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8354 Princeton Glendale Rd 109 (at One block North of Union Center Bld and Princeton-Glendale Road State Rt 747)
Cincinnati, OH 45227

(513) 561-7546
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Renew Image - Cincinnati, OH
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Renew Image is now located at the Kenwood!


A good 2-3 weeks went by, when Heather realized she missed our appointment. Heather called me, I then took the time to explain to her that I was very unsatisfied with what I have...

Brooke is Fantastic! 7/30/2010

Brooke has been my stylist for the past 5 years; I am addicted. She has the knowledge, talent and passion to make my hair look amazing. Her cuts are as great as her coloring knowledge. My husband, friends and coworkers always compliment me on my healthy, shiny hair and my cute haircuts. I always feel beautiful and sassy when I leave the salon. Thanks a million Brooke! Pros: Brooke is a sweetheart! Cons: There are none! more

Unique Experience, Exceptional Results! 6/4/2010

Okay so I had to wait a bit to get in to see Heather, but it was totally worth it, considering It usually takes that long to get in to see my doctor. Heather is detail oriented, I told her what I was looking for and she did it exactly the way I told her to. Many salons send you to a person who really care less about your hair. My hair is very thin and grows extremely slow so I am very particular! The people that work at Renew are all very experienced and the services that are offered are really great, like after I recieved my hair cut and color I got a teeth whitening treatment that took about 30 minutes and my teeth were at least 3 shades lighter! Very, Very Happy with the the way they treated me at this salon and medispa and will be a client for a long time. They are definately differnet from the rest of them out there. Go online at www.Renewimage and make an appointment now you won't be disapointed. But like I said they are good at what they do, so expect to wait a bit to get in for your first appointment. The wait is worth it. If you want quick, wham bam thank you mam service, kick you out the door... this is not your salon. Pros: Online booking, customized high quality services Cons: Had to wait a 3 weeks to get an appointment with Heather. more

Superb! 6/4/2010

I am a very picky person when it comes to my hair and skin care. I read a lot and know what to look for in services that are right for me, but have noticed that most of the salons or medical practices that offer these services are more conserned with overselling me, than actually customizing services that are right for my wallet and lifestyle. I have also lived on the east coast and on the west coast and can compare beauty services based on whether or not they keep up with the latest trends. I also expect to have someone who has been doing hair more than 5 years to do my hair insteard of someone right out of beauty school! When I called Renew I spoke directly to the owner and she explained to me that all the people that work at renew take care of their clients personally and that she would refer me to the person who specialized in the service I wanted. I booked a free consultation with Heather Hunt, (the owner) who is an image specialist and we came up with a program to address not one but several of my concerns. I ended up recieving hair cut and color, microdermabrasion and airbrush makeup application in one afternoon. I was ready to go out that evening feeling much more confident about my appearance. I haven't had a better experience in years and I did not feel ripped off when I left... I felt like I got a great deal and I know I did because I checked around for prices. I was waiting for something to go wrong and it never did. They offered me water with strawberries and asked me how I was doing every now and then to make sure I was comfortable. I loved the atmosphere, not pretentious, but very down to earth and the results I achieved were amazing. I got comments on my look for weeks after about how beautiful my hair looked. I would recommend everyone at Renew to all my associates because they pay attention to details. Thank you to Heather and her staff at Renew, I will never go anywhere else! Pros: Privacy, Experienced Staff, Excellent Service, Good Price. Cons: They are busy, so if you get voicemail, leave a message! more

Great place for amazing hair! 6/4/2010

Everyone at this salon is friendly and enjoyable to be around. The stylists who look at your hair take the time to make sure everything is done correctly and in a timely matter. They work along side you and make sure everything they do is comfortable and whats best for you! I would recommend Renew Salon and Skin spa to any and all of my friends! Pros: Friendly and knowledgable staff Cons: non more

Excellent Service 5/11/2010

I was a client of Heathers about 10 years ago, however I moved away but a few years later moved back and didn't know where she was working. Just recently I was told Heather had a salon and I looked up her website and made an appointment. I really like the online scheduling because it is very convenient for me and my busy life. What I like about Heather is that she listens to what you want not what is popular today. For years I avoided salons becasue they only like to give you that "popular cut or color", not what you are asking for. Heather gives you the cut that you are looking for and that frames your face and works for you; not for her. I always get the cut that I am looking for from Heather and that is why I continue to go back to her. Just recently I decided to change my naturally blonde hair and give it a different look and go "red". I was a little nervous at first, but Heather helped me by taking the color up a little at a time till I eventually had that color I was looking for. I am very happy with the new color and everywhere I go no one believes that I am a natural blonde. They say the color looks like a real redhead and that my skin tone looks great with the color. I will never go anywhere else but to Heather because she gives you that personal attention and really cares about what you want. Pros: Convenient online schedluing & personal service more


I am a busy pharmacuetical sales rep and travel a lot. I found Renew online searching for esthetic services in west chester. I am frequently called on to do sales training and tv appearances so needless to say my image makes me more money. Heather Hunt is excellent at what she does, I appreciate her concern, she even came in for me on her day off (because I had to fly out last minute). I will definately recommend to all my friends and family. Pros: Convienent 24/7 online scheduling, affordable services Cons: None more

