Pump'n' Jump


101 Independence Mall Wy # 126
Kingston, MA 02364

(781) 585-7867
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I don't usually bother to write reviews online, but I went on here after having my party at Pump 'n' Jump and felt compelled to combat some of these ridiculously bad reviews. I w...


Tried to book a birthday party and when I did not receive a email confirmation I called a teenager answered and told me they do not have me in there system and it was busy there t...

Pump and Jump Horror 5/8/2012

I went there with yesterday may 8th. I was horrified how dirty it was. Dust the size of footballs all around the mats and activity centers. makes me wonder if they actually clean and sanitize. I left within 45 mnutes from my son coughing constantly. If you have allergies you will be sorry for entering this place. more

Fun place...great time! 4/21/2012

I don't usually bother to write reviews online, but I went on here after having my party at Pump 'n' Jump and felt compelled to combat some of these ridiculously bad reviews. I was originally going to have my party at our house for my 10 year old and 20 of his friends. 3 days before the party our basement flooded and there was no way I could fit all those kids in my house! I called the manager, Louise, at Pump 'n' Jump totally frantic! She was awesome and told me it was no problem to do my party in 3 days on a busy Saturday. I left all the details to her as I was crazy getting my house cleaned up. I told her my son loved Angry Birds, and she got me the themed paper products, goodie bags and even an Angry Birds cake on 3 days notice! It was incredible! The party and all these extras were cheaper than it was going to cost me to do the party with food at my house. When I had my party the party coordinator was awesome! She did everything and I literally just had to show up! The kids all had a blast and 3 of the parents are now booking their parties here. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Pump 'n' Jump for preventing me from having a nervous breakdown and giving my son an awesome party!! :) more

Best Party Ever!!! 4/21/2012

We had our 6 year old's party at Pump 'n' Jump last weekend. The whole experience was amazing. Our party coordinator was a doll! She took care of everything. My party was pretty big..18 kids ranging from 3 yrs old to 11 yrs old and they had the time of their life jumping on the jumpies and playing games in the gameroom. When it was time for pizza and cake..I didn't have to do a thing! This was our first party out of the house and I'd DEFINITELY come here again. My other 2 kids are already asking to have their parties at Pump 'n' Jump. It was well worth the money and I didn't have to clean my house! lol more


We attended a birthday party at PnJ recently and it was disappointing. I am glad we experienced it because I now know to never take my child there again. It was so dirty! I am shocked to read the reviews saying it was clean. I wouldn't want to visit those people's homes if they think this place is clean!! Even other adults were commenting how disgusting all the kids' socks were... and in the corner of the ""under 6"" section were tumbleweeds of dirt and dust cluttering a large section of floor. The bouncy houses had dirt on the outside of them so I can only imagine how dirty the inside of these things must be, YUCK! They should not allow adults to keep their shoes on while they are walking all over the play areas. Let's use some common sense folks. more

Go to Monkey Joe's 3/26/2012

This place was ok..... my son and nephews enjoyed the jumpers, but the ""game room"" please.. half the games were out of order or ate your tokens.... And when I approached management about the extra $10 that we put on the card but it did not register... the answer was ""I don't know what to tell you"", ""I saw you using a card"" and I responded ""Yes, the card my brother got for my nephews, because we had to wait 45mins for management to get there to find out what to do with my ""unusable card"". The Manager then proceeded to ask me for a receipt, which we did not get and was not offered when we ""recharged"" the card the previous day. So his response was I don't know what I can do for you.... He basically called me a liar, over $10 at which I told him he can have $10.... cause he lost my business and my family's too.... Go to Monkey Joe's more

