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1818 NW 23rd Pl
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 227-7282
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Patanegra - Portland, OR


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I tried Toro Bravo when it first opened and was not at all impressed. I went back last week and it was worse. Consistently Ricardo's Patanegra is the best tapas in Portland. In...


Last week was my third time coming to Pata Negra, and although I did enjoy some of the tapas, I felt that they were too expensive for what they were serving. In that case, I would...

I should have listened 8/22/2011

Definitely 0 stars. I don't write reviews on restaurants but my experience at Patanegra on 7/22 forced me to create an account. I went to this restaurant with an open mind although my friend from Spain who went there a week before told me she would never go back there again because the owner was rude. more

Condescending Waiter, Burnt Food, Overpriced: Don't Bother! 4/23/2011

0 stars! Probably the worst group dining experience I've every had. The waiter was condescending and rude, had no interest in being helpful. The food is vastly overpriced for what it is. The portion sizes of what they consider ""large"" are laughable. They don't sell ANY wine by the glass (only by the bottle). And the vegetarian paella, along with being not even good (I cook better at home) was burnt on the bottom, BURNT!!! I suppose we didn't complain about this only due to the fact that our group was so eager to get to get out of this dreadful place. Terrible terrible restaurant that we will never go back to, and we'll be sure to let everyone we know how bad this place is. We all felt annoyed by the experience, and the waiter, and felt completely ripped off. The only redeeming thing was the fantastic company, but hey, we can take our company, and our business, elsewhere. I'm truly surprised that this restaurant is still in business. With the way we were treated, I don't see how they'd ever have a repeat customer. PS - And this was without any Groupon deals that the others here are complaining about. We went in and paid full price (over-priced) for everything. more

Chef Ramsey needs to spend a month here! 2/26/2011

We came with good intentions, with Groupon in hand. We odered RED wine by the glass, and it was SERVED CHILLED. The first few tapas were QUITE BLAND. OK, so the dates here suck compared to TORO BRAVO. There's still time to salvage the meal. The sausages were bland and salty, the carmelized onions probably made a week ago in a crock pot. The STEW was actually luke warm, and tasted like it was prepared by an amateur cook. We complained about the cold stew and were not charged for it (nor did we eat more than one bite). The positive reviews must have been with another chef and owners, as there's no way anyone could honestly compare this to anything but smorgasboard food. I thought for a moment that we were being filmed for a Kitchen Nightmare episode. We're now 0/3 on GROUPON, and I felt compelled to review this place on multiple sites with the hopes of keeping you from eating here, it really is POOR. The one star is for atmosphere, and a good waiter. more

Can we get a push pin with that? 1/30/2011

So my girlfriend is in to finding new venues around town to try and loves using groupons and patanegra was the place to try for the night. So we made reservations for 8pm on a Saturday night. Looking forward in trying their Paella it was brought to our attention that the paella was not part of the deal on the groupon, so we look on the paper the groupon was printed and no sign of that detail anywhere. Surprised, we ordered some tapas with some wine. The tapas that we tried were: goat cheese wrapped in grilled eggplant, cod fritters, tortilla espanola, scallops wrapped in ham, and a lamb shank. Each tapas tasted all right, but not too impressed. When the Lamb shank arrived, which was the last tapas, I stripped the meat off the bone to soak up the juices in the bowl. The first bite I took I felt a sharp object in my mouth, thinking it was a bone from the shank, to my surprise it was a PUSH PIN TACK. What the hell is this doing in my dish, right. So I ask the server to see the manager about this problem. He gave me a bunch off BS that the manager was too busy and that the other customers are suffering from this...What the ? I say and I wanted to see him ASAP! After a number of attempts to see the manager the server said he would take care of the tab and give us a dessert. That's it!??? So I ask for the groupon back and he gives me some grief of it already in the computer and can not refund the groupon. Last attempt to see the manager, who never comes, guess he is to embarrassed over this. I know I would be! He refunds the groupon and we leave very upset!!! But lucky for both of us that no blood was shed, right. SO BEWARE PDX and watch for objects in your food! more

Best Tapas in Portland 12/15/2009

I tried Toro Bravo when it first opened and was not at all impressed. I went back last week and it was worse. Consistently Ricardo's Patanegra is the best tapas in Portland. In fact it's my favorite restaurant in POrtland. I like the small plates, the flavors, the sangria and the flan. Additionally, what makes this restaurant special is Ricardo's rapport with his patrons. He is always friendly and gracious. Pros: food/ sangria and Ricardo Cons: nada more

