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The Nest

4650 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 267-0248
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The Nest - Chicago, IL
The Nest - Chicago, IL


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The nest has changed my whole view of healthcare. Jen has not only treated my medical issues, but also nurtured my overall well being. I wish that all places were this holistic....


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best. place. ever. 6/8/2011

The nest has changed my whole view of healthcare. Jen has not only treated my medical issues, but also nurtured my overall well being. I wish that all places were this holistic. They have helped me overcome anxiety, depression, irregular periods and digestive irregularities. The formulas and personalized acupuncture treatments are one of my favorite parts of the week. Thanks to their help I also just found out I am pregnant! This place is the best! more

Forever Grateful 6/8/2011

The Nest has truly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me! When I first walked in I was, and still am, greeted by friendly, smiling faces in a very calming space. I first started going there to address, what I thought, was just one issue. However, it became clear in a very short period of time that there were several things going on physically, mentally and spiritually that I needed some help with. Like so many people, I had put work before my own needs for many years and it was having a very negative effect on my overall health and well-being. My practitioner, Sae, has been a true blessing in my life! She is all the right things at all the right times: kind, caring, compassionate, gentle, understanding and she has a great sense of humor (we could all use some of that!). I feel like she genuinely cares about health, my questions and concerns and my overall well-being. Through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal supplements, the changes I have experienced in all realms have been unbelievable! These changes were very obvious to my family and friends in no time at all. I don't feel like a new person...I feel like the person I used to be! I am so grateful to The Nest and Sae for giving me this gift of being re-energized and empowered with my health...mind, body and soul! I would HIGHLY recommend The Nest to anyone for any reason...they truly are masters of their craft. I will continue to tell everyone I know about Sae and The Nest and hope that you will find your way through their doors very soon! more

Jennifer is the BEST 5/24/2011

I started going to see Jen at The Nest last fall to treat infertility and hyperthyroidism. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon such a caring, knowledgeable, thorough soul. I feel like she is not only treating me for those issues, but she is always looking out for my overall wellness, stress management, and general well being. Acupuncture is an incredible treatment on its own, but even more so in the hands of such a capable, warm, and engaging practitioner. I can't recommend The Nest more heartily! more

Migraines and more 5/14/2011

I originally was recommended to The Nest by my Neurologist as a supplemental treatment for my migraines almost four years ago. Working with Jennifer was the best thing that could have happened to me. My migraines are not gone, but they are significantly more manageable and through her, we've been able to reduce my medications taken from 6 types of pills down to 1! I credit Jennifer and The Nest for helping reduce my migraines with acupuncture as well as adjusting my lifestyle (eating, sleeping, exercising, relaxing) . I probably only go in now once every other month or so (in the beginning it was every week), but it's now for ""maintenance"" and to help keep me in balance. The Nest is calming, relaxing and very friendly. Jennifer takes time to get to know you, ask you how you are, check on problems areas, now matter how small or insignificant you think they are she wants to know. The Nest staff really wants to know it all so they can help YOU. And I receive this personalized courtesy and professionalism each and every time I visit The Nest. Highly recommend The Nest. more

Clear the Cobwebs and Re-energize! 1/17/2011

Whether you are looking for help with your physical health, or if you’re just so overwhelmed that your brain is on overload, The Nest is the place for you. Simply put, Acupuncture not only helps the body feel rejuvenated, but it helps to undo things that make the body and mind feel stressed out. All Acupuncture is not created equal, however. Finding the right practitioners with the right knowledge and abilities can be the difference between a blasé treatment versus one that will help guide your body towards a path of real healing. Having had many Acupuncture and other treatments in the past, I am no stranger to receiving Alternative Health Therapies, so I speak from experience. Jennifer Paschen and The Nest provides a Gold Standard for health improvement when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies (TCM). When you first walk into The Nest, you are surrounded by a sense of calm and quiet. Visually the office is rich with natural woods, Japanese Shoji Screens and bamboo floors. This is your first hint at healing Nirvana. If you’re new, you’ll have to fill out an extensive intake form. If you’re a regular, you’ll usually end up sitting in the inner waiting room where you can have a cup of water or herbal tea before your session. Once you’re in your room with your Acupunturist, you’ll go over your current status and give feedback from your last treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine relies on things like pulse taking (there are three very subtle pulses), as well as other analysis different from life is also an important factor, and you need to share that with your practitioner. For example, when I was moving after dealing with multiple major life stressors throughout the years, I was exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. I got through the worst of it, especially move week, by doing an Acupuncture treatment a few days before the big day, and the day of the move. It might sound crazy to move and then head off to go to Acupuncture, but without it, I’d probably still be unpacking! Jennifer was great to see during the entire time, since she integrates what was going on in my life to assess the best treatment for each session. Our health isn’t static, and so being able to share what was going on in my life really helped me get through it, while at the same time treating the primary conditions that I sought help with. I normally don’t sing praises about practitioners, but her commitment to providing professional services with warmth and grace are to be commended. more

