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Nothing like they used to be :( - Review by Vel | Savo's Pizza Wyoming

Savo's Pizza Wyoming


Nothing like they used to be :( 6/10/2007

When i was a kid , Savo's pizza was an enigma. There was no pizza like it that I knew of anywhere around. This is when the Pittston Plaza was still alive and kicking in the 80's, and not the horrible shell of its former self that it is now. The pizza at that time, as is so dearly embedded into my brain, was a soft delicious crust topped with what looked like what i can only describe as being a heavenly goop of sauce and orange cheese. The common gag with Savo's pizza that our family had was making sure the box stayed perfectly flat in the car ride home, because the topping ran off that easily. When you ate Savo's pizza, the cheese, nay, the AMBROSIA that is the topping clinged to your teeth and the roof of your mouth and you LOVED it. Savo's was an experience to eat, let me tell you. Fast forward to 2007... Savo's... WHAT HAS BECOME OF YOU?!?! I had a craving for Savo's the other day. I haven't had the stuff in years, being I keep a healthy diet and workout a lot anymore with the goal of fat loss in mind, and plus whenever I did allow myself pizza, I'd get it from Pizza Loven (a new favorite of mine for many years). So I called up an order today for 6 cuts. Go to pick it up, open the box when i got it to the car, cause I was so excited to dig my mouth into that pizza, and I was baffled by what i saw. This was not Savo's pizza. This was store brand stuff you pick up in the milk aisle. I was just sitting there looking at the pizza for about 10 full seconds just stunned trying to piece my shattered reality back together. I curiously bit into it. It had the old Savo's aftertaste. And that was about it. Gone was the magical stew sitting atop the golden light crust. No more cheese sticking tot he roof of your mouth and teeth. Yet another of my childhood dreams, gone and dead to the universe. Seriously, what happened to Savo's? The sad thing is that DiGiorno's pizza that you can buy in supermarkets tastes better than this new fandangled recipe they have going on here and trying to pass off as Savo's pizza. This is not Savo's Pizza, this is CRAP. more
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