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Oishi's Property Management - 24 Reviews - 750 Amana St Ste 101, Honolulu, HI - Property Management Reviews - Phone (808) 949-9499

Oishi's Property Management

750 Amana St Ste 101
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 949-9499
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Oishi's Property Management - Honolulu, HI
Oishi's Property Management - Honolulu, HI


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We switched to Osihi from Windward Isle Properties. They are doing a excellent job of ""Managing"" something that Windward Isle Properties CAN'T do. There have reliable people who...


I have been viewing their properties for the past 3 months as I've been searching for a job. Each viewing has went well, and the staff member showing the property was always profe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/13/2013

I do not recommend anyone to do business with this company.BAD BAD BAD..\r You will be living a nightmare with them.\r I am in process of suing..\r They make up lies and damages that I have proof .\r It was there before I moved in..\r They utilize repair companies that get kick backs to them.\r for outrages price receipts\r Please email me today .. Time is precious..\r Anyone .any problems besides the one's that I have \r read and printed .. I need to hear from you.. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

The worst company i've ever dealt with. all the above negative comments are true. the telephone system is a joke. too many options to choose from before you get to the person to speak with about your question/concern. RIP OFF! PATHETIC! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/25/2012

I recently received excellent service from Oishi. Not only was my current issue addressed, but they exceeded my expectations by addressing a previous concern as well. I am sincerely impressed with the level of customer service I received and appreciate the followup and considerations that were provided. My positive experience with Oishi has made me feel like a valued customer. I will be happy to work with them in the future.\r \r - Delighted renter in Kailua more


there really are no other words for this company!!! when i moved in the cabinets were extremely worn down so (with company permission) i sanded and painted all cabinet doors, there were at least 16. they even commented how much nicer it looked and they were impressed, then i get $130 of my deposit back, are you kidding me!!!!! i left the place much cleaner and nicer than when i moved in! the cleaning company they require you to go with cost $200 for a 1 bedroom apt!!! i have lived in many places in hawaii and other states and NEVER have i not received my full deposit back! one example of their terrible service is when my family came to visit from the mainland and the hot water heater broke on a thursday and the guy they use was busy and they were unwilling to have it fixed over the weekend so we had no hot water til monday! its a matter of luck if you get ahold of someone right away, it can take days to get a reply! they dont deserve 1 star, WORST rental agency i've dealt with by far! i dont care how good a deal they're offering they aren't worth dealing with! more

what a JOKE this Oishi's Property Management 2/15/2012

Hey, is there a negative stars??? for this company in question, I am even hesitant to give 1 star... If you're here reading reviews on businesses, you know that this is the only other way regular people can voice out their experiences... be it on food, doctors, dentists, accountants, etc.... so YOU KNOW you're getting honest reviews... There is a reason for BAD reviews and reason for GOOD reviews... you know that much!!! For this Company? I'd cut my finger first before dealing with them again... and even then, I'd cut another one... If this does not mean anything to you, then I don't know what else does... Yes, it's a bad review without going into the details... but I don't think details are needed in this case... this is not a review of a mochi which would help if I say, oh, this mochi is too hard, taste bland, smells funny, etc... But this review is for a property management company, and the details are self explanatory... YOU ARE WARNED!!! more

Terrible people to deal with!!!! 1/31/2012

Oishi's Property Management doesn't even worth 1 star! They only care about the renters and not the owners! 1) They kept asking us (the owners) to repair & fix & upgrade before they can rent it out for us. The property IS VACANT and CLEAN, and they still request us to get new cabinets, curtains, door, light fixtures...etc! Everything in our condo are in clean & working condition. They are wayyyyy to picky! 2) Further more, we want to list it as $2000/month for a 3 bed-room condo and they kept insist & argue with us to lower it to $1745 due to match with the current rental market price. Come on! We are the owners, you have to listen to us & not argue with us! If we can't rent it out, we can lower the price ourselves! 3) The staff are very uneducated, rude, and terrible to deal with! 4) They are hard to reach! No email available~ they don't even pick up the phone, gotta leave message EVERYTIME! And they don't even call you back until end of the day or next day!! DON'T LET THEM MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Worst People to Deal With 9/29/2011