Do Not Bother Continued 12/30/2009

A good 2-3 weeks went by, when Heather realized she missed our appointment. Heather called me, I then took the time to explain to her that I was very unsatisfied with what I have gone through to even be able to set up an appointment! She asked me how I heard about her and told me that she runs her office like a practitioner's office...( well I know that if I attempt to call my practitioner, M-F, 8-5, there is ALWAYS someone there to pick up the phone.) I then explained to her that I have reached the point of not wanting to even deal with the headache of coming in there, and that I was troubled that I had a gift card to use and reached the point I didn't even want her services and just wanted face value for the gift card. Until Heather, realized, that I had a gift card ( for a very significant amount) did she even seem remotely interested in how I felt about my experience with her business. I told her I would have to call her back to discuss it further with her. So when I was able to call, I attempted and again I reached a recording! OK so I am completely over trying to communicate with Heather. My boyfriend who purchased the gift card for me and had witnessed my attempts and even went to the online appointment, decided that I should not give into Heather's complete lack of being able to run a business. From that point my boyfriend has been trying to communicate with Heather about not being able to redeem the G/C for any services, therefore we would appreciate the monetary value of the gift card back, considering the G/C write “to be used as cash”. Within the fist conversation of the two of them she said that the G/C was only good for 12months and we are out of luck and should have used it sooner... (well, according to ACT # 1349.61 of the General Assembly of The State of Ohio, a gift card has to have a MINIMUM use of 2 year and if no expiration, identical the one we have from Heather, than the value is good w/o fees until we redeem it.). Heather, defensive and upset, willing agreed to accommodate our needs and was willing to exchange the G/C for it value but needed time to look into the exact amount, and we were to do the same on our part. We found the purchased amount that same night at our bank and as discussed with Heather she would call us back at he end of the week to comply with the amount.... WELL to our surprise Heater never calls. We attempt to call, leave messages, and text her, only leading to stopping into the salon, where Heather is not. His visit lead, to a conversation with Diane about our troubles... Diane said she would make the attempt to call Heather to see what was going on. Again we wait... only leading to more messages left for her and another follow up visit from us. Surprise Heather was actually there, where she then went back on her word and said that she did not have authority to refund the whole amount and suggested that I use my G/C to other people as a gift or use it, we refuted that we were unhappy and she had already agreed to do the monetary exchange. She then said she was unable to refund the whole amount and if we wanted the other half we would have to talk to her Husband, who apparently owns part of the business. As if this hasn't gone on for long enough! So my boyfriend made the call to Heather's, Husband, David, and explained our side of the situation. Where he seemed unaware of how, Heather no-showed on us, and the difficulties we have had with the business. From that point David decided that he still needed time to consider redeeming the other half of the G/C money. Yet again... 2 weeks have gone bye where David now does not pick up the phone or return messages left for him! Please DO NOT support Heather Hunt and her failure of poor business procedures! Pros: NONE Cons: EVERYTHING more

Why Bother GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! 12/30/2009

Lets see where should I begin... I heard about Renew Image through friends and family. I then decided that I wanted to take part of some of the services that Heather offered at the salon. Shortly after my discovery I received a gift card for Christmas to use at Heather's salon. I made my F&F aware that I had received a gift card from her salon and was looking forward to using it and asked what they recommended, following there recent service they had, they really didn’t have much positive feedback to give me. I decided that I still wanted to find out for myself and would continue to make use of my gift card. From that point, now a year ago... I made several attempts to stop by and talk to someone about the services, to my surprise Heather is nowhere to be found, and the other associates were clueless to what Heather even offered and could give no more information than the salon's phone number to reach Heather. Moving on... so I made a few different phone calls to the salon, which DON"T expect anybody to ever pick up, it is merely a voice mail you get all the time that only offer's Rod's & Diane's personal phone numbers to reach directly. Heather's direct number is obviously unavailable and you have to leave message... WELL, that is if you are even able, and don't get a FULL MAILBOX recording like I did the several times I called to leave a message. So after the well wasted attempts and my personal time being wasted trying to reach someone to talk to about he services or even set up an appointment, I decided to go online and make a consultation for myself and boyfriend, that requested services to actually be performed during the same time for the both of us. We were trying to make use of our visit because we live a great distance away. After the online appointment was made I then followed up by finally being able to leave a message that stated I filled out the online appointment and would be in as expected. Well then it came time for our appointment. We both showed up about 10 mins early, nobody was there to even greet us at the door so we took a seat until someone walked to the lobby. Rod walked up, and asked what we were doing, I replied to him that we had made an online appointment for Heather. Rod told us Heather was not in and we were more than welcome to wait to see if she would show… did not sound too promising. Diane, the other associate also had seen us and had mentioned that one of them would call Heather to reach her. Well a good 20mins after our appointment time, we decided to leave. At this point in time I completely regretted my confidence that this visit would be pleasant or remotely relaxing. Pros: NONE Cons: YOU NAME IT, if you can even get HEATHER to call you back! more

