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Children's Choice Child Care - 27 Reviews - 9345 S Colorado Blvd, Littleton, CO - Child Care Reviews - Phone (303) 791-2972

Children's Choice Child Care

9345 S Colorado Blvd
Littleton, CO 80126
(303) 791-2972
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Children's Choice Child Care - Littleton, CO
Children's Choice Child Care - Littleton, CO


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Best place ever. I have two children who have been going to this center for over 4 years now. My three year old daughter is in the Crocs room, and she talks about how much she lov...


I have a toddler and a 4 year old that attend Children's Choice. The teachers come and go often - generally the good one's leave pretty quickly. The communication is inconsistent...

Best Child Care Center Around!!!!!! 1/8/2012

Best place ever. I have two children who have been going to this center for over 4 years now. My three year old daughter is in the Crocs room, and she talks about how much she loves her teacher every day. It truly amazes me the things that she is learning from her teacher. My daughter’s teacher is loving and caring, and I can see that she has a lot of pride in teaching young children. A++++++++++++ more

Best Preschool EVER! 10/19/2011

My son absolutely loves this school and learns so much! We love the management here- they make such a great team and they are so friendly and professional! Ms. Laurie in the Kangas classroom is so great with our son. He is always coming home with art projects and talking about the things he does at school. He is truely excited to come to school each day and never wants to go home at night. This school is great and we are so happy! more

Amazing Nursery Room! 10/18/2011

This school is amazing! We have a daughter in the nursery room and couldn't be happier with the care she gets. The teachers are so great. They genuinely care about our daughter and give her lots of one-on-one attention and love. I pop in all the time at various times of the day and am always greeted with a smile. They read to the babies, sing to them and even teach them baby signs! We feel so welcomed by the management each morning, Ms. Kate and Ms. Carolyn. They are always available and smiling. We highly recommend this school- especially the nursery room! more

We are so Thankful! 8/30/2011

We just had to write something because yesterday we had a conversation with our sons First Grade Teacher who told us that he was testing at the top of his class in reading and writing and also doing very well in Math. She asked us where he had attended Kindergarten, and when I said Children's Choice she said she is ""always very impressed with what the children know when coming from that daycare"". Thank You!! Children's Choice for providing our kids the very best!!! more

Wonderful Place 6/7/2011

Our child has been at two of these centers after we moved from Castle Rock to Littleton and he has been there since he was a baby, he's now in 1st grade. This daycare really made a difference in his and our lives. We have many friends that we have met at both locations and all of them agree that this is the best place they have ever had their children. My child used to sit in the backseat of the car singing different songs and talking about all of the things he learned. We are expecting again in November and our little precious one will ONLY go to this daycare because we have seen the great things they do. Great family feel and all the people are very friendly and the center was very nice too.. more

Forever Greatful 2/16/2011

I have a six year old and a two year old and we have been at CC for about three years now. I was asked by my six year olds kindergarten teacher what preschool he attended, because she was so impressed with where he was at academically. \r My two year old has been coming home talking about Rosa Parks, George Washington and informing me of Colorado facts. I am blown away at the information she is constantly telling me. \r The teachers at the school are always so friendly and eager to tell me about her day and what they have planned. We look forward to drop offs so that we can see her run into her classroom excited to learn. As a mom I could not be happier to leave my child at such a caring and educational school. \r The front office is always greeting us with a smile and glad to help us with any questions we may have. The environment is so warm and inviting! We would not think about placing our child in any other facility.\r I AM HAPPY TO KNOW THAT MY MONEY IS GOING TOWARDS A PRESCHOOL AND NOT A ""DAYCARE""!! more

Very unhappy, never going back 10/7/2010

My family has prior experience with CC and we really loved the teachers and facility at a different location than HR. Since coming to this particular location we have witnessed the steady decline in our child's care and commonly receive him as an unhappy little one at the end of the day. I have wanted to speak casually to the director when I drop off in the morning, but she is never around and the front desk, which instead seems to serve as a congregation center for the teachers to gossip about inappropriate material and watch youtube videos. At the other CC location we were greeted every morning by most every teacher and they would as we walked in; at the HR location you will be lucky to receive any notice. Additionally, we found out after the fact the the current director(s) barely have enough experience to be running the place and it shows in the management of the facility. The child/teacher ratio's are also off resulting in borderline supervision of the young ones and on several occasions when we arrive to pick up our child the teacher will present them to us wearing soiled underwear (this has happened at least three times with the same excuse ""Oh, that must have just happened?"") The kids are clearly not engaged with the teachers when we have shown up and most are left to wander around the class room and entertain themselves. Not a good deal for $1000+ a month. My child now comes home and shows territorial behavior over their food and toys saying ""NO! No Take! Kids no take!"" which is a brand new development. We checked with our previous school to see if our child exhibited this behavior and none of his teachers of two years had ever seen anything even closely resembling this behavior. So he is clearly responding to his environment, which is a disorganized and neglectful mess. There are many other items that make us fearful of this place but it will defeat the point to write them all out. We have switched our child from this location and have not looked back. more

