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Tina Finesmith, MD - 48 Reviews - 1900 4th Ave N, Seattle, WA - Dermatologist Reviews - Phone (206) 781-6060

Tina Finesmith, MD

1900 4th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 781-6060
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I liked my appointment with Dr. Finesmith. She is nice and low-key, and somehow made me feel very comfortable about doing the exam of my whole body. Dr. Finesmith thoroughly exam...


You be the judge: waited 45 minutes, saw Dr. for 20 minutes, was charged $564 (self insured) for unnecessary biopsy and minor procedure. Examination room untidy and ill-equippe...

Rude & dismissive 9/24/2010

Dr. Finesmith was dismissive of my concerns and rude when I misused medical terminology. Not a people person. more

I'm happy, I'm content, I have no complaints 9/21/2010

I don't understand some of the previous reviews but then I wasn't there. I am completely satisfied with Dr Finesmith.and her staff. I have seen her for a stage 2 whatever on my shoulder. It's gone. I'm happy and have a 6 month follow-up soon. Should I need a dermatologist again; I wouldn't hesitate to call her. more

Unprofessional; It's all about money 7/5/2010

Revolving door of patients to rake in money. First app't w/her at 10am and the list at the desk showed she had already seen 18 people. Rude, disinterested, dirty/chewed fingernails, no hand washing; burned off two spots that have left me w/large visible white spots--the size of quarters. Received bill for a biopsied spot---she never took a biopsy; charged me $50.00 each (CASH ONLY) for removal of three moles she said my insurance would not cover; overcharged insurance company; worst experience I have ever endured with a doctor. To other posters: I do not want an LA Spa, a cosmetic surgeon, a Hollywood experience. Finesmith's practices are a trip through a bad movie. Stay far away from her office. more

Shouldn't be practicing medicine 3/12/2010

My husband had been seeing her for some time regarding a spot on his lip. She constantly blew it off. Finally went to see another dermatologist and found it to be cancer. Also had cancer on his ear that she always blew off. Had he not sought another opinion there would have been dire consequences. She disliked answering questions, so seldom dild. Very cold and rude. Stay away from her! more

Very professional, not LA style 1/22/2010

I need a dermatologist for treatment of spots due to sun damage - not for cosmetic treatments. I find Dr. Finesmith to be excellent. Maybe the negative reviews are from people seeking a spa-like environment. Frankly, I'd rather have competence and honest concern for my welfare. I especially like that she chats to me to distract me from the procedure. And she takes her time. I'm very comfortable with her. more

Dr. Finesmith's receptionist 1/4/2010

Good: My livelihood comes from service industry. And I believe in quality service and a repeat business. I have managed at least 10 ten under me who are trained to give exceptional and unconditional customer service at all times. I do like Dr. Finesmith's careful and good attention to my skin issues. She takes time in listening to me.. Bad: What I cannot believe and am shocked by is my experience at the hands of front desk receptionist name Cindy. I have not seen her yet since she claimed she has been at this office since Sept. 2009. I am in total disbelief with my experience with this receptionist. She pretty much made sure that she has the power who can see or talk to Dr. Finesmith. I have been seeing this Dr. for over five years and I have never had this awful experience. I don't know how to reach Dr. Finesmith.. Improvements: Cindy be gone for good or be trained to give the correct messages instead of playing with Dr. Finesmith's business.. Other: If you get a chance to read this message, Dr. Finesmith, just know that your receptionist really is damaging your business. I have run businesses and managed associates for customer service and I do see it very clearly, something is not right with your receptionist Cindy in terms of her integrity. She is totally messing up the wordings of messages. If you care, then you will call me.. more

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Take a closer look @ the reviews 7/8/2009

Most of the negativity is regarding the doctor. She is not thorough, rude, acts as if your concerns are insignificant, and comes off as if she doesn't care. That is NOT the treatment you should receive from a DOCTOR. Why do you even practice anyway? The reviews on here are so conflicting, it is as if whenever their is a negative review, the doctor signs on and writes her own "glowing" review. Maybe you should just learn from your mistakes and become a better doctor. more

I don't think the problem is the doctor 7/8/2009

I have been seeing Dr Finesmith for several years. She is a professional. She is careful, thorough, and takes time to explain and advise regarding the treatments that I've had in her office. Unfortunately she's had pretty poor luck with receptionists. I'm guessing that the poor ratings are from people who were already set off by the way they were treated on arrival. more

a true professional and someone you want on your side if ever facing skin cancer 7/8/2009

I do not want a "super friendly" doctor when I am facing cancer... I want a professional, thorough, and sympathetic doctor. I have seen Dr. Finesmith more than 3 times. She has suspected, found and treated two different types of skin cancer. She has made transfer of my care (to a foreign country where I work) seamless. I honestly think that she might not be the most "fun" doctor but she is very very good and knows her stuff. She found a melanoma before anyone else suspected it. I am alive today because she is more focussed on patient care than on performing some idea of "the totally awesome doctor who'd like my best friend". Seriously... if you care about your health... she's the right doctor. more

Wow 7/8/2009

I must say that I'm a little surprised about the glowing review. Maybe she was having bad days on the three separate occasions I saw her but I highly doubt it. I found her to be very rude and uncaring and extremely short. Whatever you do don't ask her any questions. She either won't answer them or she will just look at you like "how dare you"! Anyway, I will never go back and you have been warned. more

Great dermatologist 4/13/2009

I think that Dr. Finesmith is a thorough, professional and honest doctor. I appreciate her directness (and disagree with the comments about her being disinterested). I don't want a doctor to hold my hand but to be good at what they do and she caught things other very friendly and highly ranked doctors had missed. Without her skilled diagnosis, the prognosis would have have been good. If your health is your primary concern, I highly recommend her. more

