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Mike is an aggressive attorney with strategy, courage and intelligence. He is dedicated to fight for the best consequences for me even though he has many cases. The most impressi...


This man is the epitome of a sleaze ball lawyer. He hard sold me and pressured me into paying an extremely high retainer. My case was cut and dry from the start. I bought a us...

He Knows The Game 10/27/2015

Mike is an aggressive attorney with strategy, courage and intelligence. He is dedicated to fight for the best consequences for me even though he has many cases. The most impressive thing he leaves in my mind is that he talks with me directly and with with a clear understanding of how much I needed the best result. After speaking with him many times even at night or weekends, I realize he is calm all the time and he clearly knows how to help me. Some attorneys may look like they are concerned about you, but the brutal fact is they care about themselves much more than what's gonna happen to you. I can say that because I also talked with other attorneys before selecting Michael Kraut. My family friends also talked with their attorney friends for me. I guess there are two reasons that I chose Mike over the other attorneys. First, they are not as strong as Mike. The strong I mean is how well does an attorney. He know the rules of this game. Second, they are more selfish about themselves and their time. While I am writing this, I really feel I was lucky that I found Mike as my attorney. If you are seeking and attorney, this is my short suggestion: To thoroughly get rid of the trouble, just fully trust him and simply remember and follow what he tells you. The more you trust him, the better you will feel though this process. more

Best lawyer in Los Angeles 10/16/2015

Mike Kraut has a balance of professionalism, compassion, and a winning mentality that is unmatched within the law community in Los Angeles. Earlier this year I was facing the roughest patch of my life. I had a possession charge, lost my job, and also lost my home. Mike refused to give up on me. No matter how bad the situation was in my personal life, no matter how down I was on myself, Mike Kraut was there to help me in any way possible. We not only won my court case, but also got the charges cleared from my record. I now have an outstanding future that includes a bright career and a new home. Thank you again Mike! more

Michael Kraut - 10 Stars 10/15/2015

Michael Kraut is, hands-down the best defense attorney I could have chosen to represent me. He is easy to work with, follows up promptly and most importantly, jumps in with both feet with the skill and confidence of someone who has years of experience winning cases. He was recommended to me and I’m glad my friend had Michael’s name on his short list. If you’re reading my recommendation now, consider this: if you need someone to aggressively defend you and you are in a vulnerable place, run - don’t walk - to Michael Kraut’s office. Equal parts big brother, warrior and scholar, he will get the job done. Without question. more

Top Notch Attorney 10/4/2015

Attorney Mike is honest, dependable, and overall an excellent lawyer. He was always professional and supportive and went over and beyond the scope of his duty which I will always be grateful for. Without reservation I would highly recommend this top notch attorney. Take a moment and read his bio - that is what drew me to call him and I’m glad I did. more

Look no further!! 9/2/2015

Michael Kraut is an amazing lawyer! He has always answered my calls and emails promptly and kept me informed on every detail of my case status. I worked with him a few years back and then again this month on the expungment of the same case. After working with him twice, I highly reccomend Kraut Law Group. They are professional and truly care about their clients! He will work for the best possible outcome. If you need legal representation, it does not get any better than Kraut Law Group! more

Michael Kraut is Amazing! 9/1/2015

Michael Kraut was simply amazing! My professional career would have stopped if it wasn't for Michael's firm. I was arrested for a possession of an illegal substance, wrongfully so, which would have prevented me from attaining my practitioner's license. However, Michael was extremely professional, upfront, and energetic. After being so patient and careful listening to my situation, he quickly cleared it up in court and I can now continue my career. Also, he is very responsive, personable, and hard working. I called him several years after my case had been closed for some documentation. After simply hearing my first and last name, he instantly remembered who I was and what my case was about. He said my files were archived from being such a long time, but he dug out my file and responded to me the very next day. He even emailed me at 10 PM the very same day to keep me updated on his progress. Who works that late on a case that has been closed for several years on a day's notice? Michael Kraut does. I highly recommend his services, he will take care of you when you need him. more

I call Michael, Mufasa, because he is KING of the jungle!! 8/28/2015

First and Foremost let me tell you I am a Free man and it's all due to Mike. I'm not sure if you have ever been in a situation where your LIFE was on the line but let me tell you, its not a good feeling! My nickname for mike is Mufasa, and it's not just for one reason either, let me list them all to you! He is aggressive and smart but calculating and to me that's a dangerous combination. He knows his .... Mike is at the top of the food chain and the crazy thing is, I don't think he knows it.I don't think he knows how much of a dying breed he is. He's not a lawyer that will take any case just for the money, he has standards and that's what I like. When talking about Mike, I will tell anyone and everyone everything he's done. You and everyone else if your lucky enough to have him and be taking under his wing or whatever lions have , maybe taken into his den, you will not regret it. P.s to everyone who reads what I wrote, give me a few days, this is just a short version of what I have to say! more

