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Boot Camp L.a. - 17 Reviews - 5801 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (323) 938-6179

Boot Camp L.a.

5801 Wilshire Blvd (at Fairfax)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-6179
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Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA
Boot Camp L.a. - Los Angeles, CA


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Read this, and PASS IT ON!! When I was much, much younger, I used to attend Summer Camp annually. As the sun was setting each evening, we used to gather around a huge bonfire an...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/11/2013

I became a fat sedentary poor eater in recent years (I mainly blamed stress from sitting in daily traffic). I also had recently recovered from a serious ankle injury from which I was unable to walk for at least 2 months, with full healing taking 5 full months. I would only drink one cup of morning coffee for breakfast, and then not eat the entire workday until I got home at night to binge eat all the way up until bedtime including bedtime pizza, spaghetti, or wings. I had had no luck with any of the locally overcrowded smelly gyms, and just gave up gyms. Riding a bike in l.a. traffic terrified me, and the beaches were too crowded. I gave up on all exercise. When I saw an ad for Bootcamp L.A., I checked out the website. It didn't seem over-the-top/in-your-face obnoxious in my opinion, so I gave it a try. I was SO out of shape...I had to do something!! During the first class, I definitely could not keep up on the warm up jog, but did what I could and was positively encouraged the whole way. I felt inspired, not defeated or criticized. And nobody yells military stuff like bootcamps on tv movies. So, I kept going back. I bought better quality running shoes which helped my feet and legs feel well-supported and overall more energetic, I read Major's ""book"" with all the helpful information, and started to eat a lot better than I had been doing. The positive encouragement, supportive comments, and solidly helpful information from Major, the L.T., and other class members (called ""Warriors!"") continued being offered and I absorbed all of it like a sponge. I diligently worked out 3 times each week. At the end of my first month however, I barely lost 1 pound and was about to be frustrated after all my dedicated hard work that I KNOW I did...but Major said not to get discouraged because there was still a body fat check. Then we discovered that I had lost nearly 9% body fat in 1 month!!!! Fat was converting to muscle!!! I would have given on myself up if I'd relied on the number on the scale and my own negative inner voice. But I kept going, and in the next few weeks the numbers on the scale significantly dropped, and kept dropping. As of this posting right now, it has been 2 months and I've lost 20 pounds!!!!!! My clothes are all loose, people are telling me I look great, I'm being asked out on dates, and I am more encouraged than ever to continue working out to achieve my personal goal! I keep telling myself: it will IS happening!! Both Major and L.T. have a great sense of humor, and I always can count on a workout with a smile! Being outdoors makes me feel like a young kid playing in the park, and that's a happy feeling too. Another thing I can count on, is always feeling stronger and empowered after working I Can Do Anything attitude, which is a reality, because I can do anything...which means YOU can do anything too! Major and L.T. are AMAZING!! I could not have made it this far with out them! I know I would have given up on myself without their support and all the healthy workouts! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/5/2013

Boot Camp LA has been a great experience for me thus far. I have been able to push myself passed my limits and because of this, my performance in running and other workouts such as push ups, sit ups, and chin ups have improved. But even more so, the Major is very supportive in helping me with any issues I may have whether it's keeping the proper form in workouts or helping me develop the mental fortitude to overcome mental obstacles during challenging calisthenic sessions. The support Boot Camp LA provides represents another major reason one should join; the community atmosphere not only makes work outs more fun, but also creates the sense of team work which can become hard to develop on ones own. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get in shape, meet new people, or develop a healthy lifestyle! more

