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290 Andover Park E
Seattle, WA 98188
(206) 444-1650
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First time shopper at Video Only after hearing the radio ads and recommendations from coworkers. I was happy and definitely not sorry and walked out with a great deal on a 55 i...


I bought a 2 plasma televisions from Video Only, one with the matching tv stand built specifically for the tv. The stand was damaged with gouges and scratches. I took it back to t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/7/2014

Never ever again. When a company does not adhere to their own written policies there is a huge problem. BEWARE. more

Best prices and service 7/12/2011

First time shopper at Video Only after hearing the radio ads and recommendations from coworkers. I was happy and definitely not sorry and walked out with a great deal on a 55 inch tv. more

Better Business Bureau gives Video Only ""F"" 3/7/2011

These bad reviews are coming from real customer's experiences with this awful local business. They speak for themselves, my own and friends awful treatment by these con artists. Stir clear of them. Let nature take it's course into bankruptcy. Very sad that Seattle customer service is a dying art. more

Never a bad visit 1/27/2011

I do not see where these bad reviews are coming from. My parents have bought their last 3 tv's from VO. (One of them being the Panasonic 3D TV.) With the 3D TV we were given a Panasonic 3D Blue-Ray player. Those two things were priced less than the same sized LED TV anywhere else we went. To ice the cake four months later when Panasonic announced Avatar was being released in 3D specifically for people who have bought the Panasonic 3D TV we had we went in and talked to them and they ordered it to us a week sooner than they said. Then just a few months ago I went in with my parents to buy a new TV for my new apartment. Same treatment. Even before they saw my parents (apparently I drive faster than they do) they treated me really nicely and we spent a great deal of time just talking about all the features on TVs I knew I would not be buying. In the end we walked out with a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma for 150 bucks cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else. This place is amazing. Hands down. more

What is wrong with you peoople? 12/29/2010

I have bought two different tv sets from VO and they have been fantastic. I own a 57 inch Sony wide-screen HD rear projection. It is the most beautiful picture and I have owned it for five years. The other tv is for video games just as good. First off what makes you think if your TV breaks down you go back to the place where you bought it? DUHHH! You go to the manufacturer. VO is a distributor not a repair center. Get a brain people... more

Panasonic 50"" TV 12/4/2010

Friendly customer service at purchase is great, but beware after you've bought! I bought a 50"" Panasonic plasma TV in January, 2009 from Video Only in Tukwila, WA and on October 4, 2010 my TV experienced a major component failure where the TV would no longer turn on. I called the Video Only store where I purchased the TV just months before and they told me I was out of warrantee (their warrantee only lasts for one year) and that I would have to have the TV repaired at my expense. Further research with Panasonic and their local authorized repair center, who diagnosed the problem, said it was the main main power supply and would cost me over $700 to repair. The TV costed me over $1500 just 21 months before!! Trying to get some help with the problem from either Panasonic or Video Only, all I've found is broken promises from managers to call me back within 24hrs. What a joke! I never heard from either one. This mishandling of my account has soured me toward Video Only and Panasonic - I would never buy from them again. Bad experience!!! I'm going to Costco or somewhere else next time (next purchase of large panel TV within 2 weeks). more

Excellent Customer Service 10/7/2010

I have been going to Video Only for many years and have never had a bad experience. The salesmen don't pressure me and are much more informative than the usual box stores. One salesman in particular, Dan, has helped me on tvs, speakers, stereo, and camcorder purchases all these years. I have yet to encounter anyone in any business that shows better Customer Service consistently than Dan. Because of him, I will be back. more

Unfair and deceptive business practices 8/16/2010

I only rated them one star because I couldn't rate them ""zero."" I purchased an item that I decided wasn't satisfactory and I tried to return it two days later under the store's ""30 DAY RETURN POLICY."" I was absolutely shocked when they told me that, because the carton was no longer ""factory sealed,"" they would only give me store credit and not a refund. When I pointed out that it was impossible to determine whether I was satisfied with the product without opening the carton, all I got was some well-rehearsed double-talk. You may save a couple of bucks at V.O. but if you ever have a problem (read the other reviews) you're SOL. more

