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Uncle Bill's Pancake House - 36 Reviews - 1305 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 545-5177

Uncle Bill's Pancake House

1305 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5177
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Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - Manhattan Beach, CA


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I love Uncle bills and have been a patron for 10 years! It is a quaint breakfast place in the old school diner style. The view from the patio is amazing and so is the ocean breeze...


We ordered Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Waffles...both of which were to be considered 'house favorites'. However, the macadamia nut pancakes just had macadamia nuts sprinkled on to...

Uncle Bills Staff can suck it! 4/24/2011

This place gave me a headache that I still have 8 hours later. I hate you Uncle Bill's. The worst part of dining at Uncle Bill's - I told the Manager (male, chubby, dark hair) everything that was wrong. He did NOT care. He did not try to make it up to me. He wrote me off. People like HIM make me hate dining out! I do NOT suggest eating inside. Loud. The entire STAFF is rough with the utensils. Clanking everything!!! After waiting twenty minutes to be seated, my friend and I were seated in the corner. Behind a large party. On plastic lawn chairs. And worst of all - next to a caddy that stores dirty plates and clean utensils. I asked a question about a sandwich, the waitress didn't know the answer. It was a processed meat that I was afraid it would be. Not a Jewish deli quality meat. The food took almost 30 minutes to arrive. Sourdough bread was greasy and thin. I don't want to waste any more time writing about this place. I am not a neighbor so I do not need this place. Lost a customer. Wasted $20. more

A Staple of Manhattan Beach! 8/18/2010

I love Uncle bills and have been a patron for 10 years! It is a quaint breakfast place in the old school diner style. The view from the patio is amazing and so is the ocean breeze you feel! The best part however is the food. They have an complete with Ortega chilies and cream cheese in it and it is sooo good. I love love love uncle bills! more

DONT waste your precious time!!! 6/9/2010

I wish we could give negative reviews, if we could this would get a -10 stars! Pros: ok food Cons: Long long long waits, unprofessional staff more

So-So 5/19/2010

We ordered Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Waffles...both of which were to be considered 'house favorites'. However, the macadamia nut pancakes just had macadamia nuts sprinkled on top of the pancakes (vs. inside the pancake mix), and the waffles were frozen waffles...this is very surprising since it's a 'Pancake House'. Pros: Patio Dining, Friendly Service Cons: Menu Items Not Special more

Best breakfast place EVER 1/27/2010

I love this place, the food is amazing. Pros: Everything - great food, atmosphere & location more

best breakfast place ever! 6/12/2009

i went to uncle bills the first time this past may and it was amazing. the food is more than delicious. the pancakes are light and fluffy and omlettes are exceptional. once you actually sit down the service is quick and its worth the 20-30 minute wait outside. great views of the pacific ocean and a welcome warm environment and friendly staff. uncle bills is my favorite! :) Pros: pancakes, omlettes, muffins, hasbrowns, and everything else Cons: long wait, usually have to get there early in the morning to more

Used to be one of my favorites 3/30/2009

I grew up eating at Uncle Bill's and used to look forward to going there when visiting my family in Manhattan Beach but I'm done with that place now after two bad experiences from the same waitress (?). The first time I left a tip (20%) on the table and took my bill to the register to pay; because it was very busy I handed the bill with cash to the person at the register and did not wait for the small amount of change. As I was getting in my car directly in front of the restaurant, our waitress came running out and asked, in a loud and rude manner, if there was something wrong with the service. At first perplexed it then occurred to me that she thought the change from the bill was her tip and had not looked to see I had left the tip on the table. I told her the tip was on the table and she turned and walked back in without another word. Today I went back to Uncle Bill's thinking the instance was an isolated instance but had the misfortune to get the same server. This time I gave my ticket for $14.28 with a $20 bill to the server and waited for my change at the table but when it became clear there was no change coming back I asked her directly for my change at which time she looked at me incredulously and said she must have been mistaken that such a ""large amount"" was a tip; the sarcasm was thick. She gave me the $5.72 change and I left her $3 ( although I'm not sure why ). It seems that the stress of living at the beach is causing some very bad behavior at Uncle Bill's so I guess I'll have to venture on down to Hermosa or go to the Kettle from now on. Pros: Atmosphere,food Cons: Waitress more

