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Brides By Demetrios

15350 SE 37th St
Bellevue, WA 98006
(425) 641-7334
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Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA
Brides By Demetrios - Bellevue, WA


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I wouldn't change a THING about my wedding dress experience at Brides by Demetrios!! Everything from my first shopping appointment to my final fitting has been perfect. The sales ...


I bought my Ilissa 943 dress from the Schaumberg boutique, apart from the pretty dress 1) they weren't very friendly 2) as they were taking dress order they were also ordering...

Save yourself some hassle 11/15/2010

We purchased 6 bridesmaids dresses at this store. The dresses came unpressed with deep creases ( most likely hung directly from the shipping box). The store said that since they were silk they did not have the facilities to press them. One dress had a pocket cut 1 inch shorter than the other side. Another dress had a dark brown flaw in a champagne dress. All dresses were extremely oversized and required major alterations. Since the dresses were shipped to bridesmaids across the country, we could not take the dresses back immediately after discovery of flaws--a telephone call was placed and we were told to bring them in after the wedding. The manager refused to take any responsibility for the quality of the dresses. Do yourself a favor and order the dresses online for a cheaper price since you still have to press, alter, etc. There is NO customer service at this store once the order is placed. more

Horrible customer service! 11/4/2009

I am writing to inform all future brides who are thinking of going to Demetrios in Tacoma or Bellevue for their wedding dress- DON"T!! I've never received such poor customer service in my life!! Being an excited and newly engaged bride to be, I thought first to contact Demetrio’s to begin my wedding gown search. On September 24, 2009, I called and scheduled an appointment to come in to try on some bridal gowns. When I made the appointment, there was no mention of plans that they were going to relocate the Tacoma store to the Bellevue location nor was I even aware that this change would even take place. After confirming my appointment for October 8, 2009 at 5:00pm with the sales associate, I hung up the phone and trusted that my appointment time would be met. Unfortunately, this was not the case. When I arrived at the Tacoma location on October 8th at 5:00pm, I found the doors to be locked and a sign was taped to the door stating, “We have relocated to the Bellevue location”. Needless to say, I was less than pleased and called the number on the sign to connect me to the Bellevue location. The associate I spoke with seemed confused that I had even had an appointment scheduled at the Tacoma location at all, stating that, to her knowledge, no more appointments were being scheduled at that location. I politely explained to her that I had made my appointment 2 weeks in advance and was highly upset and irritated that no one from either store had bothered to call and tell me that my appointment was to be moved. Feeling highly frustrated, I was shocked at the lack of sympathy and apology the sales associate showed towards me as she began to try to sell me on the upcoming “trunk show” that was happening the following day (October 9th) in Bellevue. To me, this showed lack of communication and a lack of consideration for me, a future customer. Not only am I livid that my appointment had been lost or canceled, bu more

under new management! 9/30/2009

I have been to 6 bridal shops and Demetrios was my 7th. I loved their dresses but my sister had previously purchased there last summer and we were hesitant to go back. However we were PLEASANTLY surprised to see the day I went happened to be the first day under new management who brought their girls with them. We had the most amazing experience. The new staff is so helpful and knowledgable. They worked with us on the price of the dress even. I could not say enough about the whole day. Truly made the day that much more special. more

Rude, unprofessional and misleading 9/19/2008

I bought my Ilissa 943 dress from the Schaumberg boutique, apart from the pretty dress 1) they weren't very friendly 2) as they were taking dress order they were also ordering a mexican chicken salad with tomatoes etc. they pretty much ignored the fact that it was 11:30 and there were customer's in line 3) they make it sound like the dress is custom-made (which is why it takes 6 months) BUT is made in China(tag) alwaysneeds major changes more