Do your research, folks 5/16/2010

I've purchased several televisions of various sizes and technologies from both the Tukwila and Bellevue stores, and I have had consistently positive experiences each time. I've never purchased a product that failed, so I can't speak to the infamous return policy, but I have been very happy with the quality of VO's merchandise so far. Pros: Knowledgeable staff, no pressure, no sleazy sales tactics Cons: Not a huge selection, but something for just about everyone more

Lost my Biz 3/10/2010

My husband is in the market to buy a new tv. We have been shopping around, Walmart, Frys, Target, Costco, etc.. my husband called Video Only, to ask a few questions about their TVs, and return policy, the sales guy told my husband, they had a 30 day return policy, but not to worry, if there was ever a problem with our new TV, They (video only) would handle the repair and speak direct to the company the TV was from. This sounded fishy to me, so I did some internet research, and I found this site, and a few others. After reading the comments I will NEVER buy from Video Only!! I wanted to let you all know that, and thank you for posting here, I think you all saved us alot of hastle. Keep up the good work. Pros: glad this website is here more

Going out of business??? 7/2/2009

Hardly any inventory in the store - mostly empty boxes. They did not have the VHS/DVD recorder in stock - just an empty box I was carrying up to the register when I thought I was buying it. 3 weeks after them charging my credit card I still had no call about it so I called. They had no idea about when it would be in, etc. Having seen something similar years ago (vendors not shipping product w/ even 3 weeks notice, lack of inventory, other reviews stating sluggish at best refunds) I decided they're likely going out of business so I asked for a credit card refund. They forced me to drive in. Pros: funny commercials Cons: cust svc., lack of inventory, illegal refund practice more


They work on commission so if you ever try to return a product they will make it really hard. They gave us the runaround, and each employee we talked to gave us a different answer why we couldn't return the product. more

Horrible Post Sale Customer Service 4/17/2009

The staff said the Hitatchi 42"" I purchased was the top of the line. The audio stopped within a couple months so when I called Video only they informed me I had to call Hittatchi on the number in the back of my owners manual!! Why did I purchase there? They said they stand behind the products they sell, but they don't!! My T.V. has been in the shop (4) yes FOUR more times in two years for the same problems with audio. No help from them. DON'T PURCHASE FROM VIDEO ONLY YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!! Pros: Seem Knowlegable Cons: Won't help when it stops workin more

Good knowledge of their equipment 2/18/2009

I'm a bit surprised by some of the negative reviews because our experiences with Video Only have been positive. We have bought (5) TV's over a number of yeasr from VO and theyhave been each time. The most recent experience was when the Hitachi 42"" plasma that we bought 2 1/2 years ago had a problem. I called Hitachi direct and they gave me advice to attempt to solve the problem - it didn't. So, I called the Bellevue store (where we have bought all of our TV's) and told them of the problem. They gave me bascially the same advice that Hitachi did, but told me to allow the reboot more time. Anyway, the problem didn't resolve and the repair by the service center in Seattle would have cost us $800. The independent service center, Teletron, stated that the problem is rare, but unfortunately had inflicted our TV. We didn't buy the extended warrenty service. Pros: Good selection, knowledgable staff more


Video Only by far has the WORST customer service! We bought a Plasma TV almost 2 years ago. Now something is wrong with the TV when we turn on the TV it turns off by itself. We lost our receipt and went into Video Only to request for one from their ""head quarters"" its been 2 weeks and still haven't seen the damn receipt. I called them , spoke with a ""VICTOR"" and he wasn't very helpful. Told me he would have the manager call me back on it? What the hell .. it's probably something he can help me with but because its not a sale he probably doesn't give a damn. TV's are not cheap and we would like to get better services from Video Only. So now we have to sit here and wait for a manager to call us probably to tell us to submit it again.. then wait.. then our warranty will be up and can't even fix the damn TV. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO VIDEO ONLY AGAIN. I am also telling all of our friends and family to never use them. I will gladly pay the extra $$ to get better service when i bought the TV and after. This place is a SCAM. Cons: EVERYTHING! more

