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Valley Protective Service - 30 Reviews - 5869 S Kyrene Rd Ste 3, Tempe, AZ - Security Reviews - Phone (480) 777-0003

Valley Protective Service

5869 S Kyrene Rd Ste 3
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 777-0003
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Valley Protective Service - Tempe, AZ
Valley Protective Service - Tempe, AZ
Valley Protective Service - Tempe, AZ


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In the military and everywhere else in life there are different folks with different strokes. Just because you were military doesnt mean you are the end all be all. Really it me...


Valley Protective Services. YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK!!!!!!!

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2013

Valley Protective Services is the worst managed company in the industry. The charge their clients exuberant rates and pay their guards a pittance. For $10.00/hr, you can work at any number of other security companies and not bleed your hard earned money on gas, penalties, leasing fees, lost property, much alone the unpaid time you have to expend to work there. The management is clueless and careless in their employees well-being. Anyone that had been there with any common sense is long gone. To all that want to go into security, do not consider this company unless you are in the streets and starving. \r \r To the management, stop lying to your employees, you will never give them raises or any benefits. Stop charging them money for sub-standard gear that you get at a fraction of the cost. Stop making a profit on them from the moment they walk into the door until the moment you throw them out on their ears when you have finished draining the life blood from their over-worked and crippled bodies.\r \r No matter where you go in the company either Phoenix or especially Tucson, you will be treated like the excrement you find on your shoes after walking through your neighborhood dog park. Do not open yourself for the indentured servant you will become. Keep yourself free from the heartache and the lies you will hear on an hourly basis.\r \r To all that want a decent security company to work with, avoid VPS. I have not seen a worst company that will make excuses after excuses for the foul ups and mistakes that are created on a nightly basis. \r \r I will not place any names in here, but they know who they are. they will say, just another disgruntled employee and write this comment off. Well, they are wrong. I am not disgruntled. I just fell into the lies and failed to see the truth behind the closed doors. Now that I have been enlightened, i want to warn others about the BS that should be part of the VPS motto. \r \r I have not found a way out of this place yet, but I am working on it. I am stuck here for the moment, but certainly can warn others that are traveling down this path, GO THE OTHER WAY!! You don't want to travel down this road. Go back to the fork in the road and down the other side of the dark forest. You will be entering the VPS ""valley of death."" \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Valley Protective Services. YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK!!!!!!! more

horrid company 9/17/2011

Valley protective has worked my property before and has done nothing short of harass the residents of my community. One night a so called ""officer"" asked me for my ID and numerous accusatory questions. I simply said no I worked a 10 hour day and would like to return home. He then stated I could be searched and arrested. I informed him if he wanted to be arrested by a real police officer I can dial them now for violating my 4th amendment rights. He left me alone after that day. I now sit on my porch at night and laugh at the poor souls dressed in fake DPS uniforms who ride their bicycles around my apartment. Moral of this story is that valley protective is like a barking chiwahwah. When they come yapping consistently, just kick at them a little bit and they will run tails tucked. more

Ex-Military Says VPS is great 9/16/2011

In the military and everywhere else in life there are different folks with different strokes. Just because you were military doesnt mean you are the end all be all. Really it means, you were 18 or 19 and didnt know what you were gonna do, so you bought some time while serving your country and low and behold maybe you learned responsibility, dedication, focus, direction, and maybe a skill that can be used in the real world. more

VP Walked Out 8/30/2011

What does it say for company ownersip when the Vice President quits with no notice (after 6 years of loyal service)? The female VP and one of the male owners went out of town on a business trip. When they returned, the female VP called in sick for the next 2 days and then packed up her office and walked out with no notice on the third day. The owners have always treated their employees like dirt (see previous reviews) and she was no exception. Wonder what happened between her and the owner that was so much worse than the normal abuse they heap on their employees that made her quit without notice??? more

