The best Fitness-and-Gyms in Jacksonville are:

      Rating: 3.3
Category: Personal Care
7001 Merrill Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32277
(904) 744-7580
I have been a member of Bailey's for over ten years, and I have never seen what these other people have. The staff there is friendly and most... More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Personal Care
9550 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
(904) 739-2900
This has to be the best place in Jax. It has some of the best classes. The TRX is great and the classes that Miguel teaches are fantastic. Front... More
      Rating: 3.2
Category: Personal Care
11740 San Jose Blvd # 2
Jacksonville, Florida 32223
(904) 880-1067
By far the best gyms in Jacksonville. Don't be fooled by these $10 a month gyms opening up on every corner - you get what you pay for! Bailey's... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
3794 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
(904) 317-0608
I enjoy this gym and the price is right. I am shy so I like to come to the gym when it is not crowded. They offer spinning and BOSU first thing in... More
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      Rating: 5.0
Category: Personal Care
4268 Oldfield Crossing Dr 201
Jacksonville, Florida 32223
(904) 268-0411
I needed to loose weight so joining a club was a bit off my list of normal. I'm sure glad I did. The folks at Anytime Fitness have put together some... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Personal Care
9446 Philips Hwy Ste 3
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
(904) 475-9600
This is the best facility in Jacksonville. The programs at the H.I.T. Center are tailored to the individual and scientifically designed to help you... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Personal Care
1906 Gamewell Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32211
(904) 745-0999
I decided to start training with Fitness Pursuits in preparation for my upcoming wedding in November. I knew they would be able to help me lose... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
7500 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
(904) 721-7773
Friendly staff and clean facility. Plus has a large variety of classes. Everything from spinning, yoga, zumba, kickboxing, step, and power... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
2375 Saint Johns Bluff Rd S
Jacksonville, Florida 32246
(904) 997-9211
Skip Sylvester has been a trainer for over 20 years, and he is the best in the business. He has changed my life and the lives of countless others... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Gymnastic Centers
11018 Saint Augustine Rd Ste 111
Jacksonville, Florida 32257
(904) 262-7577
The owner/instructer is a true catch. The love and structure she offers is a true blessing to all of the children. Pros: Structure, Exercise,... More
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