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Big Al's, Inc. - 22 Reviews - 16615 Se 18th St, Vancouver, WA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (360) 944-6118

Big Al's, Inc.

16615 Se 18th St (at 164th Avenue Southeast)
Vancouver, WA 98683
(360) 944-6118
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Big Al's, Inc. - Vancouver, WA
Big Al's, Inc. - Vancouver, WA
Big Al's, Inc. - Vancouver, WA
Big Al's, Inc. - Vancouver, WA



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I am a frequenter at Big Als. My wife and I love the place.\r \r We don’t bowl, do to me sacrificing my finger to the lawnmower Gods, but we do eat and we have eaten there more ...


We decide to drive to Vancouver from Tacoma for a Sonic burger (they are some of the best). We decided to look up something else to do while in Vancouver. We decided to go to Bi...

horrible service!! i would rather slit my wrist than go back 3/9/2011

So my brother and sister inlaw invited us to my nephew's birthday. "" he wanted a bowling party"" we get there and I offerd to go to the bar and grab some beer for the adults. I walked up to the bar, and took one of the numerous empty seats at the deserted bar. the bartender looks over at me holding my wallet and sees 2 girls walking up ""from across the room and began flirting with them and wouldnt look at me again needless to say i did not buy the beer. also we had a security guard hovering over us the last 15 minutes of the party and i am still unsure as to why as we gathered our things as soon as our time was up and they closed down the arcade without any warning and the woman at the ticket exchange left before closing so none of the kids got to trade in the tickets. more

BIG ALS 2/23/2011

Went here once and it was a neat place inside. Problem is the staff really ruin the experience. They are not trained well in customer service at all. \r After having my first bad experience there I figure I would give them another chance, so I calleed a few days ago to set up a birthday party and rent a couple private lanes and one of their catoring rooms and got no answer when I called so I pressed 0 to go to an opperator and still got no answer so I left a message saying what I was looking to do and my number hoping for a call back. Well 4 days went by with no reply to my message and I need to get my wifes birthday figured out. So i call again left another message because of course i got no answer again. Its now two days later and the customer service seems to be the same as I remember. Too bad because its a nice place. I gave it another chance and it just seems its not going to work out going to that place. more

Worst service, HORRIBLE management, never a good time 1/10/2011

I have been to 2 different Big Als and somehow end up with the worst service I've ever had, and never handles the bills right. We always make it as easy as possible and yet they still don't get it.\r \r Management which are made to build relationships with the customers and make sure nothing gets handled incorrectly treat all customers like their the enemy and are extremely rude.\r \r Went to the vancouver Big Als to watch the BCS championship and were moved to a private bowling lane to watch the football game cause there were too many people in the sports bar. We were specifically told there would be NO bowling, and then they decided to change their mind and let people bowl. Couldn't hear a damn thing. We decided to stand for the whole game in the sports bar to watch the game, but the servers kept bumping into us and saying we need to get over into the corner and stay out of their way.\r \r We told them we were going to watch the game in the sports bar, yet the servers kept on hounding us and asking ""are you guys planning on paying your bill"" and \r ""we get a lot of walk outs so you better close your tab."" And when we told them the situation and why we were standing and that we were treated badly from the staff, the manager was EXTREMELY rude and didn't care for a single word we said. She even said she'd kick us out if we cause any problems. We DIDN'T do a single thing wrong, HELL we even tried to stay in the F'n corner like they told us too. The manager said that we were in the staff's way and need to find somewhere else to watch the game. She even said that we were on our last line and would have us escorted out. WHAT THE HELL!!!! I can't speak anymore nice things for this place and will never recommend going there. ESPECIALLY the one in vancouver. HORRIBLE SERVICE, HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT. more

No problems here, just move along. 6/18/2010

I am a frequenter at Big Als. My wife and I love the place.\r \r We don’t bowl, do to me sacrificing my finger to the lawnmower Gods, but we do eat and we have eaten there more than ten times. \r \r We’ve had no problems with service, staff, or anything else. Keep doing what you’re doing, you guys are awesome. Tony is a great manager. Pros: good all around Cons: loud floors, chairs make too much noise. more