Horrible Experience 5/19/2010

I cannot express what an awful experience Children's Choice has been for our family. I have three children currently in the school and in the 18 months we have been there, we have had no less than five directors and more teachers than I can even count or our children can remember. The last teacher was fired after less than a month. The communication is horrible, and our children are nothing more than money signs walking through the door. If you are seriously considering this center please at least ask what the turn over ratio is. If they are honest with you, it will be shocking. more

good place 5/13/2010

Great place Cons: Gossipy, thinks her you know what does not stink more

Wonderful 1/14/2010

My children used to be in a in home center but they were not learning anything so we took them to another local center and we didn't see that they were learning anything new even after several months of being there. We were recommended to go to Children's choice and within just a few weeks my children were so happy and coming home so excited to tell us all of the new things they learn everyday. I am so grateful to the people of this center every time I see my children coming home with big smiles and I enjoy listening to their singing on the way home. I highly recommend this daycare. Pros: great people, my children being so happy more

GREAT PLACE 8/22/2009

I worked at childrens choice in lone tree and quit because i had a baby and couldnt go back to work bc i would be paying for daycare ONLY,if i could go back I SO would! The staff is friendly and everyone has their ups and downs like everyine else but they still had a smile on thier face and took care of the kids!! I loved my room and the GL teacher! I miss her so much! and the staff. I would love to work here at CC again!! Pros: everyone is friendly and the kids are great more

I highly recommend Children's Choice 2/23/2009

We have been though numerous childcare centers and Au Pairs. Finally we found Children's Choice. Our 5 yr old LOVES going to school each day. She tells us all about what she has learned each day. They have a curriculum that really teaches the children instead of just babysitting them. I would recommend this center to anyone that has an interest in growing and developing their children.\r \r Regards,\r Angie Pros: class size, teacher experience, Core Knowledge Curriculum, Parent Teacher Involvement more

Wouldn't take my daughter anywhere else! 2/23/2009

We have been attending Childrens Choice since Sept. 08 and my 5 year old loves it. We used to take her to one of the larger chains, starts with a K and ends with an E and she absolutely hated it, she was previously enrolled at a Montessori school. The teachers and staff at CC are friendly and my daughter can't wait to get in the car and head to school every day!! Pros: My daughter loves to go there Cons: N/A more

Bad Decision 11/12/2008

My husband and I have both of our children currently enrolled at Children's Choice. We have been extremely saddened to see the changes that have been made in the last couple of weeks, particularly with communication, or the lack thereof, as this has been a concern in the past many times. I don't even know where to start. We were so happy when our eldest child's teacher was promoted to a director position (well deserved), even though we didn't want to see her leave the Highlands Ranch center. My family was so happy when 6 months later she was transferred back as a director. I can speak for myself and many other families when I say that she was WONDERFUL!. She genuinely cared for the families and children. She had individual relationships with our family as well as our friends' families who are also enrolled . My children looked forward to seeing her in the mornings. After not seeing her around for a while, we asked where she was (assuming she was on vacation as nothing was communicated about her being gone otherwise). We got the beat around from whoever was at the front desk. What a disapointment when we heard from our children's teachers that she was a ""lay off"" and replaced by someone that does not have any qualifications to be a director AND on top of this a full time Chinese teacher is hired, NO THANK YOU! During our time at Children's Choice our children received wonderful care from the teachers, and from many of the directors (there were quite a few ""lemons"" over the years), but we had never been happier than with this particular director there. Myself and others want answers as to why this poor decision was made, as it has directly affected our youngest, as his teacher (one of the best in the school in my opinion) is leaving because of these changes. We are confident that our favorite director will find a job where the hard work and dedication she has will be appreciated and we wish her the best of luck. As for us, we are seriously considering disenrollment. Pros: some really wonderful teachers Cons: poor corporate decisions, bad communication, cheap food more