Fantastic at everything that they do!! 11/16/2009

From the ease of making an appointment to the personalized attention that you are given from begining to the end of your appointment, you can't go wrong with Renew! I have been going to Renew for 7years and have recommended Heather and her staff to countless people that have all been nothing but happy with their service. Renew is a gem of a salon and skin spa! Pros: Fantastic at everything that they do!! Cons: None more


EXCELLENT PERSONAL SERVICE! I found Renew by accident about a year and half ago. I had searched and searched and never found a hairstylist that I wanted to stick with. They would either never listen to what I wanted or would just keep giving me the same old cut even when I would say things like , "I want something a little different this time". Then I found Heather, she understands what I want and nothing is a big deal. I have also used other services at the spa and have recommended many of my friends. The spa is well worth a visit whether for a facial, a haircut or a massage. You will get down to earth top notch service. Keep up the good work guys March 24, 2008 by HAZEL VARGAS in West Chester, OH FELT LIKE A CELEBRITY! Heather Hunt has to be the most personable skin care specialist out there. I am a regular at Renew and would never consider any other spa for my needs. I get regular microdermabrasion, hair coloring, and chemical peels and am more than satisfied with all these services, but most of all with the way I am treated at the salon. January 6, 2009 ANDREW STEPHENS, Mainville, OH PRESS RELEASE The first thing you will notice when you walk through our doors is the bright aroma of our signature aromatherapy blend of lemon grass, peppermint and lavender essential oils. You will hear the sound of a water feature trickling and upbeat music in the background. The environment was designed to convey feelings that soothe and comfort; colors of calm green, blue and earth tones were used to ground and center you. We are mindful of the fact that the modern world we live in is full of stressors and we have created Renew to be a sensory experience that soothes, calms, and uplifts the spirit. We want your experience with us to be one of healing for your mind, body and spirit! We practice an Integrative approach with traditional and holistic techniques and combine state of the art technology with products and services that are based on proven research to bring results. We only use products that are not tested on animals, are naturally based and eco-friendly. We stay ahead of what our industry is doing by staying saturated in post graduate education, as well as educating others in our field and creating treatments that are effective, affordable and above all safe. Renew Salon & Skin Spa, MD, is a full service Integrative Medi-Spa founded on providing the highest standards of care by highly qualified Owner/Director, Heather Hunt, B.S., L.M.E., (Total Image & Aesthetic Specialist) with a background in nutrition and graduate level cosmetic science, working in association with board certified Anti-Aging physician, Laser Specialist, Dr. Jim Smith, D.O. Dr. Frazin Foruhari, M.D. certified vein surgeon. Our staff also includes Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Permanent Makeup Specialist, Licensed Master Barber Stylist and Licensed Stylist/ Colorist. The center offers a comprehensive array of image & wellness, and non- invasive aesthetic services to its clientele. Renew Salon & Skin Spa, MD, offers a total patient /person management program, whereby the patient can experience a full complement of services to facilitate a happier, healthier life. Our singular goal; to help our clients feel, look and live healthier. To this goal we take an approach of balance and synergy, treating the whole person. The relationship between the professionals at Renew Salon & Skin Spa, MD, facilitates an atmosphere that, through each individual specialty, brings together all in the group to treat the client in an entirety. The Renew Image & Wellness Associates Heather Hunt, B.S., Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Owner of Renew Salon & Skin Spa, MD President, Director of Education, Advanced Aesthetic Seminars, ltd, Post Graduate Education Providers. more

Voted Best of Cincinnati for Body and Beauty Treatments! 6/23/2009

Medi-Spa services including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and physician administered botox cosmetic and fillers. Full service salon featuring Master Barber Stylists, and Cosmetologists. Pros: Board Certified Physicians on Staff more



Horrible Salon.. 5/7/2009

The salon is horible.. Small at that. Heather is not a hair stylist but such a barber who does hair. You can hear noise from other units and sevice is slim to none.. Do you research would not recommend at all.. Have seen many come and go.. If you care about your skin and hair .. Do not go! Pros: none Cons: horrible service more
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Renew Image Salon & Skin Care, Medispa in Kenwood is one of the Northeast's premiere salon & spa destinations

Owner Message
  • Renew Image's experienced staff is headed by David Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, and Spa Director, Heather Hunt, B.S., Nutrition, Image & Wellness Expert. Additional skin, hair and body treatments are performed by trained nurses, certified hypnotists, medical aestheticians, certified permanent cosmetic specialists, licensed massage therapists and master stylists. Botox and Fillers are offered by Holly Pohler, Nurse Practitioner (NP), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and collaborating physicain, Dr. Foruhari, MD.

    As our name implies, renewing and restoring beauty and wellness is at the heart of everything we do. We have helped thousands of happy clients just like you make an investment in their appearance and thus their lives, let us help you make an investment in yourself too!

Additional information
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm By appointment only.
  • Neighborhoods: Madisonville