Employees and management need new lessons 12/28/2009

My spouse and I were hungry and wanted to bowl. We decided to try Big Al's. We will never go back. \r \r There are multiple queues for obtaining a lane., This means you are likely to wait longer if the person in front of you is taking too long and the queue next to you is proceeding quicker. Once at the front of the line we inquired if we should 1) eat and bowl or 2) go to the lounge then bowl. The employee stated that we could go to the lounge, eat, then come right back to in fact get a lane right after, e.g. no wait if we ate.\r \r We ordered our food and waited. And waited....and 30 minutes later asked what was taking so response. Again another 15 minutes goes by, asked another walking by our table employee/server, what's going on. No reponse. Finally, over an hour goes by before we are served our burger and fish tacos. The explanation, we're busy. Um, right, like they've never been busy before?\r \r Then after our meal, $40 (we had beers to cool our ever increasing frustration during the wait), we were then told, hey, now you have to wait to bowl. You are not the first in line, but in fact the last in line. Sorry about that. My spouse became unhinged and I managed to explain the simple fact to a manager that Big Al's failed in setting expectatons correctly. We got our money back, and left. It seems to me that Big Al's should request a refund from the customer service corporate trainer they hired. Pros: Architercurally interesting Cons: Lousy service, overpriced more

Great place for sports & entertainment 10/25/2009

I was amazed by the multiple side-by-side screens at the sports-bar. It's huge place, with several other screens as well... The bowling alleys seemed to be great as well (we haven't bowled on our visit).\r There are several arcade games as well with air hocket, billiard tables, dart boards... and then there's give aways as well.\r The service was good.\r Coming to food, the chicken wings (hot sauce) were good, the chicken lettuce wraps & their french fries were all good.\r My personal gripe with this place is that it seems in nowhere location, which means that there's absolutely no issue with parking :-). Pros: Huge screens, several means to entertain Cons: It's in Vancouver, WA more

Great Place 7/4/2009

We went in for an event with my work during the day and it was fantastic. I was a little worried about the noise and capacity during the summer and my mind was definitely changed. The event staff was energetic and friendly and the food was delicious. My boss said the planning was easy and I can't wait to plan my party. The rooms were quiet and the outside lane noise was hardly noticeable. I would suggest this place to anyone wanting to book an event or just come and enjoy time with there friends and family. more

Have you seen this place 6/4/2009

What is this place doing in Vancouver? I made the trip from Portland to visit friends and apparently I ""HAD"" to see Big Al's because they were coming to Portland soon...they were right. Great time, lot of fun, had a blast and cant wait for you to come to Beaverton! Pros: Beautiful facility, FUN! Cons: ? more

POOR SERVICE 3/20/2009

Stopped in to watch NCAA tourney with my wife and best friends. Terrible service and after 1 hour we were told we would not be served any more drinks due to ""bartender decision"". We are respectable adults and consumed a very responsible, minimal amount ( 1 beer for the guys and 2 coktails for the ladies ). I did not order a second drink and identified myself as the designated driver ( and I was not even offered a water, soda or food menu ). We witnessed many, many other parties being served multiple drinks, pitchers of beer, etc. \r We spoke to the manager and in our opinion, the customer relations were far below respectable.\r We will spend our hard earned money elsewhere.\r Pros: ???? Cons: VERY POOR SERVICE & CUSTOMER RELATIONS more

What a fantastic time 3/4/2009

We just visited Big Al's for the first time last night during the Blazers Fan Appreciation Night. The experience was out of this world. The fun, laughter and great customer service added to the already great night. I have never seen a bowling alley set up or designed as this one was. In fact you can't even call it that because it is beyond a bowling alley. We even heard Blazer players and employees commenting on what an outrageous place Big Al's is. Everytime we turned around we had an employee asking us if we needed anything, giving us directions to where we needed to go and telling us where everything was. Everyone had smiles on their faces and really seemed to enjoy working there. Even though the food buffet was set up outside in tents, it was warm, clean, plenty of service and great burgers. We will definately be back now that we have found Big Al's and everything they have to offer for the family. Great job on whoever decided to build Big Al's and kudos to the management and staff for great service. Pros: The atmosphere, customer service, bowling and the big screen!!! Cons: Not enough advertisement about Big Al's more