Load em up on sugar and let 'em loose! 3/7/2012

I encountered a place like this out in the Midwest where went with my GF's 4 yo daughter. When they moved here I always wanted to find an indoor activity area where the little one could run around and burn some energy and make some quick friends. Tried PnJ for the first time last week. It was a lot larger than I expected. The daughter, now nearing 6, had a blast. We went on a weeknight so it was quite dead so there were not many other kids to befriend but she still had loads of fun. I like the area off to the side that is for kids 6 and under. Nice to know she has a place to go without being trampled by rowdier kids. I will say that even being fairly empty, the one male staff member made sure that the couple 10-11 yo boys were not doing things they weren't supposed to (aka jumping over exterior inflatable walls and standing on top of attractions they weren't supposed to). My GF and I spoke in length with some other staff about a birthday there, they were very informative. The b-day areas are nice, fairly large and off to the side and surrounded on three sides by full walls. The one complaint I do have is I found a good amount of their video games were out of order. Many were shooting games and since the 5 yo would not be playing those, I did not concern myself too much. But out of the 30-40 games there, I would say 6-10 were out of order. Not a good ratio in my opinion. I cannot give any info in how crazy this place could get on the weekend yet, but I shall update the review after I go again. more

Love it 11/15/2011

My husband and I have been to Pump N Jump atleast a dozen times and we love it! Ours kids always have a great time and would stay all day if we let them. Though the place can be very busy at times the staff has always been very friendly and helpful to us. The place is also very clean which from a parents point of view is a huge deal. We are hoping to have our daughters party there in a few months. To the staff and owners of this buisness i give you two thumbs up! Keep up the great work! We will be back soon im sure. more

Great Place 11/10/2011

I have been to Pump N Jump with my kids several times over the last year. The staff has always been courteous and have given nothing but the upmost service to us and our family. I have read some of the reviews on here and obviously they are misleading as I see this place full of satisfied customers all of the time. My family and friends have already had parties and have done nothing but rave about this place. Other then getting pretty busy at times, we have always enjoyed Pump N Jump, and will be booking my seven year olds birthday party there the next month. They have so much more to offer. More then most of the other indoor play attraction businesses, therefore creating an excellant value. It is worth every penny!! It's a shame that a few disgruntled people express their unjustly views on places such as this one. IT IS A GREAT PLACE FOR KIDS!!! more

Will be back! 10/29/2011

I felt compelled to sign up and leave a review of Pump N Jump after reading all the negative reviews I saw on here. more

WOST PLACE EVER- Don't Go, RUDE staff! 10/2/2011

We just moved to town and the boys had been begging me to go here. We went to the counter, signed a contract and paid our $20.00. After 5 minutes the woman came over and said we needed to buy socks. I guess i should have thought of socks, but they have been in many bouncy places without them so I never thought of them. The lady was so rude and the kids did not even like it there and so when the staff told me I HAD to buy socks from them I was just turned off from the whole place. Before they took my money they should have told me this otherwise I would have come back another time since I did not feel as though we needed any more socks since we have a ton at home. The RUDE manager told me that their is a sign that says 'We Sell Socks' which to me I did not even see the sign. When you have a 6 & 7 year old in tow and a hundred other kids running g around you re not that focused on some hand written sign. The mgr was adamant about to giving us our money back, but luckily I have contacted my credit card company and am disputing this charge. The staff was rude and the place was filthy and I would not pay $1.00 to go near this place. DON'T waste your money- listen to all the other reviewers and spend your money elsewhere where the business appreciates your patronage. Terrible experience. more

Don't do it!! 8/2/2011

I was so excited to bring my daughter to this place, thinking she would love it. When we got there she did not want anything to do with any of the jump houses. We were literally there for five minutes and I tried coaxing her into several of the inflatable slides and/or houses but she would not go in. I asked the manager for our money back since we just got there and he said no. I pleaded with him and told him the story and that we just paid five minutes ago but he would not budge. I asked for the name and number of his supervisor and he wouldn't give it to me. He gave me some stupid form to fill out without an address on it and told me that he would give it to his supervisor (Yeah, right). THis guy is an ***!! I waited a week before calling back to again try and get the name and number of his supervisor and when I called of course I got him again and he still would not give it to me and proceeded to hang up on me!! This place has no sense of customer service...this is 10.00 we were talking about here. Wouldn't it have just paid to give me a refund rather than being rude and potentially hurting business. I don't know who owns this place but I hope he/she realized it is being managed by a hot head!!! more

don't even think about it 5/21/2011

I booked a birthday party over the phone. They took my deposit from my credit card and I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for my confirmation by email or by snail mail. I have made 6 calls and 1 visit to the location trying to get a confirmation or receipt. No luck yet. I was assured the manager would call several times. I was promised a last call by the manager about an hour ago. Guess who's phone didn't ring. I can't even get a receipt. What faith do I have that they can actually pull off a birthday party? If the invitations didn't go out already I would cancel and have it anywhere else.Anywhere else more

