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Dick's Drive-Ins Ltd Lp

115 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 323-1300
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Dick's Drive-Ins Ltd Lp - Seattle, WA


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Greatest salty fries from fresh potatoes and the ice cream is to die for! The new website has lots of old photos and stories which makes it a trip to the 50's without leaving y...


I can eat a cheeseburger at almost any meal, but sometimes I want my Dad's backyard best. I want the thick, juicy, flame-grilled taste with all the fixins. I don't go to Dick's ...

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One of the best Drive-In Restaurant 1/28/2010

All that I can say is, one of the best Drive-In Restaurant. I once be there, when we got a ride together with my friends in seattle. We stop at Dick's Drive-In Restaurant, the food was great, they got very tasty hamburgers and my favorite crispy potatoes. And of course, they never lose any drinks, they got my favorite drinks(they never missed beer also). I'd always prefer that place if was in seattle. more

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Customizable 8/26/2008

First glance at the prices, they seem very cheap - because they give you very basic and you can customize. I love the burger and milk shake. The place has the old diner atmosphere. more

Hhhmmm... 7/4/2006

My husband loves Dick' much so that he has even been guilty of considering it somewhere 'special' to take me on a 'special' night out...while in general, I don't think of myself as super high maintenance (ok, maybe just medium level high maintenance>.<), Dick's just doesn't rank high on my list of places to go. The fries are squishy, there is nothing fantastic about the burgers and while they are individually cheap, if you tried to get an entire meal, it would probably cost more than McDonalds. At least that was my impression the last time I was there. I know it's an icon and for that reason alone I won't downgrade it entirely but if it were a new joint opening in this day and age, it would *hopefully* be expected to be better. So while I smile and try to pretend that I am okay with going to Dick's ever so often for my hubby's sake, it isn't anywhere I would choose to go on my own. Ok...go ahead and start throughing the stones, I can take it >.< more

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Greasy Dicks anyone up for one 6/26/2006

If you crave the classic greasy fries, cheeseburgers, and milkshakes go for Dick's. Everything is under $1.50 and food is ready in a few seconds. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure. The menu doesn't offer much variety, but it's the perfect place to go for the classic plain fastfood. more

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A guilty pleasure, with no redeeming virtues... 5/17/2006

What can you say about Dicks? Greasy doesn't quite say it all... it's a quick route to every kind of health-related problem that arises from idiotically bad food choices. Maybe the grocery equivalent would be squirting Cheez-Wiz straight into your mouth (which I haven't done), or eating an entire jar of maraschino cherries (which I have.) Dick's Deluxe burgers are salty and greasy and they have something that passes for lettuce and a yummy sauce and somehow they always hit the spot for me. They're not big or fancy and it's been a very long time since any part of them was actually living out in a field. The french fries are the most deliciously potato-y tasting that you can get, and you could wring enough out of them to drive your bio-fuel car home. The lines are long, but at the Broadway Dicks, the menagerie of people is so extensive that you at least have entertainment while you wait. When I go here, I always try to park toward the back of the lot, so no one I know can see my car as they drive by. more

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Want grease on a stale bun 5/5/2006

Then go to Dick's! I'm sorry - I KNOW, it's an Icon and all that and I've tried but... I. Just. Do. Not. Like. This. Place. Every time I've been here, the bun has been stale and there's nothing special about the burgers. The fries are especially repulsive to me - I prefer crispy fries, so the limp wet-with-grease variety that they serve here does nothing for me. I'd much rather go to Dave's in Lynnwood or Mikie's in Everett - now *those* are burgers! more

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Great Seattle burger joint 5/4/2006

If you're from California and used to In 'N' Out, Dick's won't measure up. I'll be the first to admit that. But if you can set that aside, it's great fun and good food. It has a real 50's/60's feel to it - not a place that was born in the 90's and is pretending to be retro. Yes, it's greasy, so don't eat there every day, but in my opinion it's a big step up from McDonalds. more

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Some People Like It BECAUSE It's Disgusting! 4/25/2006

Dick's Drive-In gives many people what their parents, and perhaps even grandparents experienced decades ago, before we knew what we know now about heart disease. So much grease permeates the air that I've sometimes told people that they could scrape the walls to make candles. It's food seems on par with MacDonald's, without as much variety, and that is part of its charm! People don't go up to the window and say to the cashier, "Pardon me, but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" Part of the reason that it survives is that it is a sort of local cultural icon; the other main reason that it survives is because the food is cheap. more

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I don't deserve to be a Seattle-ite 4/7/2006

But I cannot help but find Dick's so disgusting! Trust me, as a kid, Dick's was always our first stop on the fast food chain, but I've lost all desire to even get a milkshake nowadays from this drive-through-joint. The service is great, but the food is just plain bad! The milkshakes are sawdusty and have been sitting in a freezer for some time, the fries are limp with grease, and the burgers are just burgers. Nothing special at all! Prices are good but the quality of the meal is not, so it evens out for the company. If I'm ever in the mood for "instant" food I'll just head to a Subway or something.... more

Go To Dick's! 4/3/2006

Dick's is a classic burger joint that you drive up to, get out of the car and order and then take your food with you. They are a Seattle landmark and are known for their hamburgers and hand dipped milkshakes. It's always crowded but orders come out quickly. I would highly recommend it! more

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Big Burgers Drive Thru Style 3/16/2006