Great Fun and Celebration! 3/2/2009

I recently visited Big Al's to celebrate the local high school's boys district championship for Union HS. What a great time! The players and ""minors"" partied up in the restaurant while the adults gathered on the bar floor away from the teenagers. Good food, good drinks, and great atmoshpere. It was a night filled with great fun and I wanted to say kudos Big Al's for a great place to celebrate! Pros: Atmoshpere, things to do for all ages Cons: pricey more

Big Al's Family Bowling not much on Customer Service!!!! 2/17/2009

We decide to drive to Vancouver from Tacoma for a Sonic burger (they are some of the best). We decided to look up something else to do while in Vancouver. We decided to go to Big Al's for some family bowling. We was impressed with the building, it's very nice, walked up to the counter to be put onto the waiting list for a bowling lane. They told me it would be about 30 minutes and gave me a pager (like the ones in a restaurant). My husband and I checked out the lounge while the kids checked out the aracade. It was very nice atmosphere. We waited for about an hour and still no page, I went up to the counter to see what the problem was. The girl at the counter told me that they forgot to put me on the list and it should be another 10 minute wait. I told them No Thanks and we was about to left when I decided to talk with the manager. I found the manager and told her the problem, she said she was sorry and next time we were in, she will get us on a lane right away. Now she didn't take our name or even asked our name. I wouldn't go back just for the lack of customer service. I understand that you can get busy and mistakes can be made but it's important to fix those mistakes. more

Lots of employees but terrible service 1/3/2009

Currently league bowl at the facility but it will be the last season I do so. Our team is moving to Crosley next season. Beautiful place but the service couldnt be worse and the prices for drinks and food are quite high. Not a good value... Pros: Beautiful new facility Cons: Poor service and value more

Avoid All together 10/26/2008

too expensive, poor service! I went when it did not appear to be busy but it took forver to recieve any service. more

Ok place to visit but not the best. 8/8/2008

I recently visited Big Al's for the first time with my family. Overall the facility was clean and inviting but the service was very, very, very poor. When I approached the front desk I overheard two of the employees (one appeared to be a manager of some sort) conversing and using foul language. I do not believe they realized I heard this but I think that is very horrible customer service and poor judgement on their part to not realize that there were people waiting to be helped. The bowling was fun, but a little pricey. My daughter loved the arcade. We ordered pizza and it was very tastey. I think that overall Big Al's could be fun but I think the management should be more on top of their game with their employees and themselves. Pros: good pizza Cons: horrible management more

A great place! 7/7/2008

After my very first experience at Big Al's I know my family and friends will return time and time again. The managment was the best I've dealt with in years, and had the mechanical issue resolved on my lane promtly. My family and I came in last Monday and purchased the family four pack, I was surprised at what a steal it was for $49 we got two hours of bowling with shoes included in addition we also got delicious pretzels and my husband was very excited to know they carried his favorite orange soda. I had heard Big Al's had music playing along with videos I was a little on the worried side that it would be a little much for my seven year old daughter, but it was all very tasteful. After we had bowled for two hours my daughter wanted to play in the arcade, we confronted the girls at the front desk and they were more than helpful getting us set up over in the arcade with fun cards. The front desk even gave us a bounce back coupon for the next time we came in, so I know that I will be back soon. I highly recommend bringing your family to Big Al's for a night of fun. Pros: Service all around was amazing. Cons: Halfway through our game they had to turn off the music due to leagues. more

Worst Customer Service Ever 6/28/2008

Big Al's has the potential to be a really great place. The atmosphere is great, there's lots to do, and the food I tried wasn't too bad. My problem, though, is that any time I require service from the front counter (questions, paying for bowling, etc) I end up waiting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for something that should take a maximum of three minutes. The employees who work at the front desk are really good at pretending I'm not standing there waiting for help, and they are not at all personable or friendly. And oftentimes, there will be three or more people behind the desk with only one person helping customers (to clarify - customers are the people waiting patiently to give this establishment money in order for it to remain in buisness). I emailed Big Al's about this not too long ago and never received a response. So I assume the management staff doesn't care at all about the lousy service. But I see that someone in charge there is good at responding to comments on here... so maybe someone will take notice.\r \r This is a place where I'm willing to pay higher than average prices just because I enjoy the atompshere, but because of the terrible attitudes of the employees, I will no longer support a business that promotes a terrible customer service policy. Pros: Good atmosphere, decent food, good facilities Cons: Poor customer service, no coat hooks for the arcade, not enough value for the money more

