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Dell is one of the best online seller of computers with cheap and reliable computers. Make sure to use coupons since Dell computers without the coupons may not be a good deal. Mak...


If you do not have the knowledge or time to buy individual parts to build your own custom computer, do NOT turn to Dell to have them build yours. First off, Dell uses cheap (as in...

Next business day service, Ya, Right 6/24/2009

Good luck ever getting any reasonable customer support. Being the largest retailer of computers & electronics in North America you'd think they would have some form of customer support for after the purchase. I bought Dimension 2400 with "next business day complete care" Took 15 phone calls & 3 weeks to have a motherboard replaced. They consistently had "no record of a service request". Took 2 & 1/2 hours to get a return authorization for a Dell 1700W LCD-TV because the "technical support" could not understand the concept of "TV powers up but there is no picture/video" I was asked 12 times to press the menu button & tell them what came up on the display by 5 different technicians. They finally decided that the video was dead. Real genius there!!! Was sent a "dead" Belkin 1500VA UPS again after numerous phone calls transfers to the "right department" & many "Lost" service requests they "PROMPTLY(???)" replaced it with an overnight delivery 1 month later. When you finally do get somebody, get a "trouble ticket" & call back 30 minutes later to verify that they actually did put in the service request & they will also send you a confirmation E-mail. If you don't get both, your "case" has been "lost" & must be resubmitted. Be advised the automated support system will automatically refer you to use the "online help desk" & hang up on you even if you have no access to the internet. 2nd day service will never happen & the "technicians" must follow a scripted troubleshooting procedure that is overly redundant & you will have to repeat the same process with every person you talk to. Expect about 3+ hours on the phone!!! more

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Dell has TERRIBLE service 9/6/2006

I will try to put into words the terrible customer service that Dell gives their customers and warn everyone that they do NOT want to ever try dealing with Dell. After over 6 weeks from ordering my laptop from Dell I still do not have a working system. Yes, 6 weeks! I am finally giving up and shipping this system back to Dell for a refund. The laptop did not work out of the box, from the very first time the on button was pressed, it was defective. Dell did finally decide that they needed to replace the laptop and I waited... and waited... and waited! Every call into Dell met the same response: "Your laptop will be shipping shortly it just needs to follow the process". After this it changed to "there has been a short delay but you should get it in 2-3 days". That never did occur the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time they told me this. A word to anyone that does decide or does not have a choice but to work with Dell is this - USE CAUTION! After receiving my defective laptop and dealing with their "technical support" people for a month I am told that they will be replacing my system with a refurbished unit - they did not tell me this up front - I had to demand to know if it was new or a refurb - that's when I demanded my money back. The other thing that is not available is any type of physical address or direct line of communication to anyone outside of the typical call center flunky that cannot provide anything but apologies for bad service. I know this turned into a bit of a rant but I really hope to prevent anyone else from having to go through the headache and hassle that this has caused me!! more

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Cheap and reliable online computers @Dell 4/16/2006

Dell is one of the best online seller of computers with cheap and reliable computers. Make sure to use coupons since Dell computers without the coupons may not be a good deal. Make sure to get the final cost to about 50% of the actual retail cost to make sure that you are actually getting a good deal. ALWAYS do a google to find what coupons are available before you buy a dell computer. more

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Dells Die Quickly 4/14/2006

If you do not have the knowledge or time to buy individual parts to build your own custom computer, do NOT turn to Dell to have them build yours. First off, Dell uses cheap (as in not good) computer parts and thats why their prices are lower than most of their competitors. In order to get a nice computer that will last as long as a, say HP or Compaq, you will need to spend a whole lot more money on it. In the long run, two computers, one bought from Dell and one from HP, the Dell will die much, much faster than the HP would. more

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Delightful Dell 4/12/2006

Dell is a really good company to buy pre made computers from. One of their strong points is their customer service. Any time that I have ever had a problem with Dell computers they have been very helpful and very egger to fix the problem. I would highly recommend buying your pre made computers from dell. more

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Dude, Don't Get A Dell!!!! 4/10/2006

Fortunately, I have never bought a Dell product. Unfortunately, many people I know have made the mistake. Fortunately, I learned from their mistake. Unfortunately, they paid for it!!! I have known so many people who have bought Dell computers... why not? They do have catchy advertising, and some fantastic advertised deals... but what you see ain't always what you get. It seems as if the people that I have known who have bougt Dell computers have always been in their fifties or higher... I don't know why the advertising appeals to them, I guess perhaps because it is a well known company, and they do offer inexpensive deals. But... these people are mom's, grandma's, etc. Every single one I have known, and there are many, have high speed internet, and their computers are slow, slow, slow! Also, most have had major problems in the first couple months of owning the product. They all tell me the same thing... they call Dell for support and get transferred here and there and everywhere, by people that they cannot understand, because they (the employees on the phone) speak in broken English. I have not heard of one happy ending. So... hopefully others will learn the lesson from their mistakes, instead of spending all that money yourself to find out. Please be careful if you're considering it, and, dude, don't get that Dell! more

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Dell 4/4/2006

while I like Dell computers I HATE HATE HATE their customer service. I will never buy a Dell again, I'd rather go to someone who values their customers a little more and isn't going to make one wait for over 2 hours to get a foreigner on the phone who doesn't speak very good English. I paid over $1300 for my laptop with an extended warranty which is obviously no good since I can't get ahold of anyone to fix it! more

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Dell delivers 3/19/2006

Dell provides users with excellent deals on great computers. They charge much less than many other computer retailers, and are constantly coming up with new promotions. I have personally been a Dell user for over five years now and I have not been dissappointed. The biggest disadvantage of Dell would be their support. Although they are always around to help, I often find that support does not know how to suit my particular needs at the time. I once ordered a computer and realized that they had a promotion for a free printer that I missed out on, so I called support and in the process of attempting to get me my free printer, he lost my entire order. Regardless, Dell makes a quality PC for an affordable price. I would recommend them to anyone. more

service is bad 10/1/2005

i must admit that i only buy DELL computers have bought 5 in all. i like the computer and the quality. however, i do NOT like talking to INDIA whenever i have a question. I am sure the people in India are very talented, but i am from the deep south and i have trouble understanding the accent and they have trouble understanding me. i just wish i could speak American to someone over here. more
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