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Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA
Alexis Hotel - Seattle Hotels - Seattle, WA


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I visited the Space needle as a kid and then returned about 40 years later. It was awesome then and it is still magnificent. Here are some interesting facts: http://captivateseatt...


As I have never been to Seattle, I wanted my first visit to be memorable. Unfortunately, it was, but, for all the wrong reasons. The few people I spoke with at the front desk were...

Loved the Space Needle 9/22/2010

I visited the Space needle as a kid and then returned about 40 years later. It was awesome then and it is still magnificent. Here are some interesting facts: more

No image

Great viewing experience 7/11/2006

I'm not going to be like the other cool people who have reviewed the restaurant and crapped on it. There's quite a few "hip" Seattle places that serve crappy food and crappy atmosphere that the cool people just love. Every time I've been to the Needle restaurant (about 5 times), I've had great food, better than some other well-known Seattle restaurants. I'm not going to join the Needle bashing, because they've greatly improved their menus and the quality of the food. It's hard to cook at a higher altitude than the rest of Seattle, and they do a good job of it. The viewing experience is outstanding, almost as good as the view from the Columbia Tower Club. Maybe their tummies were upset by the Needle taking a full rotation around Seattle every hour? Or perhaps they don't like the well-deserved notoreity and how the Space Needle has become the symbol of Seattle. Sometimes, I'm tired of the smugness of transplanted or woe-is-me Seattleites. I'm a native Seattleite, and for what it's worth, I'd go to this place for a special occasion meal faster than I'd go to the traditional places like Ray's (even though that's awesome, it's definitely overpriced and hard to get to). The best restaurant in Seattle for food and experience is Canlis, and I doubt the "cool" people will trash their overpriced food or views. more

How to lose your table in the Space Needle restaurant... 7/7/2006

Ok...I was only like 6 years old or so >.< I went to the rest room, must have spent quite some time in there and when I came out, my table was gone. Being 6, this seemed like a pretty big deal and I had to ask a server to help me find the stupid thing. :) I have been to the Space Needle restaurant several times throughout my life and I have to agree with other posts, the restaurant is just not what it should be. It isn't that the food is bad, but it isn't that great, especially for the price. I could cook a better meal blindfolded and with one hand tied behind my back and I suspect that most people with any cooking interest at all would probably say the same thing. The view is spectacular though...the elevator ride is fun and I think it is definitely worth while to go at least once during your time in Seattle. I give it a rating of three stars but here's how I really break it down: The elevator and view experience is a 5 but the restaurant is a 1.5 star :) more

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Can't beat the view! 5/9/2006

You really can't beat the view of Seattle from the observation deck of the Space Needle. It's pretty spendy to ride to the top, but it's worth it on a nice sunny day when you can see all the way to the mountains on both sides of the city. Just don't eat in the restaurant - the food is ridiculously overpriced and very mediocre. Be sure to visit the gift shop in the observation deck - and stand at the front of the glass elevator for the stomach dropping sensation! more

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Not that tall 4/8/2006

The Space Needle is actually way shorter than you would expect if this is the first time you've seen it after hearing so much about it. It's super expensive to ride the elevator up to the top also, although it's a nice view if it's a clear day (if!!). The restaurant is super overpriced and serves terrible food. I wouldn't recommend eating there. I do love looking at the Space Needle from the various view points around the city, but getting too close to it just ruins it. more

No image

Seattle's Icon - The Needle 3/18/2006

When we think of Seattle we think of Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing. The rest of the USA thinks of Big Mountains and the Space Needle. Not being from here originally, I have been to the Needle many times since moving out 17 years ago. It is funny to me that many natives only go to Seattle Center when they have out of town guest in. Even though I think the food at the Space Needle is over-rated and over-priced, it is still a wonderful place to see the beauty of Washington. It is always an awesome sight to view Mt. Rainer while on the deck of the Needle. more

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Beware of Unusual Vertigo! 2/28/2006

As a first time visitor to the Seattle area we had to take a ride up the Space Needle. A majestic icon for the area, it is amazing to look at from the ground as well as the sky. As a major tourist attraction the lines were long and the elevator packed. I was stuffed in first and pushed up against the windows of the elevator on the way up. At first I felt elated to have front row seats for the climb up the high-rise, but soon I became quite ill. The combination of vertigo and claustrophobia was enough to make me feel faint. I felt weak in my knees for the rest of the visit even after leaving the elevator. Being outside on the Space Needle viewing deck is also a little brain warbling with the winds and the heights. Not one to normally feel these sensations, I was surprised by my uneasiness. Pushing all that aside… I did enjoy the views from inside behind the windows, far away from the elevator! more

No image

Don't do the Needle, go to the restaurant 1/27/2006

This is the place you just have to take your aunt if she is visiting Seattle or if you are visiting for the first time. As with all towers like this, it is expensive as a tourist trap, but how can you resist the view. Actually the way to see it is to book brunch at the SkyCity (see the other review). This is the rotating restaurant. That is more expensive, but actually the food ain't half bad and it really does rotate with the benefit of a tiny 10 horsepower motor. more

