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Total Fake - Review by yun h | Na's Blackbelt Academy

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Total Fake 10/18/2007

I also would like to say my son has a Fake Black Belt from Master Na. I put my son into a new school after we moved from Federal way and I showed the Master his Black Belt Certificate and he said This certificate was not a Black Belt certificate, he went on to tell me that I'm not the only one that had come from his school with this Fake certificate. I would just like to say to you Master Na how can you sleep at night knowing that you are stealing money from people. I guess I was just like all the other parents not knowing any better. My sons new Master told me that he would not be able to compete in tournaments as a Black Belt the only tournaments he would be a black belt at would be Master na's or at his Fake schools. It's to bad that you have to do this to people. It seem that you are only looking for your next victim. I should have known when all he did was to find more ways to get more money out of the parents while he has his Fake Black Belts teach class for him. Also how can you hold someone to a 2-3 year contact? When in this state you can only bind someone to a 1 year contract. I hope that the parents at his school read this and look into there contracts for the state of Washington. I know that he likes to get people to CASH OUT on the 2-3 year contracts for $4000 to 15000 for family's. You really need to get with a lawyer and get your money back, he owes you that money don't let him fool you and talk his way out, I have already got with my lawyer and I plan on getting my money back. Just to let you know without a Dan or Poom ID number your son can not compete in State, JR Olympics, Nationals, World Championships and on and on. You should already know that right WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT MASTER NA???? You run around telling people that you are a 6th Dan then tell others you are a 8th Dan so what are you or have you fooled yourself so much that you don't even know what rank you really are, I know your not old enough to hold a 8th Dan. You need to remember one thing and that is WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND .. You sit around and tell everybody that you are a church going person I would hate to go to the church that you go to. So in closing I would like to say Parents you need to see a Lawyer and get back the money he owes you, you work to hard for it just to give it away. Also next time you go to a different school ask the Black Belts if they have a Black Belt from the WTF with a certificate ID number, if not you need to move on there are still good schools out there that are the real thing. I'm sure that you will not respond to this comment because you know it's all true. more
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