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Businiess name:  Ecoclean Cleaners
Review by:  citysearch c.
Review content: 
I've been patroning EcoClean for about 1 and half years now, ever since I decided to make a concerted effort at ""going green."" The prices were much higher than other cleaners but what a small price to pay for protecting the environment and my body right? I talked many of my friends into changing dry cleaners as well, however, they soon began to complain to me of damage to their clothing. I, as a loyal customer, begged them to think about the overall goodness of this cleaners and to ignore the small damage. I bring ALL of my clothes to EcoClean and have not gone to any other dry cleaners in a year and a half. Of this I am sure. I do not black out for portions of the day and do things that I don't remember (I will explain this in a second). This being said, I recently pulled a $150 silk dress out of it's dry cleaning bag that I admit was sitting in my closet for maybe a couple of months since being cleaned at EcoClean. When I went to hang it up in a different part of my closet, I noticed the back of the dress had been damaged. The back of the dress seemed to have been steamed too much or burned or something had been done to basically thin out the material in a large section making it see through. The dress is now unwearable as the damaged area is very noticeable. I figured there was some sort of time limit for reporting damage, however, I decided to take the dress back and show them in the hopes that they would show me some sort of good faith for ruining my dress ( I wasn't even expecting them to pay for the dress, just maybe a drycleaning credit). The manager wasn't in so I showed the damage to the gentleman working the counter (who looked in the system and found the dress was most likely laundered 3 months prior) and he left the dress and the note for the manager to call me on Monday. Let me also note that when I dropped off this dress I ALSO BROUGHT MORE CLOTHES TO BE DRYCLEANED. I received a phone call from the manager, MONICA, 5 days later. She starts the conversation with a severe attitude and begins to tell me what she thinks without giving me a second to explain, she had no desire to engage in a cordial dialogue. She rudely and matter of factly tells me that she looked through ALL of my history and that I NEVER HAD THE DRESS DRYCLEANED AT ECOCLEAN, she affirmatively TOLD ME that I had taken the dress somewhere else to have it drycleaned, and I quote ""I don't even know what you are claiming is damaged, because nothing is wrong with the dress.""!! I sat in silence for a bit in shock. a) why was this women speaking to me like this?, b) the nerve of someone to tell me what I did and did not do, c) is she blind? because that's the only way you wouldn't be able to see the damage, and d) why the hell was SHE mad?! I should be mad! Being a professional, I responded nicely and politely and tried to talk to her in a rational manner but she refused to engage me in a polite conversation. In other words, Monica was telling me either I'm a liar or I am crazy because a) there is no damage, and b) I never drycleaned the dress at EcoClean. The best part is, after we got off the phone, I opened the bag of clothes I picked up from them when I dropped off the dress (AND MORE CLOTHES) last week and to my green silk shirt HAD THE SAME DAMAGE!!! Here is the thing. If Monica would not have been so unbelievably rude, I would still have continued going to EcoClean even if they had declined to do anything due to the fact that too much time had passed since the drycleaning of the dress. I understand that accidents happen. I would have been disappointed but not furious. However, I will not put up with a rude unprofessional like MONICA. I am an honest person and a loyal customer and do not appreciate being spoken down to or spoken to in a condescending manner. EcoClean has not only lost my business but the business of my friends and colleagues all because of the rudeness of MONICA. Pros: Good for the environment Cons: Rude Manager, Damaged Clothes

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