Best DUI attorney in Los Angeles 8/23/2015

When I came to Michael Kraut, after having drunkenly totaled my car, he promised me that he would ensure that this episode in my life would be nothing more than a “serious learning experience,” as a first time offender. I am happy to say that Michael came through for me in a big way. In almost over a year of litigation, Michael managed to negotiate a fair deal for me that allowed me to move forward with my life without having made any permanent damage to career. During the process, Michael and his staff were always very responsive and helpful. Whenever I approached Michael with a question or concern, he always got back to me, that day, to ensure that I stayed informed and clearly understood what was going on in my case. Michael is not an attorney that will hold your hand through the process and nor will he sugarcoat it. However, given his experience as a former district attorney, his specialization in DUI related criminal litigation, and his great client communication, Michael is the best attorney, in Los Angeles, to ensure that your DUI-related case reaches its best possible conclusion. more

Michael is the definition of an amazing attorney!! Simply the best!! 8/23/2015

No one ever wants to find themselves in a situation where they are in serious need of an amazing defense attorney, but if you do, Michael Kraut should be your first call!! I spent the last 11 months working very closely with Michael on my boyfriends case and I cannot sing his praises highly enough! When I first started looking for lawyers, Michael's name popped up on every search and his ratings, reviews and most of all his experience spoke volumes. Then, we made a few calls and professionals in his field verified what I'd been reading about Mr. Kraut, that he was an incredible lawyer!! He did not fail to deliver! When we first went into this none of us expected that it would take 11 months to resolve or that there'd be so many ups and downs, but Michael never gave up! He kept fighting, kept coming up with new ways to attack the case and expose the problems and get to the truth! He would not stop until we reached the resolution we desired!! His skill, knowledge, experience and integrity and truly unparalleled! Being a former DA he was able to advise us on both sides of things and give us insight others couldn't which gave us clarity on crucial days where the smallest things mattered! He is extremely honest, good or bad, he always told us the truth no matter if it's what we wanted to hear or not, which I truly believe you need in a lawyer and is hard to find! He is well respected in his field which shows in the courtroom and rightly so, his skill, knowledge, character, integrity and morals when it comes to the law are second to none and his colleagues know and respect him highly for that! Michael is incredibly good at what he does and even more so, he genuinely cares about his work, his client and all those involved! After 11 months and an amazing outcome, I would not just call him our attorney, I would call him our friend!! Hopefully we will never need to employ him again, haha, but if anyone ever asks me who to go to for the best legal representation in Los Angeles, I will always say Michael Kraut without hesitation, it doesn't get any better than him!! Thank you Michael for all of your hard work, your tenacity, you honesty and your endless pursuit of justice!! We are forever grateful!! more

God sent 8/20/2015

I committed an act that was not a DUI but can ruin families and careers. When I called Michael Kraut I was scared and breaking down.It was my first time ever being arrested.  He told me to meet him and would not discuss it over the phone, this showed he cares about the people in the case and not just the fees. We talked and he felt he was going to represent me. I honestly let him know I couldn't afford an attorney of his caliber....he responded with setting me up on monthly payments. This allowed me to live and work and have an elite criminal defense attorney represent me. He showed up in court and I never had to miss work. He contacted me through email and phone. Keeping me up to speed. He asked for things from me that I wonder why at the time, but this man was at work doing what he does best. My case was at a courthouse most attorneys said was very difficult as they were severe towards offenders. Michael never batted an eye.  We knew what the ideal outcome was but he prepared me for all circumstances. Today as I paced back and forth he calls me asking for final details and says stay by your phone. Few hrs later. .he calls......the DA supposed "deal" (life and career ruining) was not what I got. The ideal outcome is what he got me...I HAVE A SECOND LEASE ON LIFE!!!! Instead of hearing convicted..i heard dismissed Thank you Michael Kraut for all you do...I can't thank you enough! Although I n hope to never need his services, I recommend Kraut law group to anyone in need!! more