Get YOUR Fire going.... 2/9/2011

Read this, and PASS IT ON!! When I was much, much younger, I used to attend Summer Camp annually. As the sun was setting each evening, we used to gather around a huge bonfire and sing a certain song (Originally part of a 1969 musical-- “Tell It Like It Is”): ”It only takes a spark, To get a fire going… And soon, all those around, Will warm up in it’s glowing… WELL--- That’s how it is with BOOTCAMP, Once you’ve experienced it, You spread the news to everyone, You want to PASS IT ON!!! Husband and wife team: “The Major and LT”, have created THE most amazing, fun, challenging and creative workout around…even more fun than Summer Camp, BOOT CAMP LA has been a Godsend to me. We don’t bring tents, just our water and our weights. We don’t cook meals over a fire; however, we do learn how to change our eating habits. (Major and LT even supply protein to the local squirrels!) We DO enjoy the wonder of nature in a beautiful outdoor setting. AND, if you come early enough, you can probably still find some stars in the sky. “What a wondrous time is spring, When all the tress are budding The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming; That's how it is with BootCamp, Once you've experienced it. You want to sing, it's fresh like spring, You want to PASS IT ON!!!” There are absolutely NO in-your-face commands, NO humiliation, NO intimidation. It’s about becoming your personal best. The Major and LT have the innate, natural ability to “meet you where you are” (no matter what your fitness level) and they have this finesse about them that INSPIRES you to push yourself beyond those preconceived notions we tend to hold in our minds. They are the most unpretentious, friendly couple I’ve met in LA in the six years I’ve lived here. BOOTCAMP LA is a life-changing experience—letting go of outdated beliefs and shifting your negative thinking about your body seems to happen naturally at Bootcamp, even after the very first day! The Major and LT are not just working with our bodies; they are working their magic on our MINDS, first….who knew Bootcamp could be so much fun?! The last verse of the original Summer Camp song comes to mind (variation on a theme!) : “I wish for you my friend, this happiness that I've found; you can depend on them, it matters not where you're bound. I'll shout it from the mountaintop; I want the world to know; BOOTCAMP LA has come to me, I want to PASS IT ON!!! P.S. Original S’mores are not allowed at this camp—try the S’mores-flavored protein bars, instead… ? And SIGN UP TODAY---as The Major and LT say: “You’ll NEVER regret taking good care of yourself”!! BootcampLA beats ANY gym ever, hands down. more

Great Boot Camp with Amazing Coach 10/27/2010

One of the key ingredients to success in any athletic endeavor, be it professional basketball or a daily workout regimen, is good coaching. A good coach motivates you, helps you reach your physical potential. That's why BootCamp L.A. is such a great outfit to get (or stay) in shape; it's run by Jay Kerwin (AKA the Major), a veteran of the Special Operations Pararescue Team, who has matured into a great coach. Indeed, Kerwin defines what coaching is. He'll make you work, but he'll make that work count. He'll pay attention to your form so you maximize your efforts and avoid injuries. And encourage you while you're doing so. With his quirky sense of humor, he may even put a smile on your face while you're sweating those extra pounds off. When you're looking for a gym, you want to make sure its hours accommodate your schedule and its equipment meets your needs. When you're looking for a fitness boot camp, it's not so much the equipment that matters, but the personnel. And Jay Kerwin is the coach you need to stay motivated and to, if you follow the regimen, to get in the best shape of your life. more

Best Work Out Ever 10/22/2010

Boot Camp L.A. is the best investment ever. It is a challenging workout, and it is fun. I was in the best shape when I was going to Boot Camp L.A. and always in a great mood after the workouts. Major Kerwin and the Lt are very supportive. I wish I hadn't moved out of the area. more

Love Boot Camp LA 10/21/2010

This is the best work out around! It is hard and yet fun at the same time. There is nothing better than working out with someone who really knows what they are doing and loves to teach others. I love that it is outside. I have had a fantastic experience here! more

Finally a fun outdoor workout program!! Like having a train 11/30/2009

I had a trainer for a while and this is so much more fun and I actually end up doing more than when I was with my expensive trainer anyhow. The comraderie is awesome and I have made some great friends which is something I never did when I would go to exxercise classes at the gym. I highly reccomend Boot Camp L.A.!! more

The most fun working out! 9/27/2009

I am having so much fun at Boot Camp L.A. i only wish I had joined earlier!! i think the Major is awesome and the LT is the best psrtner for him. They work well together!! Pros: outdoor fun and different all the time Cons: Sometimes the grass is wet more

