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2438 W Anderson Ln C3
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(512) 236-8645
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Ecoclean - Austin, TX


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Ecoclean is an amazing dry cleaning! It's the ONLY dry cleaners in Texas that doesn't use perk. There was a period of time in which their service was awful but the past couple o...


I have been a customer of Ecomat for many years, and up until recently I have always loved their cleaning service. I brought in a very expensive duvet cover ($410) that Ecomat has...

Eco? Doesn't matter, DAMAGED my clothes. 5/4/2010

Unbelieveable- horrible. This place is EXPENSIVE- and they return your clothes DAMAGED. I dropped off my 'formal gown' and they charged $22 for it. I picked it up. Found out the buttons ALL RIPPED OFF and HOLES in the fabric where the buttons used to be. I took it back. I was told the manager (Monica) would call. I called. Then I called 2X for the manager (Monica). You know what she had to say? No way the cleaner is responsible for this damage. This process was done in a 'net'. I am furious they damaged my dress. I am furious how they conduct business. I am furious how she didn't return my phone call bc she was 'in a meeting all day' and never received my messages. I don't care what you do, you need to acknowledge there is a problem and you need to fix it----- She said she'll talk to the owner. I am still waiting... NO FOLLOW UP. I am reporting this to the BBB. I going to make sure customers are treated DECENTLY and PROPERLY by EcoClean Austin. We have to be protected by these places, I am completely shocked with the manager's response! What are we supposed to do with our clothes if we can't wash it at home? In an economy like this, you would think businesses would strive for quality and fantastic customer service to keep their buisness running--not to mention, keep their jobs. Cons: Damaged my dress, poor customer service more

Disappointed in their appreciation 12/7/2009

I had been a customer to Eco Cleaners since I moved to Austin in 2007. I was indeed impressed with their services. Nothing too special, but you get what you pay for. Chemical free cleaned clothes. About 6 months ago my fiance and I, along with our 1 year old traveled to the West Coast for our first family vacation. Before we left, we sent our clothes in to be cleaned in May 2009. After returning to find our financial situation declined rapidly, we found ourselves having to budget and cut back on our spending. I called Eco and filled them in to let them know we want our stuff but its not top priority to pay for just yet. We were told ""no problem"" that they don't normally enforce any rules against customers who don't pick up clothing after the ready date. Then I call a couple months later. On the other end is an unapologetic manger stating they DONATED our rather expensive clothing to charity. They were not at liberty to tell me the name either so I could try to reclaim my property and wouldn't even tell me the date they gave my stuff away! Now its December 2009 and as our finance are worse, I found myself today thinking,""I wish I had my big comforter to curl under"", while I lay in bed at my sister in laws house in San Antonio. I admit, I'm rather pissed. I have given so much clothing to charity that at the time I need them, I don't have them. This business told me my stuff would be there when I had the money, they reassured me that my business was good and it was not a problem. That's what I'm pissed about. But at least somebody is warm tonight, snuggling in a King Sized, Victorian-style comforter. Mayvlbe it went to someone in more need of it than my son and I. more