DUI Defense 8/14/2015

Michael Kraut is a tough, experienced DUI and criminal defense lawyer. He is highly regarded by trial attorneys, judges and prosecutors in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. He has handled thousands of criminal cases, including hundreds of cases that went to trial before a judge or jury. His experience as a former deputy DA and prosecutor gives him insight into what other criminal defense attorneys simply don't posses. His knowledge and presence of mind with the ability to read people and situations on the feet is unparalleled. Mike does have contacts throughout the different courthouses. If you are unfortunate and unlucky to have been ended up in the wrong side of the law YOU NEED HIM!! It was impressive to watch him fight my case with DMV. The way he questioned the police officer and the respect Mike gained by the DMV officer. He is man of few words, but Man of ACTION!! I am fortunate to have him on my side and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. His staff is awesome too!! more

Above & Beyond Lawyer 6/29/2015

In August of 2014 when various police agencies came into our place of business, guns drawn and pounding on the doors. Before I knew what was happening my husband was arrested and I was left there not knowing what to do. In an instance my world had been turned upside down and I was faced with having to figure out how to put the pieces back together. Fortunately we were referred to Michael Kraut so my husband and I made an appointment to see him immediately. Walking into his office I was a nervous and hormonal wreck, everything felt like it was slowly disappearing. The business that my husband and I had built over the past ten years was in jeopardy and the stress was taking its toll on me and the baby. We didn't tell our family or friends of the situation, we were embarrassed and scarred. Michael Kraut meet with us in his office and we went over the details of our case. He did mention that he was a former DA and I made it a point to google him on our car ride home. The fact that he wasn't afraid to go up against the police in his quest for justice was a huge deciding factor. Yes, he was straight forward and to the point. Which I didn't mind, after all we were there on a serious matter not to mingle and make friends. He listened to every question, concern or comment, and always responded to messages regardless of the time of day. He even answered his phone when on vacation. Some may question his fee however I think you get what you pay for. Don't expect a Ferrari while only paying for a Ford. Michael Kraut was truly worth every dollar we spent. Our case ended up lasting longer than any of us could have anticipated, a total of 10 months. Through trial Michael Kraut was able to expose discrepancies in police filings, detective perjury and falsification of evidence. We were twice offered a plea deal, both times Michael Kraut counseled us on whether or not to take it, and both times we reject more

Epitome of a Sleaze Ball Lawyer 4/18/2015

This man is the epitome of a sleaze ball lawyer. He hard sold me and pressured me into paying an extremely high retainer. My case was cut and dry from the start. I bought a used car that turned out to be stolen and was arrested. It was EXTREMELY obvious and provable that I did not steal this car. Michael Kraut fed me lines at his consultation like "You have cancer and you don't have time to shop around for a doctor" and "Normally I charge $15,000 for this but I'm going to do it for 10 because you got screwed". I'm ashamed to say that my head was spinning from being arrested and spending a night in jail and I stupidly took the bait on his lame 'I was a former DA' sales pitch. And of course (like many others who’ve also posted online) once he had his money all our communication was short, condescending and rude. My advice is to go with ANY OTHER LAWYER IN TOWN. I'm sure your chances, your experience and your money will be better off. Needless to say I've been screwed over pretty bad from my whole situation. I lost the money on my car purchase, I lost the bail money but what was most upsetting in my ordeal was Michael Kraut's behavior and disregard for his profession. I turned to legal council in a time of need and he wound up taking me for more money then the person who sold me the stolen car on Craigslist. He misrepresented the scope of my case in his office, preyed on me, exploited my situation and took advantage of my fearful state of mind.   A part of me feels bad for him. His life's work seems to be defending drunk drivers and ripping honest good people off. I wouldn't want that for all the money in Los Angeles. In my opinion he is truly a disgusting awful person. more


IF YOU NEED AN ATTORNEY, LOOK NO FURTHER! As soon as I walked into Attorney Michael Kraut's office and spoke to him about my arrest, I felt the genuine concern and his willingness to help me in any way that he can. He met myself and my entire family during my first consultation. He is highly knowledgeable and takes great pride in his work with every single one of his clients. Immediately after I told him my story about my arrest for burglary, he looked at my parents and especially at my mother and said, "I will make sure to give you back your son completely clean and without any problems." And from that moment on, I had absolutely no doubt that I would be able to continue my life without a single blemish on my record. Michael Kraut updated me throughout the case as soon as there were advancements and gave me great hope every time we spoke. There were several court hearings and he managed to rid me of my problems and the mistake that I made. I was arrested for a burglary felony which turned into a misdemeanor in a matter of a few days and eventually to NO CONVICTION. Thanks to Michael Kraut, I can continue studying, have a great career, and have a future! I am forever grateful! And if you need an attorney for a felony, misdemeanor, DUI,etc. he is the only person that you should be speaking to. Do not waste your time with other attorneys. He is THE BEST in the business! more