Extreamly Rude Service 6/16/2008

My doubts started when we were looking at dresses and my friend, the bride, was told that if we weren't going to try on 'Serious' dresses then we should leave. Because trying on wedding dresses means you only try on ones you 'know' you're going to like, without looking at different styles? Then next fiasco, we ordered our bride's maid's dresses here. I talked with a lady, who told me that I ABSOLUTELY WOULD PUT ON WEIGHT before the wedding, so I should order the larger size (I was between an 8 and 10). I had a friend faxing information back and forth with these people, and after I had told them to order me an 8, the order information came to me as a 12. Fortunately my friend marked it out and made them order me an 8. The other brides were not this lucky. Two of them can put their dresses on, zipped up, over their heads they ordered them so large. They REFUSED to have the dresses altered, even though they are the professionals and should know that hip measurements don't mean squat when ordering a flared hip dress. We had to call corporate and explain that they were ordering the dresses in the wrong size so that they could charge us EACH $150 for alterations (aside from the two of us who demanded dresses in our correct sizes). Even then, they were reluctant to resize the wrong sized dresses. They also charge more for their dresses than ordering them online, and it's slower. Apart from being rude, and trying to swindle us out of extra money, oh wait, there wasn't anything good about this place. more

Bad Bad Bad!!! 6/6/2008

I had an appointment scheduled, they stated it was for the next day. I showed them my appointment card they made for me, and they said it was an error on my behalf! So I tried on dresses by myself the first time. I initially went in telling them I would not be wearing heels what-so-ever and much more. They said that the dress would be the right length. It wasn't! I had to wear 3 1/2 inch heels and the dress was still pretty long! I am 5'9" for goodness sakes! They said I never told them this and that is the standard dress lenght. BS, what about short people? Are they going to be swimming in their dress? They said in order for it to be alterred, I would have to fork over $300 more dollars on top of my $2000 dress. To make matters worse, the wrong size was ordered, but they said it was the correct size and that I lost too much weight. I can assure you that I didn't! So I had to pay another $250 to get that alterred. Another thing, the first time I came in to view my dress that just arrived, after me calling and calling to see when it would come in because it was LATE, there was a 2 inch pen mark in the front. They said that I must have come in before and did this. Then they tried to say that it would cost more money to remove this. I demanded that they fix this. And after their rude customer service, I finally got them to do so since they could not prove that I had tried on the dress yet. SUCH A MESS! I got my dress 2 days before the wedding, should have had it 2-3 weeks before, according to their verbal promises. Get EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! more

I was in TEARS!!!! 4/16/2008

I purchased my dress, and it came to big.....It wasn't big it was hudge! We asked to work with the manager and she was sooo rude! she was saying this is your size.....okay. (the only thing normal about this would be if i were giving free shows, because if i let my hands down, everyone would of gotten a free show)..............She then went on saying this is normal. Everything about my expierence was horrible. The people are very TRASHY! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone! BEWARE!!!!! HORRIBLE SERVICE, and they lie to not get in trouble! DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!! more

Brides by Demetrios Bellevue, WA 7/28/2007

I celebrated two weddings with both of my daughters this year. Our first experience with our youngest daughter was wonderful The Bellevue, Washington store was friendly and helpful. The experience with my oldest daughter just four months later has been a nightmare. The wrong dress was ordered and had to be reordered (which worked out because she had ordered her dress in plenty of time), the wrong veil was ordered and when it came in two months before the wedding, we were told she wouldn't get the correct veil until just one week before the wedding. Sure enough, it was the wrong veil too. The manager of the Bellevue, Washington store was rude, wouldn't listen, and denied, denied, denied they had made a mistake. So much for customer service. The Assistant Manager, Kim helped my daughter choose a different veil from the floor. My daughter didn't have the veil she chose for her wedding day, but at least she had a veil. Kim should be the store manager. She was kind and soft spoken, totally customer service oriented. The Manager of the store should take lessons from her. I can't believe how awful the store has become in just a few months. The Regional Manager should fire the Manager of the Bellevue store. After we had problems with them, I read reviews for Demetrios on the web and the Bellevue store's manager was mentioned more than once as being rude and inconsiderate. I agree. When we first went to the store I recommended it to everyone, I thought everyone was so helpful and the store had a great selection. Now I tell everyone who will listen to watch out. They are extremely unreliable and rude. With the exception of Kim. more