VPS is Unprofessional 5/7/2011

This company violates many peoples rights I am telling all of prospective employees out there who desire a career in law enforcement to stay away. They can claim that they are upholding law when they are in fact not. I am composing this message with hard facts provided to me by actual law enforcement officers with whom I have contact with all the way to the federal level whom have stated this: If your name ends up in any police report for any reason even if you are a witness to your supervisors attempts to be a superhero you can kiss your law enforcement career goodbye. These law enforcement officers investigate you through extensive networks in the FBI and will come across any incident you are involved in. (They want to see if you can make the right Decisions) So if you are pursuing a career in law enforcement I highly suggest you use some ""inductive logic"" or (""common sense"" for UN educated Valley Employees and Supervisors who cannot spell GED or understand college level material) Do not waste your time and money, or jeopardize your pursuing law enforcement career. Before I go just to run you through some numbers on expenses to pay for bottom shelf equipment or required uniforms. Another tactic not to get you to join these morons 1. Bike Helmet on your own: $17.00 (Valley's is 39.99) 2. Boots: $39.00 (Cheap) 3. Their shitty equipment $200.00 4. Total Guard Card: $125.00 5. Minimum Wage Hours for 2 days of training (16 Hrs) deduct $1.75 an hour for $9.00 an hour you get another $28.00 take from you. Grand total for a waste of time $409.00 or Car and Insurance payment gone just to start. Catch up is not a fun game in your economic means. I'm going to be nice and not include the gas on your vehicle or $1.75 for direct deposit. If your dumb enough to do it Inductive logic point # 2 ( if your dumb enough to be at the company already don't get direct deposit. pick your check up a day late your at the office anyway on Tuesday) Well I'm off. I hope this was educationally worth your time, and money. If your reading this and are in desperate need of a job. Work at MacDonald's they pay the same, and go to college.(Law Enforcement will hire educated people instantly) You won't have to pay MacDonald's for your uniform and you don't waste gas money driving from place to place. Sincerely, Harry more

VPS is a Joke 4/14/2011

While in training they didn't really let me read over anything cause the class started at noon and they need you to sign a book of paperwork and have it sent off by 1330. I figured I would read through it later. I was wrong they take the whole packet Once that was all said and done they then went on with the training portion of the class. They also charged me for my duty belt and the required accessories which ran about 300$ on top of the 75$ I paid for the training class and the 25$ for the drug screening (which was a swap in the mouth and the results were instant). One my first day at the site there there was no one to tell me what I needed to do. This was not an apartment complex which all that they explained in training. I called up my supervisor and he couldn't even tell me what my job duties were. So, for my first two days I didn't do anything but sit around (the second day was a holiday). On the third day I was finally trained by the Client on how do my job. After 90 days and numerous attempts to get into the training classes (but was denied and lie to repeatedly) so I can get a raise, the review never came and neither did the raise. I wasn't until about another 4 months after that I received a phone call from the CSR (Customer Service Rep) that I was finally getting a raise to $14/hr and that all my officers who worked for me was getting a $2.50/hr raise. I thought was cooler then hell. Come to find out the only reason that I got the raise is because in the contract it was stated that I was suppose to be getting paid that much from the beginning and that I should be getting back pay due to the mix up. When I was asking about the 4500+ that they owed me in back pay it took over two weeks to get a response and when I did they were threatening me termination and legal action for co-employment. They were accusing me of going to the client and asking about all of this in which I was actually told by the CSR about the mix up and the back pay. For awhile there I didn't see my supervisor again and they were changing sups about every 2 weeks. When I finally put in my two week notice is when the true colors of the company came out. My wife had to have life or death surgery and that was 3 days before my last day. I called and told them about the situation and they didn't even care. They tried to give me a guilt trip about how they couldn't just find someone and put them out there and how it's a hardship for them cause they could lose money if now one is posted out there. Completely inconsiderate. I received a phone call that I wasn't able to answer saying that they changed my schedule. I was okay with it. the next day I went into work at the time that they said to come and to find out that one of my officers started his shift on time and there was coverage in the morning during my shift. So, I spent the next 3 1/2 hrs training my replacement so he knew how to do his/my job. I then came in on my final day and worked my shift. About 2 minutes after my shift my supervisor showed up and I was already gone. He called me on the radio and demanded that I come back to the site to sign a write up for missing the day before. It being my last day and all I refused and turned off my radio. When I went to pick up my check they had changed my pay to min. wage. When I asked why they said because I gave a 13 day notice instead of a full two weeks. When I proved them wrong on it, it then changed to I didn't full fill my full two weeks cause I called off. When I proved them wrong on that and had the voicemail and the time card they then told me that they will have to check with the schedule supervisor. Never heard back from them and never received my money. VPS is ran by greedy owners and they will nickel and dime you anyway that they can. They charged me 10$ on my last check due to them thinking that I falsified my time sheet. They do charge you 50$ if you forget a maintenance report. If you can avoid this company at all cost's. more

Back to Earthland 2/6/2011

I used to work there and I would not recommend working there. It is filled with a lot disgrunteld people who failed the testing process for a police agency. Everybody who is a ""wannabe robocop"" likes to create the us and them thing there. They talk crap about the guards who don't ""put their duty"" in. By duty I mean you go into gang infested apartments without a gun or armour and make ""arrest"". If you ""robocops"" want to badmouth me for writing a bad review come down to my workplace, MCSO and do so. Really you guys need to consider safety a lot more. more