Terrible Manager and Damaged Clothes 9/4/2009

I've been patroning EcoClean for about 1 and half years now, ever since I decided to make a concerted effort at ""going green."" The prices were much higher than other cleaners but what a small price to pay for protecting the environment and my body right? I talked many of my friends into changing dry cleaners as well, however, they soon began to complain to me of damage to their clothing. I, as a loyal customer, begged them to think about the overall goodness of this cleaners and to ignore the small damage. I bring ALL of my clothes to EcoClean and have not gone to any other dry cleaners in a year and a half. Of this I am sure. I do not black out for portions of the day and do things that I don't remember (I will explain this in a second). This being said, I recently pulled a $150 silk dress out of it's dry cleaning bag that I admit was sitting in my closet for maybe a couple of months since being cleaned at EcoClean. When I went to hang it up in a different part of my closet, I noticed the back of the dress had been damaged. The back of the dress seemed to have been steamed too much or burned or something had been done to basically thin out the material in a large section making it see through. The dress is now unwearable as the damaged area is very noticeable. I figured there was some sort of time limit for reporting damage, however, I decided to take the dress back and show them in the hopes that they would show me some sort of good faith for ruining my dress ( I wasn't even expecting them to pay for the dress, just maybe a drycleaning credit). The manager wasn't in so I showed the damage to the gentleman working the counter (who looked in the system and found the dress was most likely laundered 3 months prior) and he left the dress and the note for the manager to call me on Monday. Let me also note that when I dropped off this dress I ALSO BROUGHT MORE CLOTHES TO BE DRYCLEANED. I received a phone call from the manager, MONICA, 5 days later. She starts the conversation with a severe attitude and begins to tell me what she thinks without giving me a second to explain, she had no desire to engage in a cordial dialogue. She rudely and matter of factly tells me that she looked through ALL of my history and that I NEVER HAD THE DRESS DRYCLEANED AT ECOCLEAN, she affirmatively TOLD ME that I had taken the dress somewhere else to have it drycleaned, and I quote ""I don't even know what you are claiming is damaged, because nothing is wrong with the dress.""!! I sat in silence for a bit in shock. a) why was this women speaking to me like this?, b) the nerve of someone to tell me what I did and did not do, c) is she blind? because that's the only way you wouldn't be able to see the damage, and d) why the hell was SHE mad?! I should be mad! Being a professional, I responded nicely and politely and tried to talk to her in a rational manner but she refused to engage me in a polite conversation. In other words, Monica was telling me either I'm a liar or I am crazy because a) there is no damage, and b) I never drycleaned the dress at EcoClean. The best part is, after we got off the phone, I opened the bag of clothes I picked up from them when I dropped off the dress (AND MORE CLOTHES) last week and to my green silk shirt HAD THE SAME DAMAGE!!! Here is the thing. If Monica would not have been so unbelievably rude, I would still have continued going to EcoClean even if they had declined to do anything due to the fact that too much time had passed since the drycleaning of the dress. I understand that accidents happen. I would have been disappointed but not furious. However, I will not put up with a rude unprofessional like MONICA. I am an honest person and a loyal customer and do not appreciate being spoken down to or spoken to in a condescending manner. EcoClean has not only lost my business but the business of my friends and colleagues all because of the rudeness of MONICA. Pros: Good for the environment Cons: Rude Manager, Damaged Clothes more

Great for the enviornment! 6/9/2009

Ecoclean is an amazing dry cleaning! It's the ONLY dry cleaners in Texas that doesn't use perk. There was a period of time in which their service was awful but the past couple of months have redeemed it completely of its prior problems. After switching owners it's apparent that the new owners finally have a rhythm down on how to effectively run ecoclean. It's worth the extra money to help save the environment and even yourself from health problems. more

Gotten Better 6/4/2009

As a loyal customer for years I have to admit that there was a period in time in which the customer service was awful. Recently it has gotten WAY better and now back to the high standard that I have. I love eco mat because I love my my health and the environment. more

Horrible customer service since new owner took over! 7/12/2008

I have gone to Eco-Clean (formerly eco-mat) for about 3 years. Recently they had someone new purchase the business and let me tell you customer service and care has completely changed! I take my laundry in for wash and fold twice a month. The past 3 times in a row they have failed to return all of my clothes to me. Each time I have to call and only once did the produce the lost items. Pants, towels, my laundry bags, even cash from my jeans pocket - all gone and not replaced. Not only did they not offer to help rectify their situation internally they wouldn't offer restitution of any kind! I will never EVER recommend them to anyone, nor will I be quiet about how poorly I was treated. Pros: one of the only green cleaners in town Cons: stealing from clients more

Great Until They Ruin Expensive Silk 4/15/2008

I have been a customer of Ecomat for many years, and up until recently I have always loved their cleaning service. I brought in a very expensive duvet cover ($410) that Ecomat has laundered before, but this time they ruined it. I had the matching shams to bring in and show them the damage that had been done so they could not argue. Afre the owner looked at it for a while he said it coudl be fixed by next week. I was very content with the duvet being fixed. Well 2 weeks went by, and I kept getting phone calls saying that the person who could fix it was out sick. Finally after about 2 1/2 weeks they called and said it was all ready to go. I looked at it up against the unharmed sham, and it didn't look any different. I said as much, and the worker agreed with me. She said they would cut me a check by that Friday. On Saturday I called b/c I hadn't heard from them. They said that the person that signs checks didn't work on the weekends, but that I could have the check on Monday. I had to call back many more times, but I finally got a check a month after all of this. Upon picking up the check I noticed that the shipping that I would have to pay to reorder the duvet wasn't included, nor was the refund for the $30 I paid to launder it. I was so tired of the mess, I just asked for the duvet back so I could leave and cut my loss. They refused to give it back to me. I asked why, and they rambled on about how they had just paid for it, it's their policy, etc. I explained that I never agreed to sell it to them, and that they were paying for the damage to the duvet. I also reminded them that the shipping and laundering cost had been conveniently left out of the check. They gave me cash for the laundering only, and a cell phone number where I can contact the owner. From reading the other reviews I don't think I will be getting my duvet back. This entire ordeal is just BAD BUSINESS! Pros: Non Toxic Cleaning Cons: Customer Service more