Setting the record straight 3/16/2007

Trying on was unbelievable. They treated me like a princess. With their help, we found the PERFECT dress. The manager is a natural for picking the perfect dress for the bride. She was helpful and considerate and bent over backwards to help us in any way that she could. The selection was better than any of the other half dozen stores that I had shopped at previously. I went in one month ago to show my family what the dress looked like, and she was more than accommodating. She gave us great prices on a lot of the accoutrements that will round out the wedding nicely. I NEVER had the types of experiences that the others giving negative feedback gave. more

Thank you! 2/24/2007

Yay, finally another good review! I have been looking everywhere on-line and have only found bad things written, so it was nice to see someone else felt the way I do. Although I do know that most of the people who write reviews do it because they are mad. But, what can I say, I'm an internet junkie! Anyway, I recently got married in a Brides by Demetrios gown and am so pleased with my experience. Although I will admit I was nervous along the way. I had tried a few places before going there and had become really fed up with all the dresses looking the same. My mom and I decided to try demetrios and I ended up finding a beautiful gown and made a lasting friendship with my consultant who even came to my wedding! Everyone there has been really friendly and even came out to help my mom and I decide between two gowns I was stuck on. I only had one time that I wasn't called back and my consultant apologized and explained that she hadn't been working for the last couple of days. Whether this was true or not, I did ultimately get my questions answered. I don't know why other people havent been called back; maybe their consultant wasn't like mine. I do think it has a lot to do with the relationships you make. My gown came in actually a couple of weeks early and needed a little bit of alterations, but I knew that when I ordered, plus, I am happy to say, I had lost a little more weight between then and when I was measured ; ) Only 'bad' thing I would say is that it was hard to get an alterations appointment when I needed (they don't do them on weekends) and so I had to brave the I-90 traffic after work (not an easy task). Of course, like all internet junkies, I googled Brides while waiting for my gown and found all these bad reviews and had a minor freak out. I called Brides, probably sounding like a Bridezilla, and they calmed me down and assured me everything would be okay and it was. Still don't know about everyone else but it sounds like you might have caught them on a bad day. Oh well, you can't please everyone, but I can say that my experience was amazing and that I am recommending them to everyone I know. One of my bm's is getting married now and we ordered our gowns through Brides also. So far, so good! more

Horrible customer not got to this store!!! 11/15/2006

One of my bridesmaid came with me to Demetrios to look at bridesmaid dresses . We were told by the people at the front desk that someone would help us , it was at least 20-25 minutes before we were actually helped. I scheduled an appointment for our next visit. When we arrived our sales person we scheduled with was helping someone else. We had figured that with an appointment someone from the store would be with us through the process however this wasn't the case. My bridesmaids tried on several dresses themselves and came to a consensus. We finally found our salesperson again and asked her to measure for the dresses. After the measurements were taken, the bridesmaids were waiting out in the front reception area. After about 10 minutes, the salesperson motioned me to the front desk . She started pointing at one of the sheets with the bridesmaids size measurements and explained that the dress size for that manufacturer was not available and she wanted me to tell my bridesmaid that they didn't have a dress to fit her but then the salesperson mentioned that there was a possibility if they altered the dress however they would need to speak to the seamstress. I had waited a week before calling our salesperson, she was not there and I had to leave a message. I inquired with the front desk receptionist and was told that their seamstress was out sick and the other was out of town. After leaving a message, I did not receive a phone call. I followed up a day or two later with the salesperson and she told me she had my information and she said she would call me after she had spoken with seamstresses about doing alterations to the dress. SHE NEVER CALLED ME BACK. Also, one of my bridesmaids was out of town and was going to provide her tailor her measurements. She call Demetrio's and asked for them and was told that she couldn't not get this information over the phone according the the manager Mary Grace. In the end, we went to another shop that had the same dress and THEY CAN MAKE THE ALTERATIONS to have the dress fit one of my bridesmaids. more