Never Again! 4/13/2011

My 5 year old was invited to a birthday party at Pump n Jump. It's a simple concept, inflatable jumpies and kids go wild. Seems cute and place is appears pretty clean. Those are the only positives... more

Incredible Birthday Party...soup to nuts!!! 3/19/2011

We had the best experience at Pump 'n' Jump at the Independence Mall in Kingston. I booked my daughter's birthday party in February and it was so easy. The manager went through the whole process with me and made suggestions so I didn't have to bring or do ANYTHING! I added a cake (which was delicious and adorable), balloons, themed paper products and goodie bags. All I had to do was literally show up! What a treat after having bday parties in the house. Our party coordinator was awesome. We had our party last weekend and she made the whole experience a blast for my daughter, Sidney and her friends. They ran around and jumped on everything, then ate pizza and had cake. Our coordinator did everything! All the moms at the party commented on how fun and fuss-free the party was. I have already booked my son's birthday party here for May. I'm not sure what the other mom's on this site are talking about, but everything was clear and concise from the time I booked the party, right through the end of the party. I knew exaclty what to expect and got exactly what I wanted. 2 thumbs up!!! more

Ridiculous!!!! 3/16/2011

We booked a part at Jump n Jump for our 7 year old dauhter on Tuesday March 15th. The party was booked for 24 kids. We ended up with 29 (however 2 went home before food but that besides the point because I was not contesting paying for them) because some parents showed up with siblings and rather than having them pay out of pocket for a general admission (which is only 8.95 a child) we told them to ask if they could check in with us and we'd take care of the cost. Apparently we went over the ""extra 3"" allotment of add-on pricing for party. The manager rather than charging $10 per additional child (for a total of $50) wanted to charge me for a second party! The cost of the second party would have been an additional $179 (just fyi no extra pizzas were ordered for these extra kids, no extra drinks,) no where in any of there written material does it say that you will be charged for 2 parties after a certain number of children. All the written material says is each child above 24 is $10 per child. After a few minutes of back and forth mall security shows up. Since I was refusing to pay anything above $50 additional to the party package, mall security calls the Kingston Police Dept for ""theft of service"". Kingston PD showed up and after hearing the story told us that this was a civil contract and not a criminal matter. One of the police officers told the manager that what I was willing to pay sounded reasonable and he thought it was ""prudent of you to accept it"". ! He said he was not authorized to. He refused to call the owners back who he said would allow him on an earlier call to discount the second party by $50 (so, $129). So, after double checking that this was not a criminal matter with the police I wrote down my cell # and gave it to the manager and told him to have the owners call me tomorrow. He then tried to hand me a complaint form and said if I want to contact the owners i need to fill it out!! This entire situation is very upsettng. My 7 year was crying on her birthday because the police showed up. As one could imagine I was completely mortified seeing as this took place as the party was winding down. Many of the parents are now aware of Pump n Jump's practices. more

Great Place Well Worth the Money!!! 3/15/2011

This Place was an awesome place for us to have our son's 7th birthday party!!! The staff was courteous and did everything that a mother could dream of to eliminate any hassle of having a party of 18 kids at our house. The place was large and spacious compared to some of the other places where we have had similair parties. We had a party last year at Monkey Joes, which was similair, but does not offer near as many rides as Pump N Jump. As far as the price it was almost the same!!!! I give this place TWO THUMBS UP!! It does cost a litlle to have them do a party, but well worth it in my book!!! more

Mixed review from a parent's perspective! 3/10/2011

I went here with my 4 and 1 year old. The boys had an absolute blast. Well more my 4 year old than the 1 yr old, but nonetheless, they were all over the place. For that, I'd give them 5 stars. more