Hopeful 10/14/2010

My husband and I were struggling to get pregnant due to male factor infertility. After our first very unsuccessful IVF attempt, I decided to add acupuncture to my treatment regimen for our second IVF cycle. I chose The Nest and it made all the difference! I was so much more relaxed, had no ill effects from all the medications, the results were tremendous. Unfortunately I miscarried early, but the acupuncture with Jennifer helped me through the miscarriage, as well. We are now getting me ready to start our next cycle. The acupuncture makes me feel so good and the care I have received from Jennifer and her staff has been wonderful. I wouldn't trade my experience at The Nest for anything. Thanks for all you have done! more

Encouraged 9/28/2010

I started to come to the Nest in March 2010 due to infertility. I wasn't sure if it would work but started to see changes fairly quickly. I walked in for infertility issues but acupuncture began to resolve other medical issues that I didn't think could be taken care of since I've been seeing a medical doctor for years and taking prescribed medication. I no longer need to take the medication and have gone the natural way. Thank you to Jennifer and the wonderful staff at the Nest. They are truly amazing. You can tell they care for their clients. more

I feel cared for 3/11/2009

I can't think of another time when going for any kind of health care treatment when I have felt so completely cared for. I first called The Nest at a horribly low point in my quest for fertility. I think I must have left the most pathetic message on their machine never expecting a returned call. Hours later Jennifer was on the other end of the line scheduling an appointment for me. I had never done acupuncture before and didn't know what to expect. She was not only kind and patient but just so overwhelmingly caring at a time when I so desperately needed it. The whole staff has created an environment where you feel, well, hugged. If you are even slightly considering giving acupuncture a try-- for fertility or anything else-- run, don't walk. But don't take my standing appointment ;). more

A Gem in Lincoln Square 3/8/2009

I have been going to The Nest for a little over a month and I can't express how much it has changed my life! I spent 6 months trying to get pregnant and it wasn't until I met Jennifer that I realized my body was out of balance. Jennifer helped me realize some significant changes I had to make in my life to reduce my stress. Not only is her acupuncture energizing, but she works with you on nutrition as well. I am now pregnant and will continue to see Jennifer throughout my entire pregnancy. The staff is wonderful and overall just a magical place. The Nest is located in the cutest little neighborhood of Lincoln Square. Street parking everywhere and the train is literally right next door. If you are willing to give acupuncture a try, you will not be disappointed with The Nest! Pros: Staff, Acupuncture, Information, Parking Cons: NONE! more

Jennifer quickly solved a painful medical problem I?ve had for over 15 years 2/7/2009

I tried acupuncture at The Nest because Western medicine didn?t help my condition, even after seeing different doctors and specialists over many years and doing lots of tests. With acupuncture, I saw a big improvement after only a few treatments. Sometimes I forget that I ever had this medical problem, because I rarely experience the painful symptoms anymore. Jennifer is so knowledgeable she has also helped improve my overall health, including asthma and sinus issues. She has a calming and nurturing presence, just being at The Nest makes me feel relaxed. I only wish I had tried acupuncture years earlier. If you are considering acupuncture at The Nest, give it a try NOW. Pros: Great location, next to Brown Line Rockwell station more

INCREDIBLE!! 2/5/2009

I first came to see Jennifer back in December 2007 for chronic back pain. I must admit this was my last resort as I had tried medication and physical therapy to no avail. I was a bit skeptical because I knew nothing about accupuncture but my primary care physician suggested I try working with Jennifer and I am so happy I did. It took awhile, but my back pain went away and in the interim we worked on several other issues that were bothering me. I am again seeing Jennifer for some menopausal symptoms and am very confident that we will resolve these issues quickly. The atmosphere is calming, restful, and therapeutic. Jennifer is so knowledgeable about TCM and shares that information freely and enthusiastically. I have recommended The Nest to many of my friends and family. more

