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Archie Mcphee

2428 N.W. Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 297-0420
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It's all the things you never thought you'd need - or that anyone else would ever need - all under one blessed roof. It reaches your deepest desires - your inner superhero, your i...


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Archie Mchpees 11/30/2006

This store traffics in the kind of gift your teenage cousin with a certain sense of humor would enjoy. They have most of the collection of action figures including the complete librarian and one of the popes. They also traffic in devil ducks and pez candy. This can be a fun store to visit if you are in the right mood or need to purchase cheap party favors. Prices are relatively low but there is often a long line so check out their website as well. more

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Archie McPhee's 9/8/2006

I went to Archie McPhee's looking for party favors for my son's birthday. While I didn't find any affordable favors (meaning I would have to buy 25 of them - buying just 1 of something would definitely be affordable!), I did have a lot of fun looking around the store. I ended up buying a little velvet crown for my son to wear at his birthday party. It's enjoyable to browse. They have every little plastic figure that you could want. There is a supplemental Archie McPhee's next door that I didn't venture into (yeah, that place probably had affordable party favors galore!). Still, I enjoyed the McPhee's experience. more

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Afternoon Delight 9/4/2006

It's all the things you never thought you'd need - or that anyone else would ever need - all under one blessed roof. It reaches your deepest desires - your inner superhero, your inner nun, your inner clown, your inner dirty old man, your inner moron. Somehow, someway - that little plastic, cheaply-made object was meant for you. So, you buy it. And you love it. And you love Archie McPhee for being in this world. more

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Fun! 6/29/2006

This is an ultra-hip and ultra-fun toy store. These are the kitschy toys that you can't find anywhere else. Decent location, and what a blast it is to find these more-rare toys. I see a lot of 20-somethings loving this trendy store though - this is mainly for them, not really for the little ones. If an early-20-something had a little one, this would be the perfect store for them LOL. more

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Super cool 3/19/2006

Archie McPhee’s is way more than a store; it’s an experience. A great place to bring kids, out-of-towners, a date, or just to chase away the winter blues, Archie’s will make you feel like a kid again. All kinds of unique and weird stuff, from random imports, to fake mustaches, to garden gnomes await you there. more

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Fun Place to Be - Archie McPhee 3/18/2006

What can I say about Archie McPhees that won't make me smile. It is a great place to get party supplies of all kinds. Especially silly things from 5¢ trinkets to punching puppets to hand shaped chairs. Fake food, Easter Island statues, life-sized skeleton, Bigfoot action figures and much much more. It is a must look for the fun side in us all. And they have off street parking on Market Street in Seattle. Yippee! more

Quirkify your life: Decorate your home, accessorize your clothes, and more 3/2/2006

Archie McPhee is truly an outfitter of popular (and unpopular) culture. If you stop in, make sure you have at least an hour to look around. Some of the stuff you can get: enough Tiki theme items to outfit an entire room, tiny glass bottles reminiscent of old medicine dispensaries, tin lunchboxes warning you of the dangers of syphilis, and fighting alien puppets. They have drawers upon drawers filled with little plastic figures and spare parts from electronic and mechanical gadgets, which are great for the budding artist in you. It definitely caters to your inner geek too, with such gifts as the Internet urinal and coke bottle glasses. Finally, if someone you know has never gotten over the action figures of their youth, you can set them up with so many quirky action figures that they'll never tire of them (especially since they come out with more all the time). Shushing librarian, barista (with interchangeable heads), Cleopatra, Sigmund Freud, male nurse, and much much more. The home decorating annex across the parking lot from the main store is pretty cool, but most of the stuff is not affordable to your average shopper (many large decorative items cost several hundred dollars). Do check out the sheet materials in the back and the less expensive home decorating items though. more

Bizarre yet fun! 12/31/2005

Definitely the place to head if you are looking for an unusual or outlandish hard to find item! They have every thing you could never imagine existed! They have a good sized selection of Hawaiian stuff, Pez dispensers, costumes, wigs and a jillion trinkets of every kind. This would be the "Dysfunctional Family's Christmas Stocking Stuffer" utopia if I ever saw it! more

Plastic fish, sumo lunchboxes and more! 12/29/2005

Archie McPhee's is full of plastic fish, cel phone buddha, mexican wrestling masks and a million other odd items that you never even knew you needed. The new location in Ballard is huge. They have the main store and across the parking lot they have a store with the larger home decor items. You know, plastic hand chairs, jolly roger bathroom sets and fake trees. The catalog is much easier to take in - I find the actual store to be a sensory overload. Lots of great kitschy decor and gifts. more

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Cheap, Fun, Random stuff 12/22/2005

You could easily find something fun that would work for a guy or girl at Archie McPhee. They have all kinds of crazy random stuff like Bendy Smiley toys, tiki mugs, Pirate lunchboxes, Jesus action figures, and other weird and unusual gifts. I got a set of really cute tiki-mug shot glasses there for around 10 bucks. You could also get one of their neat metal lunchboxes and fill it with other oddities from the store. They've expanded into the space next door, so after you look in the main store, head across the parking lot for more stuff in the adjacent building. Have fun! more

