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Worst experience ever! - Review by Dolores K | Michael J Mac Kay Dental

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Worst experience ever! 11/28/2006

I took my daughter there and as soon as he came in, I noticed that Dr. Mackay was not overly friendly and barely even spoke to or addressed my daughter. I chalked it up to him having a bad morning. After looking at the x-rays he explained what procedure was needed. As I was not sure what type of material is used in the crown he wanted to apply to the tooth, I raised my concerns about her not having any mercury or metals in her mouth. His response shocked me. He told me to go elsewhere and get educated about these procedures before telling him how to do his job!!!! Just as I was picking my jaw up off the floor, my daughter, who had just had a regular cleaning a week prior with no problems, (at another dentists office) got up from the chair and started to spit up. I asked her what was wrong and she said that his gloves had irritated her mouth and left a very bad taste. He said if she was going to squirm around and have problems with the gloves that he would absolutely not doing any procedures without gloves and maybe she should go elsewhere. I reminded him that she had just had her teeth cleaned the week before and never once had any bit of problem or complaint. Still trying to remain calm for the child's sake I asked when he would be able to do the procedure to which he very rudely said," I don't know, whenever the receptionist can schedule it in." Not your typical, "Let's check, we'll see what we have open, as soon as we can, the sooner the better,..." As this was only my daughter's second experience seeing a dentist and her first one was pleasent, I fought the urge to yank her out of the chair and walk out right then and there. My main concern was the well being of my daughter and keeping dentist's visits as pleasant as possible. But wait! There's more! After a few more words about the procedure he just all of a sudden, quite rudely, stood up and walked out to tend to someone else. As did his assistant!!! There was no, "It was nice to meet you, follow me this way, we'll see you tomorrow, the receptionist will take care of you, right this way, good-bye,...." NOTHING!!!! They just stood up, walked out and left us there! After a few minutes I figured out they weren't coming back so I took my daughter's hand and found my way out to the front where the assistant was now standing at the front desk and simply said, "She'll be right with you." (The receptionist by the way was quite nice.) I left the office fuming and horrified that he had been so rude. Even on someone's worst day, his comments and demeaner were completely out of line and unprofessional. While I was relaying the story to a co-worker, she was telling me how she as well had had a nasty experience with a dentist she had taken her son to a few years ago. To our horror, you guessed it....same guy! She said he had treated her son with no regard, no acknowledgement and was handling him very roughly. She however, took her son by the hand and walked out! I called and cancelled my daughter's appointment and found someone else who I was very happy with. Just a thought.....all the other pediatric dentists were so overloaded with patients that they were not taking anyone new until after the first of the year. Made me wonder why he had openings and why the office was totaly empty when we got there. Just a thought..... more
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