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The owner of Rexall actually threaten my husband! - Review by Pamela N | Los Osos Rexall Drug

Los Osos Rexall Drug


The owner of Rexall actually threaten my husband! 10/3/2007

Ok, I think I am cursed when it comes to my prescriptions. Seriously, I transferred my prescription from Ralph's to Rexall because everyone told me how wonderful Rexall was. Well, I go there and they fill my thyroid prescription incorrectly, which actually isn't that big of deal because like I said I am cursed and this has happened to me before.When I first asked the Rexall owner/Pharmacists to fill my prescription with the correct medication he told me that my insurance didn't actually cover that prescription. I thought that seemed off because it had been covered by my insurance company at Ralph's. I had to call and verify with my insurance company that I was still covered because the Pharmacists told me that "insurance companies are always changing which medications they stop covering and this was probably one of those". He also said that Ralph's probably just made a mistake and overlooked the fact that the insurance didn't cover my medication. They only came clean on why they really didn't want to fill my prescription correctly when I told them I wanted to stick with what the doctor prescribed me. Well, I go in and they tell me they "can" give me the correct one, but they won't take my insurance for the correct prescription because it would "not profit them". Well, my husband happen to be with me and he got upset at them and he tells them he's pretty sure they can't pick and choose when they decide to take a person's insurance. And you are not going to believe this, but the old guy who owns Rexall actually ask my husband "You want to take this out back and settle it"? I could not believe my ears! This guy actually wanted to fight over this?!? I kid you not, my husband wasn't even yelling at the guy and it was like the second thing out of his mouth. I am sorry but how he handled it was totally inappropriate and unbelievably unprofessional. I can't believe someone would react like this and think people would still use his service. I am still in shock at how he badly he spoke to us. We called our insurance company and sure enough, a pharmacy isn't allowed to pick and choose when they want to take your insurance. It would be as crazy as a doctor telling he won't take your insurance on a certain procedure but will on the one you don't need done because he can't make the profit he wants to make. The Rexall Pharmacist has really lost this mind and I hope he doesn't try this scam on other innocent people that don't know any better. more
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