one of my favorite places to have breakfast 2/18/2009

i've been in LA for about 2 years and uncle bill's is one of my favorite places to have breakfast. the place is small so at times there's a wait...but it's LA and the a bit of a wait is expected. if you come during the week, you should be ok. I always get the Manhattan Beach omelette. I love it..the veggies are great and the avacoda slices are a perfect topping. also the pancakes that come with the omelettes are big and fluffy. you could use them as pillows. i always get the same thing but, people i've gone with have really enjoyed there other dishes. For me, this place is well worth the drive down from glendale . after I eat, I go for a walk on the beach and look at all the beautiful houses I can never afford. enjoy. more

Bill's is the BEST!!!!!! 12/29/2008

We go here as many times as I can persuade my family every time we are in town. Great breakfast and lunch and a great setting. We have been all over the world and I love Bill's! Pros: Food, views, service Cons: Ya gotta wait sometimes more

What's With This Place?? 12/5/2008

There was no wait this morning at 10 a.m., but now maybe I wish there were and I would have gone elsewhere to have breakfast. The employees are nice, especially a short, friendly, older latina who waited on my table. I ordered a crispy waffle with eggs and sausages. The waffle was anything but crispy, it was pale in color and the batter did not even rise to form the holes that hold the butter and syrup - it looked like a corn tortilla. Tasted about the same, too. Anyway, I told the waitress who ordered up another. In the meantime my eggs and sausage were getting cold. The eggs and sausages, by the way, were the tiniest representatives of their species I have ever seen. Looked like doll food, they were so small. Finally the second waffle arrives looking exactly like the first. Even the waitress, as she was placing it on my table, noticed there was no improvement over the first so offered to have it ?crisped up? for me. After few minutes in the waffle iron, the exterior was browned and it was crispy, but that did not improve the taste. I do better with bisquick, water & canola oil! Maybe I should have had an omelet or something else, but a waffle sounded good at the time. If the rest of the food is like this, I don't know why this place is so popular. Maybe they're coming down in quality, which would explain all the empty tables this morning. Pros: Breakfast was $11+ Cons: The Food more

Good price, ok food. 7/16/2008

I'll start with the ugly and and end with the nicest parts of uncle bill in my opinion more

Glad I read the reviews 6/16/2008

So I was looking for a breakfast place for my boyfriends birthday. I knew no matter where we went there would be some sort of wait, considering it was fathers day. So we park right behind the restarant and theres a good butt load of people outside, we put our name in and take a stroll down the street to starbucks- which was equally crowded. They let us know that the wait would be an hour- but we enjoyed walking around and just enjoying the perfectly beautiful sunday morning. We finally sat down- and since we had time to spare we had already decided on what we wanted. (I always recomend that at a place like Uncle Bills- if the menu is out side, decide on your meal and be ready the first time the server comes around) so about... 5 minutes after we order she brings us the muffins from my meal... holy moly super warm, cinnimon-y apple-y walnutty goodness! so we muched on those and about another 5 minutes later our order was up. I got the Manhattan omlette (the rumors are true. big old heaping helpings)- my fella enjoyed pancakes, taters and eggs. the food was good- what we expected. I would for sure make the hour or so drive down- and make a day out of it. theres plenty to do and see in the area. more

Top Notch / 100% 5/11/2008

Uncle Bill's is ""The Only"" place to dine at when in Manhattan Beach. Matt, the owner, remembers people's names and greets them by their names. The food is excellent and the service is fantasic. Pros: The Owner And Staff more