I am an Active Duty member with the Air Force and a resident of Aiea and have been for the past year. I am renting with a company called Oishi's Property Management. My husband and I rent a two story town house in the complex of Ridgeway. Due to a medical issue my husband was enrolled in an EFMP program with the Air Force. He has medical issues that keep him from climbing stairs and is in a wheelchair 50% of the time. After learning that my husband was placed in the program and that we were being directed to move on base for further medical assistance, I immediately informed my leasing department at Oishi's. I gave them the necessary documents and was instructed by my property manager in charge that the forms I gave them were all that was needed to terminate my lease and not be penalized. However I received a phone call six hours later saying he was miss informed and that I would have to pay the $4,000 in penalties for early termination on my lease, this was after I had arranged for movers and the military to assist in the move. \r \r I was instructed by property manager at Oishi's (Ruel) that he would try to get in contact with the owner, who lived in Twain, and would see if he would allow me to be released from my lease. After calling Ruel all week and not getting my calls returned I was finally able to get in touch with him on the fourth day. He instructed me that because the property was being leased to me below what the owner was paying on the mortgage he would not be letting me out of my lease early. I told Ruel that because of his misspeaking and informing me that I was able to terminate my lease early I would not be able to be able to pay the penalties because my BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) was now going to the house on base. \r \r After speaking back and forth with Ruel and Toyna (Ruel more

The WORST management co. 7/14/2011

The employees are uneducated & just plain rude. They go into units without notification & things seem to disappear. When asked who was in your unit, no one knows. Thieves. more

My brief experience 8/10/2010

I have been viewing their properties for the past 3 months as I've been searching for a job. Each viewing has went well, and the staff member showing the property was always professional. When it came to apply for a room, I went to their office, which was in the same building the room I was applying for was. I was a day earlier than the initial showing and asked if I could apply early, since I had already seen a number of rooms in that building before and the pictures looked exactly like the ones before. If not, I was happy enough just to drop off the completed app, since the initial showing the following day was going to be hard for me to make. I stepped in, waited a while to even be acknowledged (ok, so fine, they're busy, no problem). When someone did notice me, I was greeted with a brash 'what do you need?' After explaining my situation to a very impatient looking man, he responded with something along the lines of ""it's not ready, we put the date on the postings for a reason"". A polite, ""sorry, however..."" would have sufficed just fine. Every time I've interacted with the staff inside the office, the majority of which I was ready to apply and hand over money, they were extremely irritable and came across as if I (a potential customer of all things) were wasting their time. It turns out, I'm renting from another company, with a much better room (in a building where oishi also has rooms), for a much lower rate. more


They make unsubstantiated and fabricated move out fees!\r \r Do not rent from these guys, in the beginning while I rented from them they were okay but once I broke my lease it just went down hill from there, especially when it comes from the deductions from my security deposit. Watch out for “TJ” (Terrance Jay WONG), this guy did my move out inspection and claimed that there was such a strong smell of “cat urine” that he could smell it from outside, when in fact I never had any sort of cat in the unit I was renting. That resulted in almost $400 in cleaning fees on top on what I paid to have the place cleaned; you would have thought with double cleaning that place would be spotless. Well guess again I went back after the place was cleaned and it looked as if the place was in the same condition as I left it, I went on my hands and knees and found dust hair, etc and even took photos to show Oishi’s. They don’t even follow the move in condition as they charged me to fix things listed that were there prior to move in. \r If you Google them they are not only doing this to people in Hawaii but LAS VEGAS as well! And most of the comments are negative. \r \r THERE ARE MANY MORE1 but I will use the rest on how you can contact me and who else you can contact.\r \r If you want to contact me you can at hawaiigoose00@yahoo. I just got out my lease and I did everything short of small claims court since they are not worth that hassle. \r -First take notes such as chronological events log, especially during move out and take photos! They will screw you out of your security deposit and try to fix of the rental so they don’t have to charge the owner. \r Who to contact:\r 1. State of Hawaii: Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO)\r 2. Better Business Bureau\r 3. KHON Action Line\r 4. KITIV Investigates \r 5. Honolulu Board of Realtors \r 6. An attorney or small claims court if needed.\r Again you can contact me any time, hawaiigoose00@yahoo and I can show you what I complied and assist you if you want.\r \r This company should not be in operation to protect the public from losing their money as these guys will suck you for every penny. \r Pros: Maybe were okay, at best, during renting pd. Cons: To much to say!!! more

not so bad 2/10/2010

People above are right. The worst telephone navigation system ever. It'll take you through circles and circles... sometimes, you'll push a button to be led somewhere, but you're taking to the same menu! message inbox is usually always full not letting you leave any messages. \r I've never encountered rude service though. They are generally quite nice and responsive to anything you ask.\r Also, I must say it's the first place i've ever lived in where i'm asked to give an additional security deposit with almost-yearly rent increases to match the current rent. Pros: friendly and responsive Cons: phone navigation system more

