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Boot Camp L.a.


Editorial review from Citysearch 5/11/2013

I became a fat sedentary poor eater in recent years (I mainly blamed stress from sitting in daily traffic). I also had recently recovered from a serious ankle injury from which I was unable to walk for at least 2 months, with full healing taking 5 full months. I would only drink one cup of morning coffee for breakfast, and then not eat the entire workday until I got home at night to binge eat all the way up until bedtime including bedtime pizza, spaghetti, or wings. I had had no luck with any of the locally overcrowded smelly gyms, and just gave up gyms. Riding a bike in l.a. traffic terrified me, and the beaches were too crowded. I gave up on all exercise. When I saw an ad for Bootcamp L.A., I checked out the website. It didn't seem over-the-top/in-your-face obnoxious in my opinion, so I gave it a try. I was SO out of shape...I had to do something!! During the first class, I definitely could not keep up on the warm up jog, but did what I could and was positively encouraged the whole way. I felt inspired, not defeated or criticized. And nobody yells military stuff like bootcamps on tv movies. So, I kept going back. I bought better quality running shoes which helped my feet and legs feel well-supported and overall more energetic, I read Major's ""book"" with all the helpful information, and started to eat a lot better than I had been doing. The positive encouragement, supportive comments, and solidly helpful information from Major, the L.T., and other class members (called ""Warriors!"") continued being offered and I absorbed all of it like a sponge. I diligently worked out 3 times each week. At the end of my first month however, I barely lost 1 pound and was about to be frustrated after all my dedicated hard work that I KNOW I did...but Major said not to get discouraged because there was still a body fat check. Then we discovered that I had lost nearly 9% body fat in 1 month!!!! Fat was converting to muscle!!! I would have given on myself up if I'd relied on the number on the scale and my own negative inner voice. But I kept going, and in the next few weeks the numbers on the scale significantly dropped, and kept dropping. As of this posting right now, it has been 2 months and I've lost 20 pounds!!!!!! My clothes are all loose, people are telling me I look great, I'm being asked out on dates, and I am more encouraged than ever to continue working out to achieve my personal goal! I keep telling myself: it will IS happening!! Both Major and L.T. have a great sense of humor, and I always can count on a workout with a smile! Being outdoors makes me feel like a young kid playing in the park, and that's a happy feeling too. Another thing I can count on, is always feeling stronger and empowered after working I Can Do Anything attitude, which is a reality, because I can do anything...which means YOU can do anything too! Major and L.T. are AMAZING!! I could not have made it this far with out them! I know I would have given up on myself without their support and all the healthy workouts! more
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