Not the worst company I've seen,but a roach is a roach. 11/18/2010

I am the wife of a Security Guard who currently works for VPS. He really had such high hopes, they promised him a review, that he was excited about, because he believed he was doing a really good job, and at the time, his Supervisor was very encouraging. However, right off the bat, I didn't like the company. they made him pay, I think it was 300$ for his belt, and they issued him only two shirts and two pairs of pants and he was supposed to work 40 hrs a week. plus, his paychecks were so small, he was borrowing money off of me all the time to pay for his gas and cellphone, because the company didn't pay for that. He had to make a sixth trip to the office that seemed to be 30 miles away to the office just to drop off paperwork. Funny how you never saw a supervisor showing up at his work to pick up the paperwork. I guess that would be too much work for a supervisor? I guess why do it, if you can find a shmuck to do it. Well, he was told he'd get a raise after 90 days. that seemed to be a lie. they said he'd get a review, that was a lie. he was told he'd get benefits, that was a lie. They made him fear to ask for a day off, even when he was sick, and that was them being greedy and selfish if you ask me. He dropped 15 lbs working there. Trust me, he doesn't need to go on a diet! after 90 days, his supervisor (the nice one) dropped off the face of the planet, and they put this new one in his place, that had no idea what the job entailed. all he did was threaten to write my husband up for everything, and even had the nerve to lie to him today, as a matter of fact, telling him there was a ""mandatory meeting"" just so that he could try and humiliate him in front of the head honcho, who in my opinion is an overglorified f*ckhead. My husband had a haircut last week, yet, they want him to SHAVE his head. I am sorry, but I certainly do not want my husband to look like a walking Pen*s like the wonderful green supervisor he works for. they are upset, because he doesn't CHEW his nails. in other words, no blood on the fingertips! they are UPSET because my husbands uniforms, which BTW ARE washed by ME, yet he has to (pay a uniform ""FEE"" every paycheck to leash their glorified TRASH) were hanging off of him, because he has lost so much weight working for this ""joke"" of a company. Everyday, it is something. yes, they do have the classes, however they won't give him the days off to take them. We spent 600$ on a gun, because it had to be a certain type, that he may not even be able to take. Allegedly, this new ""supervisor"" claimed that he had to take the classes within the first 90 days of employment to recieve a review and a raise. What a joke. you think that they could have told him that up front? Bless my husbands heart. he works there out of duty, and because he believes in this company, and they constantly dump on him, it seems like, everyday. 9$ an hour, what a terrible way to treat someone, and then take all of his money, to pay for equipment, and to pay for paperwork, and uniforms. Where is the health insurance? where is the dental? where is the uniform pay? where is the HUMANITY????there just isn't with this company, and it makes me shudder with what they get away with. They promise the world in one hand, and then they sh*t in the other. more

don't 11/16/2010

I really love security officer job more

n/a 9/28/2010

n/a more

Ex Military says stay away 6/28/2010

I worked for these guys awhile ago, and thought I'd check in on the reviews when a buddy reminded me of the experience. First of all to legal guy, saying these are all the same reviewers, you're wrong. Second, I was treated better in Iraq as an Infantryman. In Iraq there was a real world need to make do with less than appropriate equipment. There was a real world need to operate on little to no sleep. And even when my sergeants and I did not see eye to eye, we still treated each other professionally. I was asked to work with no sleep in the last 36 hours, to work properties with warnings about gunfire, without body armor, or weapons of my own. There was no practical or real world reason to put such requirements on me, except that they had contracts to fulfill. However, they could not manage the company well enough to place well rested, well equipped personnel on those properties. I should have listened to the guy next to me in the training class who told me he wouldn't be back at VPS except it was his only option left for security work. Pros: ??? Cons: The Army treats privates in basic training better. more

23-534. False statements or representations 6/13/2010

23-356. Wage claims A. Instead of proceeding under section 23-355, an employee may file a written claim with the department for unpaid wages against an employer if the amount of such wages does not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars and if such claim is filed within one year of the accrual of such claim. B. The department may, on behalf of an employee, or the employee may obtain judgment and execution, garnishment, attachment or other available remedies for collection of unpaid wages established by final determination by the department. C. The department may receive payment on wage claims on behalf of employees. The department may deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, monies it receives as payment on wage claims in a special state fund for disbursement to wage claimants on proper authorization by the department. 23-534. False statements or representations A. No person, firm, association, corporation or any employee or agent thereof, shall knowingly make a false statement to any person furnishing or seeking employment regarding any employment, work or situation, its nature, location, duration, wages or salary attached thereto, or the circumstances surrounding the employment, work or situation. B. No employment agent shall offer or hold himself out as in a position to secure or furnish employment without having an order therefor from an employer or misrepresent any other material matter in connection with any employment, work or situation he offers or holds himself out in a position to securefor collection of unpaid wages established by final determination by the department. C. The department may receive payment on wage claims on behalf of employees. The department may deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, monies it receives as payment on wage claims in a special state fund for disbursement to wage claimants on proper authorization by the department.ims more

