC with your hair and think of it as an investment then this is the place! my hair is my investment and im glad i invested well!!! more

Great Salon at a VERY HIGH Price 8/22/2011

Be very mindful of the positive reviews about this salon, the owner sent emails to her entire distribution list asking them to write positive reviews in exchange for a discount on services.\r \r I have been a regular at this salon for over 3 years. \r \r The salon is very clean, the staff is very professional. For the most part they are respectful of your time, and they are skilled stylists. There isnt a bunch of , loud talking, gossiping and the like. You will be greeted warmly offered a beverage and within 10 - 15 minutes you will be prepped for your service. They use some of the best products for your hair and they are really knowledgeable about how to maintain the health and strength of your hair. You will walk out of there looking great, but your pockets will be very light!! \r \r This place is all about the money !! You have to leave a credit card to make an appointment and if you are late or cancel they will charge you for the treatment! But if they are late or cancel --- you get nothing! \r \r Be prepared to come up with some bills if you go to this salon. The prices are very high!! You could spend $230 just for a relaxer, trim and conditioning treatment. You can find all of the products on-line and do the treatments at home yourself. One of the reviewers hit it on the nose when she said if you can buy a bottle of the conditioner for $40-50 why should you pay the same amount to use a fraction of the the product.\r \r I struggle with why I need to pay so much more, so I am looking for another salon. I just cant justify spending $75 for a weekly wash, when my hair does'nt look much different than when I go to the dominican salons for $25.\r \r This is a great salon, just be prepared to spend a small fortune on your hair!! more

Save your money, go elsewhere! 8/20/2011

The salon is very nice, but it is extremely overpriced! Not worth it! more

Best Salon Ever!! 8/19/2011

From the moment I made the appointment I was impressed with their impeccable customer service. What really impressed was the short wait. I was out in less than 2 hours!! Unheard of for all the other black owned salons I have visited over the past years. The staff was really friendly. My stylist (Jhiovanna?) was very gently and the guy who washed my hair too. FYI: I am very tender headed and I did not leave with a headache, which is very rare for me. Anyway, back to my stylist, she is very talented and I cannot believe she got my hair to look the way it did. Not every body can cut hair and she is very skilled in that. The salon is pricy, but worth every penny. They specialize in all types of hair which is what I was looking for since I am transitioning from a relaxer to natural. I also liked the fact that they were very supportive of my decision to go back to my natural hair and they did not try to push a relaxer off on me. Oh, and finally, they use the best products available. more

Jhavuanna is the BEST(please read this review to learn more) 8/19/2011

Before reading my review below, please re-read the headline and know that I am only giving Evolution two (2) stars because of the PRICES charged at this salon. I have been going to this salon for a little over a year now. Here are the PROS: 1) The staff is friendly and the assistants are great -I especially love Vanessa; 2) the salon is warm and inviting; 3) they respect your time; and 4) without question...Jhavuanna is the BEST. She is personable, knowledgeable, a true artist when it comes to styling. Upon my first visit to the salon and my consultation with Jhavuanna, I was comfortable enough to allow her to color and CUT my hair (I normally need to observe a stylist's work for at least a 5-6 visits (if that) before you can put any chemicals or scissors in my head!) Needless to say, the results were AMAZING. I have been to many salons where the stylists and assistants use a ""one size fits all"" approach to using products. That is not the case at Evolution. They will definitely consult with you and monitor the state of your hair before determining which products to use. My hair feels and looks very healthy after leaving Jhavuanna's chair. The downside to this salon is without question the PRICE. I invest in my hair and typically get it done once a week-sometimes twice (not always at Evolution). I don't mind investing in quality products for home hair maintenance or use at other salons. I will spend the money if something is worth it. The problem that I have with Evolution is with the owner blatantly overcharging customers. I purchased a JAR of a deep conditioner from the salon for $50 because I felt that it worked wonders on my hair. The next time that I went to the salon for that same deep conditioning treatment, I paid $35 for ONE (1) treatment application....YOU DO THE MATH...!!! Why charge $35 for one handful of a product, when the entire product itself is only worth $50. There is no reason for the deep conditioning treatments to cost SO much. I?m a business woman so I understand the need to recoup overhead costs?but come on?.! The owner should review this feedback and think about her clientele?.$35-50 for one treatment application on top of the $45 wash/blow/curl fee is a bit ridiculous. I enjoy the salon and don't mind paying for good service, but I truly think that if you want to keep your LOYAL customers and maintain repeat business, then Evolution?s owner should reevaluate pricing. Bottom line?.I love my stylist, like the salon, and hate feeling taken advantage of at the end of the day! more

