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Experienced Defender 8/23/2014

I hired Michael Kraut because I realized how motivated and confident he was in working within the system to minimize the blow-back of my unintentional, ill-informed crime. I knew that I could face felony charges and up to 5 years of prison time, but Mike had a plan of execution from the beginning that he followed through with. Don't expect him to go over the play-by-play, so you're on a need-to-know basis and just have to trust him. Nevertheless, I was unexpectedly arrested on an outstanding warrant. When I called Mike from the jailhouse around 7 in the morning, he picked up his phone on the second ring and rushed right over to the courthouse; he even had to apologize to the judge for not being dressed properly due to the timeliness of the matter. I was given priority treatment in getting in and out of the whole process because of Mike and was able to go back to work the next day. It truly does help to hire someone with the experience that Mike has to navigate you through the bureaucratic labyrinth. Mike is one of the smartest and most dedicated lawyers I have ever encountered. He is able to deal with any challenge that comes his way; even the crotchety probation department. When there was a mix-up in the clerk's office about my probation, the matter went to court the very next day I contacted Mike and was quickly resolved. In conclusion, the whole process is incredibly stressful but I trusted that Mike would get me the best deal possible and keep me from the worst of what the criminal justice system was created for. Despite my felony charges and an aggressive prosecution, I was able to receive a manageable punishment and probation sentence. more