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R & E Management

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Los Angeles, CA 90036
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R & E Management - Los Angeles, CA


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I just finished renting with R&E because we had to move East; OTHERWISE, I'd keep doing it. They're simply FABULOUS. Anytime a problem arose -- which, thankfully, was hardly ever!...


R and E investments are awful. My experience with them has been nothing short of miserable. Let's start with Brian. He seems to be acclaimed in other reviews but they must be talk...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2012

I've never had any issues with R&E. Granted I only lived in one of their apartments for 7 months but I had a great manager who was very responsive. I texted her and within minutes I'd get a text back. They were also very easy to deal with when I had to find someone to take over my lease. Really a surprisingly easy ordeal. I was dealing with Rosy and she was sweet, helpful, and responsive. I really have nothing bad to say about them. Oh and I think they allow dogs at all their properties which was a major plus for me. I would definitely recommend renting an apartment through R&E! more

Awful Apartment Management Services 4/5/2012

R and E investments are awful. My experience with them has been nothing short of miserable. Let's start with Brian. He seems to be acclaimed in other reviews but they must be talking about a different Brian. He doesn't return phone calls and did not show up to two scheduled appointments. I went to drop off my rental application anyway because I loved a unit I saw only to see that their office is disgusting. For a company that owns so many buildings, you would think they would have a clean seating area. The chairs are stained and the carpet is not clean. The sitting area needs a makeover and a good cleaning. I then had to deal with Rosie who sits at the front desk. Upon arriving, she was on the phone, continued to talk for another five minutes before acknowledging my presence. She was speaking in Spanish and was discussing chocolate sales, little did she know I also speak Spanish and know that she was not conducting a business call but discussing a child's fundraiser. They are deceitful in their advertising so be sure to ask questions about parking spaces, the unit and how well they respond to maintenance issues. Buyer beware and if you can help it, try to find an apartment that is not run by this company. If I could give it zero stars I would. more


It's been over 30 days and R&E Mgmt has failed to return my deposit for my apartment I rented from them. I have called them several times and they keep telling me to call back so I'm going to have to file in small claims court. The apartment was left in perfect condition and there were no issues. more

R&E is AMAZING! 9/19/2011

I just finished renting with R&E because we had to move East; OTHERWISE, I'd keep doing it. They're simply FABULOUS. Anytime a problem arose -- which, thankfully, was hardly ever! -- they tackled it immediately, and even went out of their way to check up on it. They were friendly, reliable, caring and honest -- what more could you ask? The apartment experience itself was terrific, too. \r \r With a management company, you worry maybe it'll be this huge impersonal conglomorate that doesn't care. Quite the opposite! I wish I could keep renting with them. more

SLUMLORDS . You will regret getting involved with them 5/10/2011

Ok if you are thinking of renting from them, stop now! We are currently living in one of their properties and it's absolute hell. These people redefine ""SLUMLORDS"". Their property manager, is a Russian immigrant named Alex who speaks NO english and only works Mondays. If something is wrong, you get locked out,need a repair, you're screwed if it's not Monday!!\r You call him any other day and he swears in Russian and hangs up on you. I'm 2 months pregnant and he has refused to fix our garbage disposal for the past month, because he is angry we called him on a Wed. Not to mention the ILLEGAL POT GROWING operation in the laundry room, managed by Alex the Russian immigrant. The apartment above us is used as a BROTHEL on the weekends. Just lovely! Rand E DOESN'T CARE as long as they are making money off you. They have tried to illegally raise our rent but were stopped when a resident filed a lawsuit.\r You call their office where you can speak to Rosie, who has the intelligence of a hamster, who will tell you she can't help you . Our neighbor recently had to take them to court for refusing to fix their leaking sprinklers for 7 months which were flooding everyones apartments. Please think twice before you get into a scary situation like we did, these people are truly evil.\r \r more

I like my landlord. 11/30/2010

Yes, you read the headline correctly. I actually LIKE my landlord. I've been with them for 13 years and only leaving because they don't have vacancies for bigger units. They have always listened to any issues I've had with the apartment and building. I've locked myself out so many times and they keep coming to my rescue without complaining. I love my apartment and sad that I have to move on. I hope someone really great takes it over because it's an awesome building and the staff at R&E are awesome folks. more