This place is reminiscent of "Happy Days." The burgers are big, and pretty darn good, but you've got to like to eat in your car, since it's an old fashioned drive-thru style. Fast food and good for on the go, but I think it costs a bit much for what it is. Nevertheless, a good old fashioned experience. The kids LOVE the idea of eating in your car, but I personally don't get it... more

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One of the best parts of Seattle. 3/14/2006

My husband's family lives in Portland, and when they come to visit they want two things: Dick's hamburgers and Pike Place Brewery Beer. Dick's is the best. Greasy fries (REAL potatoes!), hot hamburgers and cold soda. If you ask for a substitution (hold the mayo, extra onion, etc.) you'll get laughed at. You get what you get, and if you want something extra, you pay for it and add it yourself. Ketchup and onion are extra, 5 cents a piece. The prices are low, the service is so-so, but the food is where it's at. I'd say the worst part about Dick's is waiting in line in the rain, as at every Dick's but the Queen Ann location you order from outdoor windows. more

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I feel like Homer Simpson when I pass Dick's 3/10/2006

Agggghhhh...I love Dick's! Cheese, fry, chocolate. That's cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake. I've been ordering this pretty much since I could talk, and whenever I'm up that way, I stop in. I don't care that all that greasy food is bad for me and my kids. It's less greasy than most, it's better tasting, and you KNOW that all of the food is original stock. Can't beat the prices, the quickness, the no-special-orders-that-waste-time, and the fact that they treat their employees like gold. I get a kick out of people who pull out their debit cards here, or who ask for "no pickles" or "no lettuce." The cashiers are so damn nice about it too. I will always support Dick's over the other fast food places, because they treat everyone with respect, everyone gets a fair shake here (pun intended), and they are just a part of my "family." more

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Can you say greasy burger please 3/10/2006

Yes, Dick's has one of the most juiciest greasy burgers and fries that I have ever had. This place is awesome for those nights when you have consumed A LOT of beer. Its usually open really late and the parking lot is always packed. This is not a place for people who are health conscious or want to watch their figures. I only go here every once in awhile because its so bad for you. But I cant resist sometimes because its so good. more

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Wait till In-N-Out comes to town 1/29/2006

Last time I heard lots of hype about a burger joint, it was for In-N-Out Burger in CA. I was skeptical, but learned that the hype was justified. I've seen the long lines and I've heard the local hype, so I expected a great greasy experience when I decided try Dick's for the first time. Naturally, I expected something on par with In-N-Out. It was fast. Probably the fastest burger I've ever had. The shake was really good. However, I was fully disappointed by the burger. I suppose I've been spoiled by In-N-Out, where every ingredient is super fresh, and moderately customizable. At Dick's, you take what you're given. 3 options for burgers. No tomatoes on mayo. No Deluxe without mayo. The ingredients are moderately fresh, but not crisp. The meat is your typical low-quality meat found anywhere. Overall an OK burger - nothing to get excited about though. more

Dick's -I love Dick's in my mouth. 10/1/2005

No one can ever say anything bad about Dicks. This place has prices that have never changed. There food for some reason reminds me of the 70s and I wasn't even around in the 70s. I love the milkshakes, hamburgers, and they make the best greasy fries. I love you Dicks. more

Undercooked burgers, limp fries 9/29/2005

I can't figure out why Dick's is such a popular burger joint in the Seattle area. When I first moved here I tried Dicks, as it was highly recommended, and what I got was a burger that was pink in the middle. Eating a steak that is rare is one thing, but ground meat needs to be cooked thoroughly to avoid disease. Sadly, I've visited Dicks several more times to give the restaurant a 2nd chance, a 3rd chance, a 4th chance, etc. Every time I get under-cooked burgers. And Dicks is not a place that allows you to customize your order, so don't think you can specify "well-done." The last time my friend pulled into Dicks I opted to order just fries; they were cold, wet, and limp with grease. I like greasy grub just as much as the next guy, but fries are supposed to have at least a little bit of crispness to them. As far as ambiance goes, if you visit the Dicks on Capitol Hill you'll see that it is nicely decorated with homeless people, many of which are teens that stand in threatening poses and engage in aggressive panhandling. more

Seattle staple 9/19/2005

Dicks is a Seattle staple. Cheap burgers, greasy fries, and homemade shakes. Not much else you need to know about the menu. This Capitol Hill location is almost always crowded in the evening, but the service is so quick that you can hardly mind. During the weekend, Dick's on Capitol Hill brings out a very eclectic crowd, especaially near bar closing time. Sometimes it can be fun to eat in your car and people watch. Other times the people are to much to deal with. If the later is the case, there is always the drive-through at Jack in the Box across the street. more

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Dicks burgers 9/14/2005

Dicks Drive In is probably my favorite fast food place ever! They have such cheap food! You can buy a small ice cream cone for only 75 cents!! I absoulty love their strawberry milkshakes, which are only about $2.00, so its worth each penny. Another cool thing is that ALL there meat is 100% beef, so if your not a beef lover or a vegetarian, get out! more

Cheap, greasy food, served late! 8/30/2005

I am not going to lie, Dick's food is probably the all time worst fast food for you, with its super greasy fries and burgers. However, it is ridiculously cheap, tastes good when you are craving greasy food at midnight and it is convient. It is open late which is always a plus for the drunken college students or for people staying up late to finish deadlines. It is also a great place to people watch, some of the most interesting people find themselves going to Dick's. It is definetely a classic Seattle place with a greasy touch! more
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    Dick Spady's orange-hued drive-in is Seattle's answer to the Golden Arches. The later it gets, the younger the crowd as teenagers and college partiers stop in for late-night...

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