Property Management 1/7/2010

Mr. Oishi is hard to reach by telephone, and very difficult to converse with. Avoids direct questions or answers. Takes days to get calls returned. Refused to put his concerns or directives in writing. Cons: unresponsive to problems more

Don't Ever Use Oishi 12/12/2009

The employees are very rude. They were never helpful, even when it is their responsibility to fulfill the contract. Their phone never worked. They do not answer phone calls, do not return phone calls, do not care about messages you leave them regarding emergencies in their property and it was their responsibility to take care of them. They appear to be professional before they sign you sign the contract. But after that, they do anything they can to take advantage of you and deduct the deposit as much as they can when you move out. They basically ignore you whenever things are broken and they are supposed to fix it, even if it is emergency and it is their fault. They take advantage of renters as well as property owners. So be careful! Pros: N/A Cons: Terrible Service, Very Rude Employees more

Don't let them handle your properties! 10/20/2009

My wife and I own some rental property. We made the mistake of answering one of their postcards for property management. They boast a low vacancy rate and ""proven procedures"". What a joke. We''ve had more headaches than managing the properties ourselves. Ineffective vacancy marketing results in low ball rents. They have to rely on craigslist and even then viewer has to call their dead end phone system. Try calling one of their ads yourself and see if you can make any sense of it. Another thing is my wife and I always are professional and treat our tenants with respect. Unfortunately this is not the case with Oishi's. We decided to drop them after some of our tenants contacted us and complained about poor and rude service. A good lesson for us. We were lazy and did not do our due diligence checking out the company. How this company survives is beyond me. more

Concerns about Oishi 8/27/2009

I can't speak about Oishi's treatment of renters, but I can share my experience with trying to get one of their properties. I attended what was described as the first showing of a property. But there was already one woman allowed inside the property before the rest of us entered. I was the first in the group to offer my application (and my wife's) along with the $20 application fee per adult ($40 total). I believed that I had a pretty good chance of getting the property, since I was the first of the group of people attending the first showing to hand over my applications and fees. They said that they would make a decision the following day. The next day, however, I never received a call. Other property management firms had already accepted my offers on more expensive properties. I contacted my references (university, employers, banks, previous housing managers, etc.) and discovered that Oishi had never phoned them to collect information about me. No use trying to call Oishi, because their phone system is automated--you won't reach a live human voice. Given that Oishi never attempted to confirm my financial eligibility, I am left to assume that they knew on the day I gave them my application and $40 that the property was already going to someone else. Yet they accepted my applications and fees anyway. Some business they have going on there.\r \r But after reading the many complaints about Oishi's treatment of tenants, I guess I might have saved myself many future headaches. \r Pros: Nice property Cons: Who do they rent to? more

Sounds no different than other rental agencies. 6/21/2009

The grounds are kept up surrounding the apartment building and the person we may be renting after has not mentioned any complaints. Yet this person does sound very familiar. He could be anyone of a number of slum landlord representatives that we have known. If you have rodents call the department of health! They will call the landlord. Tried this once at work for the dirty employee break room. It was clean the next day. Pros: We are considering renting from them Cons: Will let you know more

Cannot recommend Oishi as management company 12/14/2008

Oishi Property Management is a company of incompetents. Each time we had a vacancy it took them forever to rent it out AND we discovered it was rented for way under market value. They have no idea what they are doing. We received several complaints from our tenants as well. We do not recommend them as a management company. more

BAD BUSINESS 5/29/2008

We were thinking of renting from this from OISHI'S PROPERTY, but you can't even talk to a live person on their phone, and I am glad I read the reviews. I hope this company reads this stuff and does something about before BETTER BUSINESS BOARD does! Cons: No personal service more

Worst customer service 2/8/2008

Horrible with customer service. They do not care about you. Even if you have questions, they really do not want to spend time to help. They treat you like you are an idiot. \r I would not recommend Oishi's Property Management to ANYONE!!! Cons: Customer Service more

UnFAIR Rental 11/30/2007

We send in our monthly rental payment along with our notice of termination. But they told us they didn't received the notice of termination, but they got our monthly payment. Don't understand how they can cash our check but not received our notice of termination. They said they have lots of paper work that comes in everyday, and that's why they don't have time to look for our notice of termination.\r So we had to pay the next rent. ""VERY POOR SERVICE"" before and after rental.\r Took them almost one month before some came to fix our screen door.\r Cons: rasied rent, very rude over the phone more
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