Last year, i moved back to town, and needed an apartment very quickly, i contacted Brian and he showed me one of their apartments. i didn't think it was the right fit, so he showed me a few more until i found one that i was in love with. within an hour, i had signed a lease and the keys were in my hand...that year of living there was one of the easiest because anytime something happened with my apartment (minor leaks, plumbing situations), they were right there to fix it no questions asked. a few months ago my boyfriend and i decided to move in together, and i called brian and told him what we were looking for in a new place. he called me back the next day and told me about a place that met all of our guidelines. we went and saw it, and decided that it was the place for us. i had already established a great relationship with the company, so when they met my boyfriend, they weren't too thrilled about his credit score. they gave him a chance and we met with the man who runs the company, and they had a long discussion and in the end, they gave us the okay to move in. overall, i am really happy with my experience with this company, i have a hard time believing that all these people could have such bad experiences with them. my experience has been the exact opposite...i have also recommended them to friends and they have all had good experiences as well. more

el peor servicio ded todos 11/8/2010


Nice company to work with! 10/25/2010

I've been with R&E for over 2 years now, and I mustsay that they've been really pleasant to work with. After reading all those things on CitySearch I got a little scared. But Brian has been great and the company has been reponsive as a whole. It took a little while to figure out the system but ever since then things have been going really well. more

Worst Management Company Ever! 3/4/2010

Ever since this management company took over my building i've had nothing but the worst problems of my life. There was a plumbing problem that they hired illegal workers to do that took 4months. During that time the water was off M-F, 8am-5pm, with no hot water at other times. WE'VE HAD NO WATER AT ALL FOR OVER 72 HOURS! the building was torn up for months, there was a trash problem that resulted in rats and roaches all over the building. i had several holes knocked in my walls to fix plumbing and for renovations of other apartments that were there for months. they never fix anything that you ask them and won't return your calls ever! they raised my rent despite all these problems and gave me multiple 3-day notices whenever i complained. wait... there's more. my apartment was entered on over 5 occasions that were not emergencies, without my permission. and at lease 75% of the tennants have had problems AT LEAST as bad as mine, ranging from broken windows, to mold, broken toilets, to ceilings falling in.... all not fixed for months on end. i could go on, but am starting to put myself in a bad mood. Lastly, i can't imagine anyone having an experience with them worth rating a 4 or 5. So all those reviews are most likely posted by the company. DO NOT TRUST THEM! GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING AND DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH THEM OTHER THAN LETTERS AND EMAILS.... MAKE SURE YOU CAN TRACK AND RECORD ALL CORRESPONDENCE. GOOD LUCK. Pros: NONE AT ALL! Cons: un-reachable, slum-lords, cheap, shiesty, liars more

Always write to the owner!!! 2/10/2010

First of all, if you want to detect a fake post, just look for things like ""ignore the negative reviews."" Really? Just because you've had a good experience means a prospective tenant should ignore the scores of negative reviews on this garbage operation called R&E Management? R&E is exactly what most of the reviewers claim it is: a bad management company. They are slow to fix anything and indifferent to your problems. They don't care. But folks, if you're ever displeased with your management company, please don't stop at just posting a review on CitySearch. Write a letter to the property owner. If you don't know who that person is, you can find it in the public record down in Norwalk. Many times owners don't know how miserable their property managers are, and a little tenant feedback can go a long way. I once got most of the tenants to sign a petition, and within weeks a new management company was hired. Unfortunately, that new management company was none other than R&E. I guess the moral of the story is, if you're looking for a rental, stay away from managed properties and go with managed-by-owner properties only!!! Cons: Slow response, poor attitude more

These people are beyond awful! 1/20/2010

The biggest complaint here is the fact that if you need something done, it WILL NOT get fixed, until it becomes out of control or a health hazard. I have stating numerous problems, both verbally and written, that seriously affect the living conditions in the apartment. In return I get a letter telling me my rent just increased. Of course, they'll repaint your front door, even though you have 10 other things that pose a health risk. Some people on here write about how the community is nice and the area is safe. Sadly, they fail to realize that R&E never had control over that to begin with. Do yourself a favor and don't associate yourself with these people. And if you are foolish to get an apartment with them... Well, I warned you! Pros: It's better than living on the streets... I guess Cons: Price, Maintenance, cleanliness, appearance. more

Borderline Slumlords 1/20/2010

I'm quite surprised at all the good reviews here, they certainly don't live in my building. I would say that the worst thing about them, and it's hard to narrow it down, is that they don't fix anything. And after ignoring your requests for months, raise rent anyways, well above the actual value of the apartment. Honestly the worst management company I've ever dealt with. more

Don't believe the good reviews. 1/2/2010

I have lived in an R&E property for many years now. I would move for sure if it weren't for the ol' rent control. These people are borderline slumlords. You have to ask them time and time again to do repairs. I have resorted to just writing a letter and sending it by certified mail, because they have to respond to that in a reasonable amount of time. There is not one person living in the building that likes them. Not one. They are cheap, cheap, cheap. If you plan on living somewhere for a short time then okay, but if you want to feel at home, look elsewhere. Pros: I'm struggling with this one. Cons: I could go on and on. more