Complaints 6/9/2010

As a legal professional, I find the complaints herein against VPS to be rather tiresome considering the nature of the work. In fact, reading these complaints, it appears (in my professional opinion) to be written by the same person or business competitor whether the review(s) are on yelp, citysearch, or yahoo. These complaints could also be written (rather badly, I might add) by a self-styled civil libertarian who fancies themself to be knowledgeable enough about criminal codes and arrest procedures to make unproven allegations regarding false arrest and false imprisonment, both of which are crimes and actionable civilly. One thing: if this complainer really had a trial-worthy case with admissible evidence, then he or she wouldn't need to spout-forth their allegations on some random message board, but in a court of law with the facts determined by a judge and decided by a sworn jury. The complainer's tone is the same, the spelling errors are the same, the grammar usage is the same. Its all the same person and appears to me that this person (or a competitor) has it out for VPS. btw, in any city police department or county sheriff's office you are going to find deputies/officers who have similar complaints against their Sergeant, Lt., or Police Chief, not to mention against the public-at-large. I don't know what to say to these folks other than the world is a rotten place and wherever you work, particularly in the legal or law enforcement professions, you're going to have problems and problem personnel. In the legal field, there are back-stabbers, really tough law school experiences with instructors who use the Socratic Method (look it up) to ensnare students. You just have to suck it up if you want to enter the profession or make up your mind and quit. If you've ever worked in a law office, the pecking-order and mental abuse is legendary. From talking to sworn officers, the same junk goes on there only its manifested in a different form. Its all up to you and what your tolerance level is for that job. My suggestion is for private security officers to read up on the law relative to private arrests so as to avoid problems with civil suits in that arena. Each state has a Penal Code or Criminal Code and Civil Code where these laws and penalties associated with unlawful procedures are set forth. I suggest you memorize the law for your state as it pertains to arrests by private citizens and any provisions for private security guards. Pros: Training Cons: Life is rough as a security officer more

Needs to be shut down 4/5/2010

Been working for VPS for 4 months now and I?m getting tired of it, VPS always uses threats of termination and write ups even for new employees. They run it worse then a boot camp. The ONLY good thing about VPS is training, most security companies could give a rats A$$ about what the officer/guard knows. And that is the reason there are so many wannabe cops in the security market because they are not trained. more

great place 11/9/2009

OT hell yeah vps pays there officer for ot hours i used to work there and i would work 60 plus hours and get paid for were probably a lazy bum Pros: best Cons: non more

Dont be stupid!!! 9/2/2009

I can?t believe I saw someone say ""they pay better than most security companies"". That?s BS in its self. Garda pays their guard $14.00hr start off, I would know. I work harder than most of the guard and if I?m not on my knees like these two below me. Then I would be discarded too. Does that make them better than the ones who stand up and use their voice? VPS does not respect their guards at all. Cpt. S*** head (Dyer) Disrespects his guard constantly. Also the time you are trying to complete your paper work in the field you ether A. Miss things that are going on around you. B. Someone could sneak up to you in the dark and get you from a blind spot. C. If they have a gun, you?re an open target. Most of their properties need to be armed. They are working in S*** parts of phoenix. I took every training class they had to offer and it was just a waste of time. These people (People in the VPS office) think that they are better than the ones actually getting down and dirty and making VPS look good. Its F**ed up that the ones that like VPS are to blind to see what a actual security company does for their clients and most of all their guards. So keep running your mouths on how good VPS is. You really don?t have a clue until you get with a great company and then you might change your minds. Oh, and lets not forget that they like to screw you on your pay checks!!! I guess that complaint has been going around often lol. Pros: Wanna be DPS highway patorl uniforms Cons: Lack of brains! more

VPS 7/31/2009

IDK why you people wanna complain about VPS just because you couldnt hack it there. Its not made to be easy. Your gonna have your fights and times where your gonna fear for your life but idk any security company that you dont fear for your life unless its not a good one. VPS is great. the training is amazing and thats how you can go home every morning after work. I think if you complain about the company then you were not good enough to work there and you got fired. I would much rather be outside talking to people and putting my life on the line to help others then be sitting behind a desk every day. I guess just some people are not cut out to work in the law enforcement field! Pros: best security companyt ever. more
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