Hard to Imagine a Better Outcome! 4/15/2015

Due to my lack of poor judgement, I recently found myself in need of representation. Without knowing where to look, I resorted to google where I was able to find 2 lawyers with whom I met with to discuss possibly retaining 1 of them. I had no idea what I was up against or who would be the better fit. I was arrested for a felony and Michael told me that early intervention might make the difference. Michael was able to get the prosecution to only file a misdemeanor. I chose Michael Kraut because I strongly believed he was the best due to his prior experience and relationships within the legal system and was confident he could get me the best outcome possible. I just prayed about it, after all the only hands big enough to turn over your problems to is God. I prayed that I had the made the right decision in hiring Mr. Kraut and that he would allow Mr. Kraut to give the best defense possible according to his will and also really favorable to me, even though I probably wasn’t too deserving of such a request. Mr. Kraut got me in right away for my consultation, after retaining him anytime that I reached out to Michael via text, phone or e-mail he always got back to me promptly. I went to court with Michael as I wanted to get this resolved so I didn't have to worry a day longer! Once Mr. Kraut came in he was talking to the Prosecutors and Judge more than any other Lawyer in that room, it was apparent the connections & friendships he had with all of them. He never promised me an outcome, he just told me he wouldn’t stop trying to get me the best possible result and I strongly believe that he did. Provided I finish my community service hours which I will be sure of, my entire case will be dismissed with no fine, no record and no jail time. I don’t know if there was a better outcome than that.. it’s hard to imagine that there is. Thank you so much, Michael! more

Miracle Worker 4/13/2015

In October 2014, I was stopped by CHP and I refused to take a sobriety test. I was taken into custody and released but only after did I realize how serious a DUI refusal was. As soon as I made the phone call to Michael, he guided me through the complexity of getting all my paperwork, my testimony and the mindset and courage to face what was going to be a difficult & challenging road ahead that is the realm of a DUI refusal. He worked miracles behind the scenes, and because of his connections with the DA and the DMV, his excellent timing and his intelligence, my DMV hearing was closed (cop didn't appear) and no case was filed. He truly is a miracle worker and he is thorough, meticulous and worked with me to prepare to fight and win. I truly think that my choice to hire Michael was the BEST decision I made and only he has the skills that helped me not lose my license and win. more

Thanks Michael! 1/26/2015

Like most people when I found myself looking for representation I was concerned about spending lots of money for someone that would simply go through the motions. From our first meeting Michael was a straight shooter, no promises of unrealistic goals but rather assurance that he would do everything in his power to represent me the best he could. As the weeks went by I started to have buyers remorse mostly because I was unfamiliar with how long the process can take. It wasn't until the day of the hearing that I got to see exactly what I had paid for. Michael's arguments were well thought out and strategically executed as if he was playing a game of chess. Needless to say the day ended in dismissal. Even after the dismissal I was impressed with the level of commitment Michael showed with aspects I thought I would have to deal with on my own. It's hard to find people these days with real follow-through, Michael clearly has it. In case its not obvious based on my review I HIGHLY recommend Michael Kraut. more

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Legal Super Hero 1/24/2015

I couldn't have found a better representative. Michael made sure that I was properly guided trough the legal process and ensured that my case was professionally handled to the end. I was in school full time in Norcal the time of my last appearance and he appeared for me so I didn't miss my final. In the end, my case was reduced then eventually dismissed. Michael is an amazing lawyer and person and recommend him indefinitely. Thanks Michael! more

Great experience for an unpleasant circumstance. 1/18/2015

From the start, Mike's team didn't sell you an unrealistic plan. They were extremely helpful in prescribing a solution as well as the steps along the way. At each milestone, he was able to let me know what the outcome was and the next steps, all while I didn't have to go to court myself. Well worth the time to talk with Mike and hear his approach to solving your issue. Highly recommend. more

Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney 1/11/2015

I would highly recommend Mike if you or a family member are facing a legal challenge. He’s bright, knowledgeable, forceful and responsive. Most importantly, Mike thankfully delivers positive results. Mike successfully arranged a pre-filing diversion program for our child after a recent legal skirmish. This was the best possible outcome we could have hoped for. Mike was responsive and took quick action to help medicate the matter. When we were originally contemplating his services, Mike took the time to answer all of our questions in a calm and confident fashion. Most importantly, he ultimately did what he said he was going to do. Mike is a consummate professional but he does have a great sense of humor which can help during tense times. As a family, we feel fortunate that we chose Mike to represent our interests. Good luck with your particular challenge. more
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