Very information and helpful 4/2/2009

I found Dr. Finesmith to be very thorough and informative. I am also in the health care field, and I appreciated her knowledge, expertise and skill. My visit was for an annual skin exam, and she quickly put my mind at ease. She is obviously an expert in her field, and I feel confident referring my clients to her. Rochelle Clark, LMP more

Not impressed 6/30/2008

I saw this doctor once for a skin condition. I thought she was short with me, but tried to keep an open mind. I used the cream she prescribed for a year, then tried to get a refill and she asked that I visit with her first. Oh, and before this happened I recommended her to a co-worker and she said that Tina was mean and condescending to her. I was quite embarrassed, but when I wanted to refill the medication, I did not feel like looking for another doctor. Anyway, I went in and she basically argued with me about why I came in the first place! I was shocked, but again I kept composure and just took her new medication prescription, which she said would better suit my needs. When I go to pick it up at the pharmacy, they said that it was $200.00 because my insurance won't cover it. They said they already contacted Tina to see if there was an alternative, and she said that she had discussed this with me!!! Of course, I didn't take the medication, and calls were not returned when I tried to contact her. I guess she figured she already had my money. I should not have been so lazy and found another doctor! more

Terrible Clinician 6/24/2008

I was a little surprised how easily it was to get an appointment with Dr. Finesmith, and now I know why. I came to her suffering from some major dermatological problems and she was recommended by a pretty good doctor. My first visit maybe lasted 5 minutes and I'm not sure she asked me a single question beyond "do you moisturize your skin?". My second appointment was equally blunt and useless. In addition, I called her office hoping to ask her a couple questions about side affects I was having from my treatment, and I was forced to go through her receptionist. Additionally, she completely blew off a neurological problem I was experiencing from a test she did. I was forced to come in for a third visit for her to tell me in what essence was a negative test result which she could have easily told me over the phone. I was afraid she had some bad news. Turns out she just wanted more of my and my insurances money. She made no attempt during my last visit to try to get to the root of what was causing my problem, just made sure I had enough scripts for potent corticosteroids and I was on my merry way. I was totally shocked. I work with doctors all day long and I've never met someone who is so out of touch with patient care. more

Appreciate Dr Finesmith's style and treatment 1/2/2008

I have visited Dr Finesmith's office and had very satisfactory treatment. I have also referred my sister. And my boyfried is her patient as well. We have all shared our experiences and have recommended others for her treatment. I know she has many satisfied clients and it is unfortunate that a couple of complainers can ruin her reputation with this web site. more

Dr. Finesmith is great 1/2/2008

For several years, I have visited Dr. Finesmith for annual routine skin exams and help with occasional moles, etc. She is very professional, knows what she's looking at, and gets the job done. I prefer her professional and matter-of-fact approach - she is direct and doesn't waste your time (I don't need to be coddled). Recently she found a suspect mole on the back of my arm that I had not noticed. She was recommended to me by one of the best skin cancer doctors in Seattle. more

Tina Finesmith MD 11/8/2007

I've been a patient of Dr. Finesmith's for over 10 years. She is funny but in a dry intellectual way. She gets to the point, listens carefully, does not jump to conclusions and is up to date on the latest dermatological procedures. I've never had to wait in her office to get in, but then I tend to show up time for my appointments which helps when she's booked. She tends to be honest which is refreshing for me but might scare some away, especially those who are used to being treated like children by physicians. 5 stars all the way around. more

Dr Finesmith misdiagnosed, and had poor social skills 11/4/2007

My biggest concern with Dr. Finesmith was that I showed her a spot on my face that I had concerns about and she blew it off saying it was just a raised blood vessel. One year later, after seeing another doctor, I was treated for basal cell cancer. So that says a great deal about her ability as a dermatologist. She also made me return multiple times to remove the smallest moles that concerned me. I had a very large copay and I had to keep returning, instead of doing it in one visit. If I made an appointment to have something removed she would look at it for about 25 seconds and tell me to make another appointment to have it removed. She didn't for a second care that I had to arrange for childcare AGAIN and pay another large copay (even though I told her that). On a less important note, she had TERRIBLE social skills. She was not warm or friendly and she went on and on about inappropriate topics with me during my first ever visit to her (such as her trouble with her last receptionist and how she had to fire her, her cats, her difficulty dating, etc.). I honestly believe she has a social language disorder. more

Horribly rude and unsympathetic 8/15/2007

I stumbled on these reviews looking for something else - I went to see Dr. Finesmith to look at a mole I thought looked abnormal several years ago. She was extremely unfriendly at first meeting. She took a biopsy of the mole and called me a week later and stated bluntly over the telephone "you have melanoma". Nice bedside manner, you would think perhaps telling someone they have cancer would be done in person. Thankfully, I had the mole removed by a surgeon and have been seeing Amy Sarkie at Northwest Skin Specialists for checkups and have remained cancer-free. Amy Sarkie is a PA-C that is not only very kind but extremely aggressive on watching moles and removing for testing if necessary - which is exactly what I want to keep healthy. more

Worst doctor I have ever been to 5/22/2007

This office if more concerned about receiving their payment than they are with treating the patients. After waiting for 1 hour 45 mins in the waiting room to see this doctor she graced me with 5 minutes of her time and I was basically rushed thru the appointment. She was short, rude, condescending and basically didn't care about my problem. She was more concerned about moving patients thru her office as quickly as possible. She noted an abnormal spot but was unwilling to look at it until I made another appointment (no doubt so she could bill me again). She prescribed a cream that did not work for my problem. I was chaged for this appointment and when I called to speak to her about adjusting the bill since paying $100 for a 6 minute appointment was ridiculous, she never returned my calls. Rude doctor, rude treatment, over priced. AVOID THIS DOCTOR. more
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