Not So Great Post Sales Support 12/1/2008

I totally agree that Video Only do have great prices. HOWEVER, their they do not have any idea what Customer Service really means. As long as there is nothing wrong with the product you purchased, you won't have any issues with their staff. BUT when there is an issue, their staff is the WORST in the industry. For some reason, their sales staff are not really trained to handle NEGATIVE post sales issues. more

The Worst! 10/21/2008

I bought a digital camera at the Lynnwood location. The camera was not high-end/expensive and the entire time the sales rep was helping me, he made me feel like I was wasting his time. Regardless, when paying, I specifically asked him about the return policy. His answer: ""You can bring it back within 30 days if you have the original receipt."" I used the camera for a few days and decided to bring it back to the store and exchange it for a different one. When I got to the Tukwila store, to make the exchange, the manager thinking I was there to buy an item greeted me with a smile. When I said ""I have a return"" his smile faded into a grimace and his demeanor changed as if he had encountered some vile criminal. I decided I just wanted my money back (rather than deal with VO again) but the manager told me that he could only offer me a store credit. I told him that the Lynnwood rep never said anything about a store credit - and I asked specifically - ""You can bring it back within 30 days if you have the original receipt."" - was all he said. Shame on me for not reading the receipt more carefully. He offered for me to go to the Lynnwood store and take it up with them there (I was in Southcenter!) - I had no choice but to accept the store credit. While another rep was processing my credit, the manager made a big show of examining all the contents of the camera box - most of it (manuals, USB cables) in their original, sealed bags - as if to imply that I had tampered with them. The whole experience was very unsettling...from the ""put-out"" sales rep in Lynnwood to the Neanderthal manager in Tukwila. Extremely appalling customer service. Pros: Parking Lot Cons: The people who work there more

Buyers Beware 3/29/2008

Buyer's Beware! Never back order with Video Only. Never pay for it with your Mastercard! I purchased a Samsung Duo Format Bluray/HD DVD player from Video Only in Bellevue. $544.49 on my Mastercard. I was informed that it was on back order, but, that it would be in next week and that I could pick up with no problems at their Tukwila location which is closer to my home. After waiting another week and getting numerous reasons from both stores on why it had not yet arrived, the salesman from Tukwila told me the truck was unable to pass through the Snoqualmie Pass! That was a lie! there was no snow preventing it, I checked! After a few more days I inquired about a full refund back on my credit card. They ,Tukwila told me I had to go back to Bellevue to process it. Another lie! When I called Bellevue the salesman tried to sell me the LG version telling me he had documented proof that the LG was a better product in the first place. Well my question is this why didn't he sell me that one instead when I was originally making my purchase? Oh yeah...I remember that was on back order too! When I told him I just wanted a refund he told me come in with the original receipt. When I did, the store again tried to sell me the LG which was now in stock. When I refused and had informed them that I has already purchased the Samsung from BestBuy even though it was $100.00 more that was the end of the converstaion, literally. He did not say another single word to me! He just handed my my new receipt and that was it. Now Buyer's BEWARE!! I processed that refund in that store over a week ago and it still has NOT been credited back to my Mastercard. I called Video Only this morning and they now informed me that it may take from 6-8 weeks for the refund to be reflected! My credit card payment is due in 2 weeks. NEVER Back order from Video Only and only pay cash! Don't open the box either or you only get a store credit. Read your receipt. I will never set foot in their store again! BEWARE! Pros: Simple Store Cons: Back order/ bait and switch tactics more

great price and info 1/31/2008

they helped me pick a tv and gave me all the info and then they gave me a great price. the price was hundreds less then even costco. wow Pros: price and info Cons: only tvs no dvd for sale lol more

Tukwila Video Only, Be Careful 1/30/2008

My wife and I bought a 50' Plasma TV at the Video only Tukwila store in December o7. We were told if we find a better price on it to bring in the information and they would make up the difference. We did that and of course we got the run around from the store manager. We had the competing company call video only (different store) he asked for the criterion. They qualified. We again approached the store manager and we found out that he is a LIAR. He did not contact that company and he lied about doing so. Now our next purchase is going to be a blueray and a bose surround sound system and I would gladly pay more for it than to deal with this LIAR. The Tukwila manager is decietful, a LIAR and Totally dishonest. Good luck if you trust this guy. more
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