Avoid Period 4/6/2008

Please be aware that this place has a horrible customer service management.\r I was denied access to the Pool area since my driver license was expired 4 days ago. My driver license shows that I turned 31 years old four days ago. I understood that this is the rules and I had to provide another valid ID. \r I provided a Federal Picture ID which is widely used in government agencies but the bouncer said this is not an acceptable ID here. \r To make the story short, He called the Manager who said the same thing ""you are not allowed in this area since you don?t have a valid driver license"" .\r Since I'm aware of the laws, politely I asked them to call the cops to consult with them. Once i said that they turned to be really nasty and rude and asked me to leave the whole store. I did what they asked me to do and waited for the cops outside the premises.\r When the cops came I spoke to both of them and they were extremely surprised of how poorly managed this place since my federal ID picture is a valid picture ID even more powerful than my driver license. \r To not make things worse since I had 20 friends from church with me, we just decided to leave the place in peace. \r The waitress who seated my friends was extremely mad since she served us many times. and she couldn?t believe the bad treatment of the management and the bouncer.\r \r Just a little advice to the owner of this place, It is your loss not mine that you did not let me in to your place today. Please educate your employees or hire people with better common sense. \r I understand if I had just turned 21 how critical this might have been but to be off by 10 full years shows nothing but pure bad management or just you are hiring people who have racial issue since I was speaking a different language with my friends. \r I would never go back to this place neither will over 40 guys and girls from my church who used to hang out there weekly.\r more

Best Place for fun times! 9/6/2007

This place has it all great Sports Bar for all the games, lots of bowling lanes, huge arcade! All the servers are extremely nice and the entire staff is very helpful with everything! Big Al's is the greatest place for a whole night of fun! Pros: Bowling Lanes, Sports Bar with a HUGE big screen! more

Best Burger & Drinks!! 8/29/2007

To all of you who are interested in going to Big Al's I would highly suggest in doing so! My family and I are so excited to finally have a place for entertainment not only for our kids but for ourselves too! Now instead of driving across the river we have a great place to go here around home. For the high quality and wonderful arcade, lanes etc. everything is priced well, when you compare it to other entertainment facilities and the food is wonderful. If you are a first timer Burger Love is an outstanding choice and they have the best fries in town! If you like to drink they make one of the best martini's and the staff is lovely. I know hold meetings there for work, which is really nice if you are looking for a quiet place during the middle of the day to hold a staff metting. One of the best things is the wait is not as long for the lanes as it was when they first opened so our kids just love it and so do we!\r \r Thanks Big Al's :) Pros: Great food, reasonable prices more
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Sports Bar & Grill, Bowling, Billiards, Shuffleboard & Arcade

Owner Message

  • Big Al's is an entertainment venue like no other. This state-of-the-art, smoke free, 60,000 Sq. Ft. facility is "The Next Generation of Entertainment."

    BOWLING: Big Al's has 42 available bowling lanes. Thirty traditional Powerhouse Lanes for open bowlers, leagues, families and birthday parties. Twelve Slider Alley lanes with banana booth couch seating, coffee tables, interactive light shows, continuous music videos on projection screens mounted at the end of each pair of lanes.

    BILLIARDS AND SHUFFLEBOARD: Seven Brunswick pool tables and one championship 22 Ft. shuffleboard table.

    ARCADE: Try your luck in our 4,500 SF arcade. We've packed in over 100 player positions.

    SPORTS BAR AND GRILL: Our big screen stands 8' tall x 36' wide.

    BIRTHDAYS AND CORPORATE EVENTS: We can handle groups from 10 to 1,300. We specialize in corporate team-building meetings and birthday parties.


  • Bowling alley, billiard room and arcade provides a smoke free environment to hold birthday parties and corporate events.

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  • Hours:

    Sun-Wed 9am-11am Thu 9am-12am Fri-Sat 9am-2am
  • Payments:

    Discover, Master Card, Visa
  • Neighborhoods:

    Fisher's Landing East