Awesome! 4/22/2008

We have both attended this fantastic workout program for a long time and had so so much fun. The Major and the LT are extreemly fun and knowledgable! There is no better way to start you day! Since our move out of LA we can honestly say that we miss BootCamp the most! There is absolutely nothing like it! Hoo-yaa! Pros: perfect workout, great knowledge, excersizes, fun, effective Cons: Some times it's a bit challenging to get out of bed so early :) more

Quality workout 5/23/2007

I was a skeptic day one that this program would not be challenging, but was I ever wrong! This is great training for all levels!! I'm finishing up my first month and looking forward to the next! Pros: Major and LT are great! Cons: Early Mornings.... more

Better workout than you'll get at any gym! Plus, it's FUN and you'll actually look forward to going! Hoo Yah! 5/23/2007

Last November I cancelled my gym membership (which I used on average once each month - never justifying the expenditure) and signed up for BootCamp. I was immediately motivated by the format and the personal attention from The Major and The Lieutenant. A little overly competitive by nature, I really found the group setting to be both challenging and supportive. Everyone wants to see everyone else do well and make it through the hour. You can truly go at your own pace - there is always someone at your level that you can identify with. People in great shape, people working for weight loss, all age ranges and fitness levels. I am in my 6th month now and have seen great results - one, because I am actually motivated to go 3-4 times each week, and two, because the instructors are so hands on in helping you achieve your fitness goal. I'd recommend BootCamp L.A. to anyone looking for a great workout in a friendly environment. Pros: Instructors, Environment, Workout Philosophy, Fun Crowd Cons: Work out rain or shine - literally! more

be ready to sweat and smile at the same time... 5/22/2007

When you have a group of postive people, the fresh morning air and professionals who look forward to seeing you improve in your posture, strength and endurance ability, then you know you have found the right bootcamp...They welcome you with open arms and are extremely knowledgeable in their field...The quest? To help you make attain your goal without stripping your ego...instead they encourage you, and support your dream by helping you find a nutritional program that works... more

Exercise that is also fun?!? Who would have thought! 5/22/2007

I started Boot Camp recently and so far I am enjoying the program a great deal! I think what I like best is that it's outside, the Major and Lt. are very encouraging. My favorite part is that when it's done, I will have learned some good exercises I'll be able to do on my own, as well. The sessions are also different every time - big plus! I don't get bored. more

BootCamp LA ""THE BEST"" 5/22/2007

I was always considered out of shape and a heavy. I exercised here and there but nothing too serious. Then, buy the chance of luck, I found out I had osteoporosis at the age of 28. Being a male with Osteoporosis was a wake-up call; I didn't want to be a statistic! I enlisted with BootCamp LA petrified and nervous I wouldn't be able to sustain the drills, the laps, and the torture. Boy was I wrong. The Major and the Lt. are two of the friendliest and caring people anyone could possibly know. They are genuine, sincere, and care for your health and progress. The workout sessions are conveniently offered at many times of the day so even the busy professional has no excuse but to get up and sing a song or two around the park (yeah, we do some singing, but its fun!) The team dynamics are also to be commended. The 'warriors' (those in training) are there for the same reason, to get healthy, to learn to be healthy, or to sustain being healthy! Life-long friends are made that support you physically and emotionally. Just when you think you cannot do one more pushup, the Major or Lt are there giving you inspiration that ""you can do it!"" and indeed you do! It's that ""just one more"" that sets Boot Camp LA above other similar programs. Two years later at the age of 30, I'm happy to report my osteoporosis has reversed and is nearly gone. I thank the constant encouragement of the Major and Lt as well as other trainees. HOO-YA! Pros: the Major, the LT, the people you workout with, and BEING OUTSIDE Cons: when it rains more