They were AMAZING 7/21/2006

You know I sit back and read all the things the 4 of you felt that Demetrios did wrong.Why is it that people never say the good , they only point out the faults or mishaps. I'm here to tell you i had an amazing experience with them, they were so helpful in every aspect. Yes their phones do get very busy, and they are very a very busy store, that in its self must say something to you. The staff at Demetrios was so helpful with my gown and every thing else that needed to be handled for my wedding and I can't Thank them enough for working so hard to make it special, even if they were very busy and sometimes there is a wait, I never doubted that I would be taken care of. I guess my suggestion to all of you out there that read this is ....take into consideration what these girls go thru for us, yes there is a lot of stress, but they are here to help us, maybe a simple smile and thank you once in a while would make it that much better. Its girls like the ones that just complain that put the ZILLA in the beautiful word BRIDE. OH, and by the way I highly recommend brides by Demetrios, they are fabulous. Thanks for listening more

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A horrible experience! 7/18/2006

Doing business with this place was the worst experience I have ever had as a customer. I left 10 messages on their voicemail, without ever receiving a call back. They ordered my dress in a wrong size, and then proceeded to blame the mistake on me (at least it was too big, so I can have it altered--somewhere else). The lady at the front desk needs to work in another industry, because her customer service skills are terrible. They were VERY rude to me and other bridesmaids in the bridal party (who also left several messages without getting calls back as well). I would not do business with this place again, even if the dresses were free! Beware!!! more

Go Somewhere else!! 7/10/2006

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding. I am out of state, and had the local Nordstroms here take my measurements so I could call them into Demetrios in Bellevue. My dress arrived SO BIG that I can pull it on without unzipping it. I took it to an alterations specialist who gasped at how big it was and told me to first try to get a smaller dress to avoid paying $200 in alterations (the dress was only $130!!). I called Laura at Demetrios, she told me nothing could be done and that the right size was ordered. I told her I would send her a picture of the dress which is the "right size" because apparently, IT WASNT!!! They didn't to A THING about it. And this is just my story - please ask the other 6 bridesmaids what they think...they all had issues, and its added stress for the bride. Mark my words - you will be disappointed. more

I've NEVER been so disrespected as a customer in my life 6/28/2006

Not even the phone company has been this rude to me. I wish I could give them a negative score. I found a lovely dress there and spent quite a bit of money several months ago, ordering the dress. So the dress arrived and I went in for my appt to get it altered - they told me I had to be there at 6:30 PM and the was the latest possible appt, so I braved traffic and made it in time. Only to find out that they were running REALLY late and they had double booked with someone else for the same time. A lady & her daughter, who originally had an appointment scheduled after me, were astonishingly called next for the fitting without one word being said to me. When I asked why, they said, "Well, this lady has to take the ferry home so we moved her ahead of you." No apologies given - not even any feeble attempts to make things better - nothing. The sad thing is that had they have asked me if it was OK to let that lady go ahead of me, I probably would have taken the high road and given a reluctant yes. But they didn't. I had to ask to find out what happened. I wondered if it was because the lady might have spent more (probably not) or if the other lady just whined more about thier lateness than I (which most likely WAS the case). I guess if I would have been a bridezilla, I would have received better treatment. I took my dress, cancelled the alteration and my outstanding orders with them (jewelry, headpiece) and LEFT. My wedding is in one month and now I have to find someone else to alter the dress. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. more

Measurement Incorrect 9/17/2005

I bought my wedding dress from Demetrios, and I think the saleslady did my measurement incorrectly, so the dress I purchased was about two sizes too big. Even when the saleslady measured me, I asked if she measured correctly, and she said yes. When the dress arrived, it was HUGE. I should have requested that they reorder a smaller size for me, but in the end, I just had my own alterations lady downsized the dress for me more
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