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Ikea's a trek for us, but we usually make it down a few times a year. The prices can't be beat and most of the furniture is cute and nicely made. (No, not exquisite quality or s...


Occasionally Ikea has something cute and fun and always very cheap, but everyone has their furniture so it doesn't look fresh anymore and it's not made that well. Also, I just can...

call ahead 10/29/2010

Love the price on so many of their items. I had a hard time when things weren't in the pick-up bin they were supposed to be in. Call ahead and have someone do a check if your really want something that day, otherwise, you'll have to drive back later. more

bad customer service 3/11/2008

we bought thousands of dollars stuff at ikea about one month ago. unfortunately, i lost one curtain's package when i went to return it. the customer service manager was very rude and arrogant. i told him the situation. then he told me everyone bought lots of stuff at ikea. i am not the only customer. he can only refund me 70% of the product's original price since i did not have the package. later, we bought a sectional sofa. it is defective. we've been contacted them for about 4 weeks. finally they offered us $100 discount or they would like to take them all back. when the manager talked to me, the only thing we felt was he did not care about anything, and he was not patient as well. it was like we begged for something. he was the rudest man i ever talked to. probably there are so many people love ikea's stuff, so they don't care if they lose one or two customers. they suck! more

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Ikea could be a good option 11/30/2006

About a year ago we purchased the Lycksele Lovas sofa bed from Ikea and we've been really happy with it. It is small and compact but sleeps up to 2 adults. It is sort of a cross between a futon and a sofa. It folds up and down really easily and it seems to be built very solidly, unlike my previous futon. You can get different covers to put over it too. It is also surprisingly comfortable, both as a small sofa and as a bed. When people stay over we always get comments on how comfortable the bed was, despite how thin the mattress looks. It cost $219 at our local Ikea and fits just about anywhere. For us, it was a great option at an unbeatable price. more

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IKEA has lots of modern and inexpensive options in lighting 6/28/2006

In my real estate work I see a lot of lighting and I recently worked with a client that did a beautiful remodel of a mid-century home. They updated the lighting and they were able to do it pretty inexpensively by purchasing the lights from IKEA. Granted, not all of the lighting is great because some are a little tacky but they do have a pretty darn good selection overall. There are some other expensive options if you go to the downtown furniture and design core of Western Ave. Occasionally you'll find some decent modern lighting at one of the big box retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot but it's harder to find in store. The online version of these retailers have so many lighting options you'll go nuts trying to narrow them down. more

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"The Death Star" of Home Furnishings 5/5/2006

Most people love it, but I actually had a bad dream about Ikea: it's like being trapped in a convention! If it was a little bit bigger, the Mariners would be playing there! People searched through decent looking, low priced goods like ants crawling through an ant hill or bees in a hive. It would not only be easy to furnish an entire house in just one stop, they go to the trouble of showing you how, by staging room after room. It's heaven for some, yes, but I hope that I never go back! more

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Awesøme Furnitüre 4/20/2006

Ikea has been a favorite place of mine ever since my friend took me there. It's a slice of Europe in Tukwila. I have to make a day of it, since it's far away and I take forever when I shop there. Ikea has a lot of green practices (they recycle Alkaline batteries and compact fluorescent light bulbs!) which is good for a company so big. I also like to eat there. Vegetarian Lasagna is the best. I usually walk through the store backwards because I usually know what I want (thanks to the catalog). It can be challenging when folks are absently and aimlessly walking around, but that's the price I have to pay for good, inexpensive Swedish design. I wish they were closer... more

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I dig it. 4/15/2006

IKEA is an experience. You have to drive way the hell out to Tukwila, generally battling traffic at least one way, and then you get to battle the crowds in the store. But it is oh, so worth it. IKEA has it all. Tables, chairs, beds, hooks, utensils, dishware, etc. And it's all very reasonable. Their lighting section is great, and they have a gorgeous room of rugs. I love the room mock-ups so you can dream (and drool) about what you could do to your place if only you had the space/time/energy/money. Here are my suggestions: Go on a weekday/weeknight, eat first (their cafe is scary to me) and make sure to take your Paxil first. On weekdays the crowds are much more manageable, and maybe after they finish their renovation (complete with wider aisles) crowds will be less of an issue. Shopping on a full stomach will prevent you from thinking that IKEA hot dogs are a good idea (they never are), and if you take your Paxil beforehand, the long lines won't give you an axiety attack. Enjoy! more