Wonderful Program - Fun Way to Get/Stay in Shape!! 5/22/2007

I am no athIete. In fact, I flunked PE in junior high. And I used to hate exercising. So when I say Boot Camp LA is like an adult PE class only much more fun that's saying a lot. I highly recommend it for everyone but especially people like me who have no motivation to exercise on their own. \r \r I've been going for the last 5 years & have met some really great people including the ""Major"" & ""Lt."" who run the program. Each session is different and the time goes by so quickly that you forget you are exercising! \r \r People are at all different fitness levels as well as different shapes, sizes & ages so it is challenging but not intimidating. There are a variety of sessions (days & times) offered so if you miss a session you can easily make one up. \r \r So if you are looking for a great program that will help you bring out your inner jock this is the one for you! Like me you just might might surprise yourself. Pros: lots of fun, outdoors, flexible schedule, great people more

Best workout anywhere, motivational and very balanced approach to exercise and nutrition. The Major and Leutinant are very passionate and thorough with technique and diet education. 5/22/2007

The Major has taken a very concentrated regimen of exercise and nutrition and made it truly motivational. He and the Leutinant (his wife) have created a commaraderie amongst a group of men and women of varying ages and made the 'strenuous' exercise something you really want to do. \r \r After two weeks of a four week program of rigorous exercise for an hour in the morning, three days a week and following the Major's dietary content/scheduling, I'm already seeing real and significant results. I'm truly looking forward to 're-enlisting' for ongoing four-week sessions. I only wish I had started sooner!\r \r I cannot speak highly enough about the Major's way of putting my body in better shape... And, I have been exercising (mainly long distance running, 10k's and marathons along with modest calesthenics) for 27 years. As the Major and Leutinent would say, ""HOOYAH""!!! more

Amazingly fun workout for your body and mind !! 5/22/2007

I have been lucky enough to have been doing boot camp LA for 3 years now. It is not only a very fun and social workout, but it is so fun, that you hardly notice that you're working out...except for the fantastic results on your body..those are unmistakeable !! It's like a high school PE class, without the stigma of high school. \r Whether you're in great shape, or can barely breathe when you walk, this is the place for you. It takes about 3 months to really notice results on your body ( my own personal experience), but the postitive results it has on your mind and soul occur much quicker. \r \r The Major and Lt. are not only great trainers, they are wonderful people !\r Don't miss out ! Pros: outdoors, social, fun, friendly, no stigma, always different, never boring. more

great exercise program 5/22/2007

boot camp los angeles is awesome! i recommend it to anyone in need of a little shaping up! everyone is friendly and helpful. more

BEST BOOT CAMP on the WEST SIDE 5/22/2007

I'm doing this outdoor training now for more than 3 years and I never gave up. This is the best recomendation for a good exercice training. MAD Pros: Varied exercicing, using all opportunitities of the outdoor location Cons: It's outdoor despite the rain. Luckily it doesn't rain a lot in LA. more
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  • Boot Camp L.A. is a Fun Way to Get into Great Shape, reduce stress, lose weight and build confidence! Recruits experience stretching, weight lifting, calisthenics, running drills and nutritional counseling. Jay Kerwin, the Major of Boot Camp L.A., gets everyone motivated to do their very best! Boot Camp L.A. has been featured as a premier outdoor fitness program on Fox 11 News and the Discovery Channel's Fit TV as well as on ABC's Extreme Makeover. Boot Camp Los Angeles is held in LA's Miracle Mile on Wilshire Blvd between Fairfax and La Brea. Boot Camp L.A. welcomes all levels of fitness! Regardless of age and fitness level, if you're in or around Los Angeles and looking to get in top shape, drop those pounds, build some muscle, and actually have fun while doing it, Boot Camp L.A. is the boot camp for you! Personal training is also available for anyone who wants private instruction.


  • Outdoor boot camp-style workouts at George C. Page Park; classes begin on a monthly basis, meeting three times a week.

  • 5/25/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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    M-F 6:00am - 7:15pm, Sa 8:00am - 5:00pm
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    Visa, Master Card
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    Miracle Mile, Central LA