I am irate about this Birthday party! 3/6/2011

It all started when we walked through the door,( for my daughters 4th Birthday party.) This man was at the front entrance and quite upset because I had brought extra juice box's, and balloons! (I booked this party a month and a half ago) When I put down a $50 deposit they asked me if I would like for them to supply the cake? ( for an additional $30 on top of the $279.00 I was already paying!) Even though, the web site for the Independence Mall said the cake and goody bags were included in the price! Anyways... This man who I've never seen there before was acting like a brought my own bounce House and set it up in his facility! He was going on and on. Made me take the juice box's out to the car! This man lingered around us the entire party and made the kids uncomfortable! I have him in just about every picture just standing right by our party! Then the kids come in for pizza/ cake and he sends in one of his teenager staff members over to cut ALL of the kids wristbands off!! We were never told this was the procedure, and when I went to front desk to ask, the other teenager at desk he said "" No they aren't allowed to do that!"" Then the big Boss MAN CAME OVER AND SAID "" THIS IS PART OF OUR NEW RULES! Never in my life have a meet such a mean, unprofessional man! Had I known how there new policies were I would have walked in w all 13 children payed per head witch would have been only $130, and walked to the food court for pizza and brought my own cake. ( Witch I did anyways!) and saved myself $150!!! This place was a whole lot of fun the several times I walked in and my daughter played for 6 straight hr's, but apparently when you pay for a $300 party the kids literally get kicked out at the 2 hr mark!!!! Not even the Birthday girl could take one last jump :-(!!! All of the kids were upset because NO ONE made us aware that as soon as they came for food they would be kicked out! So some of them ran out anyways because I said ""ok guys I guess you can take one last jump."" The staff then blocked the entrances of all the bounce houses and they were escorted off the platform!! These are 2 and 3 yr olds I'm talking about! EVERY parent there was literally horrified.. Parents started to com plane and the Owner guy called mall security on us!!! He then followed us out to the parking lot and was insulting us verbally, and very confrontational!! Basically it was a 3 ring circus! I have never been so embarrassed/ upset before in my life! It clearly stated on the independence mall web site that "" they ""set up , clean up and all you have to do is show up"" This was all together an awful experience I would NEVER recommend this place for a party to anyone!! It's really to bad the man who runs the place has no patience for young children, bad manners, and should probably learn how to be professional! The sad part is my poor daughter's big day was ruined by this man, and now I'm so pissed I will never return to give that man any more of my $$! Witch is totally upsetting to my daughter, bc it is the only indoor play place around us! more

What is expected 12/29/2010

Great place to bring kids on a cold or rainy day. Slides are great for kids of all ages and size. Even a place for toddlers with mini kitchens, etc. If you're expecting a babysitter then this is not the place for you but if you watch your child and don't expect others to do it for you then it's a great time. If you spend your time worrying about what other parents are doing or not doing then you'll miss your kid having a blast. Facility is clean with hand sanitizer readily available, soft floors in case of falls. No the staff is not the cast of Sesame Street but they try to keep order in the chaos that is children running around. Definitely recommend my son had a great time. more

Worst Birthday Experience EVER! 12/13/2010

I attended my neices 3rd bithday here this past Sunday. The facility offers a complete birthday experience with dedicated staff. That is far from what my sister got. The staff was rude and had no clue about the timing of the party. We asked when pizza would be served and was told it wasn't ready yet, but found out that it was already being served before we asked so it was cold before most of the kids could get there. My neice did not recieve her t shirt. My sister was rushed around even though the staff were the ones who failed to notify us of our timeline. When the girls in charge of the party were setting up goodie bags, I overheard them talking about how people could go anywhere else for a birthday party because it would be cheaper and that they would not get fired for their unsatisfactory experience. I called the operations manager to let her know what I heard and did not get a call back. My sister just informed me that she was also rude to her when she made her complaint. Aside from the bad birthday, it is loud. I understand that this is a playplace, but there are no doors on th birthday rooms. You could not enjoy the party part of it. It is so unsafe in this place. Just because you sign a waiver, does not mean staff should not maintain safety standards. 4 kids at a time max is listed on the jumpers, but there were as many as 10 on the slide at once. My daughter was getting pummelled by older kids and their parents couldn't care less texting away on thier phones. Staff should make sure the rules are being followed and deal with parents who think this is a place to dump your kids and socialize. All in all save your money and go somewhere else as the staff member so rudely put it. Not worth the 200 dollars she spent. I won't even go back to let my daughter play. They will be lucky if they are open next year with these sort of standards. more
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