Terrible customer service 1/21/2008

I was excited to try an eco-friendly dry cleaner and hoped this would be a business I could support for years to come. Unfortunately, the service I received was unbelievably bad. I dropped off four items for dry cleaning and only three were returned to me. One of those three items was a brand new sweater which I had worn twice. It was returned to me with a hole on one side and a snag on the other. When I pointed out these issues, I was told I must be mistaken because this just doesn't happen. There's another review on this site that mentions a lost item, so clearly such things happen. The ""claims"" person who was to call me about the issues delayed doing so for about three weeks. He then was rude and suggested I was wrong about these issues. I strongly recommend you find another dry cleaner. I will not use this place again. more

Clean and Healthy Dry Cleaners, just beware of the creases on your sweaters!! 12/18/2007

i was excited to try this ""Green"" dry cleaners as a way of changing my lifestyle to become more environmentally aware. The staff was friendly and the place has a clean , non-toxic smell. The lady at the counter handed me some information on the safe cleaning agents they use which i found very informative. more

Opportunities to Improve 1/30/2007

I have been using Ecomat since Sept '06 and figure that's enough time to make a fair decision about whether to continue with them or not. Pros: Quality of finishing and pressing excellent, Good for the environment, Friendly staff Cons: Inaccurately logging in orders, Losing clothing, Getting someone else's clothing, Hanging dirty clothes with clean clothes more

awesome eco-alternative to dry cleaners 8/31/2006

I have never had any problems with ecomat. The people, and especially the owners, are wonderful people. My clothes always return on time and in perfect shape. One of my friends does not like the ecomat smell, but I think it approaches no smell. So, people accustomed to strong chemical or perfume odors will have to adjust. Pros: non-toxic, great service, delivery Cons: location more

I have looked for 17 years for a drycleaner like this! 8/26/2006

Background (skip to **** if you only want to hear about Ecomat): In my 17 years of wearing professional clothes it seemed like I (and my wife) were always struggling with dry cleaners -- they would ruin clothes, lose clothes, abuse clothes ... trying to find a good dry cleaners was like trying to find a good mechanic on an abandoned back road in West Texas (no offense against West Texans -- wonderful people -- hope you understand the desert analogy). We've tried so many Dry Cleaners, we practically have a rap sheet of cleaners ... All Seasons in Manor where we live (by far the worst experience & getting worse), Jack Brown Cleaners (very expensive and not much better than All Seasons), Alex Cleaners in Pflugerville (very efficient and effective, but too far in the wrong direction location-wise from us), Sweet Cleaners when we lived down south in Oak Hill (ok, but expensive but still occasional losses/damage). When my last dry cleaners (All Seasons) messed up for the 10th time, I knew I had no choice but to try another set of cleaners and brace for impact. I decided to check reviews of dry cleaners and Ecomat came up with a great review and was on my way to work. Pros: Super-clean clothes, perfect starch, perfect press accuracy even for my tall-frame clothes Cons: A few minor glitches: a pressed tie not inserted in holder correctly (ugly crease). One miscount on items. more

customer for life 9/11/2005

09/09/05 A pink sock was washed and dried with some white cotton shirts and a linen skirt. Ecomat was the only place who would get the clothes q-tip white in one day. I was beyond happy. The staff went out of their way to earn my business. I am a customer for life. Nancy (Austin, TX) Pros: fast, beyond friendly, convenient hours Cons: crowded parking more

I love Ecomat! 5/7/2005

I love this eco-friendly dry-cleaner! My clothes look and smell great (not that weird chemical odor at traditional dry cleaners). I've been going here for years, and never had a single problem with my clothes. Plus, the staff is extra friendly, and they remember my name and get my laundry when they see me walk in. I can't say enough good things about this place! more
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  • This campus-area spot provides students and nearby professionals with eco-friendly wash-and-fold and wet cleaning services.

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