my experence at uncle bill's in manhattan beach was very upsetting, there is a waitress there that says she is the owner, i know that she is not because me and my family members use to come there every week, she was a unpleasent person to deal with, for one when me and two other friend came in there to eat it was on a weekday, she wasour waitress she was very rude to us we asked for something when she came by our table, she said it will be one minute that one minute turn into about 5 to 10 minutes so i had adressed her and asked why is it taking so long for you to help us with our meal. she just look so we just kept on eating, i was hoping that someone else would come and help us, but no one never did. So it was time for us to go, she came back over with the bill, i thought everything was ok, because we had experience so very bad service from her on that day, anyway i proceeded to go out the door of the resturant when all of a sudden, i looked for my girlfriend and she was in the resturant be yelled at about not leaving her a tip. she told her to let us all know not to come back into the resturant again, beacause we did not tip her. I than came back into the resturant and my friend told me what she had said, i addressed her and told her we need to speak to the owner, because i know he would not stand for an employee to run away his customer in that manner, she told me i had to call back to speak to him beacuse he off today, so we called the following day and she answer the phone again and gave me his cell phone number she said he is too busy to talk to us. i than tryed to call him another day to let him know what had happen to us at his resturant but that was still unsuccessful we left serveral messeages for him to call us back on his cell phone but know one ever called us back, so we just stop comming there for our food. i feel with a employee like that WE SHOULD ALL STAY HOME TO EAT. more

Great Breakfast, Annoying Wait 6/27/2007

Although you have to wait until the lunch hour to get a table for breakfast, the food is great and the service is really quick. They turn tables in a very short amount of time, but it certainly doesn't feel that way when you are waiting for a table. The omelettes are delicious and so are the pancakes! Pros: Food, Quick Service Cons: Long Wait more

definitely overrated 6/24/2007

there was approx. an hour wait for a table for two. However, we were lucky that two seats at the counter became available much sooner. It was very fast paced and cramped up inside. Our server was cordial and prompt while the other waitress was yelling at the cooks to get the orders correct. Our food arrived about seven minutes later and my pancakes came back very light brown (not the normal medium brown) and sort of doughy as if they were not well done. It wasn't until my husband was in the middle of his cheesy scrambled eggs that I asked him what's wrong and found out there was an eggshell the size of a quarter inside his cheesy eggs! Very upset, the so-called manager quickly took his plate (with the fruit and hashbrowns untouched). Instead of taking his meal off the bill, he just took the eggs off , didn't apologize, and never came back to the counter. NEVER EVER AGAIN! One bad experience with bad customer service is more tha enough for me. The ""locals"" can definitely keep this place for themselves! Pros: our waitress was cordial and fast Cons: rushing to make food at a very fast pace could cause mistakes (eggshell in eggs) more

Best Breakfast in Manhattan Beach 5/21/2007

Uncle Bill's caters to all kinds--family groups, small groups, kids, grandparents, sufers, etc. Their pancakes are downright delectable, and their omelettes are even better. Served with slices of guacamole and a side of potatoes, they also come with muffins of every kind: blueberry, chocolate, nut, etc. Dine on their outdoor patio and you have a beautiful view of the ocean! Pros: Breakfast is unbeatable Cons: Parking tends to be tricky on the weekends more

best breakfast ever.. 1/4/2007

We went to UncleBill's in a weekday morning, we were lucky had a great table outside for two without standing on a line. You can see that people was standing there waiting for a table.. I guess after i had the taste i could wait whatever it takes.. Delicios omlette and pancakes are great, they are tasty and make you full.. Have a great breakfast.. Dont hesitate to wait on the line.. more

Love this place! 11/9/2006

My sister and I have been here on a couple of occasions and have never been disappointed. The service is fast and friendly. The blueberry pancakes are excellent! The location can't be beat. We fill up on a scrumptious breakfast and then enjoy a lazy day at the beach afterwards. It's usually about a 20-30 minute wait, but I think it's worth it! Pros: Excellent food, fast and friendly service Cons: Parking can be hard to find, long wait more

Over-rated! 11/1/2006

So after an hour wait, I finally got to order my food - and it was very disappointing. I've had better pancakes, in fact I can make better pancakes. Other local joints make way better pancakes. My omlette was not good either, very blah. I've followed the crowd to this place time and again, and I still can't figure out what everyone is raving about. Is everyone THAT hungover? Pros: Location in town, outside seating, people watching Cons: the food! more
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    Lines of hungry surfers awaiting a wooden table contribute to the hectic outdoor scene, while more tranquil beach-themed pictures adorn inside walls. Standard lunch items are...

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