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run here, run home. repeat. 1/24/2006

super slow is fine, if that's what it takes for you to get there and back. for that matter, you can walk if you need to. if you do this at least 2x a week, no matter where you live in seattle (aside from maybe belltown), you will not need a diet. in fact, you will be able to completely get rid of worrying about what you eat and when entirely. one final suggestion, and it only costs $3/day (less than curves! less than health clubs! less thanspecial "low fat" food!): take the bus to & from work everyday. it will work and it will help your city too. more

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must see 12/22/2005

of of the top5 for sure tourist attractions in seattle, bring you out of town vistors, and locals every couple years. but...the gift shop is not good, lots of products but huge markups, mainly cause targeting to tourists. the restaurant on top is overated, not a good value at all. decent food, worth going once, especially if the boss or wife is paying. nice view of course more

I'm on top of the world! 12/7/2005

This is the tallest structure on the west coast! Built back for the fair, it's still standing after numerous earthquakes! This thing is solid. Admission is well worth it if you are going to take pictures from the top of the Space Needle. The food is very pricey, I suggest you bring a sack lunch. This is great for field trips or even family trips. The view from the top is extrermely amazing. 360 degrees of seattle. From elliott bay to alki beach. The elevator that takes you up and down is very fast. I suggest this to anyone who is new to the city or just to anyone who hasn't visited it ever! more

Space Needle 8/21/2005

There is no avoiding the Space Needle. It's the number one destination for most visitors as it's the one of the only unique, easily recognizable and distinguishing items in our cityscape. Most locals believe it to be overpriced and the restaurant is not exactly four-star, but it's still a Seattle icon. If you have visitors in town or if you have simply never made time to see it for yourself, make the trip. It's still a worthwhile experience as a landmark and an example of architectural history. With that said the restuarant isn't worth a repeat visit due to expensive, yet mediocre food. Otherwise, give it a go and you will be glad you did. more

No image

Traditional Seattle landmark 8/21/2005

Ok, what else is there to say about the Space Needle that hasn't been said? I'll try to boil it down. - if you have a large group of visitors, you needn't spend the cash to go up to the top with them - if you do go up, there's a lounge where you can have a drink while you wait - it IS a spectacular view - the restaurant is not that good and quite pricey (try the EMP restaurant for better and cheaper food) - the fellow who puts up the flags etc waaaay up on top is the father of my little girl. Be nice to him! more

No image

Classic Seattle 8/20/2005

The Space Needle may be a bit pricey for a big group, but it is classic Seattle fun. After a ride up an elevator, you are treated to awesome views of the city from the 605' observation deck. You can see a great part of the city from here and take some great pictures. There are lots of exhibits and signs showing what you can see from various points, depending on the weather. No discount when it's foggy, though. more

better than I thought 8/19/2005

I thought the Space Needle would be kind of cheesy, but we went up in it when my mom was visiting, and it's actually kind of cool. It's pretty expensive at $13 a person, though. I particularly liked the views of downtown. Also, even though you can see the Olympic Mountains from the waterfront, they look a lot different from the top of the Space Needle. more

View is terrific...price....ehhh 8/19/2005

Granted, you can't come to Seattle and not go up in the Space Needle, right? Well, after living here for 2 years, I finally took the plunge. We drove up to Seattle and decided to do a little sightseeing. We paid our $13 plus tax admission, and took the elevator up 520 feet. The view was AWESOME! A clear, sunshiney day and you could see all over. Absolutely beautiful. We were up there all of 10 minutes. Wish there was more to it for the money, but I guess you can't expect too much?! more

Space Needle 8/19/2005

You wouldn't go to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower, so you shouldn't go to Seattle and skip the Space Needle. Located in the heart of the Seattle Center, an entertainment complex on the city's north side, it's an awesome sight to behold from the ground and even more wondrous on the elevator ride up. The highest structure in the area, the view from the top is all-encompassing. more

Worth a Visit 8/19/2005

If you visit Seattle you probably have seen the Space needle on the skyline. It is one of the staples in the city and is worth a visit (at least once). If you plan on going there try to avoid the weekends especially during the summer. The view is awesome, probably the best in Seattle. It is kind of expensive but worth it. more

Overpriced, but still a cool view 8/19/2005

As most people agree, the cost of visiting this local landmark is far more than it is worth. The admission does not match what you are getting, and it should be left for the tourists to pay. If you really do want to get a great view of the city, head to the BOA tower. The space needle is neat to do once, but not worth a second trip. more

not worth the ticket 8/18/2005

Space Needle is certainly a beautiful looking landmark in Seattle. But you should really just take a lot of pictures of its outside. Whether you go to the Alki beach and look into the downtown Seattle, or just standing at the ground level and look up, Space Needle always looks good. However, if you pay close to $15 and go up to the top, you will probably be disappointed. There is really not much to see once you are up there. 10 minutes and you are done. more
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