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Lucky Devils - 59 Reviews - 6613 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, Los Angeles, CA - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (323) 465-8259
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Lucky Devils

6613 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-8259
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Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA
Lucky Devils - Los Angeles, CA


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what are you guys putting in those burgers? They are so good. I'm sad to pay so much but because honestly I'd pay the same amount of money there monthly but get more if you just...


This place was clean, modern, good ambiance, music a little loud. Their signature dish of BBQ Wings was terrible, dry and very over cooked. The fries were fresh and crispy but...

One of the most solid menus on Hollywood. 8/26/2010

This place is a nice long walking distance from Hollywood & Vine and I've been stopping in for a couple years. Recently my opinion has solidified as absolutely positive. Early on I had tried the kobe diablo burger with fire slaw and found the whole meal a bit too sweet, rich, sloppy. They've changed the burger buns though, and re-imagined the menu a little. Even their classic tall grass beef burger stands up as one of the best in town. The simple construction shows off the quality of the grass-fed product. Their hand-pulled pizza/flatbread crust is delicious-- firm with a little crunch outside, then soft, chewy, and savory. That margherita pizza is a great option during their happy hour with one of all the excellent beers they keep on the menu. From Blanche de Bruxelles on tap, through Racer 5 IPA draft, to St. Peter's Organic English Ale bottles they have pretty special beers that'll surprise a lot of paletes. I'm definitely a big fan of the meat-free options on the menu too, which is good because I'm gunning for them to get certified by the Green Restaurant Association. Their whole grain salad is one of the only greens plates that makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth, even without optional chicken. The grilled broccoli is not overdone, rather consistently good. Fries, whether under kobe chili or not, sweet potato, or even their onion rings are nice and thin cut without getting all out crunchy like shoe-string. Finally, their service has always been friendly and informative. I'm a fan. I'm dieing to try their barbecue but I wish their menu said a little more about that meat-- is it local, organic, pasture raised? This is part of the reason I want this place to get Certified Green, so I can know that overall they're doing work to become sustainable. I feel like they must be close. more

Amazing experience 6/3/2010

what are you guys putting in those burgers? They are so good. I'm sad to pay so much but because honestly I'd pay the same amount of money there monthly but get more if you just lowered the price a few bucks.....but then I'd get more. I know I'm greedy. Keep doin what you're doin guys. Alotta112 is a bitter, lonely woman who can't even light her own charcoal. Your music is good enough! I don't go for the music....Long live your meat! Pros: burgersburgersburgersburgers Cons: allota112 more

Signature BBQ Wings not so great 2/27/2010

This place was clean, modern, good ambiance, music a little loud. Their signature dish of BBQ Wings was terrible, dry and very over cooked. The fries were fresh and crispy but the sauces that came with those wings had no flavor. The Ranch dressing was watered down. The service was great. Not sure if I would return, maybe based on all the other reviews I may give them a 2nd chance. Pros: Clean, modern, nice Cons: BBQ Wings were burnt and tastless more

The great reviews were right on! 2/25/2010

After reading many great reviews about this place, we decided to drop in. The grass fed burger my friend had was awesome and my pizza with grilled crust was sooooo delicious! We split some sweet potato fries and now I'm hooked. A con for me cuz I won't be able to stay away from them but at least they don't have trans fat so that help a bit. Pros: Healthy burgers! Cons: Fantastic Fries! more

They have the best turkey burger in LA, just... 3/26/2009

They have the best turkey burger in LA, just the way I'd want to have it: with caramelized onions, avocado,... more

They have the best turkey burger in LA, just... 3/26/2009

DaisyPS Provided by Partner
They have the best turkey burger in LA, just the way I'd want to have it: with caramelized onions, avocado, arugula I think. They really care abou... more

Never been wowed by a burger till now. 11/23/2008

This place RULES for burgers. Honestly, I can't stop thinking about how badly I want to have a burger since we went there. Pros: BEST BURGER EVER Cons: not exactly cheap for a burger more

Best Burger Ever!!! 8/11/2008

This place is awesome! Pricey for a burger but totally worth it if you love great burgers and want to treat yourself once in a while.And... you can wash it down with a killer microbrew. The desserts look absolutely amazing but I never have room for them as I'm always way too full from the burger. Go, give it a try, it's great, really. Pros: Best Burger Ever, Great Beers Cons: Pricey, Hollywood Blvd. Seediness. more