Almost had me fooled 8/12/2011

I started going to this salon over a year and a half ago. I had been dealing with so many other salons where I felt unappreciated as a customer: my appointment time meant nothing, spending upwards from 5 hours in the salon for a wash and set, the wash bowl not being cleaned before my being asked to lay my head back into it, stylists that weren't knowledgeable about how to care for my hair type. It was refreshing to walk into Evolution and have the fore mentioned traits not be the norm. I've gone to this salan at least 3 times a month and sometimes even as often as twice a week. This is a bit tough because this is definitely not a cheap salon. A wash and deep condition costs me ~$85 and a relaxer ~$190. Since my first visit Jhavuanna has been the only person I've allowed to touch my hair. She's a wonderful, diverse stylist, always perky and funny but never losing focus on the client she has in front of her. I have never once been disappointed by her. I've been less than impressed by several of the assistants they've had in the past but I must say that Jessica and Vanessa are quite fabulous themselves. And although I've never received any services from Misoni, she is by far the most personable person in the salon. Now being that I'm such a regular customer, imagine my surprise when I called today to reschedule an appointment for 9am tomorrow and was told I would be charged for the services since technically it wasn't 24 hours in advance. (background: I called at 9am: no answer. Called back at 11am when I was told this. In the same sentence the receptionist said they didn't get into the salon until 10am today. This confused me because how can you hold someone to a 24hr cancellation policy when you're not even around 24hrs prior?). This has certainly put a bad taste in my mouth for this salon and was a bit shocking considering that just two days ago I received an email from the owner (Natasha) asking customers to post reviews of the salon here on CitySearch. I've had several smaller issues in the past. I've also had several people that I've personally referred to the salon stop going because of bad customer service experiences. This was a bit like the straw that broke the camel's back. I love my stylist Jhavuanna but customer service is extremely important to me. It's the primary reason I begun going to this salon in the first place. I can't see myself paying my money at the high prices they charge and the customer service is not up to basic standards. So they can charge me for the services I was supposed to receive tomorrow but that just might be the last money they receive from me. more

a true oasis for your hair 8/10/2011

A good friend told me about Evolution the Green Room. I have natural hair and they specialize in natural and organic products. My stylist left my previous salon - Time, so the 'timing' was perfect. The entire staff are warm and friendly. I feel that they care about my hair and take the time to ensure my hair stays healthy. Some salons use products across the board for everyone, but here, they treat the needs of your hair type and use products specific to it. They are located near downtown Brooklyn - next to Macys and Dallas BBQ, so you can shop, eat and get your hair done! 3 vices women love! BUT, i wouldn't limit Evolution to just women, men, you can pamper your coif too! I'm not a 'hairnista' but i appreciate when i get my hair done, i feel good about the natural, healthy products that are being used. My stylist is great! I hope Evolution continues to do great business and stays in my neighborhood! more

evolution not a good place to go 5/27/2011

I went to the evolution salon to do my hair today because i taught i was a good hair salon the only thing they do is rip people off it is crazy to charge so much for a hair cut and a perm when you don’t really get a hair cut they just trim your hair. and as for styling they don’t know how too more

Amazing Service and Quality 2/15/2011

Last week I went to Evolution the Green Room Salon to resolve my hair woes. I walked in with shoulder length, overprocessead, and dry hair. However, I walked out with a striking red bob. I received an excellent Mizani Butter blend touch up and red glaze. All of the employees at the salon are warm, friendly, and very professional. If you need a treat for the New Year or a pick me up definitely go to Evolution the Green Room Salon. more

Horrible, Horrible, Experience- STAY AWAY 12/26/2010

Worst hair experience ever!! Came in for after-braid maintenance. Salon,s owner over processed my hair and within a week my hair was breaking and falling out. Hair that was once mid-back is now about an inch long. With her hands in my head, salon owner was constantly on the phone, coordinating child- care and pickup as well as her weekend plans. She also ""forgot"" that she had not finished my hair. 3/4 through the visit she decided she had something better to do and had someone else finish my hair. The entire visit took 6 hours( too much time). Extremely unprofessional, over priced and based on the condition on my hair, incompetent. My follow-up stylist at another salon who has been rehab-ing my hair is horrified. The only thing they did do right was give a nice cut, but since my hair fell out anyway it was a waste. I spent ten years growing my hair only to have them wreck it in one day. Would not recommend to my worst enemy. Stay away. more

Good Service 10/3/2010

A Great Place to Go. Good service.!!! more

Love it 3/18/2010

Great place i go there in about once a month - they are always super nice and I leave feeling shiny and new. Pros: nice and friendly Cons: not the most affordable more

Amazing Salon Experience 1/1/2010

I just moved to New York, and I was desperately seeking a hair salon to maintain my hair. I just moved from atlanta, and one thing we have down pack in the south is customer service skills. I've tried different salons in brooklyn and in the city of course, places I felt can manage my hair. (I have alot of hair), but I would constantly get disappointed. However, I was refered to this salon by a friend of a friend. I was amazingly surprise, when I got there I was greeted right away, I sat down with Natasha (The owner) which at first I did not know was the owner because she was just so cool and down to earth. Natasha is not only beautiful on outside, but exudes beauty from the inside, she is also an amazingly knowleable and gifted stylist, and she gave me an in dept consultation. I was so impressed, when I thought things couldn't get better, then I was offered a tea service by her warm and friendly staff and then to top it of I recieved the most amazing hair wash and treatment. I sat back and enjoyed my service and observed how great all the stylist where, the atmoshpere and at that point I new I found my home.........The prices are pretty expensive, but you do get what you pay for and the way I read that last review and I also got a mani/pedi, eyebrow wax, and lip wax.....not only was the mani/pedi amazing and Miryam the(nail tech) extremely effecient, the waxing room was clean and the spa area was extremely sanitary. I've been to many salons and this place really impressed me( I'm very hard to please).\r \r Thank you Evolution for bringing back that old school customer service........ Pros: Customer service, clean and inviting atmosphere. Cons: Parking on the weekdays, not a problem on weekends. more
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