Best place for stocking stuffers! 12/2/2005

Archie McPhee, located at the west end of Ballard, is a legendary and entirely unique shopping experience. Looking for that tiny plastic baby you remember from your childhood? You'll find it at Archie's, along with an ocean's worth of plastic marine life, parachuters (remember them?) cake toppers, stickers, clickers, clappers, snappers--anything you can think of. Not to reduce Archie's to only their incredibly assortment of small, random plastic toys, they are also home to the world's best collection of alternative action figurines (Jesus, Albino Bowler, Barista, Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe...honestly, that is just the beginning), including the flagship figurine--the Librarian, modeled after famed Seattle librarian and author Nancy Pearl. Recently expanded into two buildings, be sure NOT to miss the second Archie McPhee, located across the parking lot from the original. Looking for a giant cardboard cake to jump out of for your next party? You can rent it at Archie's! Also in the second building is a great collection of vinyl fabrics, assorted bathmats and shower curtains (meat, cowboy, pirate...). Beloved by Seattle, Archie's is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to give yourself at least and hour and a half to explore all of Archie's nooks and crannys, and bring your sense of humor! more

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need a sushi shower curtain and a fake eyeball 11/4/2005

this is the place to go! archie mcphee's is the most fun little store. or stores, as there are now 2 of them on the same lot - a 'home' store and the 'everything else on earth' store. the home store has garbage pails, shower curtains, clocks, animal statues, and all sorts of stuff for the house. the main store has the oddest of odds and ends, from meat-scented air fresheners to bacon wrapping paper to americal idol collectors cards and about a zillion other things. most items are very cheap - it once took us an hour to use up a $50 gift card! the store is just loads of fun, as is the staff. more

Very interesting store! 10/8/2005

Wow! I've never seen a store that specilizes in such useless junk in all my life. But I mean "useless junk" in the most positive and affirming way possible. There is just so much here that I cannot even begin to describe it all. Jokes and novelty gifts, and real-honest-to-goodness items abound. They have purses shaped like poodles and others shaped like coffins. A very large selection of tiny baby dolls that you can hang from string. Alot of tiki things, as well as Hindu stickers. They have revolving bins of tiny animals and palm-sized mirrors. A bin full of urine collection jars. Gas masks, and glove sizers. This must be seen to be beleived. more

Weird and Wacky Fun! 10/3/2005

I was trying to describe to a friend the other day what Archie Mcphees is and found myself at a loss for words. A.P carries some of the most bizarre items ever and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to most of it. I find myself laughing through the whole store and also find myslef buying things I'd never dream of buying elsewhere.. You just have to buy it because its soo weird. My kids go nuts in here! We often buy weird party trinquets for Halloween and such. If you havent been here you are missing out! more

I. Love. This. Store. 9/20/2005

Every time I visit Seattle, I force my daughter & her husband to take me to Archie McPhee. If i could navigate my way around the city I'd drive myself there. However, I find Seattle very confusing and hope to live my life without ever having to drive in that city. Archie McPhee has the best selection of just everything you've never wanted until you saw it and then realized you had to have it. They have viking hats and fez's and rubber chickens and space suits and chairs shaped like hands and cigarette holders and teeny tiny plastic babies and purses shaped like coffins. They have bazooka joe gum that is printed in hebrew. They have ganesh and vishnu stickers for your car. They have rock-em-sock-em robots that aren't robots, but are rabbi's and nuns instead. go here. drive to ballard. Eat some good ballard food (pickeled herring and the like). Buy tons of junk at Archie McPhee. Give it to friends for christmas. They will love you for it. more

Looking for a boxing nun? Librarian action figure 8/23/2005

Archie McPhee's is the place to go for off the wall toys, gags, and gifts of all kinds. Here you'll find your boxing nuns, your librarian action figures, your Hawaiian hula skirts. Maybe you are looking for a nice cocktail set, and a dashing fez to set off your bartending look. Whatever it is you really need but just don't know it yet, they have it at Archie McPhee's. more

Second only to the Space Needle 8/21/2005

Ok, and the Pike Place Market . . . this is the third Seattle landmark that every tourist should experience. Archie Mcphee's is in the Ballard area and lives up to it's name as an "outfitter of popular culture." They have started up their own brand, called Accoutrements, which brings you exciting toys such as the Jesus and Librarian action figures, bacon strips . . . bacon looking bandages that serve to make a small scratch on your knee look REALLY unappetizing, and the ever present rubber chicken. The actual store also adds bins of tiny plastic toys, unusual medical equipment and religious icons . . . it is truly an experience worth having. There is a reason they had to expand to an annex. more

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You asked for Kitch? You get Kitch! 8/20/2005

Yeah, everyone in Seattle has been to Archies. Yeah, you know if someone went to Archie's because they're carrying around a purse shaped like a coffin, or have a hand-shaped chair in their house. Who Cares? The stuff they have there is completely neat. They just opened another store next door to expand their selection. There you can find things like old store manequins, and pink lawn flamingoes. Take the time to browse around and see all the junk they have. Chances are, you don't NEED any of it, but your life will be richer just for going there. Also, if you're lucky, you'll get a free gift with every purchase (if they're feeling gifty at the time). The last free gift we got was a set of corn-on-the-cob holders. Hey, you can never have too many! more

The funnest store ever 8/20/2005

Archie McPhees is a one-of-a-kind store and we have had so much fun visiting it. We usually visit just before the holidays to find some unique and funny stocking gifts. I can't even begin to list everything they have but some highlights are: JP Patches bobble heads, lunch boxes, tiki mugs, postcards, devil ducks, and on and on. You will not be disappointed in this experience. more

fantastic novelty shop 8/19/2005

Shelves and bins full of crap you never knew you needed, but you have to see. There is really nothing like it. It's cheap, too. One great feature is the wall of nontraditional action figures like the Librarian action figure and an Edgar Allan Poe, among other famous and iconic characters. Or you might just need a rubber eyeball or something. more
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