Won't be open long. 6/16/2008

Never heard of Lucky Vanous until now, but I could care less. This place isn't too good. The food quality seemed substandard, and the service was totally lacksidasical. Yes, there is a huge promotional push. My group of friends even wanted to go somewhere else. However, we chose here. We walked in and they were playing ""Let it Be,"" the album. I commented that ""Let it Be"" is not a ""drinking"" album. It seemed to somewhat sour the mood, although I do like those songs. However, I don't generally get off drinking to ""Across the Universe."" Whatever. The waitress came over a half hour after we were seated. That was not so great. We ordered. The food took an hour to get to us, by which time I had lost my appetite. I did take it home, but it wasn't much of an experience there either. The waitress was kind; she did ask me if I wanted the burger ""recooked"" because ""sometimes they have a tendency to overcook the meals."" I declined. Yes, the bill was WAY overpriced. I think the group of 4 spent over $100 for 4 burgers, 2 fries, and 2 drinks a piece. I can go anywhere, get better food and service, and spend less. In an era where gas is $5 a gallon, $20 per burger is a rip off. The very young Indian lady who hands out fliers for this place on the Boulevard is the only bright spot about this; she is very attractive, but don't let that fool you. I would never recommend spending that kind of money for this food. Sure, the beer was fine. But if you're going to go to Lucky Devils, only drink and do not eat. That way, you'll be served in the first 40 minutes of your trip to the restaurant. Pass. Pros: The approximately 26 year old Indian woman who does the on-street marketing. Cons: Very few pros, once you've actually visited the place. The beer is ok. I'd rather drink at home, though. more

Great burgers - and cupcakes too! 4/5/2008

Got a flier for this place in my mail and so a friend and I checked it out one night. She loves her burgers and I like things that are a bit different and we were both quite satisfied. The burgers were delicious (and huge!) and for dessert we had one of their specialty cupcakes. Their cupcakes come in as many varieties as the Cheesecake Factory has cheesecake and it was a perfect way to top off the meal. The joint has a neat retro, 70s vibe to it. Pros: Good food Cons: Parking...Hollywood is notorious for difficult parking! more

BEST Burger Spot in L.A! 2/21/2008

I was recently recommended here by a friend who lives in Hollywood. Apparently this place hasn't caught on enough to make Citysearch's big lists yet but let me tell you, it will - so get in now! The burgers are absolutely divine...From their Kobe Bacon Bleu burger to their Veggie burger, they've perfected it. Everything about the burger was perfect. An additional treat that I didn't see on the menu but knew about through my friend, was their delectable CAKE shakes. Yes, it's a shake, with actual cake in it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Don't forget to opt for the fries and hot sauce instead of the salad, they are as good as fries get...and I'm from Idaho! Pros: No real parking, just like everything in Hollywood Cons: It's not in Santa Monica more

The beer and burgers almost make up for the service. 1/31/2008

The night started on a great note. We had an enthusiastic and knowledgeable server who made outstanding recommendations for both the food and the beer. Too bad that was almost the last time we saw him. It took forever for us to get our food - not the waiter's fault but he never stopped by to give us an update. Once we got our food he never checked to see how we were doing, nor did he ask if we wanted another round of drinks (the group I was with definitely would have). They were also out of all the wonderful cupcakes listed on the dessert menu (we were apparently supposed to know this because the light was out in the display case?). Oh well. Pros: Amazing beer menu, great food Cons: Slow kitchen, poor service more

A fantastic Burger 12/5/2007

Some people think paying more than 10$ for a burger is too much. if you don;t like spending that kind of money for a burger, lucky devil's isnt for you. Pros: The Beer and Burgers are second to none Cons: crowded sidewalks, lack of parking, and high prices (But I don't mind any of these ""cons"") more

The KOBE is the best burger ever!! 11/19/2007

Heard that Lucky Devils served a mean burger and finally tried one. It was by far the juiciest and most flavorable burger I ever ate. I tried the Kobe Diablo that was served with bacon,carmelized onions, avocado and topped off with a sauce that had some kick to it. I had the side salad which was good but the french fries were to die for. Crisp and full of flavor and they didn't skimp on the portion either. The other people in our party were very satisfied with their orders as well. The turkey meatloaf and Kobe Bleu burgers also received two thumbs up. Topped off the dinner with the fabulous Kentucky Cream cake, which was moist and very decadent (not to be eaten by someone counting calories). Pros: Unbelievable burgers and beers Cons: Parking could be tough on Fri/Sat evening. more