Community Feel, Nice Apartments 10/27/2009

I lived at an R&E Apartment building in West Hollywood and the apartment had beautiful hardwood floors, cool older crown moldings and VERY SWEET neighbors. Also, the people in the main office (I spoke mainly with Rosie and Eli and they are the only names I remember, but everyone was nice) were very helpful, for example, the there was no airconditioning and with the fires LA has been having this summer, the heat was brutal. HOWEVER, I called the main office for some other reason and happened to mention how hot it had been, and she offered to have an AC installed with no cost to us! When we did move (I needed to be closer to my job) Nearly our entire security deposit was refunded very fast. No hassle, which is the FIRST time I have not had to hound an apartment complex regarding the security deposits. The communication between R&E is great. They also gave us 2 parking spots with a one bedroom which you usually only get when renting a two bedroom. Oh, and they're pet friendly!!! The pet deposits were the lowest I've paid in Los Angeles, I can't remember what they were, but I do remember being very pleasantly surprised when they told us the amount. Overall, very positive experience all around! Pros: Great hardwood flooring! Very nice building manager more

Ick! Pests, Dirty Hallways, Raised the rent stay away!! 8/31/2009

Don't be fooled! All the so called 4 and 3 start reviews for this company have to be written under fake profiles by R&E Management because they are the worst slumloards in the world. If you see a property they own or manage, do not rent it!!!!! Where I live used to be owned by a semi bumbling guy who was slow to do anything but he at least sort of cared. Then he sold it to R&E or whoever R&E represents and they promised to do all sorts of improvements. But their intro letter to all tenants was Hi, we're raising your rent! The building vermin/pests (including bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!!), noxious odors coming up air shaft, dirty garbage and urine soaked hallways, crime/gangs activity. My toilet has been broken for months! They sort of fumigated my apartment but the bedbugs are in entire building. I'm moving! In order to make sure they don't steal my deposit, I'm insisting on using it as last months rent! I've reported them and the property to the L.A. Housing Department. Stay away! They are rude, greedy crooks who just live off stealing from the poor and lining their pockets. Cons: rude, don't care, greedy more

Don't believe the negative reviews . . . they've been GREAT! 8/7/2009

I was really surprised at the comments that have been made about R&E Management because my experience has been very, very good with them. First, everyone LOVES Rosy at the main office, including me. Second, the property manager Karen is not only very nice but a hip person who is responsive, genuine, and very reliable. The apartment itself is big, nice and everything is new or practically new. Really, I feel like I got the best deal EVER. And while the building is considered ""older"" I always loved the look on people's faces when they would walk in my place. They couldn't believe how nice and comfortable and beautiful it was. The building is in a predominantly Russian neighborhood. But once the new neighbors get to know you, they are VERY warm and nice. All I can say is I DOUBT the people that really enjoy living in a R & E Management property feel inclined to put a positive post. I think the negative posts are the VERY few people that maybe had a bad experience. But for every ""bad"" review, there have got to be at least 50 happy tenants that don't need a forum to vent. Live at their property and you'll be perfectly happy --- I know I have been!! Pros: Management, Apartment Size, Location, Hardwood Floors more

R & E Management 8/3/2009

R & E Management was a rough start in the beginning but while working with Rosy and Apartment Realtor Eli Ebrams made the transition into getting settled a lot easier. The owner of my particular building was unusually difficult on many levels upon move in but it was because of Rosy and her finesse on getting both parties involved happy...that we felt comfortable with the way things were resolved. Its too earlier to gauge or review R & E fully but what I can say with full confidence is that they employ a very valuable asset in employing Rosy. Keep up the good Rosy.\r Regard$ Pros: Rosy Cons: Still Too Early to Gauge more

Rosy is the best thing R&E has going 6/1/2009

Rosy is always helpful and delightful. Answering phones, taking rent checks, telling the other people there (running around like chickens with their heads cut off) how to do things right. If Rosy was not the secretary, the company would literally fall apart. Really, we all love Rosy! If she's not in then you have to DEAL with the other secretary (fill-in) who would rather talk on the phone than deal with anything other than herself. rude. Rosy is the best and deserves to make more than the manager's of r&e management. We love Rosy :) Pros: Helpful and pleasant always Cons: anyone other than Rosy more

No Problems Here 3/12/2009

I was honestly surprised by the other negative reviews. I lived in a building managed by R& E for the last four years and had a great experience. The staff, especially Rosy was always helpful and the building was well-kept. Repairs sometimes took a little longer than I would have liked, but for the most part my requests were always attended to in a timely manner. I would rent from them again without hesitation. Pros: Rosy is awesome. Well- maintained property. Cons: A little slow with repairs. more
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  • With over 35 years of experience in Property Management, we pride ourselves in offering quality accommodations and service at an affordable price. Having built a reputation on professionalism, unprecedented customer service and tenant owner relations, we pride ourselves on treating our clients with the utmost care and respect. We employ and train top talent in our industry to oversee your property management needs. Let us help you anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Our property management teams are made up of experienced professionals ready to evaluate and attend to your needs!

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