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So cheap and so stylish! 4/14/2006

I went to Ikea for the first time last month when I was in Seattle for a concert. This store is amazing! You can't go expecting to stop in to get something quickly and leave, as the store is set up so you have to walk through the entire thing. The furniture isn't the best there is, but for the price you really can't do any better. My favorite is the selection of lighting. I got a bedside mood lamp for only $4. Don't forget to pick up some cheap batteries while you're there, and don't forget to make sure there's plenty of room in your trunk! The only real problem is the service. I asked a staff member about locating a chair, and his answer was "eh, it's around here somewhere." But for the cheap prices, you can't expect the staff to be well-trained I suppose. more

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Ikea - worth the drive 4/14/2006

Ikea's a trek for us, but we usually make it down a few times a year. The prices can't be beat and most of the furniture is cute and nicely made. (No, not exquisite quality or style, but the PRICE. The price!) My family loves to eat in the restaurant here, special favorites are the swedish meatballs (of course!) and lingonberries. The restrooms are large and very kid friendly - with tot sized sinks and step stools. They even have a mom's room, for nursing mothers. The weekends can be brutal, especially during one of their twice yearly sales, but it's worth it. They have a great selection of art, frames, candles, glassware, dishes, area rugs and even bamboo flooring. Bottom line - Ikea has it ALL, and at an affordable price. more

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Just don't go on weekends! 3/27/2006

I have a rule. If I'm going to go to IKEA, you bet your a$$ it won't be on the weekends. Weekends at IKEA make you feel like cattle, being hurded through the store. No thanks. I do love IKEA though. They have extremely reasonable (and some of it high quality) furniture, and this is a great selection for cheap frames. more

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IKEA is spelled H-E-A-V-E-N in my native tongue 3/27/2006

The next time you find a need for a new bedspread, lovely bamboo plant, anything related to organizing your desk/office/life, fluffy bathroom towels, or stylish kitchen cabinets, head on down to everyone's neighborhood IKEA. Sure, it's a drive, and parking is usually a drag on the weekends; but you will be happy you made the trip. If you need any product related in any way to your home, this place will become your Chocolate Factory and the goofy guy in the IKEA commercials your Willy Wonka. I particularly love their vast selection of organizational tools (closet organizers, storage boxes, etc), and I rarely leave the store without picking up a houseplant or two (if they can survive being ignored in IKEA and still look good, I know they have a chance in my home). Go with patience-- this place have never been anything but packed whenever I've visited. Well worth the crowds. more

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Do you really want to go there 1/4/2006

Occasionally Ikea has something cute and fun and always very cheap, but everyone has their furniture so it doesn't look fresh anymore and it's not made that well. Also, I just can't handle the crowd and the maze layout that seems to require a minimum of 2 hours. more

Great store to get your furniture and home goods 12/9/2005

All of their furniture and home accessories are very cheap, although you have to spend a few minutes to assemble them yourself for most of them. All of my lamps and new wooden furniture I bought from IKEA, mostly because of the cheap prices. The cafeteria here is a good deal, too; you can get a full sized dinner here for about 5 dollars. more

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Try Ikea 10/28/2005

They have all kinds of that stuff! more

meatballs anyone 9/13/2005

Swedish meatballs anyone? I love love love this place. It has everything you need in one stop shopping. We make a day of it and wander through the show room look at the beautiful affordable furniture and accessories and end up at the restaurant for some meatballs. We move on the marketplace where they have just about anything you’re looking for in regard to your home- from kitchen utensils, to picture frames, to gardening tools. We also love the Swedish food store and always stock up on great chocolate, crackers and other goodies. Always crowded but worth the trip. more

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Ikea Ikea Ikea 8/23/2005

I have been here for 13 years and I finally went to Ikea- people it is truly wonderful. I am originally from Germany and going there felt like shoping at home. It is organized and clean. OH and the Thursday Jazz Nights are soo much fun. The food there is simply amazing I couldn't stop eating if Ikea is popular for their inexpensive furniture they will be for their food. Ikea- I feel really knows how to take care of their members, even though it is a ways of a drive with me being from Lacey and all- but it sure is worth it if you want quality furniture for less and cute at that. more
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