Some Pointers for Pata Negra to make Better Paella 11/21/2009

Last week was my third time coming to Pata Negra, and although I did enjoy some of the tapas, I felt that they were too expensive for what they were serving. In that case, I would recommend a person to go to Andinas, which is also in Down Town Portland. The portions at Andinas are a little bigger and the presentation is excellent. However if you are looking for Spanish tapas, then Pata Negra offers them. I would also recommend to the chefs at Pata Negra add more rice and saffron onto their paellas. After living in Spain for some time, I know that Paella will taste better with more saffron and rice added to it. The rice will absorb more flavors and juices from the seafood, meat spices, and saffron, and therefore not leaving water on the paellera. Now I do not consider myself an expert on Paella tasting. However I have surveyed 100 people during a gathering where I took some of Pata Negras paella, as well as I made my own, without telling them which one was which all 100 people agreed that the one I made was better, and the main reason was because Pata Negra lacked on saffron and Rice. So I hope this helps. Pros: Some good Tapas Cons: Really poorly made paella for Spanish Standards more

Fair food, poor service, unusual menu restriction 11/14/2009

My wife and I decided to have a late dinner (starting around 9PM) on a Friday night and I suggested we try Patanegra since we've never been there. We really liked Trebol and loved Toro Negro and thought this would be similar. From the moment we got there, we started to feel rushed. I guess we were there late but seriously is 9PM on a Friday night that late especially considering it is Spanish food? I ordered the Paella Patanegra which sounded great with lots of seafood and meats. It arrived in quite a large skillet just like at other places I've tried Paella. It was pretty tasty but my wife didn't like one of her orders of cheesy fritters. Apparently they were overcooked for her taste. I thought they reminded me of the cheese sticks from Wild Buffalo Wings Then the bill comes... We were charged for two Paella dishes when we thought we had only ordered one. We mentioned that we thought we had only ordered one and the waitress said, that when you order Paella you must order a minimum of two orders. I don't know why because no other restaurant I've ordered Paella at has a similar requirement Fenouil, Toro Bravo and others will sell you a single plate of Paella. While my wife was ordering she was very clearly asking questions about vegetarian options and when I ordered I said ""I'll have the Paella"". So there were enough hints there, that the waitress might have said ""Do you know that the Paella is for two?"" or something that would have alerted us to this unusual restriction. That would have been a good time for the waitress to point out the requirement in the menu not when the check arrived with two $20 orders of Paella. Anyway, fair enough, the menu did mention that we must order two and we just missed it with no help from the waitress. So lets talk about the Paella itself.... There was no hint of saffron in this Paella, the ham and sausage were overcooked and tough and quite salty. The rice was burned to the bottom but somehow mushy on top. The clams were undercooked and several hadn't opened and were thus quite raw. Even though we ordered two orders (unknown at the time) I would say the quantity was probably only a bit more than one might get at Toro Bravo or Fenouil. It certainly didn't look like twice as much Paella as on might get elsewhere. So even in the value for dollar department, the Paella at Patanegra is poor. Needless to say, my wife and I won't be returning to Patanegra. Pros: OK Spanish food, but third in Portland at best Cons: unusual menu restrictions, unhelpful wait staff more

Running a restaurant means mastering kitchen and house 7/27/2009

90+ degrees outside, 89.5 inside. Can't blame the server, but it sure left him struggling. Plus only one server on duty. A party of 14 had them swamped, and they must have known, becuase their table was set a half hour before they arrived. 1 server could not keep up. Pros: Good Food Cons: struggling service more

Great place for trully authentic Spanish food!!! 6/18/2009

Huge selection of Spanish and S. American wines, great service and chefs. Pros: Best Spanish restaurant in Portland Cons: Sometimes (not often) they have NW recipies more

Food is so good I had to share! 1/9/2009

For years I've used citysearch to read reviews and find out where the best restaurants are in Portland. Never bothered to get an id or write a review until today. The Paella was fantastic! I'm Cuban with grandparents from Spain; finally a decent restaurant in Oregon with good food! The fish and seafood in the Paella were cooked to perfection, the taste was exquisite. The chorizon appetizer another great experience; just the right amoutn of spiciness. And finally the crema de catalan, delicious but not too sweet. I will be back! more