Wonderful Acupuncture Center 2/2/2009

Although I went to Jennifer for fertility issues, she was able to treat other issues I had as well ? extreme low energy and stomach pains. I had never been to an acupuncturist or any other non-Western clinic. I just loved it! I love the holistic approach that understands that seemingly un-related issues (to Western medicine) can affect other functions in your body. My favorite part of going to Jennifer is that I have someone who is knowledgeable, caring, and who takes the time to get to know all about me, my medical history, and how I am doing (both physically and emotionally). My fertility clinic and doctor have such a narrow focus and so little time to explain things to me. With Jennifer, we discuss everything and have worked to change my diet (I feel so make better now). She helped me decide the best fertility plan for me and has helped get my body ready for pregnancy. Although my fertility issues could not be resolved without medical intervention, I could not have gone through this journey without Jennifer. Once I get pregnant, which will hopefully be this month, I plan on continuing with Jennifer. She is absolutely fabulous and I would recommend her to anyone with any issue or if you just aren?t feeling well and you are not sure what the problem is. more

Best Wellness Experience 2/1/2009

I have been coming to the Nest for over a year. As soon as I step into their healing environment, i start feeling better, even just waiting in the front area. The design of the interior speaks to me of Jennifer's values and philosophy on healing and wellness and there is a wholistic spirit that is communicated without words. I feel like i am in good hands, in a safe and caring environment, and it allows me to be honest with myself and the staff, to assist in maximizing my treatments. I can't say enough good things about Jennifer and her center. You have to experience it. Pros: Magical environment, it is special to be there Cons: I can't go every day more

Thoughtful, caring, knowledgable accupunture 2/1/2009

Jennifer and her staff have provided me thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable acupuncture treatment over the last several months. The Nests environment is calm and soothing and the staffs holistic approach to health has been right on as far has helping me deal with the symptoms of pre-menopause without the use of hormones etc. Through them I have started a Chinese herb regime which has helped tremendously with my moods as well as other ongoing symptoms. If you're looking for a nurturing environment staffed with a knowledgeable individuals with a keen sense for w omen's health issues this is the place to make an appointment. I have other friends who visit the Nest on a regular basis for other health related issues and are extremely satisfied as well. more

You will feel fantastic! 1/31/2009

I've been going to the nest for over 3 months and I love it. I've received acupuncture before at another facility and found the attitude to be sad and somber. Not at The Nest. Jennifer and the rest of the staff are warm, welcoming, funny and wise. The Nest exudes a sense of calm, of strength and of healing. I feel fantastic! It's amazing how acupuncture, herbal therapy and simple diet changes can completely change the way you feel. Jennifer is truly a partner in my healing journey. I can't say enough good things about The Nest. I've recommended The Nest to all the women I know. Pros: Easy to get to, right next to the Brown line and there's street parking more

Great 1/31/2009

I have been to several acupuncturists over the years and Jennifer and her staff are my favorites. Their knowledge is extensive. They have taken care of a stomach issue that has been hampering me for years and have also helped me in other areas I didn't go to them for.\r \r Jennifer is very intuitive. The atmosphere is very relaxing, open and caring. The staffs' touch using the needles is great. They handle a wide-range of issues. I have already recommended The Nest to 4 different people and will continue to do so. more

couldn't be happier! 12/5/2008

I have been seeing Jennifer at the Nest for 4 months now. I couldn't love her or her practice more! Prior to coming here, I had never experienced acupuncture so I don't have anything to compare to, but I can't imagine there's a better place out there. Jennifer and her staff are so welcoming, so supportive, so knowledgeable! I fist stated treatment at The Nest for fertility issues (yay! I'm now 4 months pregnant and doing great!), but I have gotten so much more out of the treatments than just that. There's something about being in the environment that brings me such peace, such calmness! My anxiety levels have decreased dramatically since I was first seen and I just feel more healthy overall. When I'm at The Nest, I feel understood, I feel nurtured, I feel supported. And as a result, I am living a healthier, more balanced life. I can't recommend this place enough! more

Soo many good things! 11/4/2008

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Kimberly for 3 years. I originally went for digestive issues, but surprisingly have found other issues resolving themselves as a result of the treatments. My overall health has improved 10 fold, and my energy is endless. Earlier this year, I informed Kimberly of my intention to conceive in the upcoming months, and she adjusted the treatments accordingly. We were successful on our first try! She has also helped me through the difficult 1st trimester. I highly recommend acupuncture for fertility and prenatal issues, as well as many, many others. Kimberly and The Nest provide a very personal, comfortable approach to health and well-being. more
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