Please,do not take your child here! 11/8/2008

The majority of staff are untrained and unproffessional. They constantly cuss and discuss very inappropriate, adult things in front of the children. The current ""director"" is completely uneducated and unkowledgable in her position. A few of the teachers are not qualified, including the ""director"".\r The classrooms are consistantly over ratio. Many of the families are unhappy, along with the few good teachers. \r The schools enrollment is down, so they got rid of alot of their good, qualified teachers and directors. They only buy the cheapest foods for the kids, so you can expect ramen noodles and no protien most of the time. They also cut portion sizes to save money.\r If you're okay with your child having little supervision, being hungry, and learning from teachers who model bad language and behavior.... then send your child here.\r This is not a safe place for children, especially if they can not speak for themselves. Pros: some good teachers who go above and beyond for the kids Cons: managment, unqualified staff, corproate decisions, ratios, cleanliness, meals more

One in a million 9/18/2008

I have had my son at Children's Choice since he was one-year old. I have had an extremely pleasant experience with the teachers as well as the administration. There is always a friendly ""hello"" from at least one person in the room everyday. He has also learned so much about the world, cultures, musicians and artists. The school does a wonderful job at making the family involoved. There is always different activites for families to attend. They also have great communication, making sure to call if anything seems out of the ordinary. My son will be leaving at the end of this year and I truly will miss the security of dropping off my child each day at a facility I love. more

Child Care 8/28/2008

Thank you so much for your continued loving care and guidance of my children. \r Since coming to Children?s Choice about a month ago, we have been so pleased with our daughters care. Your facility demonstrates outstanding care and concern for our children. \r more

Dont send your children here! 8/7/2008

I have Recently Quit working for childrens choice and i would never put my child in that facility. Half of the staff is teenagers and they couldn't care less about the children. A lot of the people working there are substanance users Along with strippers and heavy drinkers and they never do testing because they would loose most of the staff. The exception is a few girls their that are way Awsome who are kind and polite. But most of the girls in the past have been awful. I have noticed they are trying to clean up the people who are working for them but all the teachers bounce around so much you never know who your gonna get and man parents have complained about it. more

avoid like the plague!!! 7/29/2008

I recently had to take my child out of this school due to my child having chronic injuries at the school without any documentation, calls, nothing. As a matter of fact her teacher admitted to these injuries and not documenting or notifying me. Upon hearing this, I became very upset and demanding answers. Meanwhile the only staff there is teenagers after 5ish or so. My child would always have her shoes on the wrong feet and I approached this shoe matter and they said if ""they put her shoes on all the time then she would not know she has to dress herself""!!!! I guess showing her the proper way is too much for these people. Needless to say after children and family services got involved, the case worker instructed me to take her out of this school. If you need any more convincing why you should not take your child to this school you should not be a parent!!! I wish anyone luck who attempts this school (if its still open). more

Not Recommended! 5/21/2008

I have a toddler and a 4 year old that attend Children's Choice. The teachers come and go often - generally the good one's leave pretty quickly. The communication is inconsistent and sparse. We often receive random bits of news in the mail - but rarely is it informatitve specifically about my child. When my oldest child began attending the school they conducted performance based reporting based upon the cirriculum taught in the classroom - but I have not seen any of those reports in quite some time.\r \r My toddler frequently bites other children, and frequently gets bitten in his classroom. I realize this is a normal reaction for toddler's to have in frustrating situations - but after many ""incident reports"" it seems to me the staff would realize they need to keep a close eye on my child when he is active with other children considering his disposition to biting - but they usually have an excuse as to why incidient's continue to happen.\r \r The only reason my children attend this school is that I could find no other day care provider that would take an infant on a part-time basis, and I felt I had no other options at the time. (This is another story, as at initial enrollment they said they would take my infant part-time, but once my child was born the director said she could not take him. I eventually had to call the corporate office to get them to enroll my child.) \r The school is clean, my children are safe and seem to have a reasonably good time. I have pulled a report on the school from the state child protetive servcies website and there have been no gross negligence reports. Most reports were in regards to student ratio violations - which seems to be fairly common as I looked at other schools reports to get a basis for comparisons.\r \r Considering that my family spent over $20K in child care last year ( and one of my children attends on a part-time basis!!) this school is not worth that kind of money. Keep looking... more
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