Lucky .... no more! 11/14/2007

LD is waaaaaaaay over priced, but it is close to our office so we would visit there semi-frequently. Never again. Spending over $80.00 (with tip) for three for lunch is a little much since the food is not that outstanding. It is good food, don't get me wrong, but not for that price in the Hollywood area for sandwiches, french fries and a drink . Today was the deal breaker though, we looked at our bill and not only is the menu prices high for what you get, Lucky now finds it neccessary to charge 50cents for condiments. I mean come on. If you are going to drop over $25.00 per person for lunch the least of it all you should be able to get a side of Aoli for dipping fries, or a side of hot sauce for free. Now 50cents is not that big a deal but when the prices are too high as it is, it just adds insult to injury. Pros: The fries are good Cons: Inside always as cold as a refrigerator and the service bites. more

Outstanding! 9/19/2007

By far the best hamburger I've ever had! I was so impressed that I've been back a couple of times and the food is consistently good. Parking is just around the corner and convenient. The restaurant is casual - almost a diner atmosphere - but you can tell that they put a lot of money into refurbishing the building and in the decor. Beer selection is the best in the city. Lucky was there and came out to chat with the tables - very friendly as were the servers. They even let us sample a few different desserts - all were outstanding. I'd go back anytime. Pros: Food is incredible. parking is convenient. more

One of the few beer-centric places in the area. 8/20/2007

I'm surprised everyone is talking about the burgers and fries and not the beer. Fortunately, beer is becoming more widespread in LA, but we still have a lot of catching up to do to places like San Diego. This is a gem in the rough for Hollywood - a true beer lover's resting spot, with rotating (albeit slowly) handles from noted West Coas brewers like AleSmith, Lagunitas, Stone, Lost Coast as well as the occasional out-of-state brewer. They always have one or two delicious stouts on tap, which go down wonderfully with a juicy burger or sandwich. Speaking of food, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food preparation here. I can't attest to the desserts, but for the main items, I noticed a high attention to detail in the cooking and presentation. For a place loosely referred to as ""burger joint,"" it's actually more deserving of a title like ""restaurant."" Combine the high quality of the traditionally-boring food items with the mouth watering, highly specialized beer choices, and you have yourself one of the only redeeming locations in the Hollywood/Highland zoo. Pros: Amazing beer, surprisingly good food Cons: Parking, slightly overpriced more

Drop a paycheck at Lucky Devils 8/6/2007

Seriously overpriced. 20 bucks for a burger is absurd and the service is rediculous. The servers pass by tables left and right and I was left sitting for 15 minutes with an empty glass before being asked if I wanted another drink. When my burger did come it was overcooked and when I asked them to recook it, i heard foul language coming from the kitchen. My dressing oily and broken and my girlfriends fries were far too overcooked. We ordered a cupcake for dessert and although it looked good (it was the only dessert in the case that did, the others looked like a 5 year old made them) it was dry and tasted old and stale. Seriously dont waste your time or money here. Youre better off making a burger at home. Pros: Good microbrews Cons: Everything else more


Ok now.... I have just moved to LA from San Francisco. Can I just say how under-whelmed I am with the food in Los Angeles. I feel like you can stumble across any number of amazing restaurants in Sf and only expect to pay $10 for your meal. Not the case for LA. That said... I have recently come across Lucky Devils. I was a little skeptic at first, thinking it was another actor turned restaurateur type place. Not the case what so ever. The quality of food, the service, everything about it reminded me of home! Finally a place I will return to over and over. I came for the all you can drink mimosas at brunch. Had the French toast and spicy sausage. AWESOME is all I can say!!! I came back for lunch and brought a friend back with me. She is a vegetarian so I was a little worried because this place is know for their burgers. To my surprise they had an awesome selection for the veggies. I had the Kobe Bacon Blue. The best damn burger I have ever had!! I'm craving it just thinking about it. With lunch we had a one of the 40 Hand Crafted Beers. Ok what!!! The beer selection was outstanding. Not expected. My friend had a Spiked Mango Lim-aide with a huge strawberry garnish. She sucked that down in about 2 seconds and went for another. After my beer I tried the Devils Mary. PERFECTION. They gave me a side plate with there special in house made hot sauce, in house made pickles, in house blue cheese garlic stuffed olives a lime and celery. I?m telling you this place is awesome. I cant say AWESOME enough. Ill be back at least once a week. Pros: The food speaks for itself more

Delicious Entrees and Friendly Service 5/9/2007

Pros: Easy to get to, friendly staff, and clean more
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Lucky Devil's, Devilishly Delicious


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    Vanous' first foray into the restaurant/bar world features a design scheme of walnut panels, terrazzo floors, banquettes and high-concept visuals with colored glass and video...

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