Overpriced and Under-delivered! 12/10/2008

Based on a recommendation from our friends, my wife and I went there at 9:30pm on a Saturday night for a late night drink and tapas. They were nearly empty and were cleaning up as if they were closing, even though they are listed as open until 11pm. One of the bartenders finally came over and said 'ok, have a seat at the bar'. We did and he made a couple of wine suggestions, and poured us 2 glasses of red that were in open bottles on the side board. He mostly walked around with others and cleaned up and brought us a small bowl of almonds and got us a paltry dish of manchego cheese with quince. We felt we were disturbing their efforts to close the place, so we finished our meager food and oxidized old left-over wine and asked for the bill. Would you believe it was for about $38!! They charged us way tooo much for this waste of our time. I will not hesitate to tell all of our friends and websites about our experience there. more

Wow. 8/22/2008

I'm not sure why this place isn't on the top of the list on Citysearch. Of course, I'm probably a bit bias since I love authentic Spanish cuisine since I used to live in Spain. In comparison to some of the other's I've tried in the area, this comes the closest to the real thing. There were admitedly a few things that I sampled (we had a large party) that weren't quite authentic but even those items were delicious. The atmosphere is great too. Pros: Fabulous food, great atmosphere Cons: Most is authentic but not quite all more

Love this place! 7/22/2008

Outstanding food, wine and service (this last part is truly unique in PDX!)! Prices are a little high for tapas, but that's not going to stop me from eating here at least every other week -- if not more often! more

LOVED Patanegra!! 4/14/2008

My boyfriend and I went to Patanegra last Thursday night to celebrate his birthday. This was my second time there, the first was with my daughter who lived in Spain and was taught how to make paella over an open fire. It was just as memorable the second time around. The food amazing and the wine list exactly what we heard it was - extensive. The cheese plate, though first thought was small, was incredible and paired well with our wine. We ordered the Paella Patanegra with its hearty portions of meats and seafood. Having spent a month in Spain (not long enough) and eaten a lot of paella, it was authentic and full of flavor. We were too full to order dessert. It was still daylight when we arrived, but cozy and romantic. Riccardo was exactly the opposite of what another reviewer said. He was polite, very attentive and offered recommendations which we were glad we followed. We will definitely go back to Patanegra (hopefully frequently) and we can't wait to take our friends! Pros: Food, ambience, service, wine! Cons: Parking more

great atmosphere for girls' night out 3/29/2008

My friends and I went to Patanegra after going rock wall climbing. We were happy with what we found there! The house wine was divine, our greeter was knowledgable and very friendly. The mushrooms were fabulous as well as the salads. It was a bit pricey, but overall we were very satsified! more

Valentines Spectacular 2/18/2008

Went here on Valentines day and had a really nice evening. The lights were a little bright for trying to be romantic, but everything else about it made up for it. The server was very helpful and knowledgeable offering great suggestions for first timers. We ordered four tapas and left very full. The food exploded with flavors in our mouths. We would like to go back as there were so many other choices we would like to try. Pros: flavor and service Cons: price and lighting more

cheaper than a trip to spain 2/9/2008

I'll put in a good word for Patanegra. We spent 71 plus tip for two people, but we had a great time. Expensive items were 10.50 per glass for red wine and 19 for Patanegra ham plate, but we wrote it off to education. The wine was delicious, and the ham was intense from long curing. The endive salad with grilled pear was outta sight, and the rabbit with mustard sauce was wonderful. Also enjoyed the deep fried fresh anchovies. We had good service from the Joe Black waiter. Perhaps an early dinner on Saturday saw this place at its best. more

How Bad Can It Be? 1/30/2008

My husband and I dined at Patanegra last Friday night, despite reading very mixed reviews. We thought, ""how bad can it be?"" It was worse. Our waiter, the infamous Jack Black wannabee, was inattentive most of the time and rude when he remembered we were there. He couldn't remember which wines were available by the glass, and couldn't be bothered to find out. He became impatient when we mispronounced one of the menu items. Then came the first few tapas dishes. The garlic mushrooms were a bland, soggy mess. The bread was stale. The meager slices of ham were grossly overpriced. And the patatas bravas were a mushy, microwaved heap of potatoes smothered in what tasted like canned sauce. They were barely palatable.After paying $70 for the two of us, my husband and I came home and had leftover lasagne because we were still hungry. If you want excellent tapas and great service, save your money and go to Toro Bravo instead. Pros: Takes reservations Cons: Inattentive service, bland food, pricey more

Just great 1/19/2008

I was surpirsed by few review. This is one of our favorites, it is true that the food is different but very good. more

Our best place in Portland 1/19/2008

Patanegra is a great mix of good food, one off the best wine selection of the area ( price from Wine Specialist) and wonderfull people. The service is effcient and friendly and we always meet quality people who are also seeking for an nice atmosphere. more
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